Cephas Fisher Genealogy

Cephas Fisher Sr. (1780 – 1863) of Ohio was a great-grandson of Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth Huntley Fisher of Chester County, Pennsylvania. His son, Cephas Fisher Jr., was my Great-Great Grandfather.

Thomas Fisher (ca1682 – 1747) may have immigrated to Pennsylvania from Ireland as a child, between 1691 and 1700. The family farm in Kennett Township, Chester County was first obtained by warrant from William Penn to a Thomas Fisher (probably father of the younger Thomas) in early 1701. He married Elizabeth Huntley in 1713 and lived in Chester County until his death in 1747. Their son James (1715 – 1771) had a son James (1744 – 1828) who was the father of Cephas Fisher Sr. (1780 – 1863).

Notes, documents, books and records from over 20 years of research are offered here as an aid for anyone working this line. In return, I hope you will share any comments and additional records or photos that you might have.

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Cephas Fisher Jr.’s Family

Cephas A. Fisher & Mary Hoskins Fisher

Cephas A. Fisher (1812-1895)

No photo of Cephas Jr. has been found. His grandson F. C. Fisher described him: "He had the same general appearance as his son Samuel, with dark, thick, wavy hair. He trimmed his whiskers close with scissors, but never used a razor."

Cephas Fisher probably looked much like his brother "Quaker John" Fisher of Clinton County, Ohio:

"Quaker John" Fisher (1820-1895)
Brother of Cephas A. Fisher

Mary Hoskins Fisher(1822-1867)



Picture on the right is a tintype.

Mary Hoskins Fisher (1822– 1867)
Wife of Cephas Fisher Jr. (1812 – 1895)



Children of Cephas Fisher Jr. & Mary Hoskins Fisher

1 2

3 4

(1) Eli (3nd son, 1846) & Wife Amanda (Alexander). Eli died at Jet, Oklahoma. .
(2) John W. (4th son, 1848) & Wife Cynthia (Kirk). John died at Ottumwa, Iowa.
(3) Lewis (6th son, 1853) & Wife Elizabeth (Henderson). Lewis died in California.
(4) Samuel (7th son, 1857) & Wife Effie (Van Tassell). Samuel died at Okmulgee, Oklahoma in 1930.
All the children except Samuel were born in Concord Township,Fayette County, Ohio.
Samuel was born in Sugar Creek Township, Clinton County, Indiana.

We need photos of other children:

Rachel (the eldest child, 1838), married William Whicker & lived at Sugar Creek Township, Clinton Co. Indiana.
George M. (the eldest son, 1842) married Rachel Meese; died at Jewel City, Kansas.
Josephus (the 2nd son, 1844) died of measles & is buried in a Confederate grave at Memphisburg, Tennessee.
Benjamin F. (5th son, 1850) died about 1861.

"Jimmie," twin of Samuel, died as a child in Indiana after falling into an icy stream.


Twelve Generations of the Fisher Family, A Visual Tour
(See the End of Page for Research Details)
Ireland England Germany Netherlands WalesScotland

Gen 1

Carrickbrennan Cemetery & Adjacent Monkstown Castle
Monkstown, SE Dublin Co., Ireland

J.L. Fisher. Photo by Janice Thornton Fisher, 2004

Elizabeth Fisher Robinson, wife of Thomas Robinson, died in childbirth and was buried here in 1679. During the 1670's Thomas Fisher, Thomas Robinson, Elizabeth Fisher & Robert Fisher were young adults associated with the local village of Carrickmaine. Joseph Fisher & family lived at Stillorgan nearby. The Fishers of this neighborhood were English settlers. Local Robinsons and Fishers may have all come from two adjacent parishes on the south bank of the Mersey River in Cheshire. Joseph Fisher of Stillorgan is known to have come from Elton in Thornton le Moors Parish; Thomas Robinson and Thomas Fisher may be from families appearing in the records of the adjoining Eastham Parish.

(More about Generation 1)

Gen 1



1701 Land Warrant from Wm. Penn to Thomas Robinson & Thomas Fisher in Kennett, Chester Co., Pennsylvania


Gen 1

Part of the 1701 Wm. Penn Land Grant to Thomas Fisher & Thomas Robinson, Kennett Township, Chester Co., Pa. This is in the Parkersville community near the intersection of Street Road & Greychalk Road.

J. L. Fisher, 1995. Photo by Janice Thornton Fisher

Gen 2

1710 Quaker Meeting House at Hamorton in Chester County, Pa.. The Fisher farm was about 2 miles NW of here. Thomas Fisher (ca 1682-1747), & family were members here.

