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Descendants and Ancestors of Cephas Fisher Jr. (1812-1895) of Henry County, Iowa

and Allied Families

A Fisher Family History by Jackie L. Fisher
January 1996

Cephas A. Fisher Jr. was born in 1812 in Highland County, Ohio, the son of Cephas Fisher and Rachel Stanfield. He married Mary Hoskins and moved to Indiana, then settled in Henry County, Iowa. These Fishers were descended from Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth Huntley, of Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Privately Printed1869 Dolphin Drive
Seabrook, Texas 77586

January 1996
LDS Film 2055284
(Note, new address in 2004 is 500 Brinkley, Wimberley Tx 78676. Email jfisher40@austin.rr.com)

Examples of Quaker Sufferings

1660, Lancashire:

“... Forty three persons were taken by a party of horsemen, without a warrant, ... and committed to Lancaster Castle, namely ... ,Thomas Fisher, ... By the end of the year, two hundred and seventy Persons of this People were prisoners together at Lancaster, mostly for refusing to take the Oaths ...”

1664/5, London:

“You and every one of you shall be transported beyond the Seas, the Men to Barbadoes, and the Women to Jamaica, being two of his Majesty’s Plantations, there to remain Seven Years.” (Magistrate to a boy of 15, one of a group of Quakers which included Elizabeth Fisher, who were arrested for refusing to take the Oath in London.)

“the Prisoners were not willing to be active in their own Transportation ... five and fifty of them were taken out of Newgate, ... and carried down the River to ... the ‘Black Spread Eagle.’ ... The Soldiers in the Barge laid hold on the Prisoners, dragged some, kickt and puncht others, heaved up many by the Legs and Arms, and so tumbled them into the Ship ... (Sentence of Transportation, for Elizabeth Fisher and 54 other Quakers being held in Newgate Prison.)

1672, Wexford, Ireland:

...Susannah Fisher, a Widow, had her Wool and Corn taken away, under pretense of Tithes, in a very extravagant Manner, by one Walter Bulger, and was abused by his Son with Blows. ... When told of this Inhumanity to a Widow, he carefully answered, “There’s no Law for Quakers.”

1682, Hartfordshire:

“...John Fisher, Constable ... refused to act in breaking up a Dissenter’s meeting, had the Oath of Allegiance tendered him by the Justices, and upon his Refusal of it ... he lay long in Prison.”

Besse, “Sufferings of a People Called Quakers”

Descendants include the families of
Fisher, Billings, Byers, Cross, Green, Holmes, Rogers, Shaw,
and many others.

With other ancestors of the author and his wife, including Kelly, Harp, Hartman, Long, VanTassell, Thornton, Blackmon, Hodge, Yankee, Otwell and other families.

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This book may be reproduced without restriction for use in personal genealogical research. Reproduction for profit is prohibited without express consent from the author or his heirs.

Jackie L. Fisher
1869 Dolphin Drive
Seabrook, Texas 77586
January 1996


In 1968 we interviewed relatives, made a few searches, and distributed to our family a short “Fisher-Thornton Family History.” We had managed to discover and record our Texas and Oklahoma Fisher ancestry back to the Iowa Quaker Cephas Fisher, born in 1812 in Ohio, with parents somewhere in Pennsylvania. We had also identified several generations of our other Fisher ancestral branches, including the Long, Kelly, Van Tassel, Davis, Harp, Hartman and other families. At that point, we left off the research to concentrate on raising our children.

In 1976, we obtained the newly-completed “Isaac Thornton (1817 - 1906), His Descendants and Some of His Forebears,” by Beatrice Thornton Keeling and Wanda Willard Smith, which traces the Thorntons to the English immigrant Hosea Thornton, born about 1695. We do not know if this is in any genealogical library, but we now plan to see that it is made available.

In 1992, we resumed the Fisher research when our daughter, Laura Armer, discovered the genealogy of Cephas Fisher Sr. of Ohio, in the Mormon ancestral file. We soon established our connection from Cephas Fisher Jr. and began to locate and study additional sources in the Mormon family history catalog. We learned that our Fisher line had been studied before and was known back to Thomas Fisher and wife Elizabeth Huntley, in the early years of the Pennsylvania Colony. We began a new study and resolved to produce a new Fisher family history, documenting not only our Fisher relatives of the present and recent generations, but also telling the story of who our Fisher ancestors were and how they lived. We decided to include basic information on the Thorntons, but to leave the Thornton story to the Keeling-Smith book.

In the Mormon family history catalog, we discovered genealogies done by William Logan Fisher in 1839, T. M. Potts in 1895, Anna Wharton Smith in 1896, B. F. Cummings in 1898, Pauline Leslie in 1960, and Thelma Fisher in 1978 which addressed the genealogy of the early Fishers of Pennsylvania. Pauline Leslie seems to have been the first to work out the descendancy from Thomas Fisher to the Ohio Fishers. We first studied the source records, verified that the descendancy from Thomas is provable, and scoured the records for details to take the story beyond the previous works. Then, in checking the ancestry proposed for Thomas, it became obvious that no one had correctly identified his parents.

After several years of painstaking study, I believe I have found Thomas Fisher’s parents, who would be our ancestral immigrants. I have ruled out some of the published assertions and have narrowed the possibilities for the ancestral connections. From this research, I hope all Fishers with English ancestry in early Pennsylvania can gain insight about who these Fishers were. I have included in this book the results of the study, including sketches of all the Fishers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland before about 1725.

In other volumes, we will share all the old photographs we could locate for these families; and histories of the Francis Standfield, Samuel Standfield, and William Huntley families of Pennsylvania.In the near future we will place the completed results of our research in the Latter Day Saints (Mormon) Family History Library, and also in the Clayton Genealogical Library in Houston, Texas. The Mormon library catalog can be consulted at any of the numerous Mormon churches which have Family History Centers, or at the Mormon library at Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jackie L. and Janice (Thornton) Fisher (Note Address in 2004 is 500 Brinkley, Wimberley, TX 78676.)
1869 Dolphin Drive
Seabrook, Texas 77586

Laura and Barry Armer 15007 Hollydale
Houston, Texas 77062

January 1996

Updates 2004

This was my first attempt to share my genealogy findings. Refer to my later books whenever in doubt about this one.

New Information

• Mrs. Robert Fisher (Sophie) of Flint, Michigan heard of my research and sent the 1701 land warrant for Thomas Robinson and Thomas Fisher, pushing back the known records by 12 more years. She also found and provided the patent and resurvey to Thomas Fisher of the same land in 1739, and provided Fisher land records for the tracts in Caln Township. I found Thomas Fisher’s quitrent records in the microfilmed rent rolls in the Mormon Family History Library, showing that he paid 38 years of back quitrent to the sons of William Penn in 1739, with Thomas Robinson’s name struck from the roll.

• I did not know about the 1703 warrant and survey in Kennett for William Huntley, and did not know that the Huntley tract was the one labeled as “William Harvey” in Gilbert Cope’s 1911 map. I speculated incorrectly that the Huntley and Fisher farms in Kennett were the same.

• I thought the lower segment of Thomas Fisher’s tract in Kennett was marked “J Fisher” on the Gilbert Cope map, and concluded it was for James, son of Thomas. The mark actually says “T” Fisher and that segment was never set aside for James.

• I speculated that Thomas Fisher of Chester County may have been a son of Dennis and Susannah Fisher of Salem, West Jersey. There is no reason to assume any connection.

• I speculated that Thomas Fisher of Chester County may have been a son of James Fisher of Sussex County (who was a son of John and Margaret Fisher). No evidence has been found to support this.

• Susan Kimura of West Jordan, Utah provided a discovery in the Gilbert Cope Collection, LDS Film 0517034, and records of Worcester Monthly Meeting (LDS Film 0441397) regarding the Standfields. Francis Standfield married Grace Achele at Worcestershire Monthly Meeting. Her sister Mary married Francis Fincher of the City of Worcester. The descendants of Francis Standfield and Francis Fincher found in the Philadelphia and Chester County records were therefore cousins. Thomas Achelly of Burlington, New Jersey, was a relative.

• Susan Kimura provided, from the Miscellaneous Records of the Chester Co. Pa. Historical Society, Surnames “F”, LDS Film 0565685, an anonymous manuscript “Fishers of Kendall, Westmoreland & Delaware, ”which gives an interesting ancestry for John Fisher of Clitheroe. If it is correct, John Fisher was educated in law at Gray’s Inn in London, and was a class-mate there with John Hindle, brother of John Fisher’s wife Margaret. Susan discovered, on LDS Film 567014, “Notes on Immigrants to Pa. 1681-1737,” Albert C. Myers, a 1684 record from Marsden Monthly Meeting in Lancashire stating that the meeting was sending the children of John Fisher to Pennsylvania, two years after the parents and one or more older children came.

• Susan Kimura found a description of the ancient Stansfield family manor house in Stansfield, West Yorkshire, which still stands.

• A. R. (Rich) Paul of the Marple-Newtown Historical Society sent a newspaper picture and article showing an ancient log structure, about to be razed in the 1960’s, on the old Huntley tract in Marple, part of the original Francis Standfield estate.

• I have now found a record of James Standfield in the Quaker records of Cheshire. He attended a wedding at Congleton Monthly Meeting, Cheshire in early 1683, shortly before the Standfield family emigration.

• The passenger list for the “Endeavor” in 1683, listing the Standfield family, says they came from “Garton, in Cheshire.” There is no such place name in Cheshire, now or in the old place name books. I assumed this meant Gorton, in east central Manchester, since it is not far from Marple at the edge of Cheshire, where the Standfields once lived. But Gorton and Manchester were part of Lancashire and never were part of Cheshire. I now wonder if this was a mistake for Garston, near Liverpool in Lancashire, where the Standfields might have stopped briefly while waiting to depart from Liverpool. Garston happens to be the birthplace of Thomas Fisher who came to Pennsylvania with the Baker family in 1684.

• A descendant of George Rogers sent me a land map showing the location of Cephas Fisher Sr.’s land in Indiana. The map is shown in this chapter.

• My wife Janice and I traveled to Henry County, Iowa where we found land records and maps pinpointing the location of the Fisher and Vantassell farms there. A map showing the land tracts, and a photo of the 1867 homesite of Cephas Fisher, are included in this chapter.

• Noble Shaw, a first cousin, traveled to Green County, Tennessee and sent a picture of the New Hope Quaker house near Rheatown, established in 1795, where Cephas Fisher Sr. (Great Grandson of Thomas Fisher of Chester County) was married in 1803. The photos are included in this chapter.

• John Fisher, a fifth cousin, learned of my research and sent a collection of photographs of some of the Ohio descendants of Thomas Fisher of Chester County. A sample is included at the end of this chapter.
* Many more census records can now be found, thanks to the ancestry.com online images and searchable index. Even these searches must include every possible mis-reading by the census-takers and transcribers. For example, I finally discovered that Cephas Fisher Jr. was entered in the 1850 census as Stephan Fisher (Concord Township, Fayette Co. Ohio).

Errata: Ancestors and Descendants of Cephas Fisher of Henry County, Iowa

I said James Fisher and Alice Standfield were married on Saint Valentine’s day in 1736. It was the 14th of the second month, which was old style April 14, not February.

I said Florance Clinton Fisher and Grace Minette Long once lived at Junction City, Texas. I should have said Barnhart, Texas and Junction City, Arkansas.

My apologies regarding a few typos, a few incorrect words in my document transcriptions which have been pointed out to me but I won’t enumerate here, and the omission of George Rogers from the index.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Summary of The Ancestors 1
The Fisher Line of Descent 2
The Migration 3

I. The Early Fishers 4
II. John Fisher and Margaret Hindle 7
III. James and Katharine Fisher 10
IV. Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth Huntley 13
V. James Fisher Sr. and Alice Standfield 37
VI. James Fisher Jr. and Jane Atkinson 41
VII. Cephas Fisher Sr. and Rachel Stanfield 43
VIII. Cephas A. Fisher Jr. and Mary Hoskins 45
IX. Samuel Fisher and Effie Van Tassell 49
X. Florance Clinton Fisher Sr. and Grace Minett Long 52
XI. Woodford Pascal Fisher Sr. and Dorothy Berneice Kelly 55
XII. Jackie Lynn Fisher and Janice Gayle Thornton 60

The Atkinson Intermarriages 61
Thornton/Blackmon Families 63
Pedigree Charts 64
Photographs (Seven Generations) 78
Proof of the Lineage 85
References and Notes 86
Detailed Individual and Family Information 99
Index 140

Introduction and Summary of the Ancestors

Our Quaker Heritage

Our Fisher ancestors were Quakers (Society of Friends) for many generations, possibly as far back as the mid-1600’s when the movement was being spread by its English founder, George Fox. Quakerism persisted in our family through Samuel Fisher (1857-1930). Living relatives have described to us the Biblical speech and Quaker beliefs of Samuel and his father, Cephas A. Fisher Jr. Although we have learned that there are cousins in Ohio and elsewhere who are still Friends, Cephas Jr. was the last adult member in our branch, and Samuel was the last in our direct line to be raised in a Quaker family. It is in large part due to the Quaker associations that historians, genealogists, and family chroniclers have left a rich body of documentation concerning our family. The numerous meeting records which we have located are testimony to the devotion of generations of Fishers to the Quaker way of life. The work ethic and values of the Quakers are still to be seen in our family, several generations removed from the last affiliation with the Friends.

Our Lineage - A Summary

Our ancestry is provable through many generations.
Woodford Pascal Fisher (1913 -1990), whose family is contemporary to this book, was born in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma, and married Dorothy Berneice Kelly, born in 1915 at May, Oklahoma. Woodford was the son of Florance Clinton Fisher Sr. (1886 -1967), born at Jewel City, Kansas, and Grace Minett Long (1890 - 1969), born at Crawfordsville, Indiana.
Florance was the son of Samuel Fisher (1857 -1930), born in Clinton County, Indiana, near Frankfort, and Effie Van Tassel (1863 - 1912), born at Tipton, Indiana.
Samuel was the son of Cephas A. Fisher Jr. (1812 -1895), born in Clinton County, Ohio, near New Vienna, and Mary Hoskins (1822 - 1870), born in Clinton County, Ohio.
Cephas Jr. was the son of Cephas Fisher Sr. (1780 - 1863), born in York County, Pennsylvania, and Rachel Stanfield (1785 - 1840), probably born in Greene County, Tennessee.
Cephas Sr. was the son of James Fisher Jr. (1744 -1823), born at East Caln in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and Jane Atkinson (1753 - 1829), born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
James was the son of James Fisher Sr. (1714 - 1775), born near Kennett, in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and Alice Standfield (1713 - 1788), born near Lurgan, in the north of Ireland.
James Sr. was the son of Thomas Fisher (ca. 1690 - 1747), birthplace unknown but possibly Chichester Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, and Elizabeth Huntley, (1692 - ca. 1762), born in Birmingham Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania.
Thomas was most probably a son of John (1665? - 1701) and Barbara Fisher who lived in Chichester Township, Chester County, Pa. in 1701.
John and his wife Barbara were very probably immigrants from England, but we know nothing of their history.

Another (lesser) possibility is that Thomas was a son of James Fisher (ca. 1669 - 1703), born in England, probably in Yorkshire or Lancashire, and Katherine --, birthplace unknown.
James was the third son of John Fisher (ca. 1643 - 1685) and Margaret Hindle, who came to Pennsylvania with all their children, from Clitheroe, Lancashire in 1682 and settled in Sussex County (now in Delaware).
John was descended from the Fishers in the north of England, and was probably born at Rotherham, Yorkshire. None of the numerous John Fishers found in the records of the northern counties of England has been positively identified as our John Fisher.
Thomas, a possible father or relative of John Fisher, was arrested in 1660 at Swarthmore, Lancashire for following his Quaker principles. He was imprisoned in Lancaster Castle.

The Fisher Line of Descent

Denis Fisher (m. Susannah -- ) b. 1640? Portsmouth, England (Possible) (Note: Further research makes this unlikely.)
John Fisher (m. Barbara --) b. 1665? (Portsmouth, England?) (Probable)
Thomas Fisher (m. Elizabeth Huntley) b. 1690? Chichester, Chester Co., Pa.?
James Fisher (m. Alice Standfield) b. 1714 Chester Co., Pa.
James Fisher (m. Jane Atkinson) b. 1744 Chester Co., Pa.
Cephas Fisher Sr. (m. Rachel Standfield) b. 1780 York Co., Pa.
Cephas A. Fisher Jr. (m. Mary Hoskins) b. 1812 Highland Co., Ohio
Samuel Fisher (m. Effie Van Tassel) b. 1857 Clinton Co., Indiana
Florance C. Fisher Sr. (m. Grace Long) b. 1886 Jewell City, Kansas
Woodford P. Fisher (m. Dorothy Kelly) b. 1911 Helena, Oklahoma
Jackie L. Fisher (m. Janice Thornton) b. 1939 Jet, Oklahoma
Laura Lynn Fisher (m. Barry Armer) b. 1961 Ventura, California
Kevin Shawn Fisher (m. Doreen Schmelter) b. 1964 Houston, Texas
Jonathan Davis Fisher (m. Alisa Mayfield) b. 1969 Texas City, Texas

The Migration

In order to give a general picture of the migrations of the Fisher family, the following timeline has been reconstructed from the records.

In 1682, the first Fisher came to Pennsylvania. John Fisher left Clitheroe, Lancashire, England in order to escape religious persecution as a Quaker. He brought with him his wife Margaret Hindle Fisher, his six children, and probably Margaret Hindle’s brother John. The ship may have been the “Welcome,” which brought William Penn, or the “Lamb,” or one of the other ships arriving that year. The landing may have been at Newcastle, on the banks of the Delaware River, after which some of the passengers (including the Fishers) were taken upriver to the new Philadelphia settlement. The first winter was spent in hardship (according to the sources, in a cave on the banks of the Delaware, with shelters made from ships’ sails). The family soon moved to Lewes, in Sussex County (now in Delaware) where John died in 1685.
By 1698, about 5 Fisher families had immigrated to Pennsylvania. John and Barbara Fisher lived in Chichester Township, in Chester County.
In 1713, Thomas Fisher, most probably the son of John and Barbara, married in Concord Township, Chester County, then moved a year later a short distance across the Brandywine Creek to Kennett, where all his children were born and the three oldest were married.
In 1741, Thomas moved his family to East Caln, still in Chester County.
In 1762, Thomas’s son, James, moved westward to the central Pennsylvania back country, near Harrisburg. He settled at Newberry, York County. James’ son, James Jr. married at the nearby Warrington Friends meeting house, and lived at Monahan, in the same area. Son Cephas was born there in 1778.
In 1789, at the end of the Revolutionary War, Cephas left Pennsylvania with his father’s family and a number of other Quaker families. They went briefly to Hopewell, Virginia and Westfield, North Carolina, and then to Greene County, Tennessee. Cephas married in Greene County in 1803. James and son Cephas then went with their families in 1804 to settle in Highland County, Ohio, near East Monroe. There James Jr. lived the rest of his life. Cephas lived all his adult life in the same area, not far from East Monroe, at Lees Creek, Clinton County, Ohio.
About 1851, Cephas’s son, Cephas Jr., married in Ohio and moved to Frankfort, Indiana where son Samuel was born.
In 1868, Cephas Jr. and family moved to Henry County, Iowa, where Cephas stayed until his death.
In 1880, Cephas Jr.’s son Samuel went to Jewell County, Kansas and married there. He moved back and forth between Iowa and Jewell County, Kansas, then moved from Iowa to Helena, Oklahoma by covered wagon, about 1897.
In 1907, Samuel’s son, Florance Clinton Sr. married at Enid, Oklahoma and raised his family at Haskell and Morris, Oklahoma.
In 1931, Florance’s son, Woodford Pascal Fisher Sr. married at Medicine Lodge, Kansas and lived briefly in Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, and east Texas before settling in Mexia, Texas where he remained until his death in 1990.
In 1995, the children of Woodford Pascal Fisher Sr. all live in Texas; in the Dallas area, in the Houston region, and in Mexia.

I. The Early Fishers

The earliest known record of a Fisher family in England is that of Henricus Piscator (fisher), at the time of William the Conqueror. Robert le Fyscer and Margary le Fischere were in Buckshire in 1273. William the Fisher lived at Thele in 1289. There were four recorded Fishers in Yorkshire in 1379 (Ibota Fischer, Alicia Fyssher, Willelmus Fysher, and Hugo Fysscher).

John Fisher, Roman Catholic scholar and theologian, Bishop of Rochester, was beheaded by Henry VIII and is now Saint John Fisher. He came from the East Yorkshire Fishers at Beverly and is probably our relative.

Mary Fisher was a zealot Quaker who went to Barbados and arrived at Boston in 1656 aboard the “Swallow,” being the first Quaker to arrive in America. Her trunk of books was burned on Boston Commons, by order of Governor Endicott, and she was sent back to Barbados. She gained notoriety in 1660 by traveling to Adrianople, Turkey and attempting to convert Sultan Mohammed IV to Quakerism.

Another well-known English Quaker was Samuel Fisher, a Baptist minister from Kent who converted in 1655. He was arrested in London in 1658 for publishing Quaker tracts, and went to Rome in 1659 to attempt conversion of Roman Catholic cardinals and friars. He died in White Lion Prison in Southwark in 1663.

Another John Fisher, an early Quaker in Yorkshire, signed a petition to Yorkshire members of Parliament in 1678 for a more fair treatment of the Quakers. Some of the Fishers of Pennsylvania seem to be linked by associations with signers of the petition. Two signers were the brothers George and Thomas Hutchinson, who emigrated and settled in New Jersey. George Hutchinson’s daughter Mary married James Standfield of Marple, near Philadelphia, in 1689. The John Fisher from Barmstone, East Yorkshire who came to Bucks County about 1700, was a son of a John Fisher and Sarah Hutchinson of East Yorkshire.

Most of the earliest Fishers to come to Pennsylvania, including three named John, came from the northern counties of England. Even Joseph Fisher, who came from northern Ireland, was originally from Cheshire. Only one of the earliest Fishers who settled along the Delaware River (Denis, of Salem, West Jersey), is known to have come from the south of England (Portsmouth, in Hampshire).

Anyone studying the Fishers of Pennsylvania should consult the following list, which includes most, if not all the Fisher families in the area prior to 1701.

John Fisher came in 1682 with wife Margaret Hindle Fisher and children Thomas, John, James, Annie, Sarah, Rachel and Alice. They settled in Sussex County, near what is now Lewes, Delaware. We have proposed in this book that our ancestor Thomas Fisher, of Chester County, Pennsylvania, could have been the son of James, of Sussex County. (Low probability)

A John Fisher came in 1700 from Pardshaw Crag, in Cumberland, northwest England, settled in Philadelphia County, and may have had a wife named Sarah. Children are believed to be Sarah, John, Hannah, Love and Mary. Daughter Sarah married Joseph Taylor, 30th of first month 1716, recorded at Philadelphia Meeting. A Joseph Taylor who settled in Kennett Township, Chester County, adjacent to the northeast corner of Thomas Fisher’s farm may have been a relative of Joseph and Sarah (Fisher) Taylor, but no proof has been found. It is not clear if this could be the John Fisher of Springfield (the one in north Philadelphia County) who left a will in 1716 naming wife Katharine, sons John and Joseph (land in Upper Dublin Township), eldest daughter Mary Regen and youngest daughter Sarah.
A John Fisher served on a coronor’s jury in 1698 at Chester, when John Barnstill of Newcastle was blown overboard from a ferry going from Chester to Philadelphia. Other jurors were Phillip Roman, James Browne, William Clayton, Nathaniell Lamplugh, Robert Carter, John Kinsman, Thomas Varnon, James Hendrixson, William Hewes, John Hendrixs, and James Baylis. This John Fisher was a hatter who lived at Chichester with wife Barbara. He died in March 1701. (Note: Fishers Corner is between Chichester and Concord.) This is the only record of a Fisher in Chester County prior to our ancestor Thomas. He is the most probable father of Thomas. He is not mentioned in the Quaker records.
James Fisher died intestate in Philadelphia, in 1729, and left an administration which mentions a John Fisher. This James, otherwise unknown, is another possible father or namesake of our Thomas Fisher. (This is not the Sussex County James, who died in 1702/3.)
Joseph Fisher, a major “first purchaser” of 5000 acres of Penn’s land in Philadelphia, came from Stilorgan, Ireland but was “late of Elton, Cheshire.” Joseph arrived with wife Elizabeth and children Moses, Joseph, Mary and Martha on the “Lion” of Liverpool on 14 8M 1683. This may be the Joseph Fisher who left a Philadelphia will in 1714. Joseph Jr. may be the Joseph Fisher of Dublin Township, who left a Philadelphia will in 1717 naming wife Mary and daughters Isobel, Martha and Mary.
George Fisher came from Ireland as a servant to the surveyor Jasper Farmer (Captain/Major), and is presumed to be the same George Fisher who bought a “kitchen and half-lot” in Newcastle County in 1688. This may be the George Fisher who was on the Nottingham tax list for Chester County in 1729. Any descendants are unknown.
William Fisher came from Ross, in Herefordshire, in 1684. Children of William and wife Bridgett Hodgkins were William, Mary, Sarah, Samuel, and Millicent. William Jr. and wife Tabitha Janney had children William, Thomas, Elizabeth, and Millicent. Descendants have been identified in “Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families.” (See also Philadelphia wills for William Sr. (1728) and William Jr. (1734).)
A John Fisher of Barmstone, in east Yorkshire, came for a visit about 1700 and lost all his possessions to pirates as his ship prepared to depart for England. He remained in Bucks County, and had many descendants, who are well-documented. He married first Mary Hough Janney, daughter of John and Hannah Hough and widow of Jacob Janney, and had a daughter Mary. Children of second wife Elizabeth Scarborough were Robert, Sarah, John, Elizabeth, Hannah, John, Deborah, Barak, and Katherine. A conjecture by B. F. Cummings in 1898 that our ancestor Thomas Fisher was of this family, is disproven by the Hull meeting records of Yorkshire.
A Thomas Fisher came to Philadelphia aboard the “Vine” in 1684 from Walton, Lancashire as a servant to Henry Baker. Nothing more is known of him.
Francis Fisher, a mariner from Bristol, England, made many trading voyages to America in the late 1600’s and called at Philadelphia on at least one occasion.

William Fisher of Sussex County was a probable son or relative of John and Margaret Fisher, not mentioned in John’s will or the family memoirs. William owned land jointly in Sussex County with Thomas Fisher, son of the immigrant John. William and Thomas had numerous connections at Lewes and were referred to as “the two Fishers” in James Standfield’s estate settlement in 1699. In early Sussex County court records, “William Fisher” was sometimes styled “gentleman” or “Esquire,” of Philadelphia, and sometimes as “planter, Sussex County,” presumed to be William Sr. and William Jr. William “Esquire,” who had a wife Rebecca and son Elias, died in 1725. A son John probably belonged to William Jr. William does not seem to appear in any Quaker records.
Adam Fisher of Kent County was a possible relative of John and Margaret Fisher, not mentioned in John’s will or in the family records. This could be a relative of Adam Fisher who married Dorothy Cutberd at Rotherham, Yorkshire May 21, 1666. Adam’s will was probated 18 May 1725, in Kent County. Named in the will were wife Mary Molleston Fisher, sons John, Adams, Joseph, Molleston, and Isaac; and daughters Susannah (Edmonds) and Sarah (Morgan). (Not named was another apparent daughter, Mary Walker.) Witnesses were John Newell, John Sipple, and Abraham Morriss. In 1698, Thomas Fisher (son of the immigrant John Fisher) acted as attorney for Richard Williams in a land sale. Richard Williams witnessed the will of Thomas Fisher (son of the immigrant John) in 1713. Richard Williams Jr. was made a ward of Adam Fisher in 1704, with the provision that the ward be taught the house-building trade and cured of his “scald head.” In 1701, James and Hercule Coutts, trading partners of James Standfield (uncle of Elizabeth Huntley Fisher), testified in a case against John Williams concerning the death of Thomas Williams (assumed to be parent of the orphaned Richard Williams). Adam Fisher’s widow seems to have remarried, to -- Little, and died in 1748. Adam Fisher does not seem to appear in any Quaker records. At least some of the Mollestons were Episcopals.
Denis Fisher from Portsmouth, England was a ship carpenter who purchased 500 acres on Monmouth River, N. Jersey, in 1684. He died in Salem Township in 1690. His will names wife Susannah, children Henry, Elizabeth and John; grandchildren Susannah Fisher, Henry Fisher, and Elizabeth Fisher. They do not appear in the Quaker records. Records of Sussex County, Delaware include: “Susan Fisher, daughter-in-law to Robert Bedwell of Kent County, died in 8th month 1683,” and “Susannah Fisher, midwife for Norton and Rachel Claypoole, 11th month 1683.”
A William Fisher died in 1714 at Burlington, N. Jersey. His will names “cousin John of the Episcopal Church of Burlington, of which I am a member.” His will names children Edward, David, & Ann. Executor was Dr. John Roberts Esq. He may be the William who, in 1700, had purchased 225 acres in Burlington from “Peter Bose of Marcus Hook alias Chishopen, County of Chester.”
A William Fisher purchased, in 1691-94, land from George Hutchinson of Onanicken, in the “Burlington (New Jersey) Town Bounds on the Delaware River.”
A William Fisher from Ulster County, New York purchased land in 1696 “with widow Sarah Farre of Springfield Township, Burlington County (N. Jersey).”
Alexander Fisher was taxed in 1680, in Dorchester County, Maryland.
Edward Fisher, a cooper, was taxed in 1682 in Dorchester County, Maryland at Fisher’s Landing. Edward Fisher married Frances Willis, widow of Richard Willis, 1 Aug. 1699, Md. Thomas Fisher of Sussex County, son of John the immigrant, once acted as attorney for Edward..
Mary Fisher was transported by William Peirce of Cecil County, Maryland before Nov. 1681.
Samuel Fisher was transported to Maryland by John Edmondson before Nov. 1680.
Thomas Fisher, gent., was taxed in Talbot County, Md., Threshford 1685, Long Range 1688.
William Fisher was assignor of lands in Cecil County, Md. in 1680.

II. John Fisher and Margaret Hindle

The first Fisher family to arrive in Pennsylvania came from Lancashire, in the north of England. In 1682, the Quaker John Fisher and his wife Margaret decided to move their family from Clitheroe or thereabout, to William Penn’s new province of Pennsylvania. They came in order to escape religious persecution, which had been suffered by the Quakers (including Penn) since the movement was begun by George Fox in the mid-1600’s. Although extensive study has not provided proof of our genealogical connection, there seems to be a relationship between our Pennsylvania ancestors and the Lancashire Fishers. The family of John and Margaret Fisher is of interest to us due to their association with the Standfield in-laws of our ancestors, discovered in the research for this book.

The Fishers were among the original purchasers of proprietary land from William Penn. They came in 1682, in the first wave of ships which brought Quakers to settle in and around the new city of Philadelphia. John Fisher was a glazier (and possibly ship-builder) from Clitheroe, Lancashire, England. Old land surveys show two of John Fisher’s town lots in the city of Philadelphia. John served on a Philadelphia jury in 1683 (which unfortunately convicted Margaret Matson as a witch). He appears in the Quaker records of Philadelphia. But he had some sort of falling-out with the Philadelphia Quakers, and soon moved about a hundred miles southward, to his land grant in Sussex County which he had obtained from William Penn in 1682. The estates were called “Fisher’s Island” (actually a marshy area on the mainland). The Fishers were located on the south side of the mouth of Broad Creek, on the Atlantic coast. The family later had additional holdings in Kent County.

Six children of John and Margaret Fisher are mentioned in John’s will, probated at Georgetown, Sussex County, in 1685. All the children were born in England, and were at or near adulthood when the family arrived. John Fisher’s will names eldest son Thomas and other sons John and James; daughters Rachell, Sarah, Allis (youngest) and Annie Adkins (wife of Samuel). The will also mentions Thomas Scott. Executors were son Thomas and wife Margaret. Witnesses were William Emmott, Richard Coore and Anna Dougdull. Thomas was probably close to age 30 when he married Margery Maud in 1692. He could have been previously married, but this has never been suggested. Known children of Thomas are Jabez, Joshua, James, Margaret, Elizabeth, Margery and Esther. John married Elizabeth --; their known children are John, James, William, and Ann. James had a wife Katherine and daughter Sarah, and probably had other heirs. Of the immigrant daughters, we know that Ann (Annie) married Samuel Adkins, a glover of Philadelphia who became active in arranging ships for whalers. We know nothing of the other daughters, except that they “died young.”

Margaret’s brother John Hindle may have come over with the Fishers. Thomas Fisher, son of John and Margaret, mentions in his will of 1713 some land which had been left to him by his “Uncle John Hindle, son of Bryan Hindle of Clitheroe.” The Hindle land may have been on the south side of the mouth of Mispillion Creek at Milford, since Hindle plats can be seen there in the nineteenth-century Beers Atlas of Delaware.

There are many references discussing John Fisher’s immigration from Lancashire and some of his descendants, the most informative being “New World Immigrants,” Edited by Michael Tepper, Volume 1, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1979 (reprints from early articles); “An Account of the Fisher and Logan Families,” by William Logan Fisher, Wakefield 1839); “Genealogy of the Fisher Family, 1682 to 1896,” by Anna Wharton Smith, Philadelphia (1896), and “Passengers and Ships Prior to 1684,” by Walter Lee Sheppard, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore (1970).

There is a question in the references as to whether John Fisher and family arrived on the same ship (the “Welcome”) with William Penn, or if he was instead on one of the other ships that arrived the same year carrying religious dissenters of various sects. The passenger list for the “Welcome” in 1682 was lost, but a reconstructed list was compiled by Edward Armstrong in 1851 which included the Fishers. The reconstructed list can be found in “New World Immigrants.” Both William Logan Fisher and Anna Wharton Smith say that John Fisher came with Penn. Marion Balderston (“New World Immigrants”) argues that the ship would not have been large enough for the 97 passengers listed, and that Lancashire residents would have left from Liverpool and not from the Port of London as did the “Welcome.” In any case, John Fisher’s family were closely associated with William Penn and Penn’s sons in the administration of the Pennsylvania Colony. John’s son Thomas was a member of the Assembly at Newcastle in 1704, and was agent for the Proprietary in Sussex County.

Clitheroe is an ancient borough in Lancashire, England, situated on the end of Pendle Hill with an overlooking castle. The founder of the Quaker movement, George Fox, said that he was inspired with the idea which became Quakerism, while gazing upon Pendle Hill. Also, this was the site of notorious witch trials in the early 1600’s. But by the time of John Fisher’s departure from Clitheroe, the trials were long ended and the reason for leaving was the religious persecution of the Quakers. The witch trial era is well described in “Lancashire Witch Country, In and Around Pendle Hill” by W. R. Mitchell, Dalesman Publishing Co. Ltd. Clapham, Yorkshire (1974).

View Illustration: Area in Sussex County, Delaware (originally part of Pennsylvania)
where John Fisher settled soon after coming to Philadelphia in 1682,
from Lancashire, England

III. James and Katharine Fisher

James Fisher, a Quaker, was the third and youngest son of John Fisher and Margaret Hindle, who came to Philadelphia from Lancashire in 1682. This study of his history (apparently the first ever done) was compiled during the search for the father of our ancestor, Thomas Fisher of Chester County. It is included here even though the probability of Thomas being the son of James does not seem high (check for later editions of this book for possible clarification).

James Fisher was born in the north of England about 1670, possibly near Rotherham in Yorkshire. He may have lived at Bolton, Swarthmore or Clitheroe, in Lancashire before the immigration to Pennsylvania. The Fishers lived first in Philadelphia, then moved after a short time to Sussex County, near Lewes (now in Delaware). James was mentioned in the will of his father in 1685, and appears on the 1693 Sussex County tax list, along with his brothers Thomas and John Jr. Many years later, memoirs of Joshua Fisher (son of Thomas and grandson of the immigrant John Fisher) included only a statement that James “died young.” By that time, James had been all but forgotten by that branch of the family. Even sister Annie’s marriage to Samuel Adkins had been forgotten. Thomas, John and James, sons of the immigrant John, were all old enough to be the father of our ancestor Thomas Fisher of Chester County (contrary to some of the sources). James seems to be the most likely.

James Fisher married Katherine -- , about 1690. The marriage would have been a Quaker ceremony in the home of one of the Lewes Quakers, but unfortunately no Quaker records of that group have survived.

Due to the extreme remoteness of “Fisher’s Island,” there were few settlers in the area. The Lewes Quaker group, which met at Broadkill (Cool Spring), had limited interaction with other Pennsylvania meetings at the time. Thomas Fisher, son of the immigrant John, was a meeting overseer. The group was apparently not motivated to follow the strict discipline of record-keeping which was normally expected of Quakers. In 1712, Duck Creek meeting asked if the meeting at Lewes was settled by order of any quarterly meeting, and sent an inquiry to Thomas Fisher. It was determined that the Lewes meeting was not being kept up. Thomas and his brother-in-law Cornelius Wiltebank (husband of Jane Maud), proposed that the Lewes Quakers join Duck Creek. But another inquiry, in the following year, demanded a reason for discontinuance of the Lewes meetings. There are no surviving records of the Lewes (Motherkiln or Cold/Cool Spring) meeting prior to 1742.

James is mentioned several times in the court records of Sussex County, beginning in 1696 and ending in 1703.

In June of 1696, James Fisher was summoned to serve on a Petty Jury but was struck from the list, probably because one of the cases involved Elisabeth Wynne, stepmother of Thomas Fisher’s wife Margery (Maud).

On August 27, 1697, the town of Lewes was plundered by French pirates, and a public subscription had to be mounted the following year to help in the “Relief and Assistance” of the townspeople. The Fishers would almost certainly have suffered losses to the pirates.

In the fall of 1698, James served on a Grand Jury at Lewes. In the same sessions he brought suit against William Orr, Administrator of John Jennins, deceased, in an attempt to gain payment for “L3:4s in Good merchantable Indian Corne Or Pork Due by note under the said John Jennins hand bearing date the 26th January 1697.”

In 1699, James was co-purchaser, with Jacob Waring, of “A certain Plantation And Tract of Land and Marsh quantity One hundred Acres scituate, Lying and being On the South side of the Broad Creek in This County and West side of a Creek Called Cornelius Johnsons Creek According to Law and Contents of A deed of sale for the Same of date the 6th of February 1699.”

Also in 1699, Thomas Fisher was foreman of a Grand Jury which appointed Thomas’s brother James as an “Overseer of The Highwayes & bridges for the Town and Broad Kill Dividend.”

In February of 1702, James recorded a deed from William Clark for 100 acres on Broad Creek, which must have been an addition to the 100 acres he had purchased three years earlier.

In September of 1702, James Fisher and land co-owner Jacob Waring filed an agreement that no advantage would be given to the heirs of the survivor if one of them died while they still owned the land. The land is described as “a Certain Tract or Tracts of Land & Marsh Scituate Lyeing and being in Part of the Neck in Sussex County, annexed to Pennsylvania, and Called The Point, Containing One hundred Acres of Land & Marsh, with the Plantation Thereto belonging by us, Jacob Warring and James Fisher, both of Sussex County AforeSd.” The signature of James Fisher on this document attests to his literacy. James was undoubtedly already ill and died, intestate, a few months later.