1995 Photo by J.L. Fisher

More about Thomas & Elizabeth Fisher
Read about William Huntley & Mary Standfield.
Read about Francis Standfield & Grace Achele.
Read about Samuel Stanfield & Jane Andrew.

Gen 3

Thomas Fisher’s family moved to East Caln, NW of Coatesville, Chester Co. Pa. in 1740, after his daughter Elizabeth married Joseph Wilkinson whose family lived in Caln. The Wilkinsons came from Ballynacree near Ballymoney in northern Ireland.
James Fisher (1715-1771), son of Thomas, married Alice Stanfield, daughter of Samuel, in 1736 and had land near his father near the west end of East Caln Township, now Brandywine Township. Samuel Stanfield was born a Presbyterian, in Audenshaw near Manchester, England but married as a Quaker at Lurgan near Belfast in Ireland.

1995 Photo by J.L. Fisher

More about James Fisher Sr.& Alice Fisher

Gen 4

Warrington Quaker meeting house near Rossville, York County, Pa.

James Fisher Jr. (1744-1828), was born nearby at Monahan. His father was buried here in 1771. James Jr. married Jane Atkinson here in 1775.

1995 Photo by J.L. Fisher

More about James Fisher Jr. & Jane Atkinson

Gen 4

New Hope Quaker meeting house, Greene Co. Tenn. James Fisher Jr.(1744-1828) went from Pa. to Hopewell, Va. in 1789; to Westfield, NC in 1792, then to Greene Co., Tenn. where he attended this Quaker Meeting near Rheatown.

Photo by my cousin Noble Shaw & his wife Glenda Turpin Shaw.

Gen 4

James Fisher Jr. went from Tenn. to East Monroe, Highland Co., Ohio in 1804. He died there in 1828. He is buried in Walnut Creek Quaker Cemetery between East Monroe and Martinsburg in Highland County, Ohio.

2004 Photo by J.L. Fisher

(Memorial Error; He Was James Jr. Not III)

Gen 5

Cephas Fisher Sr.(1778-1863), Son of James Jr., married Rachel Stanfield in Greene County, Tennessee. They were 3rd cousins, descended from Samuel Standfield who came from Lurgan near Belfast, Ireland. Cephas died in 1863 in Green Township, Clinton Co., Ohio. He is buried in Lees Creek Quaker Cemetery, Near Highland. (Also Called Hodson or New Antioch Cemetery)

2004 Photo, J.L. Fisher

More about Cephas Fisher Sr. & Rachel Stanfield

Read the Will of Cephas Fisher Sr.

Gen 6

In 1837, Cephas Fisher Jr. (1812-1895) married Mary Hoskins (1822-1867) of Clinton County, Ohio. They settled on Sabina Road in Concord Township, Fayette County, a few miles NE of his father's log house in Clinton County, and bought the place in 1848.

See map. Read the deed.
Read the Will of George Hoskins , father of Mary.
See more Fisher/Hoskins source documents.

Gen 6

Cephas and his brother James both moved their families to Clinton County, Indiana about 1855. “X” marks the Location of his 1855 farm in Sugar Creek Township, ESE of Frankfort & N of Pickard. The city at the approximate center of the map is Frankfort.

Gen 6

Cephas Fisher Jr. moved to Henry Co., Iowa about 1867. J. L. Fisher is shown here in 1995 at the site of the 1867 farm, located on (now) Fremont Ave. near Salem. Cephas Jr. died at Salem in 1895.

Photo by Janice Thornton Fisher

Read more about Cephas Fisher Jr. & Mary Hoskins.
See the Cephas Fisher Jr. Death Certificate.

Gen 7

Samuel Fisher (1857–1930), son of Cephas Fisher Jr.;
born in Clinton Co., Indiana; married Effie Van Tassel at Mt. Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa; lived in Kansas and other places; died at Okmulgee, Oklahoma.

about Samuel Fisher & Effie Van Tassell

Gen 8

Florance Clinton Fisher (1886–1969) & Grace Long Fisher (1890-1977). F. C. was born in Jewel City, Kansas; lived mostly in Okla. & Texas; died at Joplin, Missouri. His mother was a Van Tassel; the Van Tassels came to New York from Holland. The Longs came from England to Maryland where 6 sons served in the Revolutionary War, then went to Indiana. Her mother was a Harp, whose family came from Scotland to Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

More about F.C. Fisher Sr. & Grace Long

Gen 9

Woodford Pascal Fisher (1911 – 1990) & Dorothy Kelly Fisher (1915 – 2003). W. P. (Bill) was born in Alfalfa Co., Okla.; lived mostly in Mexia, Texas; died in Mexia. The Kellys came from Ireland and were in North Carolina before 1800. They migrated to Indiana, Kansas & Oklahoma. Dorothy's mother was a Hartman; the Hartmans came from Germany (Prussia) to Pennsylvania. Her Kelly grandmother was a Davis, from a North Carolina family who came from Wales.