We learn of James Fisher’s death, when he was not much over age 30, in an action whereby Thomas and John, brothers of James, describe the terms and disposition of their father’s will. This record, on LDS microfilm 006625, is handwritten and is difficult to locate due to a lack of page numbers and poor quality of the documents. The record has been previously overlooked, except for abstracts which omit some important information. Since this is the nearest thing to a will which exists for James Fisher, a complete transcription is included here. The record identifies Sarah Fisher as the only daughter of James; James as youngest son of John; intestate passing of James; and widow’s rights of Margaret Fisher and Catherine Fisher. No reference to (or denial of) any son of James Fisher is made. Of the seven hundred acres due to James from his father’s will, only 500 are assigned here to the daughter Sarah. Wife Catherine gets only the widow’s rights in her lifetime. The remaining 200 acres of the legacy, together with the other tracts purchased by James, seem to have gone to another heir. A deed search at Gergetown might reveal whether an heir of James was our ancestor, Thomas Fisher of Chester County.

Deed or Conveyance of 500 Acres of Land from Thomas & John ffisher To Sarah ffisher Daughter of James ffisher Decd

To All Christian People to whom this present Instrument in Writeing Shall come. Wee Thomas Fisher & John ffisher Sons of John ffisher Late of Sussex County in ye Province of Pennsilvania Decd Send greeting in our Lord God Everlasting. Whereas Our Sd Deceased Father John Fisher by his Last Will & Testament Proved & Approved bearing Date ye Sixth Day of ye 2nd mo 1685. Amongst other things Did Give & bequeath unto us Thomas & John ffisher, and our Youngest brother James ffisher his heirs & Assigns forever Seven Hundred Acres of Land Scituate & Lyeing & being in Sussex County aforeSd: This Same to be Equally Shared But not untill Our youngest Sister Alice ffisher comes to age, our Mothers Thirds therein During her Life onlely comes to except The Seven hundred Acres of Land being Possessed as ffolows Viz: ffive hundred Acres That our Sd Decd ffather bought of Roger Gum and Two hundred Acres more of Land he bought of Henry Stretcher and Which our Sd Sister Alice ffisher hath Long Since been of full Age and as well Wee ye Sd Thomas John & James ffisher have Joyned bargained & Agreed & Divided long since, and are fully Sattisfied That ye Sd ffive hundred Acres of Land which was bought of Roger Gum as AforeSd Shall be & Remaines to ye onely Proper use benefitt & behoofe of our Sd brother James ffisher his Heirs & Assigns forever And we do further Acknowledge that our Sd brother James hath Long Since been Lawfully Possessed of Therewith, Lived and Lately Decd thereon (And as it happened) Dyed Intestate and before we had transferred him a title of Property according as ye Law Directs. Now Know ye That Wee, Said Thomas & John Fisher, being in Duty & Conscience Obliged & Well for Other Reasonable & Sufficient Consideration by our brother James ffisher to us in his Lifetime in hand Pd & Delv’d have Given Granted, bargained & Alienated Enfeoffed & Confirmed. And by These presents Do fully & Absolutely Give Alienate Enfeoffe & Confirme unto Sarah ffisher ye onely Daughter of our Sd brother James ffisher by Cathrine his Wife Her Heirs & Assigns forever all ye Sd ffive hundred Acres of Land Except one Acre of ye Sd Land by Joynt Agreemt to be Reserved for a burying Place as also ye Sd Cathrines Thirds During her Lifetime Onely Excepted.
Beginning at a Cornr Marked Oak being ye boundary Cornr Tree of Alexander Molestine & being John Kipshaven, Thence West by South by a Line of Marked Trees One Hundred & Sixty four Perches to a Cornr Marked White oak thence North West by North with a line of Mkd Trees ffour hundred & Twenty perches to a mkd Hickory North & by West with a Line of Mkd Trees, Seventy & Eight perches to a Cornr boundary White Oak Thence East & by North with a Line of Mrked Trees, One Hundred Sixty & four perches to a Cornr Mkd Hickory Thence South by East Part wth a Mkd Line of Trees & Part with a Mkd Line of trees of ye Sd Alexander Moleston & Jn Kipshaven To first Bounded & Containing ffive hundred Acres.
To have & to Hold ye Sd five hundred Acres of Land Singular ye houses, buildings, Orchards, fencings, woods and Comodities Timbr, Timbr Trees, Waters, Water Courses, ways, priveleges, Conveniences And all other ye Appurtenances Land belonging & in any wise Appurtaning And ye Reversion, Reversions, Remainds & Remaindd Rents Issues & proffits thereof (Except before Excepted) unto ye Sd Sarah ffisher her Heirs & Assigns And to ye onely Proper use & behoofe of her ye Sd Sarah ffisher & her Heirs & Assigns for Ever (to be holden of ye proprietary his Heirs Successrs under ye Accustomed Rents & Services) as by Patent is Recited & Expressed. And Wee ye Sd Thomas ffisher John Fisher The Sd Given Granted bargained Land & premises with all & Singular ye Appurtences unto ye Sd Sarah ffisher her Heirs Assigns from us & each of us, Our & Each of Our Heirs Execrs Admrs & Assigns and all other person or Persons Claiming or Claimed by from or under us them or any of them (except before Excepted) Shall and will Warrant & forever Defend By Virtue of These presents. In Witness whereof Wee have Hereunto putt our hands & Seals This ffourth Day of May An Li: Re D0om of the Anne Nunc. May Anglia Secundo A Dom 1703. Sealed & delivered in Presence of James Simson, Samuel Blundall
Thomas Fisher (Seal)
John ffisher (His Mark) (Seal)
Acknowledged in Open Co’rt Held at Lewes ffor ye County of Sussex The Third Day of August Ano Dom 1703 According To Law test: Nehemiah Field Recorded fr mee Nehemiah ffield Dpt Rolls

IV. Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth Huntley

Thomas Fisher, our earliest fully-proven ancestor, was a lifelong devout Quaker, born about 1690, who lived in Chester County, Pennsylvania all his adult life. In the years preceding his coming of age, he lived in a household not bearing the Fisher name, in or near the Township of Concord. His mother may have been remarried, or he may have been with relatives or family friends. He was a member of Concord Meeting when he married Elizabeth Huntley in 1713, and was the first Fisher to be mentioned in the records of any Friends meeting in Chester County.

Thomas Fisher is most probably the son of John Fisher and wife Barbara, of Chichester Township. This John Fisher was a hatter who was in the area as early as 1685, when he was in a court case with John Calvert at Chester. In 1698, he served on a coronor’s jury in Chester. The jury investigated the drowning of John Barnstill of Newcastle, who was blown overboard from a ferry going from Chester to Philadelphia. Other jurors were Phillip Roman, James Browne, William Clayton, Nathaniel(l) Lampleigh (Lamplugh), Robert Carter, John Kinsman, Thomas Varnon, James Hendrixson, William Hewes, John Hendrixs, and James Baylis. Most of these jurors were Quakers. At least one, Nathaniel Lampleigh came from Barbados. John Fisher died intestate in Chichester Township in 1701. His widow, Barbara Fisher, was named administrator of his estate on March 10, 1701. An abstract of the record is listed among Philadelphia administrations in “Book A,” but the record cannot be found at Philadelphia city hall. John and Barbara Fisher were the only Fishers in Chester County prior to Thomas. They were apparently the right age to be his parents, and lived in the jurisdiction of Concord Monthly Meeting, where Thomas was married. Who were the parents of this John Fisher? Denis Fisher (a ship’s carpenter from Portsmouth, England) and wife Susannah who lived at Salem (across the river in New Jersey), had a son John of the right age, and seem to be the best candidates. They apparently were related to the Fishers of Sussex County. In 1683, Susannah was a midwife at the birth of Robert Claypoole in Sussex County, where John and Margaret Fisher from Lancashire had settled. William Fisher (Esquire) of Sussex County, joint owner of land with Thomas Fisher (son of John and Margaret) was a “cousin to Henry Fisher,” assumed to be Henry, a known son of Denis Fisher.

A corner of Upper Chichester Township lies only half a mile from the Concord boundary, and half a mile from “Fisher’s Corner” in Aston. Chichester also includes Marcus Hook, where Peter Boss was living in 1700 when he sold land in Burlington (New Jersey) town bounds to William Fisher of Burlington. (Peter Boss Jr. witnessed the will of Elizabeth Huntley’s uncle, James Standfield, in 1699. The Standfields were once associated with the “Christian Quaker” separation of George Keith which had involved a sensational heresy trial including Peter Boss Senior.) Elizabeth Huntley’s father (William) and uncle (James Standfield) once had a partnership with Caleb Pusey of Upland. Francis Chads, another uncle of Elizabeth, lived at Chichester at that time.

Note: If John and Barbara Fisher were Quakers, they would have belonged to Chichester Monthly Meeting, which was originally set up to serve the early Quakers of Marcus Hook and Upland (as Chester Monthly Meeting). Later, Chichester became part of Concord Monthly Meeting, whose members alternated their meetings between the Chichester and Concord meeting houses. No meeting records mentioning John and Barbara have been found. Although “Barbara” was not a common name of the time, there are two records of Quaker women of that name.

Barbara Baguley, who married Henry Janney, was the mother-in-law of William Fisher Jr. of Philadelphia, who came with his father in 1684 from Ross, in Herfordshire. There is a also a Quaker account of “The Travels, Sufferings and Persecutions of Barbara Blaugdone (1609?-1704),” in the Swarthmore Friends Library.

If John and Barbara were parents of Thomas Fisher, there is the question of why Thomas did not name any of his known children either John or Barbara. (Several children, names unknown, apparently did die in childhood.) The death of John Fisher, of Chichester, occurred at about the time our Thomas Fisher would have been ready to begin his Quaker schooling, at the customary age of 12. This interruption could be the reason Thomas missed his education and always signed with a mark (X).

Thomas Fisher married Elizabeth Huntley March 16, 1713, at the Concord meeting house, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Her parents were William Huntley and Mary Standfield, who were married in 1692 at Concord. Elizabeth was born in 1692, the eldest of five William Huntley children.

Note: This Thomas Fisher has often been confused with Thomas, son of the immigrant John Fisher of Sussex County who came in 1682. Thomas Fisher of Sussex County, who was some 20 years older than our Thomas, filed a will in 1713. No probate record exists, but court records show all his appointed duties ending abruptly in November of 1713. His widow (Margery Maud Fisher) remained in Sussex County and married Nicholas Green prior to 1717. Nicholas Green may have been the son of Thomas and Margaret Green, of Concord Township in Chester County. The many efforts to discover the origins of our own Thomas Fisher ancestor (of Chester County) might have fared better but for the coincidence of these names. There is a possibility that the two Thomas Fishers were related, but research so far does not support the idea. Thomas Fisher of Chester County, our ancestor, could have been a son of James and Katherine Fisher, of Sussex County, Province of Pennsylvania (now part of Delaware). James was the third son of the immigrant John Fisher, and brother to Thomas and John Fisher Jr. of Sussex County. Only one child of James and Katharine, Sarah, has been identified in record searches to date.

The possibility of our relationship to the Sussex County Fishers is based solely upon circumstantial indications. Firstly, the Standfield in- laws of our Thomas Fisher had many connections with the Sussex County Fishers. Secondly, the best Fisher namesake candidate for James, an older son of our ancestor Thomas Fisher, seems to be James Fisher of Sussex County. In the settlement of the 1699 will of Elizabeth (Huntley) Fisher’s uncle, James Standfield, there is an expense for a 7-day trip “to Broadkiln (Sussex County) to meet the Fishers to settle with them.”

Thomas and Elizabeth moved a short distance, to the west side of Brandywine Creek, soon after their marriage. They transferred their Quaker membership from Concord to the Kennett meeting in 1714. All their children must have been born at Kennett, but the Fishers do not appear in the meeting minutes between 1714 and 1728. At Kennett, the Fishers were surrounded by Elizabeth’s relatives. Her sisters Deborah, Mary and Sarah Huntley all married at Kennett, and her only brother, Frances Huntley, died there, unmarried, in 1723. Four of Elizabeth’s Standfield relatives lived within a few miles of the Fisher farm. Elizabeth (Standfield) Hope lived at Kennett; Hannah (Standfield) Few and the Few cousins lived adjacent to the Fisher farm; cousin John Chads lived a few miles to the east, at the Brandywine ford in Birmingham Township, and Sarah (Standfield) Bennett lived in Thornbury Township, just east of Birmingham.

The minor Huntley children were supposed to go to Thomas and Elizabeth Hope and Edward and Sarah Bennett when William Huntley died in 1708, but unfortunately Thomas Hope also died
only a few weeks after William Huntley. We do not know if the aunts were able to take them all. The young Thomas and Elizabeth may have had to start their married life with responsibility for one or more of the Huntley siblings. The widow Elizabeth (Standfield) Hope married William Horne in 1709 and also lived at Kennett.

Children mentioned in Thomas Fisher’s will were William, James, Elizabeth, Samuel, Thomas, Francis and Mary.

1. William, b. 8 May 1714, mar. Deborah Roberts, 24 Oct 1739, at Kennett; d. 30 Mar. 1748 at Kennett.
2. James, b. [1715], mar. Alice Standfield of Lurgan, N. Ireland, 14 Feb 1736 at Kennett.
3. Elizabeth, b. [1716], mar. Joseph Wilkinson of Ballynachree, N. Ireland, 31 Oct 1740 at Kennett.
-- (multi-year gap) --
4. Samuel, b. [1729], mar. Ann Lamborn, 21 Nov 1749 at New Garden.
5. Thomas, b. [1731], mar. Elizabeth Lamborn, 26 Oct 1752 at New Garden.
6. Francis, b. [1732], mar. Rachel Wickersham, 16 Nov 1753 at New Garden.
7. Mary, b. [1734], mar. Abel Johns, 8 Oct 1755 at Uwchlan.

Susannah Fisher, who was at the weddings of the two oldest, was probably another of the older children, born about 1717. She seems to have died before 1740. Her name is of interest, since it suggests an aunt of that name. Samuel Atkins and his wife Annie (Susannah?) Fisher are possible namesakes of two of the children. A more likely namesake for Susannah might be Susannah, granddaughter of Denis Fisher (of Salem, New Jersey), possible sister of Thomas Fisher.

The years from 1714 to 1728 were busy ones for the Fishers. The heavily forested land had to be cleared and broken for planting, the house and barns were built, and children arrived. Elizabeth suffered the loss of her only brother, Francis, in 1723. The Kennett Friends meeting had to be faithfully supported, and Thomas would have been called upon to help when the Kennett meeting house was remodeled in 1719. Elizabeth did find time to visit her home meeting of Concord in 1716 to attend the wedding of Samuel Painter and Elizabeth Buxcey, and Thomas accepted a civil appointment in 1725, as overseer of the poor in Kennett Township. The last Huntley sister was married off in 1727. The Fishers managed to avoid any controversy or transgression that would have brought them mention in the meeting records of this period. Most of the Fisher birth records are missing, but there is a record of the oldest son William’s 1714 birth date, which was entered years later, after his death. Thomas Fisher’s tax rates for Kennett Township have been found for many of the years from 1715 until he moved to East Caln in 1742. (Colonial tax records for Chester County after 1740 are lost.)

1715 1S/10d 1722 7S/6d 1729 5S 1736
1716 1723 1730 7S/6d 1737 3S
1717 1724 8S 1731 1738
1718 4S 1725 6S 1732 3S 1739 1S
1719 5S/4d 1726 6S 1733 1740 1S
1720 7S/6d 1727 1734 3S
1721 6S/3d 1728 1735 3S
Thomas Fisher was also on the tax list for Haverford Township in 1732 (2S6d). The reason for this is unknown.

Several small children of Thomas and Elizabeth must have died about 1727. There is a long gap in the apparent ages of the children, based upon the marriage dates. One would expect the grandparents and parents to be honored with the first four children’s births. A child named for Thomas Fisher’s mother may have been one of those that died, as well as early children named Thomas and Mary, whose names were used again later. Unfortunately, the Kennett birth records for most of Thomas Fisher’s children are missing.

When Thomas and Elizabeth settled at Kennett in 1714, they apparently took possession of the 200 acres of public land which had been surveyed for William Huntley in 1703, but never filed for, in what is now the Parkersville rural community in Pennsbury, a short distance north of the old Kennett Meeting House. The land was bounded on the west by the Zarobabel Thatcher land, on the south by William Webb, on the East by the Harlan family, and on the north by the Parker, Few, Joseph Taylor, and Harlan families. James and Daniel Few were cousins of Elizabeth, as were the Bennetts who lived nearby. A view of what may be the homesite can be found at the present intersection of Street Road and Graychalk Road. Deeds for the land were signed by both Thomas and Elizabeth by their marks, showing that neither were educated.

There is a possibility that the Taylor neighbors were relatives of Thomas Fisher. Philadelphia Monthly Meeting records show the marriage of Joseph Taylor to Sarah Fisher, daughter of John, 30th of 1st month 1716. Sarah was a daughter of the John Fisher who came in 1700 from Pardshaw Crag meeting in Cumberland, northwest England, and settled in Philadelphia County. John’s wife is believed to have been named Sarah. Children appearing in the Quaker records were Sarah, John (m. Mary Hodge 1728), Hannah (d. 1714), Love (d. 1706), and Mary (d. 1724). A Joseph Taylor (son of Joseph?) was a near neighbor of Thomas and Elizabeth Fisher in Kennett, his farm being adjacent at the northeast part of the Fisher farm. Accounts were due to Joseph Taylor, mentioned in his estate settlement of 1740, from James Fisher (1 shilling threepence) and Thomas Fisher (1 shilling). If this Joseph was a relative of Sarah Fisher Taylor, a connection of some sort might be implied with John Fisher of Pardshaw. However, a preliminary study of the Taylors has not borne this out. No Fisher connections have been discovered in the area during or prior to Thomas Fisher’s residency.

In 1735 Thomas bought 15 acres on the northern boundary of his land from Ruth Harlan, probably to gain access to the creek near Street Road and Parkersville Road. Thomas was on the Kennett tax lists beginning in 1715, and finally obtained a Patent from the Penn brothers for the public land in 1739, for “two English Shillings per year quitrent.” Thomas farmed the land with his two oldest sons, William and James, until 1740. After marrying in 1736, James farmed the lower 81 acres of the patent. After William married in 1739, he farmed the upper 119 acres of the patent. In 1740 all the land was indentured to the oldest son William, but Thomas sold the lower part in 1740 to William Webb for 140 pounds, and all the Fishers except William moved 20 miles northward to East Caln. The Quaker meeting records are silent concerning the Fishers from 1714 until 1728. From 1728 onward, the meeting records of Kennett and Caln (Bradford Monthly Meeting) are filled with references to Thomas and Elizabeth and their family.

In June of 1728, Thomas Fisher and his wife’s cousin James Few were chastised by Kennett meeting, apparently for threatening to bring suit against each other in a civil court. This almost certainly would have concerned the boundaries of the Fisher and Few lands which adjoined at the northeast part of the Fisher claim. After months of persuasion by the Quakers, Thomas read a statement to the congregation, which was accepted as giving satisfaction.

“1728 4th of 11th Mo. At our Monthly Meeting of Newark held at Center. The ffrnd appointed to read the Testimony given into Last meeting by Tho: ffisher report he hath done it which here under followeth.”

“To the Monthly Meeting of Newark held at Kennett ye 7th of ye 11th moth 1728. Inasmuch as I have been guilty of fetching a warent for one in Communion with me Contrary to the good order Established amongst us for which disorderly act I am sorrey and gives this as a testimony against the same as witness my hand. Thomas ffisher.”

In 1740, Joseph Wilkinson, from an Irish family at Caln, a few miles north of Kennett, came to Kennett to marry Elizabeth Jr., the oldest daughter. Joseph and Elizabeth went to Caln to live. The following year, second son James and wife Alice also moved to Caln. In 1742, Thomas and
Elizabeth followed, with their three younger children. The oldest son, William, stayed on the farm in Kennett. The teen-aged son Samuel stayed on with William and worked on the Kennett farm another season before joining the family in Caln. The Fishers settled in East Caln, at the site of the present village of Fisherville, near Coatesville. They were members of Bradford
Monthly Meeting, which met alternately at the Caln meeting house (near Coatesville) and Bradford meeting house (near Marshallton). Thomas Sr. became a leader at Caln and was named overseer of Caln Meeting. After he died, his widow Elizabeth became overseer. Later, Thomas Jr. was overseer.

Thomas Fisher and his sons became very successful farmers, and must have controlled almost 700 acres of land in the 1740’s. In addition to the original land at Kennett, records show warrants for 200 acres to William in 1742, and 200 acres to James in 1743. Thomas and wife Elizabeth owned 250 acres of land when he died April 3, 1747. His will was proved August 27, 1747, and is filed in Will Book B. Page 228, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Thomas gave his third son, Samuel (the oldest unmarried son), 150 acres of land, 100 acres to the fourth son, Thomas Jr., and smaller bequests to the other children. Caln Meeting records contain a plea to settle a claim by the heirs of Samuel Pyle, deceased, against the estate of Thomas Fisher. The Quakers ruled that “the debt shall be paid,” which it was.

In 1748, the widower John Cope proposed marriage to the widow Elizabeth Fisher. Considerable hesitation followed, with delays attributed to various indispositions and floods. Elizabeth eventually consented, and may have had some regrets. She gained a stepson, who immediately disgraced himself with a woman.

Elizabeth Jr.’s in-laws, the Wilkinsons, also proved to be somewhat of an embarrassment to the family. Joseph and his brother Evan both had a history of bad debts. Evan was the worst, with repeated bad debts and disorderly conduct.

The “good order” of the Quakers seems to have been more difficult to maintain during these years at Caln. Even Thomas Fisher Jr. was disciplined for drinking to excess on one occasion, and was questioned about debts on another. The records are filled with incidents (concerning
other members) such as drinking too much, running a tavern, “shooting on the first day of the week,” joining a military training association, hiring a hand to plow while driving a team for the
military, paying taxes (commonly done but contrary to the old discipline), and abusive language. There is also an entry concerning a document to be read at the meeting concerning how to cope with drowsiness. It was not easy being a Quaker.

Thomas Jr., Francis and Samuel all went briefly to New Garden Monthly Meeting to marry, but settled in East Caln. Francis moved back to New Garden in 1761 with his wife and three children. James and wife Alice, with five children, moved west of the Susquehanna in 1762, to Newberry township, just southwest of Harrisburg in York County, where they joined the Warrington Meeting. The youngest daughter, Mary, married at Uwchlan.

Mary Standfield, mother of Elizabeth Huntley Fisher, was the daughter of Francis and Grace Standfield. Francis Standfield, a Quaker, was a “husbandman” (farmer) who brought his family to Pennsylvania from Cheshire, England in 1683. Francis had been subjected to religious persecution in England, and was arrested in 1670 for attending a meeting at Carthorpe (Cartop). The Standfields arrived at Philadelphia July 29, 1683, aboard the ketch “Endeavor” of Liverpool, George Thorpe, Master. The Endeavor was one of the ships that brought many of the original Quaker settlers to the Pennsylvania Province beginning in 1682. William Penn made at least one voyage on the Endeavor, when he returned to England in 1684. Francis and his wife, Grace, brought with them five children, James, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Grace and Hannah; and eight
servants, Daniel Browne, Thomas Massey (Marsey), Isa. Brookesby, Robert Sidbotham, John Smith, Robert Bryan, William Rudway and Thomas Sidbotham. A sixth child, Deborah, seems to have been born after the arrival in Pennsylvania.

The Standfields were among the earliest settlers of the township of Marple, just west of Philadelphia between Darby Creek and Crum Creek. Francis and son James had numerous land holdings and were active in the community. Francis was an assemblyman for Chester County in 1685, and son James gained wealth and prominance until his untimely death in the 1699 yellow fever epidemic. Grace died in 1691 and Francis followed a year later. They had emigrated from Gorton, Cheshire, in the Manchester area, but had lived at Marthill and Marple, Cheshire, and Carthorpe (Cartop), Yorkshire. Francis was probably from the Yorkshire Stansfield family, who were early Quakers in and around Halifax Parish, in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

The many ties between the Standfields and the Fishers of Sussex County provide the strongest indication that our Thomas Fisher of Chester County may have been related to the family of the immigrant John Fisher. The Standfield (Stansfield) family seat in Halifax Parish, West Yorkshire, was only a few miles from Clitheroe in Lancashire, where the Fishers and Hindles lived before their emigration. The Standfields brought a crate of window glass when they came, which would have been needed by the glazier John Fisher. The Standfields had an active trading company, in which the Fishers of Sussex and Kent County had major dealings.

When James Standfield, son of Francis, died in 1699, a bond of 150 pounds (a very large amount for the time) was due from William and Thomas Fisher of Sussex County. The ship-building supplies and artisans mentioned in the John Fisher family tradition could have been associated with the two-masted ship, the brigantine “Betsy,” owned by the trading company. James Standfield owned a large tract of land next to the Fishers in Sussex County, where a “carpenter’s shipyard” was located.

When the Standfield estates and trading company were liquidated in 1699, one of the assets was a part interest in the house of Samuel Atkins, son-in-law to the immigrant John Fisher. This was probably the house and lot in Philadelphia which had been deeded to Samuel by John Fisher in 1683, possibly on the occasion of Samuel’s marriage to Annie Fisher. Samuel Atkins took James Standfield as an apprentice to learn the shipping trade, and bought land on or near the original Standfield estate in Marple. Samuel divided his time between Sussex County and Philadelphia, and arranged leases of whaling vessels for companies such as that of John McGiver. James Standfield and Samuel Atkins had houses and property near one another on the Philadelphia waterfront. Samuel’s business sometimes took him on return trips to England. In 1699, Samuel Atkins sold his land in Marple to John Worral, who was the Standfield’s neighbor to the north, where the present-day “Worral Estates” are located.

Samuel Atkins may have died at the same time as James Standfield, since no records of Samuel can be found after 1699. Both apparently succumbed to the yellow fever epidemic of 1699. In the James Standfield estate settlement, there is a payment to the “surgeon in Samuel Atkins’ house.” For further details concerning the Standfields, see “The Francis Standfield Family of Colonial Pennsylvania” by this author, and “Marple Township, the First 100 Years.”

William Huntley, father of Elizabeth Huntley Fisher, was probably the William Huntley who was born in 1661, the son of William Huntley and Elizabeth Cowe of St. Philips, Barbados. He came to Pennsylvania prior to 1691, and lived in Birmingham Township, near the present Chadds Ford village on the Brandywine. William belonged to the Birmingham Friends Meeting, and went before the Concord Monthly Meeting in 1692 to propose marriage to Mary Standfield. Shortly after the marriage, Mary’s father, Francis Standfield died and left William a 25-acre tract from the Standfield estate in Marple, at the intersection of the present Sproul Road and Lawrence Road. William also had a tract in Falls Township, Bucks County which appears in the tax list for 1693.

Just across the Marple Road from the Huntley land was the estate of Ebeneazor Longshaw (Longford, Langford), who had come from Barbados, perhaps bringing William Huntley at the same time. The Standfields later bought out all the Longshaw estate. In 1696, William Huntley temporarily took in the “orphan of Thomas Longshaw” as an indentured servant, while the court awaited the arrival of an unnamed immigrant who was to take the orphan in service. A possibility is suggested that the Longshaws could have been relatives of Thomas Fisher’s mother, or of the Huntleys or Standfields.

Thomas Longshaw owned land in Wilmington, in the constabulary of Newcastle Town, on the north side of Christina Creek, as early as 1685. James Standfield, uncle of Elizabeth Huntley Fisher, also owned land at the same location, along with his friends and trading associates including John Collet, Thomas Pierson (surveyor), James Read, and the merchant brothers James and Hercules Coutts. Thomas Green, whose (supposed) son Nicholas would marry the widow of the Sussex County Thomas Fisher (son of the immigrant John and brother of James), also had property at the same place.

In 1700, William Huntley sold his land in Marple to Peter Worrall, and returned to Birmingham with his family. William obtained a survey in 1703 for 200 acres in Chester County, described in the “History of Chester County” as being in the part of Kennett that is now Pennsbury, near the Brandywine. That description sounds much like the land settled by Thomas Fisher in 1714, for which he requested and received a proprietary grant in 1739. The Huntleys sold their Birmingham house and plantation in 1705, and moved a few miles to the west, across the Brandywine, to Kennett Township.

The Huntleys had five children, Elizabeth, Francis, Deborah, Mary and Sarah.

1. Elizabeth, m. first Thomas Fisher, 1713. She married 2nd, John Cope, 1748.
2. Francis, d. June 1723, no known marriage.
3. Deborah, m. James Bruce, 1720. She married 2nd, Thomas Thornbury (Thornbrough), 1744 at Swede’s Church, Wilmington.
4. Mary, m. Peter Whitaker, 1724.
5. Sarah, m. John Stanton, 1727. (Married out of meeting, by a magistrate. John Stanton later became a Quaker.)

William Huntley died at Kennett in 1708, stipulating in his will that his minor children be sent to his wife’s married sisters in Thornbury and Birmingham. The widow Mary returned briefly to Marple and then to Birmingham in 1709, where she and daughter Elizabeth were members of Concord meeting until Thomas Fisher married Elizabeth there in 1713. Elizabeth’s mother, the widow Mary Standfield Huntley, remarried in the fall of 1713, to Richard Fletcher and lived at least until 1736, when she attended the wedding of son James.

For more information concerning the Huntleys, see “The William Huntley Family of Colonial Pennsylvania” by this author.

The Francis Standfield estate house, a two-story log structure, still stands in 1995 and has been restored by covering the logs. It is a private residence, located on Crum Creek Road near Marple Road, in the village of Marple, Chester County, Pennsylvania. A brick house on McClarie Street nearby is also believed to be a Standfield house.

View Thomas Fisher's First Farm, Parkersville Community, Chester County, Pennsylvania.
Thomas Fisher settled here in 1714. This spot is at the northern end of his 225 acres. The homesite was probably the 15-acre tract in the top photo, looking east. The bottom photo, looking south, shows the farmland, 199 and a half acres which Thomas claimed from public lands. He obtained a deed for it in 1735 from the sons of William Penn.

ViewOld Kennett Friends Meeting House Built 1710. Near Hamorton, Pennsylvania.
Our ancestors Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth Huntley Fisher settled about two miles northwest of this meeting house, in 1714. They attended meetings in this building every “first day” (Sunday) until 1741. Son James married Alice Standfield in this building in, 1736.

Thomas Fisher's Final Home Near Coatesville, Pennsylvania, Fisherville Community.
The Fishers lived in East Caln, west of this Friends Meeting House, from 1741 until Thomas died in 1747. Thomas is buried in the cemetery on the grounds of this meeting house. Thomas, his wife Elizabeth Huntley Fisher, and son Thomas Jr. all served as overseers of the Caln meeting. The surrounding community is now called Fisherville, undoubtedly due to its settlement by our ancestors.

View Our Ancestor's Place of Worship During the Revolution. Warrington Friends Meeting House, Wellsville, York County, Pennsylvania.
James Fisher Sr., son of Thomas, was buried in the cemetery on these grounds, in 1780. In 1775, he and wife Alice Standfield Fisher were present at the marriage of son James to Jane Atkinson, in this building.

View Ancestral Houses, Marple Township, Near Philadelphia. Upper Picture: This brick house is on the site marked in 1683 maps as the location of Francis Standfield’s house. The house is believed to include parts of the original structure. Francis was the maternal grandfather of Elizabeth Huntley Fisher, who married Thomas Fisher about fifteen miles soushwest of this house, in 1713. The house is near Paxton Hollow Road and Sproul Road, on McClarie Street. Lower Picture: This house, also on the original land grant from William Penn, is believed by some to be the Francis Standfield house. This is a log structure. The house has been extensively restored but the logs remain under the plaster. The house is on Crum Creek Road, near Sproul Road.

View Our Cousin's House. Built 1726 by John Chads, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.
John Chads was a cousin of Elizabeth Huntley Fisher, wife of Thomas Fisher. The Fishers lived a few miles northwest of this house. They would have been frequent visitors, and would have used the Chads’ ferry to cross the Brandywine River. The Chad family still lived here during the Revolutionary War, when the Battle of Brandywine was fought nearby. The kitchen has a walk-in fireplace with a brick-lined beehive oven at the back, which protrudes outside the house like a small igloo.

View the 1704 William Brinton House1704 William Brinton House
Birmingham Township, Near Dillworthtown.
When Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth Huntley announced their intention to marry in early 1713, William Brinton was one of those appointed by the Concord Quakers to look into the suitability of the marriage. Thomas and Elizabeth were probably frequent visitors to this house during the first year of their marriage, when they were living with nearby relatives. The following year they settled in Kennett Township, a few miles to the west of this house. The Brinton house has been restored to its 1704 condition. The stonework and the interior walls, fireplaces, and cellar are all original.

View a Kennett Township Land Ownership Map.

Thomas Fisher Land Deed (Kennett Township). 15 Acres Purchased from Ruth Harlan 1739, & 199.5 Acre Grant from the Sons of William Penn 1739. Partial Transfer to son William, 1740 (Recorded in Deeds Office 1811).

View Deed, Thomas Fisher et ux to William Fisher. This Indenture made the second day of April Anno Domini one thousand Seven hundred and forty Between Tho mas Ffisher of the Township of Kennett in the County of Chester in the province of Pensilvania yeoman and Elizabeth his wife of the onepart and William Fisher of the same Township yeoman (Son of the Sd Thomas and Elizabeth) of the other part Whereas William Penn Esquire late proprietary of the Sd province by a certain Patent under the hands of Richard Hill Isaac Nevis and James Logan his Commissioners of property and the great Seal of the Sd Province bearing date the twentieth day of June Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and eighteen for the consideration therein mentioned did grant and convey unto one Ezekiel Harlan with other lands a certain Tract of five hundred Acres which was surveyed to the Sd Ezekiel in right of Arthur Cook Containing Three hundred and forty six Acres and the allowance of six Acres for Cent To hold to him the Sd Exekiel Harlan his Heirs & Assigns forever paying therefore to the Sd Proprietary and his Heirs at or upon the First day of March in every year the quitrent of one shilling Sterling for each hundred Acres and in proportion thereto for the forty Six Acres as by the Sd Patent recorded at Philadelphia in the Polls Office there in book A. vol. 5 page 248 Oct may more fully appear And Whereas the Sd Ezekiel Harlan being Seised in fee simple of and in the Sd two Tracts of Land with their appurtenances Containing in the whole Eight hundred and forty six Acres Sold one hundred Acres thereof and afterwards made his last Will and Testament in writing dated the ffourteenth day of November Anno Domini one thousand Seven hundred and thirty whereby he devised five hundred Acres more of the Sd Land unto his Sons Joseph & Benjamin and the residue thereof under Ruth his wife to enable her to pay his just debts and bring up and educate his children and give her the Sd Ruth full power to allott & set out the Sd five hundred Acres of Land so devised to his sons as aforesaid as by the Sd Testament remaining upon record in the Register Generals Office at Chester may more fully appear And Whereas the Sd Ruth Harlan having allotted and set out five hundred Acres of the Sd land unto her Sd Sons according to the direction of her late husbands last Will aforesaid did by her Indentures of Lease & Release bearing date the Twenty fourth and Twenty fifth days of December Anno Domini one thousand Seven hundred and thirty five for a valuable consideration grant & convey ffifteen Acres herein after described of the Tract of three hundred and forty six Acres of Land unto the Sd Thomas Ffisher To hold to him his heirs & assigns forever And whereas John Penn Thomas Penn & Richard Penn Esqrs true and absolute Proprietaries of the Sd province by a certain Patent under the hand of the Sd Thomas Penn and their great Seal bearing date the Sixteenth day of January last past for the consideration therein mentioned did grant & convey unto the Sd Thomas Ffisher A certain tract of land Situate in Kennett Township aforesaid containing one hundred & ninety nine Acres and a half and the allowance of Six Acres cent. for roads & highways To hold to him the Sd Thomas Ffisher his Heirs and Assigns forever paying the yearly quitrent of two English Silver shillings for the whole or value thereof in coin current unto the Sd Proprietarys their Heirs and Successors at or upon the first day of March forever as by the Sd last recited patent entred of Record at Philadelphia in Patent book A vol. 1C page 49 may more fully appear As to this Indenture Henceforth that the Sd Thomas Ffisher and Elizabeth his wife for and in consideration of the Sum of one hundred and Twenty pounds of lawful money of the Sd province to them in hand paid by the Sd William Ffisher The receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge and thereof do acquitt and forever discharge the Sd William Ffisher his heirs & assigns by these presents have granted bargained Sold aliened in the office released and confirmed and by these presents do grant bargain Sell alien enscoff release and confirm unto the Sd William Ffisher (in his actual possession now being by virtue of a bargain ? to him thereof made for one whole year by Indenture bearing date the day next before the day of the date of these presents and by force of the ? for transferring of uses unto possession and to his heirs and assigns forever All that ? be tenement and all these two tracts or pieces of Land thereunto belonging situate in the Sd Township of Kennett one of which Said tracts Begins at a post being a corner of the land late of Daniel ffew now of Abraham Parker thence North East by the same three perches to a post thence North twenty degrees West by Joseph Taylor’s land Thirty perches and a half to a black Oak thence North Seventeen degrees West by the same land and the land of Ruth Harlan Seventy five perches to a black oak thence South West by by the same fifty three perches to a post thence South forty six degrees East by the Said other tract ninety four perches to the place of beginning Containing fifteen Acres which Ruth Harlan granted to the Sd Thomas Ffisher his Heirs & Assigns as aforesaid. The other of the Sd Tracts hereby granted Begining at a black at corner of the Sd Thomas Ffisher’s land thence by the same South forty nine degrees East fifty six perches and a half to a black oak & South fourteen degrees West four perches to a post and South fifty eight degrees East Seventy Six perches & a half to a white oak thence by Sarah Harlans land North East one hundred and Twenty one perches to a post thence North forty eight degrees West by the land of Abraham Parker and the tract above described one hundred & fifty nine perches to a post thence South West by South by Zerubbabel Thatchers land one hundred and thirty four perches & a half to the place of beginning containing one hundred Eighteen Acres and a quarter being part of the one hundred & ninety nine Acres & a half granted to the Sd Thomas Ffisher by the proprietary Patent aforesaid Together also with all the out houses Barns buildings gardens orchards and woods meadows ways waters water courses rights liberties privileges improvements here?? & appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining and the reversions and remainders rents issues and profits thereof and all the estate & holerest whatsoever of them the Said Thomas Ffisher & Elizabeth his wife of in & to the hereby granted premises and true Copies of all Deeds evidences & Groutings concerning the Same to be here & taken at the charges of the Said William Ffisher his Heirs and Assigns To have and to hold the Sd Acreage? or Tenement and two tracts or pieces of land containing Together in the whole one hundred and thirty three Acres and a quarter here?? & premises hereby granted & released or mentioned so to be and every part Thereof with the appurtennences unto the Sd William Ffisher his heir forever Under the yearly quitrent hereafter receiving for the hereby granted premeises to the chief Soul or lands of the ffee thereof AND the Sd Thomas Ffisher and his heir the Sd Useage or tenement and two tracts or pieces of Land hereallienments & premises hereby granted Release or mentioned so to be with the appurtenances unto the Sd William Ffisher his heirs & assigns against him the Sd Thomas Ffisher & Elizabeth his wife and his heirs and assins all & every other person & persons whatsoever lawfully claiming or to claim by from or under him there or any of them shall & will warrant & ?? degence? by thier presents And the Sd Thomas Ffisher for himself his Heirs Executors & Administrators doth covenant promise and grant to & with the Sd William Ffisher his heirs & assigns by this presents that he the Sd Thomas Fffisher & Elizabeth his wife and his heirs & all & every other person & persons whatsoever having or lawfully claiming or to claim any ?? right title or interest of in or to the hereby granted premises or any part thereof by from or under him them or any of them shall & will at any time or times hereafter upon the reasonable request costs & charges in law of the Sd William Ffisher his heirs & assigns make execute & acknowledge or cause to be all & every such ffurther and other reasonable act & acts deed or orderly device or devices in law whatsoever for the further & better assurance & contunuation of the Sd Issuance or tenement and two tracts or pieces of Land here ??? & premeises hereby granted & released as mentioned so to be and of every or any part thereof with the appurtenances unto the aforeSd William William Ffisher his Heirs & Assigns as by him or them or by his or their councellear ance in Sd law Shall be reasonabley devised advised or required In Witness whereof Dated the day and year first above written Thomas x his mark Ffisher & Elizabeth x her mark Ffisher Seal Sealed and delivered in the presence of Zarubabel Thatcher William Temple John Way Received the day of the date of this Deed of the above named William Ffisher the Sum of one hundred & Seventy pounds money of Pensilvania it being the consideration money above mentioned I say received by me Wilmsuspus and signing Chester County so Before me Peter Harvey one of the Justices of the peace in and for said County personally came Benjamin Temple and being solemnly affirmed according to law Saeth that he was acquainted with William Temple and his hand writing who is now deceased one of the subscribing witnesses to the within True Poll and that he verily believes that the within named William Temple is the proper hand writing of the said William Temple. Benjamin Temple Affirmed and subscribed before me the first day of June A. D. one Thousand eight hundred and eleven Peter Harvey Chester County so Before my Peter Harvey one of the Justices of the peace in and for said County; personally came Jacob Way John Way and his hand writing (who is now deceased) one of the subscribing witnesses to the within Deed Poll and that he verily believes that the within named John Way is the poper hand writing of the said John Way Jacob Way Affirmed and subscribed before me the first day of June A. D. one Thousand eight hundred & eleven. Peter Harvey Seal Recorded June 22nd 1811.