More about W.P. Fisher & Dorothy Kelly

More about Dorothy Kelly's ancestry.

Gen 10

Jackie L. Fisher (b. 1939) & Janice Thornton Fisher (b. 1938).
Jackie was born at Jett, Okla.; grew up in Mexia, Texas. Their residence in 2004 is Wimberley, Texas. The Thorntons came from England in the 1700s.


Blarney Castle, 2004


More about Jackie Fisher & Janice Thornton

Gen 11

Children of J.L. & Janice Fisher

1 2


1 Laura Fisher Armer (b. 1961) & Barry Armer, with ch. Justin & Emma, 1997.
2 Kevin Fisher (b. 1964) & Doreen Schmelter Fisher, with ch. Kirby, Kyle, Lindsey, 2002.
3 Jonathan D. Fisher (b. 1969) & Mikiko (Miki)Kudo 2001.

Gen 12

Grandchildren of J.L. Fisher & Janice Thornton Fisher

1,2 3

4 5


1,2 Justin Lee Armer (b. 1985); Emma Kathleen Armer (b. 1996), parents Laura & Barry (Taken 2003)
3 Kirby Leigh Fisher (b. 1991), parents Kevin & Doreen (Taken 2003)
4 Kyle Ellington Fisher (b. 1994), parents Kevin & Doreen (Taken 2003)
5 Lindsey Nicole Fisher (b. 1998 ), parents Kevin & Doreen (Taken 2003)
6 Sophia Anne Fisher (b. 2004), parents Jonathan & Mikiko (Taken 2004)


Ancestral Scenes

Home of John, son of Cephas Fisher Sr., Near Lees Creek, Clinton County, Ohio. Visible from Highway 729 north of the Antioch Road intersection. Site of Cephas Sr.’s log house of 1827.

2004, J. L. Fisher


1895, John Fisher Family



Model of Samuel Fisher’s covered wagon made by his son Florance C. Fisher

Samuel Fisher’s sons with the covered wagon.
From left Roy, Paul, Chan, Florance, Floyd

Pearl Fisher

Hear Mabel Pearl Fisher Gumm,
granddaughter of Cephas Fisher Jr. (daughter of Samuel Fisher), play the piano at nearly age 90.

Pearl in 1932, at age 25.

A Fisher Line of Descent

Thomas (ca 1682–1747) ?Ireland & Pa.
James (1715–1771) Pa.
James (1744–1828) Pa, Va., NC, Tenn, Ohio
Cephas Sr. (1778–1863) Pa, Va, NC, Tenn, Ohio
Cephas Jr. (1812–1895) Ohio, Indiana, Iowa
Samuel (1857–1930) Ind, Ia, Kan, Ark, Okla
Florance Sr. (1886–1969) Kansas, Okla, Tex, etc.
Woodford P. (1911–1990) Okla, Mo, La, Tex
Jackie Lynn (1939- ) Okla, Tex, Cal, Tex

Detailed genealogical charts and name indexes are online at http://www.cephasfisher.com.


J. L. Fisher Books

The books are online at http://www.cephasfisher.com .

New Books in work. Read the online drafts as they become available.

"Searching for Thomas Fisher" *About Thomas Fisher’s Origins, Life, & Descendants*
"The First Fishers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Colonies" *About Thomas Fisher Contemporaries*
"The First Fishers of the Chesapeake" *Did Thomas Fisher Have Relatives in Maryland?*
"The Kelly/Davis and Hartman/Green Families" *J. L. Fisher Maternal Lines*

Books in the LDS Family History Library at Salt Lake. Read online versions as they become available.

"Descendants and Ancestors of Cephas Fisher Jr.", 1996. *Thomas Fisher & Some Descendants. LDS Film 2055284 Item 16.*
"The William Huntley Family", 1996. *Thomas Fisher’s Father-in-Law. LDS Film 2055284 Item 14.*
"The Francis Standfield Family of Colonial Pennsylvania", 1996. *Elizabeth Huntley Fisher’s Grandfather. LDS Film 2055284 Item 13.*
"The Samuel Stanfield Family", 1996.* In-Laws of James Fisher, Son of Thomas Fisher. LDS Film 2055284 Item 5.*
"A Fisher Family Album, a History in Pictures", 1996. LDS Film 2055331 Item 1. *Collection of oldest photos.*