Thomas Fisher’s Sale of 81 Acres at Kennett, 1741

Deed record of the 1741 sale of the lower 81 acre part of Thomas Fisher’s land in Kennett Township, Chester County Pennsylvania. This sale was not recorded until 1751. In 1995, this tract contains the Crosslands senior citizens health care center but is still rural. The following is a transcription of the handwritten duplicate in the deed book at the archive center at West Chester, Pennsylvania, photocopied October 1995 by J. L. and Janice Fisher.

Be it Remembered that on this
Release ~ twenty Eighth day of October Anno Domini 1751 the Release
Thomas Fisher & uxl hereafter mentioned was Produced before Joseph Parker ~
To one of the Justices of ye court of common pleas for ye Sd County of Chester and thereupon
William Webb Junr~ came William Webb of Kennett township in ye Sd County Gentleman
and (being one of the People called Quakers) on his Solemn Affirmation
According to Law did solemnly Sincerely & truly Declare and Affirm, that he was Personally Present and did see Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth his wife Sign, Seal, and as their act & Deed Deliver the hereafter Indentures to the uses therein mentioned and also that he saw James Wickersham, Gabriel Clark & James Harlan Subscribe their names as witnesses to the same, and that ye name Wm Webb thereto set & Subscribed is of ye Proper handwriting of the Sd affirmant. Which said Release is Recorded in ye Office for recording of Deeds in and for the County of Chester the 8th day of November Anno Domini 1751. In these words (towit) This Indenture made the twenty third Day of May Anno Domini one thousand and seven hundred & forty one, Between Thomas Fisher of the Township of Kennett in ye County of Chester in ye Province of Pennsylvania Yeo: & Elizabeth his wife of ye one Part, and Wm Webb Ju. of ye same Place yeo: of ye Other Part.
Whereas John Penn, Thomas Penn and Richard Penn Esquires true and absolute Proprietaries and Governors in Chief of the Sd Province & by their Patent Bearing date ye 16th day of January Anno Domini 1739 for ye Consideration therein mentioned Did grant and Confirm unto ye said Thomas Fisher his Heirs & Assigns a Certain Messuage Plantation and tract of Land containing 198 and a half & ye Allowance of Six acres Pcent & lying In the Township of Kennett in ye Said County of Chester by meats and bounds as in ye Sd Patent as set forth and Described (Refference being thereunto had may more at Large appear) wch said Patent is recorded at Philadel:a
In Patent Book A. vol. 10 Page 43 ye 14th March Anno Domini 1739 May Likewise Appear.
Now this Indenture Witnesseth yt ye Sd Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth his wife for & in Consideration of ye sum of one hundred & forty Pounds Lawfull money of the said Province To them in hand Paid by ye said Wm Webb at or before the sealing delivery fereof, the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge and thereof do acquitt & forever Discharge the said William Webb Jun:r his heirs & Assigns by these Presents.
Have Granted, Bargained, sold, Aliened, Enfeoffed, Released, and Confirmed, & by these Presents Do grant, Bargain, Sell, Alien, Enfeoff, Release & Confirm unto ye said William Webb Ju: his Heirs & Assigns All that messuage or tenement, Plantation, and tract of Land therein to Belonging, now Situate Lying & being In the said Township of Kennett, Begining at a Black oak standing in ye Line of Land of Zorobable Thatcher & a Corner of Land of Wm Fisher thence South forty nine degrees East fifty six Perches & a half to a black Oak thence South Fourteen Degrees west four Perches to a post thence South Fifty Eight Degrees East Seventy six Perches & a half to a white Oak by the Land of said Fisher Thence by Land of ye Heires of Aaron Harlan South west one hundred & Sixteen Perches to a Post it being a Corner of a tract of Land of Wm Webb thence North West one hundred & Nineteen Perches to a White Oak Thence Continueing by ye Sd Webbs Land & the Land of Zerobable Thatcher North East bye North one hundred & Seven Perces & a half to ye Place of Begining Containing Eighty one acres and ye Usuall Allowance of six Pcent which Sd Land as above Described is part of a tract of Land of one hundred & Ninety Eight acres & a half.
Together with all ye outhouses, Barns, Buildings, Gardens, orchards, woods, Underwoods, Meadows, Wages, Waters, Watercourses, Rights Liberties, Prilidges, Improvements, Heredittaments & Appurtenances Whatsoever to ye Sd Messuages Plantation & Eighty one acres of Land & Premisses hereby Granted belonging or anywise Appertaining [ of all which Sd Messuage Land & Premisses hereby Granted ye Sd William Webb Ju: is now in Actuall Possession by virtue of a Bargain & Sale to him thereof made by the Sd Thomas Fisher & Elizabeth his wife for ye term of one Year from ye Day next before ye Date hereof as by and Indenture in yt behalf made dated ye Day next before ye Day of the date of these Presents may Appear.]

And the reversions & Remainders rents Issues & Proffitts thereof, and all ye Estate, rite, Title & Interest whatsoever of Them the said Thomas Fisher & Elizabeth his wife of in or to the hereby Granted Premisses And true Copies of all Deeds, Evidences and Wrightings Concerning ye same, to be had & taken at ye Charge of ye said Wm Webb ju. his Heirs or Assigns.

To have & to hold ye Sd Messuage Planta: tion and Eighty one Acres of Land & premisses hereby Granted or mentioned to be granted with ye Appurtenances unto ye Sd Wm. Webb ju. & his Heirs to ye only proper use and Behoofe of him ye said William Webb Junr. his heirs & Assigns forever. Under the Proportionable yearly quitrent hereafter Accrueing for ye same to ye Chief Lord or Lords of the Fee of Sd Land.
And ye Sd Thomas Fisher & his Heirs ye Sd Messuage Plan: tation & Eighty one Acres of Land & premisses hereby Granted or men: tioned to be granted & Every Part thereof with the appurtenances unto ye Sd Wm. Webb Ju. his heires & Assigns, Against him ye Sd Thomas Fisher & Elizabeth his wife & his and their Heirs & Against all & Every other
Person or Persons whatsoever Lawfully Claiming or to Claim by from or under him them or any of them or under ye former owners or Poss: essors thereof, & Against all and Every of them shall and will war: rant & forever Defend by these Presents.
And ye Sd Thomas Fisher for himself his Heires, Executors & Administrators doth Covenant, Promise Grant to & with the Sd Wim. Webb Ju. his heires & Assigns by these Presents yt ye Sd Messuage Plantation & Eighty one acres of Land & Premisses hereby Granted with ye Appurtenances noware & from henceforth forever hereafter shall Remain, Continue & be unto ye Sd Wm Webb ju: his heires & Assigns free & Clear & freely, Clearly, & Absolutely Acquitted & Discharged of & from all & all manner of for: mer & Other Bargains, Sales, Gifts, Grants, Leases, Mortgages, Joyn: ters, Dowers, Intaills, Annuities, Rights, Titles, Estates, Arrear: ages of quittrents & Other Incumbrances Whatsoever, And yt he ye Sd Thomas Fisher & Elizabeth his wife & his & their Heirs and all other Persons Whatsoever, having or Lawfully Claiming of in or to ye hereby granted Premisses or any Pt thereof shall & will at any time or times hereafter upon the reasonable Request Cost and Charges in Law of the said Wm. Webb ju. his heires or Assigns make, Execute & Acknowledge or Cause to be all and every such further & Other reasonable act & Acts, Deed or Deeds, Device or Devices in Law whatsoever, for ye Further Better Assurance and confirmation of ye said messu:age, Land and Premisses hereby Granted, & of Every or any Part thereof will ye Appurtennces unto ye Sd William Webb Ju: his heires or Assigns, as by him or them, or by his or their Councill Learned in ye Law shall be reasonably Devised, Advised or Required. In Witness whereof ye Sd Thomas Fisher & Elizabeth his wife have (last lines not copied from page carry-over, West Chester 1995)

Will of Thomas Fisher Probated August 27, 1747

The within writing was signed sealed & published & declared by the said Thomas Fisher as and for his Last Will & testament in the presence of us/the words one, & pay, being first interlined.
Wm: Pim Thomas X Ffisher
Thos: Downing mark
Thomas Paine

Chester Aug 27 1747
Then personally appeared Willm Pim and Thomas Paine, two of ye Witnesses to ye above Will Who on the Second of Aug. Did Declare tht they those present and Samul ye Testater Therein Named Sign Seal Publish Pronounce and Declare ye above Will to be his Last Will and testament and tht at ye Day thereof he was of Sound mind and memory to ye Best of their understanding. - -

I Thomas Fisher of East Caln in the County of Chester in the Province of Pennsylvania Yoeman, being in health of body & of sound mind & memory and calling to mind the uncertainty of this life, do make this my last will and testament as follows, that is to say, first, my will is that all my Just debts & funeral charges be paid by my Executors as soon as may be after my decease. Item, I Give and devise to my Son Samuel Fisher one Hundred & fifty acres of Land & to his Heirs & assigns for ever it being the South Side of the tract of Land whereas I now work upon Condition that he shall pay the sum One Hundred & Sixty one pounds (without worry of province on or before the Sixteenth of November next by paying what is due on my Said tract of Land in the General Land Office & the remainder to be apply’d toward discharging my other debts. Item I give & devise to my Son Thomas and to his Heirs & assigns for ever the remaining part of my said track of Land being about one hundred acres with the buildings & improvements thereon provided that he shall pay to my dear Wife Elizabeth Fisher the sum of four pounds a year every year during her life and the sum of four pounds to my son Francis to be paid to him within four years after my death, and the sum of two pounds to my daughter Mary when she shall arrive to twenty years of age, Item - I give & bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth the wife of Joseph Wilkenson our one year old bay pacing mare colt. Item - I give & bequeath to my dear wife Elizabeth Fisher all my household furniture and warrings. Item - I give & bequeath all the rest of my Estate whatsoever to my son Thomas provided always and my will is that if my son Thomas shall happen to dye before he attains to the age of twenty one years that be I give and devise the hundred acres of Land already deeded to him, to my son Francis & to his Heirs and assigns for ever. Subject nevertheless to the payment of the several legacies which I have herein ordered my son Thomas to pay. and that he is to pay the further sum of fifteen pounds to my daughter Mary when she has arrived to twenty three years of age & the sum of five pounds to my son William & five pounds to my son James & five pounds to my son Samuel & five pounds a year beginning one year next after the said fifteen pounds I paid to my Daughter Mary, first to my son William, then James, then Elizabeth, then Samuel. Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my dear wife Elizabeth Fisher & my son Samuel Fisher Executors of this my last Will & testament hereby revoking & making void all other wills & testaments by me made, and in case either my wife or son Samuel shall happen to dye before their Executorship is fule completed I do hereby nominate and appoint my son Thomas in the room instead of he or she so dying, Ju. Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand & Seal this third day of the fourth month in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred & forty Seven 1747.

Property Inventory for Probate of Thomas Fisher Will, August 1747

The Inventory and aPrisement of the Estate Reall and Personall of Thomas Fisher Assesed, apprised By Samuell McKinley and John Wall By the Disposition and will of Ellizth and Samuell Fisher Extrs to the Deceased

To: 100 Accors of Real Estate with the Improvements L 161-00-00
Debt Dew by Samuell Fisher for the land he Bought 161-00-00
To: 400 Dussen of Wheat at 2L-3p Pr Dusan 045-00-00
To: 250 Dussen of Ry at 2L-0 Pr Dussen 005-00-00
To: 10 Dussen of Barley at 1L - 6d 000-15-00
To: 3 Stacks of Hay 005-00-00
To: oatts 25 dussans at 1-6 001-17-00
To: Plow 001-10-00
To: Hors Peears and Yoke 003-00-00
Sprouting hoos and 20 mall and wedges 000-12-00
To: Plow Irons and harrow 002-10-00
Dung fork, Pitchfork and Spaid and frow 000-05-00
The Young Bay Mair 014-00-00
The Sorrel Colt 017-00-00
The Little Bay Mair 003-10-00
To: 14 Sheepe 003-10-00
To: a Cart 005-00-00
To: a Last & Small Buggy 004-10-00
To: a Culling nife and hod ? - ? - ?
To: an Account in the Books against Sal Fisher 008-07-11
To: Cooppers Stuff 001-10-00
James Fisher Dt in the Booke 003-07-00
Bennat Ingland Dt 000-08-01
James McCrasherry Dt 001-03-10
Nathaniel Freeman Dt 000-12-03
4 Milke Cows 010-00-00
4 Green 013-00-00
On Dry Cow 003-00-00
To: 3 2 year old heffers 004-10-00
3 heffars 3 yers ould Each 006-15-00
To: 3 yerlins 003-00-00
To: on Steere 002-00-00
To: 2 Calves 001-00-00
To: a Grinstoon a pair of fetters and Lock 000-06-00
To: the Breking Up & raking of fallows at 6s 6d Pr aker 005-17-00
To: the Breaking Up of New Ground of aker and a half 000-10-00

In Wittnes of Wherof We Sett our hand this 19th day of Agust 1747

Samuel McKinley
John Wall

View Maps, The area in Chester County, Pennsylvania where Thomas Fisher and relatives lived, in the late 1600’s and early 1700’s. Also, the Area in Chester County, East Caln Township, where the Fishers moved from Kennett.

V. James Fisher Sr. and Alice Standfield

James Fisher Sr. was a Quaker, born December 13, 1714 at Kennett, in Chester County, Pennsylvania, a son of Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth Huntley. James Sr. married Alice Standfield, born 1713, of Kennett monthly meeting, Pennsylvania, on Valentine’s day in 1736. Alice was the daughter of Samuel Standfield and Jane Andrews, who were Quakers belonging to the Lurgan Monthly Meeting in Lisburn County, Antrim, Ireland.

Samuel Standfield, a Quaker born about 1690, was a possible son of John Stansfield, born about 1665, of Shore, West Yorkshire. Samuel was in Ireland by 1711, where he married Jane Andrew near Lurgan, County Armagh, at the southern end of Lake Neagh near Belfast. Jane was probably a daughter of William Andrew Sr. of Lurgan. Samuel, Jane, and the Andrew family were members of the Lurgan Friends Monthly Meeting. On “3 Mo. 7 1729,” Samuel and Jane requested a certificate to remove to Pennsylvania and were received at Nottingham, Chester County, early in 1730. They were accompanied by Jane’s brother William Jr. Jane Andrew was probably the daughter of William Andrew Sr. of Lurgan, County Armagh, Ireland. William Andrew Jr., of Lurgan, may have emigrated with Samuel and Jane. When John, son of Samuel and Jane, married Hannah Dixon at Kennett in 1742, William Andrews was one of the family in attendance. William Andrew Jr. had married Miriam Bullock of Lurgan meeting at Lurgan, County Armagh in 1717. George, son of William and Miriam, was born 1719 at Lurgan. In New Jersey, possible relatives are Samuel and Peter Andrews of Burlington monthly meeting.

Upon arrival in Pennsylvania, Samuel and Jane Standfield seem to have settled first in East Nottingham, Chester County. Samuel and Jane moved closer in on the Pike, to Kennett, about 30 miles from Philadelphia, in the spring of 1731. They seem to have been at East Nottingham only a short time, since their names are not mentioned in the Nottingham meeting records prior to their request to relocate. The following entries concerning their “certificate of removal” from Nottingham have been preserved.

“At Our Meeting of E. Nottingham held the 20th of ye 1st Mo 1730, Samll Stanfield hath requested of this meeting a certificate on behalf of himself & his wife to ye mo’ly meeting of Kennett. Arthur Barret & John Churchman are therefore appointed to make Enquiry in to his conversation & Prepare a Certificate accordingly & bring to ye next Mo’ly meeting. At our mtg of E. Nottingham held ye 17th of ye 2nd mo 1731, The Friends appointed to make Enquirey into ye Conversation & Circumstances of Samll Stanfield have given this meeting an acct yt they find nothing to obstruct him of having a Certificate & have Brought one wch was read, approved & signed at our mtg of E. Nottingham.”

Samuel and Jane Standfield had six children, Alice, John, Jane, William, Samuel and Mary. The three oldest children (Alice, John, and Jane) were probably born in the north of Ireland before the immigration. Samuel and Jane were both at the marriage of daughter Alice to James Fisher on Valentine’s Day in 1736. The birth of their youngest child Mary was recorded in 1738. Jane was at the wedding of son John at Kennett in 1742. Samuel Sr. had apparently died by that time.

James and Alice Fisher moved from Kennett to East Caln, Chester County, in 1741. In 1762 they moved to Newberry Township, York County, where they were members of Warrington Meeting . James and Alice had seven children; Samuel (m. Sarah Wills, 1777), Jane (m. George Philips III of Bucks County, 1762), James (b. 18 Jul 1744 at East Caln, Chester Co. Pa., m. Jane Atkinson 15 Feb 1775 at Monaghan, York Co. Pa.; d. 30 Aug 1828, Highland County, Ohio), Isaac, Amos, Merriam (m. John McAdams), and Elizabeth (m. William Randel).

In 1768, James Sr. conveyed to his oldest son, Samuel, his tract of 200 acres in Newberry Township, for use of Samuel and in trust for the other heirs of James. James died in Monahan Township, York County, in 1771. He left two plantations in Newberry Township, of 200 acres each. Alice died at Monahan in 1788 or after. The will, which was dated June 7, 1788, was not examined. For some reason it may not have been probated until May 2, 1800.

Marriage Certificate for James Fisher & Alice Standfield (February 14, 1736)

Whereas James Fisher, son of Tho: ffisher of the Township of Kennett, in ye County of Chester and province of pensilvania yoem & Alice Standfield Daughter of Samuel Standfield of the same place having Declared their Intentions of Marriage wth each other before several monthly meetings of the people Caled Quakers including Kennett aforesd and at Center in ye County of Newcastle on Delaware, according to the good order used amongst yom, and having Consent of parents, and parties concerned their said proposials of marriage was allowed of by ye Sd meetings.

Now these are to certifie all whome it may concern that for the full accomplishing their Sd intentions this fourteenth day of ye second moth in ye year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred & thirty six, they the Sd James Fisher and Alice Standfield appeared in a public meeting of ye aforesaid people at Kennett afforesaid And the Said James ffisher takeing ye Sd Alice Standfield by ye hand did in Solemn manner openly Declare that he took her ye Sd Alice Stanfield to be his Wife, promising with the Lord’s assistance to be unto her a Loveing and faithfull husband until death separate them, And then & there in ye same assembly ye Sd Alice Standfield did in like manner declare that she took ye Sd James ffisher to be her husband promissing to be in ye Lord’s assistance to be unto her a ffaithfull & Loveing wife untill death shall separate them, And moreover they the Sd James ffisher & Alice Standfield, (She according to ye Custom of Marriage assuming the name of her Husband as a further Confirmation thereof) did then and there to these presents Sett their hands
James fisher
And We whose names are here allso subscribed Alice ffisher
being present at the Solomnization of the Sd marriage
and subscription do as witnesses thereunto sett their Tho: ffisher
hands The day & year above written ## SamuelStandfield
Eliz: ffisher
Edward Thompson Daniel Few Margret Miller Jeane Standfield
Ellis Lewis Robert Millr Mary Lewis Mary Fletcher
Guyon Miller Zarocr thatcher Judith Hawes Deborah Bruce
Wm Harvey Owen Evans Ruth Mendenhall John Standfield
Wm Lewis John Hope Sarah Thatcher Eliz: ffisher
Tho: Carlson Saml ffisher Joannah Heald Wm ffisher
Joseph Mendenhall Tho: Evans Mary Roberts
Saml Hollingsworth Jos: Harlan Lydia Roberts
Enoch Hollingsworth Jacob Heald Deborah Roberts
Wm Noble Mary Evans
Joseph Dixson Eliz: Read
John Stanton Susanah ffisher
Wm ---
Peter Whitaker
Joseph Heald Editor’s note: Typeset here approximates the look of the original certificate
Benj: Jackson

View Map, the Area in York County, Pennsylvania where the Fishers moved from East Caln.

VI. James Fisher Jr. and Jane Atkinson

James Fisher Jr., a Quaker, was born July 18, 1744 in East Caln, Chester County, Pennsylvania, a son of James Fisher and Alice Standfield. In 1762, the family moved to Newberry, York County, where they were members of Warrington Monthly Meeting. James Jr. married Jane Atkinson February 15, 1775 at Newberry. Jane was born in Bucks County in 1753 to Cephas Atkinson and Hannah Naylor. James and Jane settled in nearby Monaghan.

James Fisher Jr. of Monaghan, York County is listed as a veteran of the Revolutionary War. However, the records show that he must have struggled severely with his Quaker principles, and it is not clear to what extent he ever met the roll calls. In 1777, he was fined L3.10.0 for “failure to meet and exercise in order to learn the art military.” He was listed as a Private, Fourth Class with the York County Militia, under Captain Daniel Williams, Second Company, First Battalian, in 1778. He remained a member of this unit when, in 1780, it became the Fourth Company, under Captain Andrew Wilson, Sixth Battalion, in which capacity he paid a fine of L3 after an appeal in 1781, which lists him as “infirm.” After failing to “provide one able-bodied Recruit for the Continental Army, to serve during the War,” under penalty of a fine of L15.0.0 specie, he was found delinquent.

The 1783 tax record for James and Jane shows: James Fisher, of Monaghan Township, 50 acres, 1 house, 1 barn, 2 horned cattle, 2 horses, 1 sheep, 7 inhabitants; valuation L91, tax L1.17.11. Taxables 1783 Monaghan.

Seven of the ten children of James and Alice were born at Warrington. After the war, Quaker records show that James obtained a certificate from the Warrington, Pennsylvania monthly meeting, dated October 10, 1789, to relocate to the monthly meeting in Hopewell, Virginia with wife Jane and children Hannah, Alice, Cephas, Mary, Thomas, James and John. The certificate was received at Hopewell on April 4, 1791. On December 3, 1792, Hopewell records show a request to relocate, with additional children Hiram and Jane, to the Westfield, North Carolina Monthly Meeting. Receipt of the certificate was recorded upon their arrival at Westfield on October 25, 1793. The family then moved to the New Hope monthly meeting in Greene County, Tennessee.

Court records of Greene County, Tennessee contain this account concerning James Fisher and his horse:

“On the Oath of Thomas Doan it appears to the Court now here that James Fisher by the hand of James Galbraith has paid to George Conway former Sheriff of Greene County $5.82, two thirds the appraised Value of a Stray Horse beast wherewith the Said James Fisher appeared to be charged on the Stray list of Said County for the year 1797.”

On December 13, 1804, records of Miami monthly meeting, Highland County Ohio, show the arrival of James and family (with additional child Elizabeth) from Tennessee. The family settled near East Monroe, where James and Jane remained. Fairfield monthly meeting records show that Jane died at age 71 on September 18, 1824, and James died at age 84 on August 30, 1828. Both were buried in theWalnut Creek Friends Cemetery, Fayette County Ohio, near Martinsburg.

Marriage Certificate for James Fisher Jr. & Jane Atkinson (February 15, 1775)

Whereas James Fisher son of James Fisher Deceased and Alice his Wife of the Township Monahan county of York and Province of Pennylvania and Jane Atkinson Daughter of Cephas Atkinson and Hannah his wife of the Township of Newberry County, and Province aforesaid, having declared their Intentions of Marriage wth Each Other before Several Monthly Meetings of the People Called Quakers held at Warrington according to the good Order used amongst them and having Consent of Relations and friends their proposals their proposals are allowed of by th said Meetings. ~~~ Now these are to certify whom it may concern that for the full accomplishing their said intentions This fifteenth Day of ye second Month in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy five,they the said James Fisher and Jane Atkinson appeared in a Public Meeting of the said People at Newberry and the said James Tisher taking the said Jane Atkinson by the Hand did in Solemn manner Openly declare that he took her the said Jane Atkinson to be his Wife, Promising with the Lord’s assistance to be unto her a loving and faithful husband until death should Separate them, And then and there in the same assembly the said Jane Atkinson did in like manner declare that she took the said James Fisher to be her husband promising with the Lord’s assistance to be unto him a loving and faithful Wife Until Death should separate them (or words to the same Effect).
And moreover they the said James Tisher & Jane Atkinson, She according to the custom of Marriage Assuming the Name of her husband) as a further confirmation there of Did then and there to these presents Set their hands ~ ~ ~ James fisher
And we whose Names are hereto Subscribed Jane Fisher
being present at the Solomnization of said Marriage and Subscription
have as Witnesses thereunto sett our hands the Day And Year above
Written ~ ~ Alice Wilkinson Christopher King Cephas Atkinson
Robert Mills Timothy Kirk Samuel Freden Jr. Hannah Atkinson
Lydia Updegraff Martha Randale Sarah Wickersham Alice Fisher
Sarah Kirk Ellinor Maulsby Ja. Hightly Elizabeth Fisher
Mary Ducket William Randale Ellis Lewis Samuel Fisher
Jane Rankin Elizabeth Hutton James Hancock Franc. Fisher
Sarah Randale John Garretson Eli Lewis John Atkinson
Mary Randale William Randale Sarah Rees John Rees
Isabel Winnery William Lewis

Note: Typeset here approximates the look of the original certificate

VII. Cephas Fisher Sr. and Rachel Stanfield

Cephas Fisher Sr. was a Quaker, born April 13, 1778 at Monahan, York County, Pennsylvania, the son of James Fisher and Jane Atkinson, who were members of the Warrington Monthly Meeting. Cephas Sr. was taken from Pennsylvania in 1789, with his parents and family, to Hopewell, Virginia, then in 1792 to Westfield, North Carolina, and on to Greene County, Tennessee. Cephas Sr. was married August 24, 1803 in the New Hope meeting house, Greene County, Tennessee, to Rachel Stanfield (probably his third cousin).

Rachel Stanfield, born in 1785, was the daughter of Thomas Stanfield and Hannah Vernon. Thomas Stanfield was probably a grandson of John Stanfield, who had come to Pennsylvania from Lurgan, Ireland with parents Samuel Stanfield and Jane Andrew Stanfield. John Stanfield married Hannah Dixon (nee Hadley) at Kennett meeting, in 1742. He moved to Hockesin (now Delaware), and then to Cane Creek, North Carolina in 1753. He died in Orange County in 1755. One of his sons apparently moved to Greene County, Tennessee. Thomas Stanfield was on a Greene County jury in 1802, and other members of the Stanfield family also appear in Greene County court records.

Cephas Fisher Sr.’s grandmother, Alice Stanfield, was also one of the Samuel Stanfield children. Our family tradition, repeated by Grandfather Florance C. Fisher Sr., includes an Irish ancestry which was probably remembered due to history told by both Cephas and Rachel. Cephas and Rachel, and Cephas’ parents, moved from Tennessee to Highland County, Ohio in 1804, where they were members of the Miami Monthly Meeting. Cephas and Rachel lived first near East Monroe in Highland County, then moved near Lees Creek and New Vienna, in Clinton County, where they remained. Rachel died May 5, 1840 at age 55 (Fairfield Monthly Meeting).

Cephas Fisher Sr. remarried after the death of Rachel, to Jane Leech Atkinson, the widow of John Atkinson, who had been robbed and thrown overboard from the “Dutch Boy” during a trip to St. Louis in 1839. Cephas became the guardian of Jane’s minor children.

One child, Eli, was born to Cephas and Jane.

Cephas Sr. died at age 84, December 31, 1863. Cephas and Rachel are buried at Lees Creek Friends cemetery. Thelma Lucille Fisher, in her book “Atkinson - Fisher Quaker Immigrants with William Penn,” 1978, Cox Printing Company, describes Cephas Sr.’s funeral: “Cephas died 30 December 1862, in the Fairview Friends’ Church neighborhood, Clinton County, was taken on a sled, on a cold, snowy New Years Day, to be buried in the Lees Creek Quaker Cemetery, on Highland Road, where mourners were warmed by a huge bonfire. He was 84 years, 8 months, and 17 days old. Both he and Rachel are buried in the back of this cemetery, on the right side.” (The cemetery appears on maps about 1 1/4 miles northwest of Highland, on the left side of the road leaving Highland. It is the site of the old Lees Creek Quaker Meeting House.) Cephas and Rachel had 8 children: Hannah, James, Rebecca, Thomas, John, Samuel, Cephas A. Jr, and Rachel or Jane. This family farmed in Clinton County, Ohio throughout the 19th century. There are Fisher descendants still living on “Fisher Road” leading out of Lees Creek toward New Vienna, which was Cephas Sr.’s post office address.

View Map, Area in Highland, Clinton, and Fayette Counties Were the Fishers Lived in Ohio.
Detail of Lees Creek, Clinton County, Ohio where Cephas Fisher Sr. Lived near Fisher Road

VIII. Cephas A. Fisher Jr. and Mary Hoskins

Cephas A. Fisher Jr., a Quaker, was born May 18, 1812 in Highland County, Ohio, the son of Cephas Fisher Sr. and Rachel Stanfield. Cephas Jr. married Mary Hoskins 31 August 1837, in the Miami meeting house in Clinton County, Ohio. Mary Hoskins was born about 1822, in Clinton County, Ohio. They moved from Clinton County, Ohio, along with children George M., Josephus, Eli, John W., Benjamin F., Lewis and Rachel, to Sugar Creek Township, Clinton County Indiana (near Frankfort), about 1851. One son, Samuel, was born after the move. Cephas and family moved to Henry County, Iowa in 1867. On October 16, 1867, Cephas Fisher Jr. purchased 65 acres of farm land in Salem Township, Henry County, Iowa, for $1700.

Mary Hoskins Fisher probably died soon after 1870, when she last appears in a census record. Her grandson Florance (in 1966) remembered his father Samuel saying he was “about 11” when his mother died. (He would actually have been at least 13.) Cephas A. Fisher Jr. died March 6, 1895 and was buried in the Salem Friends Cemetery on March 8. The attending physician was Dr. J. M Evans, M. D., of Salem.

According to grandson Florance Fisher in 1966, Cephas Fisher Jr. had the same general appearance of Cephas’ son, Samuel, with dark, thick, wavy hair. He trimmed his whiskers close with scissors, but never used a razor. In the 1880 census, Cephas was living in Tippecanoe Township, Henry County, Iowa. Living with him were son George and family, and son John and family. Information given by Florance C. Fisher, 1966 about Cephas’ family: “George (Bud) died at Jewel County, Kansas; Josephus died of measles and is buried in a Confederate grave at Memphisburg, Tenn.; Eli married Amanda, had a son Joe and died at Jet, Oklahoma; John W. died at Ottumwa, Iowa; Benjamin F. died about 1861; Lewis married Lizzie and died in California. Eight sons were born to Mary and Cephas, the last being twins, one of whom died of an illness in childhood; Mary spun the yarn and wove the material for her family's clothes; Mary died when her youngest son, Samuel, was about 11 years old.” From Grace Long Fisher in 1970: "Cephas Fisher wore long shirts down to the heels with no trousers, as was the custom for farm work."

From talks with Florance Clinton Fisher Sr. while he was hospitalized at age 82, Feb. 11, 1968: “The old home place, 1/4 mile north of Hillsboro (Iowa) was about 4 blocks from a limestone quarry and burned down. The place that was built of brick later was several miles away. George, John, and Cephas lived in the brick house. Samuel and family lived nearby, as did Josephus. I (Florance), Eli, and Samuel once found a slab of limestone with animal tracks in it and cut it and took it to the old place that burned. It should still be on the site. The land, 20 acres, was Eli’s and had a sawmill on a creek. The sawmill had a furnace and boiler. The place was 10 miles from Denova. Levi Frazier had land there and son Hubert was 18-19 around 1892.”

The ancestry for Cephas’ wife, Mary Hoskins, is well known. The lineage has been proven back to 1585, with probable ancestry in Wales before that. The following Hoskins history is taken from “Clinton County, Indiana History and Genealogical Sketches,” compiled by Joan C. Bohm, Evangel Press, 1989, and “The Hoskins, Haskins Family Tree,” by Larry and Elaine Pfaffendorf. In the latter part of the 16th century, the Hoskins family lived in Monmouthshire, Wales.

As early as 1509, there is a record of Thomas Hoskins, of the town of Monmouth, who married Joanna Catchmead. The Hoskins family resided at the Manor of Oxted for many generations and are probably our ancestors. The earliest provable ancestor in the Hoskins direct line is John Goodman Hoskins, from Beaminster County, Dorset, England. He was born in 1585 at Dorset, England and was a probable grandson of Thomas and Joanna Hoskins. He married Ann Mary Filer. John Hoskins was a Quaker who decided to emigrate due to persecution in England. He had his own ship built, the “John and Mary,” and at the age of 45 on March 16, 1630, set sail for the Massachusetts Bay Colony with his family. Their son, Thomas, who was born in 1610 in England, married the widow Elizabeth Gaylord Birge and resided in Windsor County. They had one son, John II, born in 1654, who married Mary Ashton. John and Mary moved to Chester, Pennsylvania about 1683. The Joan C. Bohm sketches say this John was born in “Clyshire, England” and “came about 1683.” They belonged to the Society of Friends. This John Hoskins was one of the original purchasers of land under William Penn, and owned 250 acres at Middletown. He built a home on his lot in Chester and kept a tavern. Their son John Jr. married Ruth Atkinson in 1698. He became Sheriff of Chester County in 1700, and was a member of the provincial assembly. He died in 1716. John and Ruth had a son John who married three times; his second wife being Hannah Evans. John Hoskins was among the earliest settlers in Guilford Co., NC, arriving there ca 1773. John and Hannah had one son, Moses, born 1763, Chester Co., Pennsylvania. Moses married Ruth Hodson (Hodgson), daughter of John Hodgson and Mary Mills, in 1784 in Guilford County, North Carolina. (A note about the Hodgsons: Cora Keagle, in her 1945 book “The Hoskins Family,” says the Hodgsons were descended from George Hodgson, whose family moved from England to Ireland and a few years later took a ship to America. The entire family died in passage except George. Friends on the ship took George to Philadelphia with them in 1710.) Moses Hoskins and wife Ruth moved their family to Ohio in 1810, settling in Clinton County. Moses Hoskins died in 1839, at Tazewell County, Illinois. A son of Moses and Ruth Hoskins, George, married Mary Hodgson (d/o Solomon Hodgson & Chloe Dear), March 3, 1817, at Clinton County, Ohio. They were the parents of Mary Hoskins Fisher, who married Cephas Fisher Jr. Cora Keagle and the Pfaffendorfs both tell about Jonathan Hoskins, an uncle of Mary Hoskins, who distributed seeds to pioneer Ohio families for a variety of apple, which came to be known as the “Jonathan” apple.

Cephas A. & Mary (Hoskins) Fisher had three sons who served in the Civil War. George M. & Jocephas Fisher served in Company G, 86th Indiana Infantry. Eli enlisted in Company B, 17th Regiment Indiana Mounted Infantry while he was just 17 years old. In order not to lie about his age, he put a paper with the number 18 on it in his shoe, and then avowed that he was “over 18.” His enlistment papers show that he had blue eyes, light hair, and was 5’ 3” tall.

Eli Fisher was born 29 September 1846, Clinton Co., Ohio. He married Amanda Jane Alexander (d/o John & Betsy Alexander) in Frankfort, Indiana, 14 March 1867. Eli and Amanda, Cephas A. and Mary, and at least two other sons, George M. (m. Rachel Meese) and Lewis (m. Elizabeth Henderson), moved to Henry Co., Iowa, ca 1868. Cephas A. Fisher had a farm in Salem Twp (Henry County) Iowa. Eli and Amanda lived in Henry County, then for a few years in Jewell Co., Kansas. They were the parents of ten children, but only one lived to adulthood. Several children succumbed to diptheria epidemics raging during those years.

Their son, Joseph C. Fisher, was born 2 January 1872, at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. His first wife, Ellen Woods, was the mother of Lilie M., William S., Grace, and Ray Fisher. Ellen died after the birth of Ray in 1902. The family had moved to Woods Co., Oklahoma Territory, ca 1897. Eli and Amanda and Eli’s brother, Lewis, and family were also there in 1900. Joseph C. Fisher married Linnie May Alcorn in 1905. Their daughter, Coralie, was born at Jet (Alfalfa County) Oklahoma, 25 July 1906. Joseph & Linnie were divorced ca 1908, and Joseph later married Mrs. Pearl Hung, who had two small daughters. Joe & Pearl were the parents of Joseph S. (killed in a tornado while a child), Herberet, Harry, & Joseph Fisher Jr. (d. in Battle of St. Lo, WW II). Joe & Pearl moved their family to southern California during the 1930’s. His daughters from his first & second marriages grew up and married in Oklahoma. His son, Ray, was reared by his Woods grandparents in Iowa. Joseph’s son, William, preceded his mother, Ellen, in death. This Cephas A. Fisher information was taken from the submittal in Joan Bohm’s book by Patricia Meyer Franks, Rt. 1, Box 35, Wawaka, IN 46794; Granddaughter of Jos. C. Fisher & d/o Coralie Fisher Meyer Stalcup.

View Map: Area in Henry County, Iowa Where Cephas A. Fisher Jr. Lived.

Cephas is buried in Salem Friends Cemetery. There is no marker.

He Died March 6, 1895.

IX. Samuel Fisher and Effie Van Tassell

Samuel Fisher, the last of our line to belong to a Quaker family, was born January 30, 1857, near Frankfort, Clinton County, Indiana, the youngest son of Cephas A. Fisher and Mary Hoskins. Their son Florance said (in 1966) that Samuel had a twin, Jimmie, who died in childhood after falling into an icy stream. The twin does not appear on the 1860 census. Samuel’s family moved from Indiana to Henry County, Iowa, north of Hillsboro and near Salem, in 1868. Samuel married Effie Van Tassell on May 13, 1880 at Mankato, Kansas. Effie Van Tassel was born October 25, 1863, in Tipton, Indiana according to Grace Long Fisher, a daughter-in-law. Effie was the daughter of Royal Park (Rufus) Van Tassell and Nancy Conner. Samuel and Effie lived first in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, then moved to Jewel Co., Kansas and back to Mt. Pleasant about 1888, then to Woods County and Helena, Oklahoma about 1897. They moved to Arkansas about 1898 and moved back to Helena in 1909. They moved to Beaver County about 1910 and to Haskell, Oklahoma in 1911. Samuel died in Okmulgee and was buried at Haskell. Samuel was a good violinist, according to his daughter, Mary. His Quaker family, however, told him there was a "devil in it" and made him dispose of it. One of his grandaughters, Edith Fisher Green, tells of Samuel's stories of watching his mother spinning yarn, weaving cloth, and sewing jeans for him to wear. Samuel's son, Florance, tells of Samuel travelling by covered wagon throughout his lifetime. In his eighties, Florance told of still remembering the trip by covered wagon from Iowa to Oklahoma.

Samuel Fisher died August 15, 1930, at Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Effie Van Tassell Fisher died June 25, 1912, at Haskell, Oklahoma. Samuel and Effie are buried at Haskell, but not side by side, as there was an error in the purchase of the cemetery lots which resulted in separated graves.

Samuel and Effie had 12 children: Minnie Myrtle, Georgia Lula, Samuel Chaning, Florance Clinton, Rufus Clyde, Royal Park, Lillie Evalette, Mary Elizabeth, Ora Paul, Floyd Oran, Loyd Loren (died in infancy), and Mabel Pearl. The youngest, Mabel Pearl, resides in August 1995 at Wichita, Kansas and is an excellent pianist, playing ragtime and popular music. Pearl and her sister Mary played at barn dances and other functions in their youth. The following family information was sent by Effie Van Tassel Fisher to son Clyde about 1912.

1. Minnie Myrtle, b. July 23, 1881, mar. Sam Billings, d. 28 Aug 1909
2. Georgia Lula, b. 13 Dec 1882, mar. George Rogers, d. 13 Jan 1928
3. Samuel Channing, b. 2 Nov 1884, mar. Ruby Coplen, d. Nov 1939
4. Florance Clinton, b. 8 Aug 1886, mar. Grace Minett Long, d. 9 Jan 1969
5. Rufus Clyde, b. 27 Sep 1888, mar. Anna Maude Lash, d. 22 Oct 1918
6. Royal Park, b. 9 Nov 1890, mar. Ova Devers
7. Lillie Evalette, b. 6 Jan 1893, d. 16 Jul 1967
8. Mary Elizabeth, b. 22 Mar 1895, mar. Everett Holmes, d. 6 Apr 1972
9. Ora Paul, b. 10 Jul 1898, mar. Nora Garret
10. Floyd Oran, b. 24 Feb 1901, mar. Florence Howard
11. Lloyd Louren, b. 24 Feb 1901, d. 15 Apr 1901
12. Mabel Pearl, b. 16 Jul 1907, mar. Ralph Gumm, still living as of Aug 1995.

IX. Samuel Fisher and Effie Van Tassell (Continued)

The Van Tassell ancestry is not known beyond Effie Van Tassell Fisher’s parents. Florance Clinton Fisher Sr. in 1966 recalled his grandfather Van Tassel being named “Royal Parkinson,” but did not seem certain of the middle name. Daughter Lillie referred to her father as "Rufus" in her statement on the 1930 death certificate. According to one census, Rufus’ father was born in New York and his mother was born in Virginia. According to grandson F. C. Fisher Sr. and wife Grace Long Fisher, Rufus was short and stocky, with dark red, curly hair; had a jolly nature and sang folk songs, often accompanying them with music on the bandsaw; was from Indiana, in the Terre Haute area, and lived at Tipton, Indiana, where their daughter, Effie, was born. They thought that after “Grandpa” Van Tassel died, he went to live with Samuel Fisher and family near Hillsboro and Salem, Iowa until his death about 1892. Mary Fisher Holmes believed he died elsewhere.

1880 Census: Jewell County, Kansas, Holmwood Township, June 16, 1880, Pg. 21, Spvsr's District 3, Enumeration District 122, J. Fellows, Enumerator, House 50, Line 21

Vantassell, Rufus
Age 56, Farmer, Sick or temporarily disabled; b. Ohio; Father b. NY; Mother b. Va.
Lorinda, Wife, age 33; "Keeping House"; b. Indiana, Father b. N. C.; Mother b. (Ohio)
Lillie, dau., 14, attends school, b. Ind.; Nellie, dau., 3, b. Iowa;
Hiram B., son, 1, b. Kansas
Aluus E. Dorman, 11, Stepson, b. Iowa, Father b. Conn

The following is a combination of information from F. C. and Grace Fisher, 1967; the death certificate; and census records. Children:

Park Atkinson(?) Van Tassel - Born July 25, ca. 1853, Indiana, d. Oct. 24, 1930, Oakland Cal., moved to California about 1900, wife Bessie. Lillie Van Tassel Hart - b. ca 1866. Lived at 9423 "B" Street, Oakland Cal. in 1930.

Effie Van Tassel Fisher - b. about 1863

Lorinda was apparently Rufus’ second wife. A half-sister to Park was remembered as Mrs. Minnie Crew.

All that is presently known about Rufus’ first wife, Nancy Connor, is that she preceded her husband in death by several years (according to grandson F. C. Fisher), and that she was born in Indiana (according to daughter Lillie on Rufus Van Tassel’s death certificate in 1930, also according to the Jewell County, Kansas 1880 census). She must have died between 1869 and 1877 according to births of Rufus' stepchildren and later children.

Effie Van Tassell Fisher’s brother, Park Van Tassell, & wife became renowned in the late 19th century for balloon ascensions in the U. S. and China. His wife accompanied him and pioneered in parachute jumping. (See articles following.) Park Van Tassel is buried at Oakland, California. At the time of his death, he was living on Market Street, operating the "Captain P. A. Van Tassel Toy Balloon Mfg. Co.," a maker of miniature balloon ascension toys.

IX. Samuel Fisher and Effie Van Tassell (Continued)

Los Angeles Sunday Times, June 27, 1886, Page 1, Column 3:


"The enormous balloon Monitor continues to draw big crowds. Prof. Van Tassel's wife went up in the first ascent yesterday. Ascents have hardly become popular yet, but probably will, as people become accustomed to the idea. The amusement is a most novel one, and probably no more dangerous than baseball. The morning is the best time to go up, as the air is stiller. About 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, there being a stiff breeze, the aerial monster had quite a rustle to light properly. She came down first in Morgan Lane, then on ex-Mayor Thom's house, then in his backyard, then on the house No. 240 South Main - there demolishing a chimney and a summer kitchen - then on the vacant lot outside the enclosure, and at last back to its proper nest. The experience of an ascent and the view gained are well worth taking." From the Okmulgee, Oklahoma Daily Times: "Mrs. Parks Van Tassel is believed to be the first person to make a parachute jump, having made a successful landing after leaping from a balloon over Los Angeles on July 4, 1882."

X. Florance Clinton Fisher and Grace Minette Long

Florance Clinton Fisher was born August 8, 1886, in Jewel City, Kansas, the son of Samuel Fisher and Effie Van Tassell. He married Grace Minett Long on November 2, 1907 at Enid, Oklahoma. Grace, born March 14, 1890 at Harper, Kansas was the daughter of Woodford Trennel Long and Susan Kate Harp. Florance and Grace raised their six children at various locations in Oklahoma, first at Sunset, then near Helena, then Haskell, and then at Morris, where the three youngest were born. The marriage record for Florance Clinton Fisher Sr. is Record 7, Book 327. Florance worked in oil fields, and later in semi-retirement managed pumping schedules for wells. After the children were grown, Florance and Grace lived near Henderson, in east Texas, at Mexia, Texas, El Dorado, Arkansas, and at Junction City, Texas.

Florance Clinton Fisher died January 10, 1969, at Joplin, Missouri. Grace Long Fisher died October 5, 1977, at Joplin, Missouri. Both are buried in the Osborne Memorial Cemetery in Joplin. Children of Florance and Grace: Evalyn Effie, Woodford Pascal, Edith Leroy, Ruth Marine, Florance Clinton Jr., and Georgia Marie.

1. Evalyn Effie, b. 19 Nov 1908 Sunset, Okla., mar. 1 Keith Miller, mar. 2 Bob Copenbarger
2. Woodford Pascal, b. 20 Jul 1911, near Helena, Okla., mar. 30 Nov 1931 Dorothy Berneice Kelly at Medicine Lodge, Kansas
3. Edith Leroy, b. 2 Feb 1914, Haskell, Oklahoma, mar. 8 Aug 1934 Edgar Owen Green at Talequah, Okla.
4. Ruth Marine, b. 8 Feb 1918, Morris, Oklahoma, mar. 1 Noble Shaw, mar. 2 Pete Argain
5. Florance Clinton Jr. , b. 2 Aug 1921, Morris, Oklahoma, mar. 27 Sep 1943 Margaret Louise Hillin at Mexia, Texas, d. 13 Jan 1996, Haughton, La.
6. Georgia Marie, b. 18 May 1924 at Morris, Oklahoma, mar. 19 Dec 1941 James Porter Gann.

Grace Long Fisher’s father, Woodford Trennel Long, was born 1855 at Darlington, Montgomery County, Indiana. Grace’s mother, Susan Kate Harp, was born in 1863 at Crawfordsville, Indiana. Woodford and Susan Kate both died at Cleo Springs, Major County, Oklahoma. The Long and Harp direct ancestry has been researched through several generations, by C. V. (Tug) Bailey of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Woodford Trennel Long was the son of Hughett E. Long, born 1832 at Darlington, Indiana, and Clementine Taylor, born in Ohio in 1831. Hughett was the son of Oath Long, born 1794 in Pennsylvania, and Sarah Titus, born in Virginia in 1701. Sarah was the daughter of Samuel and Polly Titus, who came from Virginia to Ohio, then to Indiana. Oath was the son of Gideon Long, of Queen Ann County, Maryland, and Elizabeth (Surname Unknown), both born in England. Gideon was the son of John Long, Jr. and Ann Harrington, from Williamsville, Baltimore Hundred, Sussex county, Delaware and later Greene County, Washington County, and Fayette County, Pennsylvania, then in Queen Anne County, Maryland where they died. John and Ann had eight children: John III, David, James, Eliel, Mannoah (Noah), Ann, Gideon, and Jeremiah. The seven sons were all in the Revolutionary War. John Jr.’s father, John Sr., lived in Queen Anne County and died there in 1746. Grace Long Fisher in 1970 says "Hughie" Long was Welsh and Irish and had at least three sons; Woodford Trennel, Paul, and Will. (See the biography of Oath Long later in this section.) According to Grace Long Fisher in 1970, Woodford Trennel Long married a second wife, Hattie Boyd, who had a daughter Blanch Boyd; and Fred Long had 6 children, including son Wayne Eugene. Fred Long died in 1929 at Rankin, Oklahoma.

Woodford Trennel Long died at Ringwood, Oklahoma and was buried in the Square Cedar Cemetery about 10 miles from Helena, Oklahoma.

The Harp ancestry is known through Susan Kate Harp’s grandfather, Adam Harp. Susan Kate was the daughter of Washington Harp, born 1823 near Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, and Susan M. Smith, born in Kentucky in 1832. Susan Smith was the daughter of Phillip Smith, born 1782, and Susan Black, born 1792. Susan Kate Harp was born about 20 miles from Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. She died at age 32 after having been attended by Dr. Windebager for an abdominal tumor. Her daughter, Grace Long Fisher, who was only five years old at the time, remembered the trauma of her mother’s death throughout her lifetime, and said in 1970 that the family had been reluctant to allow an operation.

In the 1880 census for Montgomery County, Indiana, Union Township, near Crawfordsville, we find Woodford Long, 25, and Kate, 17, married in the year 1880 before the June 5-7 census taking, Kate had attended school in spring. Washington Harp, father of Susan Kate Harp, owned slaves in Kentucky before the Civil War. The family moved to Indiana when Susan Kate was a baby, around 1863.

Children of Washington Harp and Susan Smith were "Babe," Tom, Bud - Married Laura Byrd, Betty Harp Epperson, Annie Harp Watkins, and Susan Kate Harp Long.

The 1870 Census for Montgomery County, Indiana, Union Township, Crawfordsville Post Office shows these children, all born in Kentucky: Thomas b. 1842; William b. 1845; Robert b. 1847; Mary b. 1859; Anna b. 1861; Kate b. 1863; also, two unmarried sisters of Washington Harp: Elizabeth b. 1807, b. Pennsylvania; Ann, b. 1816 Kentucky (Would be 1811 according to 1880 census.) The 1880 census for the same place shows Susan Harp, 47, widow; Robert, 22; Annie, 19; Betsy, 73, and Ann, 69, sisters-in-law.

Susan Smith, mother of Susan Kate Harp, was probably born and raised in Kentucky. She married Washington Harp in 1849 and lived first near Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, where at least one of six children was born. The family had slaves until the Civil War, at which time they moved to Indiana. Susan Smith Harp lived with a son-in-law, Albert Watkins, after the death of her husband, near Harper, Kansas. She died at age 81 at Harper, Pilot Knob Township, Harper County, Kansas, and was buried at Danville, Kansas. She was attended by Dr. C. W. Winleigter of Harper. Her mother's maiden name was Black.

The following biography of Oath Long is taken from the “History of Montgomery County, Indiana,” A. W. Bowen & Co., Indianapolis: “No pioneer who braved the wilds of Montgomery county three quarters of a century ago is deserving of remembrance by his descendants and those who came after to share the fruits of the strenuous labors of these self-denying and self-sacrificing men more than Oath Long, who, although long a sleeper in ‘death’s garden where we all shall meet,’ yet has an milnence for good and whose life of industry and honesty is worthy of mutation by the youth who would succeed at his chosen life task and at the same time do some good while passing through this so-called “mundane sphere.”

Mr. Long was born in Pennsylvania on December 13, 1794, and was a son of Gideon and Elizabeth Long, both natives of England, and as all records were long ago lost no data can be had of them, except that they emigrated to America in colonial days and spent some time in Pennsylvania, later invading the wilderness of Indiana and establishing the family home in Union Township, Montgomery County, where they spent the rest of their lives and died here. Oath Long grew to manhood in Pennsylvania, and when thirty-six years old, in the year 1830, he came to Montgomery County, Indiana, and here determined to cast his lot permanently, for although the country was wild, he had the sagacity to foresee for it a great future and he set to work with a will clearing and improving his one hundred and sixty acres of land which he entered from the government near Crawfordsville. He was twice married, first to Martha Vail, in Butler County, Ohio, where he lived for some time after he left Pennsylvania, before coming to Indiana, and in that county she died in early life, leaving two children, Louisa and Abram, both of whom have long since passed away. On June 17, 1823, while still living in Ohio, he married Sarah Titus, who was a native of Virginia, born there on August 29, 1801. She was a daughter of Samuel and Polly Titus, who left Virginia for Ohio in an early day, later coming on to Montgomery county, Indiana, where they established their home and died here. The death of Mr. Long’s second wife occurred on January 6, 1879. Six children were born to this last union, namely: Wilson, born April 24, 1889; his wife died May 16, 1907. Lydia, born January 24, 1823, married W. T. McCoy in 1849, and they are both deceased; Samuel T., born November 23, 1838, died December 8, 1911, HUETT, born November 25, 1832, is now living in Darlington, Montgomery County, William, born October 16, 1835, lives on a farm east of Crawfordsville; Benjamin lives in Crawfordsville, Indiana.” In the “Centennial History of Butler County, Ohio,” B.F. Bowen & Co., 1905, we learn that Noah Long, Gideon Long and David Long were among the first settlers of Madison Township, Butler County, Ohio, in 1805.

XI. Woodford Pascal Fisher and Dorothy Berneice Kelly

Woodford Pascal (Bill) Fisher was born June 20, 1911 in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma, near Helena, the son of Florance Clinton Fisher and Grace Long. Woodford married Dorothy Berneice Kelly on November 30, 1931, at Medicine Lodge, Kansas. Dorothy, born October 29, 1915, was the daughter of James A. Kelly and Gladys Dell Hartman. Woodford worked as a carpenter, then for a number of years as a dragline operator on construction projects in Missouri, Louisiana, Beaumont, and elsewhere. He worked as an auto mechanic, first at Henderson, Texas and then for many years after moving the family to Mexia, Texas. He ran a gas station in Mexia and then owned an auto repair business. Seven children of W. P. Fisher (Sr.) and Dorothy Kelly Fisher survived infancy: James Clinton, Jackie Lynn, Gladys Grace, Karan Kay, Billie Louise, Woodford Pascal Jr., and Dorothy Berneice. Woodford Pascal Fisher died April 1, 1990 at Mexia, Texas and was buried in the Forest Glade Cemetery. Details of children:

1. Billie Eugene, b. 17 Aug 1934, Helena, Oklahoma, died same day.
2. James Clinton (Jimmie), b. 11 Jan 1937, Helena, Okla., mar. 13 Feb 1958 Patricia Ann McKenzie at Mexia, Texas. Died 18 Feb 1995 at Mexia.
3. Jackie Lynn, b. 30 Apr 1939 at Jet, Oklahoma, mar. 14 Aug 1959 Janice Gayle Thornton at Pt. Enterprise, Texas.
4. Gladys Grace, b. 21 Mar 1941 at St. James, Missouri, mar. 22 Sep 1961 George Jackson Liles III at Mexia, Texas.
5. Karan Kay, b. 14 Apr 1943 at Jacksonville, Texas, mar. 1 Cecil Hicks at Mexia, Texas, mar. 2 Bill Turner, mar. 3 Colin Plummer.
6. Billie Louise, b. 28 Aug 1945 at Henderson, Texas, mar. 6 Mar 1965 Gary Lynn Hatfield at Mexia, Tx.
7. Woodford Pascal Jr., b. 5 Jul 1948 at Mexia, Tx., mar. 27 Dec 1970 Barbara Lynn Ayers at Mexia, Tx.
8. Dorothy Berneice, b. 11 Dec 1952 at Mexia, Tx. (Pt. Enterprise), mar. 10 Mar 1979 Jose Antonio Ordieres Jr. at Dallas, Tx.

James A. Garfield Kelly, born at Greencastle, Indiana in 1880, was the son of Samuel H. Kelly, born 1846, and Elizabeth Davis, born 1847, both from Yadkinville, North Carolina. James A. married Gladys Dell Hartman in 1906, at Woodward County, Oklahoma. Both are buried in the Good Hope Cemetery near Enid, Oklahoma. Samuel Kelly’s parents were Henry Kelly, born 1804, from Yadkin County (then Surrey County), North Carolina (Five Mile Fork Post Office), and Sarah (Reamer?), born 1815. The ancestry of Henry Kelly is unknown. Family tradition says that our Kellys came from Ireland. The eleven children of James Kelly and Elizabeth Davis were Mary Jane, Sarah, Jessie, Lillian, Rose, Charlie, James (Jim), Mattie, Chester, Samantha, and Allie.

Gladys Dell Hartman was the daughter of David Ellsworth Hartman and Eliza Jane Green. The Hartmans came from Germany. The Green branch of this family has been traced back to Brighton, England. David Ellsworth Hartman was the son of Henry H. Hartman, born 1825, and Sarah Jane Gerber, born 1832, who were married in 1851 near Cicero, Indiana. David Ellsworth’s parents were both born in Cicero, Indiana, both were of German descent and spoke German. They had 12 children: Frederick G., Hames Osro, Mary Elen, Joseph Allen, George Granvil, Lydia Ann, Elmira M. (Ella), David Ellsworth, Isaac F., Rosa B., William H., and Eddie W. David Ellsworth moved to Iowa and then went to Wichita, Kansas to take a job with Wilfred and Becky Green. David married the Green's daughter Eliza Jane at the County Courthouse. They were married by S. E. Barrett. David's brother Joe, who had come to Kansas with him, also married and both couples settled at Mt. Hope, Kansas. David and Eliza lived there on a farm until the opening of the Cherokee Strip. He ran for land in the Strip opening, and became a rural mail carrier at May, Oklahoma. He operated the first hack that carried passengers and mail from May to Gage, Oklahoma. He did construction work in later years. David was buried in the Enid, Oklahoma Memorial Park Cemetery. Official date of death for David Ellsworth Hartman was given as May 1, 1952 by the attending physician as he estimated the time of death to be before midnight.

Eliza Jane Green was born in Illinois, although she was raised at Wichita, Kansas. She was married to David Ellsworth Hartman at Wichita, Kansas, in the Courthouse, by S. E. Barrett. Eliza Jane Green Hartman died in a house fire at Covington, Oklahoma and was buried in the Memorial Park Cemetery at Enid, Oklahoma. Eliza was the daughter of Wilfred Green Jr., born 1840 at Brighton, England, and Rebecca Jane (surname unknown), who had two known children: Eliza Jane, and Freddie (died in infancy). Wilfred Green Sr. came to America with a daughter, Hannah, and two sons, John and Wilfred. Isaac Newton Phillips, who later married Hannah, also came with the Greens. Wilfred Jr. and his father both served in the Civil War. Wilfred Jr. is known to have drawn a Civil War Veterans pension. Wilfred Green Jr. married Rebecca Jane ---- and settled at Mount Hope, Kansas, eventually in Sedgewick County. Wilfred Sr., Wilfred Jr., Rebecca Jane, Hannah, Isaac Newton Phillips, John, and other relatives are all buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery in Sedgewick County. All the graves are well marked.

Wilfred Green Sr. was also born in Brighton, England. Descendents say Wilfred Green Sr. came to America about 1843 with a daughter, Hannah, two sons, John and Wilfred Jr., and Dr. Isaac Newton Phillips. Dr. Phillips later married Hannah. According to Hannah's gravestone, she was born in 1847, so the immigration might have been later than 1843. According to the gravestone of Wilfred Green Sr., he served in the 25th New Jersey Infantry in the Civil War. Wilfred Jr., also served in the Civil War, most likely in New Jersey also.

Information concerning the children of Wilfred Green, Sr.:

Hannah Jane Green Phillips was born in Brighton, England on December 23, 1847 and died on December 5, 1921 at Mount Hope, Kansas. She married Dr. Isaac Newton Phillips, who was born on May 1, 1820 in England. Dr. Phillips died at Mount Hope on December 27, 1901. A son was born to them, Jehu "Duge" Phillips, on October 4, 1888. Jehu Phillips died on March 17, 1965 at Mount Hope. He married Mary Opal ---- on August 23, 1919. Mary Opal ---- Phillips was born on November 26, 1889.

John Green married Emily ----. Both are buried at Mount Hope, Kansas. Two children, George and Vesta died unmarried at Mount Hope. George was born on October 4, 1886, and died on May 21, 1963. Vesta was born August 24, 1884 and died December 8, 1954.

Elizabeth Davis was the daughter of Jonathan Davis and Rachel Fleming of Yadkinville, North Carolina. This account of Elizabeth Davis Kelly is given in “Our Alfalfa County Heritage,” Alfalfa County (Oklahoma) Historical Society, 1976:

“Elizabeth Davis Kelly, a widow, came to Oklahoma from Turon, Kansas, soon after the Strip opened -- with six of her 11 children. She settled on a claim staked by her oldest son, Jessie. He had come ahead on horseback to get the claim, and Elizabeth then filed on it. She and five children came in a covered wagon, bringing all their possessions. A son-in-law, Pete Levens, of Turon, drove the cattle and helped her make the move. He then returned to Kansas.

Four of the Kelly girls were already married and living in Kansas. They were Lillian Hohl, Mary Jane Durham, Sarah Levens, and Rose McNickle. The five children who came in the covered wagon were Jim, Mattie, Chester, Samantha, and Allie.

Elizabeth Davis was born in Yadkin County, N. Carolina, July 31, 1847. When she was in her teens, the family moved to Putnam County near Greencastle, Indiana. Samuel H. Kelly made the move with the Davis family from N. Carolina where he was born June 8, 1846. Elizabeth’s brother, Sampson, was drafted into the Confederate Army and being unsympathetic with the South, tried to escape to the North. He was shot in the foot and put in Andersonville Prison. The war between the States was the reason for the Davis family moving to Indiana. Samuel and Elizabeth were married in Indiana and 10 of their children were born there. They moved by covered wagon to Turon, in 1884. In 1886 when Samuel was 40 years old, he died before their 11th child, Allie, was born.

For some time after Mrs. Kelly and her family came to Oklahoma, they lived in their covered wagon and in an outdoors campsite. The older girls and boys worked for neighbors to help their mother.

Jim married Gladys Hartman from Carrier. They are buried in the Good Hope cemetery.

Mattie married George Elliott and lived near Aline all her life. Chester went to Medicine Lodge, where he and his wife, Lennis, lived until moving to Colorado where both are buried. Allie married Wiley Wells and he died in a few short years and is buried near Aline. She then married a Mr. Bartholomew and moved to Medicine Lodge, where she is buried. Samantha married Arthur Marlow whose parents staked a claim in the Carmen area. After living in this area for a time, they moved to Enid. She is the only survivor of the 11 children. A widow, she is 91 years old and lives alone. (Note: Samantha lived well over 100 years and died in Enid.) After some years the farm was sold to a daughter and son-in-law, Rose and George McNickle. It remained in the McNickle name until three years ago when Cecil McNickle was killed in an accident and the land was sold to Terry Ryel.

In relating this story, Samantha Marlow says she remembers the first evening they were on the claim. A cupboard was set outside the wagon, and wanting something out of it, she climbed up and caused it to upset. Her words were ‘And I got a good whipping.’” By Samantha Marlow, at age 91.

XI. Woodford Pascal Fisher and Dorothy Berneice Kelly (Continued)

This account was supplied by Mrs. Ruby Durham Guthrie: “The Davis famiy moved to Putnam County, Indiana, near Greencastle, during or just after the Civil War (perhaps 1865), when Elizabeth was in her teens. Samuel H. Kelly made the move to Indiana with the Davis family, and married one of the Davis girls, Elizabeth, in Indiana. Most of their children were born near Greencastle. They moved to Turon, Kansas in the spring of 1884. In 1887, when Samuel was 40 years old, he and all the children had the measles. Samuel died of complications several months before his last child was born. He was buried in the Neola Cemetery near Turon. Elizabeth’s brother, Sampson was also buried at Neola. Elizabeth moved to Oklahoma in the land rush of 1890.”

Elizabeth's son James once said that his mother was related to the Jefferson Davis family. This has not been verified.

Jonathan Davis, Elizabeth Davis’ father, was the son of William Davis and Ann Hutchens. Jonathan was married to Rachel Fleming November 13, 1833 in Surrey County, by Joel Hutchens (a brother of Ann Hutchins). Mrs. Reba Lotten of Salinas, California, a descendant of Sampson Davis, reports in 1990 of finding Quaker records of Morgan County, Indiana showing Jonathan's parents to be William Davis and Ann Hutchins Davis, married in 1810. According to the same source, Ann Hutchens Davis was the daughter of Jonathan Hutchens and Elizabeth Beaver Hutchens. According to Reba Lotten, "The man who sent the info about William and Ann Hutchens, is related on the Hutchens side of the family, and knew that Ann had a brother Joel, who was bondsman for Jonathan and Rachel. Jonathan died in 1896 and was buried in Morgan County, Indiana at West Union Cemetery (Quaker Monthly Meeting record)."

Two census records for Jonathan Davis and family have been located as follows:

1850, October 9, Surrey County, North Carolina, house 1143:

Jonathan Davis, 37, farmer, born N. C.; Rachel, 39, b. N. C.

Jesse, 15, b. N. C.; Daniel, 13, b. N. C.; Susannah, 11, b. N. C.; Sampson, ?; b. N. C.;
(age faded - perhaps 8); Elisabeth 3, b. N. C.

1860, Yadkin County, North Carolina, Yadkinville Post Office:
Jonathan Davis, 50, farmer, born N. C.; Rachel, 50, b. N. C.
Jesse W., 26, b. N. C.; Elizabeth, 13, b. N. C.; Sampson, 13, b. N. C. (age probably 18, but
looks like 13 on this record); Mary M., 7, b. N. C.; Lission 22, (Domestic)

Rachel could read and write, but Jonathan could not. Jonathan's personal estate in 1860 was valued at $385.

Bryan Jessup, a grandson of Sampson, gives this information about Sampson Davis: Descendents of Sampson Davis (Jonathan’s brother) have reported an affidavit signed by Sampson upon entering the Reno, Kansas County Home which gives his birth year as 1842. The Reno County, Kansas Welfare Department has the affidavit signed by Sampson Davis giving his date of birth as March 18, 1842. The Turon Funeral Home records show his birth date as December 12, 1845. The affidavit is assumed to be correct. Sampson Davis married Margeret Jane Johnson and lived in Iowa until she died in 1907. He then moved to Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas. He married Bessie Stanley of Moberly, Missouri at Gravette, Arkansas. They lived a few years at Marshalltown, Iowa and moved to Turon, Kansas about 1925. Sampson had worked in the carpenter trade while in Iowa. He took a job as a janitor at the Turon school until he was unable to work. Bessie drew a pension from her son, a World War I veteran, after his death. Mary Kelly Durham, Sampson's neice, looked after Sampson and Bessie as long as she could, after which they both went to the Reno County Home. Bessie died on January 11, 1934; Sampson on June 20, 1936. Sampson is buried in the Neola Cemetery near Turon, Kansas.

Children of Sampson Davis and Margaret Jane Johnson:
Sarah Jane Davis White, Rosa A. Davis Jessup, Mary Etta Davis Brown
Sarah Jane Davis White had three children - Calvin, Vera, and Cassie. Calvin was Sampson Davis' oldest grandson.

Rosa A. Davis Jessup had 12 children - Lois (Sampson's oldest granddtr), Inez (d. 1922), Stephan M., Bryan, Amy, Frances, Corwin, Reba, Josephine, May, Harriett, and Rose.

Mary Davis Brown had two children - Carleton and Paul.

XII. Jackie Lynn Fisher and Janice Gayle Thornton

Jackie Lynn Fisher, son of Woodford Pascal (Bill) Fisher Sr. and Dorothy Berneice Kelly, was born in a farmhouse near Jet, Oklahoma, in 1939. His father’s job as a dragline operator took the family to various places in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Texas and Louisiana. About 1943, Woodford moved the family to Henderson, Texas and began work as an auto mechanic, in order to avoid the frequent relocations. Jackie Lynn started school at Henderson and was briefly in the country school of New Salem, between Henderson and Jacksonville. The family moved to Mexia, Texas, in Limestone County, in 1946. Jackie married Janice Gayle Thornton, daughter of Macon Ellington Thornton and Emma Lucille Blackmon of Pt. Enterprise, near Mexia, in 1959. Jackie received degrees in mathematics and physics at Arlington State College in 1961. Janice attended Draughns Business College in Dallas, and worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Janice and Jackie moved, in the summer of 1961, to Port Hueneme, California, in Ventura County, where Jackie worked as a computer programer at the Pacific Missile Range, for the Department of the Navy. Daughter Laura Lynn was born in Ventura. The family moved back to Texas in the fall of 1962, to Houston, where Jackie worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, in the area of computing and information systems, for more than 30 years. The family moved to Seabrook, near the space center, in 1964. As of this writing, in 1995, Janice and Jackie still live in Seabrook. Janice is a staff writer and administrative secretary at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Laura Lynn Fisher was born November 3, 1961 at Ventura, California. She attended Clear Lake High School, and received degrees from Sam Houston State University at Huntsville, Texas, in Computer Science and Spanish. She worked in the aerospace industry and has done language tutoring, and is currently a consultant in multimedia computing. She married Barry Leroy Armer of Baytown, Texas May 21, 1983, at Baytown. They have one son, Justin Lee, born April 24, 1985 at Webster, Texas; and one daughter, Emma Kathleen, born January 30, 1996 at Nassau Bay (Houston), Texas. At this writing, she lives with her family in Clear Lake City (Houston) and is working on a graduate degree at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Barry received a degree in accounting at Sam Houston State University and works at Seagull Energy Corporation.

Kevin Shawn Fisher was born July 28, 1964 in Houston, Texas. He attended Clear Lake High School, and obtained degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from Sam Houston State University and Texas A & M University. He married Doreen Marie Schmelter of Houston, June 11, 1988 at Houston and has one daughter, Kirby Leigh, and one son, Kyle Ellington. At this writing, Kevin lives with his family in Georgetown, Texas and is working at Radian Corporation as a Senior Chemical Engineer. Doreen is an Industrial Engineer and manager at Xetel Corporation.

Jonathan Davis Fisher, named for an ancestor in the family tree, was born April 8, 1969, at Texas City, Texas. He attended Clear Lake High School, and received a degree in Music Composition at North Texas State University. He attended the University of Surrey in Guildford, England, and received a Master of Music Composition degree from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. Jonathan married Alisa Diane Mayfield of Clear Lake City (Houston), August 15, 1992, at Nassau Bay, Texas. Alisa received a degree in English at Baylor University. At this writing, they live in Evanston, Illinois. Jonathan is working on a doctorate degree in music composition at Northwestern.

The Atkinson Intermarriages

The Fisher and Atkinson families were closely allied for many generations, and there are several intermarriages which have given some of our Fisher branches even more Atkinson than Fisher ancestry. A confusing example is Cephas Fisher Sr., whose mother was Jane Atkinson, daughter of Cephas Atkinson and Hannah Naylor. When Cephas Fisher’s first wife Rachel died, he married Jane Leech Atkinson, the widow of his great-uncle John Atkinson (Cephas Atkinson’s brother). The Fisher family name “Cephas” came from Cephas Atkinson, the father of Jane Atkinson. (Cephas Atkinson had many ancestors named Cephas. This name can be traced back to Cephas Child, a maternal Atkinson ancestor.) Cephas Fisher Sr.’s son John married his cousin Hannah Atkinson, daughter of John Atkinson and Jane Leech Atkinson. Rebecca, a daughter of Cephas Fisher Sr., married Isaac Atkinson, a cousin. Mary Hoskins, wife of Cephas Fisher Jr., was descended from John Hoskins II of Clyshire, England and his wife Ruth Atkinson. Cephas Sr. became the guardian of John and Jane Leech Atkinson’s minor children when he married John’s widow. An excellent genealogy of John Atkinson’s descendants is included in Thelma Fisher’s book, which contains this story about John Atkinson:

“John Atkinson, a stock buyer, made several trips into Pennsylvania, buying and selling horses. John met Jane Leech, who was born 19 December 1805, in Warrington Township, York County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Thomas and Hannah Leech.

John Atkinson became engaged to Jane on one trip and married the next, probably in the spring of 1826. Jane came to Ohio, on horseback, over the mountains, with a covered wagon containing provisions for their journey and carefully made home-woven linens, ready for her new home in Highland County.

John Atkinson surprised Jane with a cabin home built the year before, in a clearing made for a yard and garden; a barrel of maple molasses, another of maple sugar and one of pork ready for her capable hands.

John Atkinson was robbed and thrown overboard, when the steamboat “Swiss Boy” docked at Cincinnati, on its return from St. Louis, 14 May 1838. The Captain and eight others on the boat signed the letter notifying Jane that her husband, John Atkinson, was missing. Later, when the boat was moved, his body was found underneath. Cephus Atkinson, John’s brother, claimed the body but his money and the gold watch he was carrying were missing. John Atkinson was buried in Potter’s Field, Cincinnati, and later a stone with his initials, chiseled by Jane Atkinson, was placed to mark his resting place.

Thelma Fisher gives this genealogy for the Atkinsons:

John Atkinson, son of William and Anne, born 1659, came from Scotford, England with his wife, Suzannah (Hynde) and three children - William born 7-31-1687; Mary born 7-25 1689, and John born 8-22-1695. Dying of smallpox on board the ship BRITTANICA in 1699, John and Suzannah left no record of themselves except a certificate from the Lancaster Monthly Meeting, England, dated 3-2-1699. The Monthly Meeting gave them a a favorable recommendation --- “To our friends of the Province of Pennsylvania.” This certificate was read at the Middletown Monthly Meeting of 9-26-1699.

It was the judgement of the Monthly Meeting at which the certificate was read “that all friends’ children that are left orphans must be taken care of by the Meeting in the most suitable manner according to their capacity.”

The three children arriving in Pennsylvania were brought up in the neighborhood of Newton and were witnesses to the marriages of their friends. They were members of the Society of Friends where they themselves married under the care of the Monthly Meetings.

William married Phebe Taylor 3-3-1716, and fathered four daughters. Later, William removed his certificate from Middletown to Abington and subsequently married again. It is believed he lived at Upper Dublin Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Mary married Cephas Child of Westminister 2-12-1716. From this marriage came four children, Henry born 1-22- 1717, Cephas born 10-30-1718, John born 6-10-1720, and Isaac born 3-1-1722. These four children perished when their home was destroyed by fire. Four other children were born later and given the same names. Henry born 1-1-1725, Cephas born 1-18-1727, John born 6-14-1730, and Isaac born 3- 14-1734.

2. The family line, however, is carried through John, born 22 August 1695 in England, who espoused Mary Crossdale Smith on 30 June 1717, who was the daughter of William and Mary Crossdale Smith of Wrightstown. John and Mary bought 200 acres in Wakefield of Tobias Collette County in 8-20-1718 (a part of the London County Trust). John Atkinson died in 1752. Eight children were born to John and Mary - John, William, Thomas, Christopher, Mary, Ezekial, Cephas, and Elizabeth.

3. Cephas, born 8-20-1730 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, married Hannah Nailor (Naylor) of Guy Meads in 1752. They moved from Wrightstown in 1774. Five children were born of this marriage - John, Thomas, Joseph, Mary and William. (Editor’s note: The LDS file shows Jane b. 1753, married to James Fisher, as one of these children.)

4. Thomas, the second of the five children, married Alice Phillips who gave him Suzannah, Rebecca, John, Cephas Phillips, Charles and Abigail.

5. Cephas P., born August 10, 1793, was married to Rebecca Dial in Clermont County, Ohio on October 31, 1819. Cephas purchased land and began farming and brick making.

Five of his nine children were born here. John D. born 5-26-1821, Martha born 2-13-1823, David born 1-19-1825, Joseph born 3-3-1827, and Jane born 4-30-1829.

In 1830, Cephas Atkinson and his family moved to Clinton County, Ohio where four more children were born - Cephas born 8-16-1831, Shadrach born 1-9-1834, Rebecca E. born 9-11-1836, and Deborah born 11-9-1839.

In the spring of 1853, the family moved again - this time to Indiana and Grant County. Cephas Atkinson remained there in Monroe township until his death May 1, 1862.

The Thornton/Blackmon Family

The appendix to this book includes relationships and data about the following individuals and many others of the Thornton/Blackmon family lines. These few notes were made in the 1960’s from family interviews. Also see the Preface, page vi.

Willis Robert Blackmon
He came to Texas at age 8 when his family moved to Houston County near Hagerville. His family moved to Barry in Navarro County in 1895. He was a Primitive Baptist preacher. The inscription on his tombstone reads "He lived what he preached, A Workman not ashamed."

Robert Nathanial Hodge
Died while visiting in Stamford, Jones county, Texas.

Wife of Robert Nathanial Hodge
Had red hair and died two or three years after daughter Phoebe Caroline was born at Brownsboro, Texas, in Henderson County in 1889.

Thomas Thornton
There were born to them seven children - four boys and three girls. Moved to Georgia in 1819 with family and lived there until his death in 1875.

Josiah B. Thornton
Born in Virginia, Louisa County, he was the grandfather of Isaac Thornton and lived to be 105 years old. He died in 1849 after raising twelve children - six boys and six girls.

Janice Gayle Thornton
Janice Gayle Thornton Fisher was born at New Hope, Freestone County, Texas, December 10, 1938. Married Jackie L. Fisher at the Thornton home in Pt. Enterprise, near Mexia, Texas, in Limestone County, August 14, 1959. They were married by Janice's maternal grandfather, Primitive Baptist Elder W. R. Blackmon.

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Photographs (Seven Generations of Family Portraits)

For a complete collection of old photographs representing the families in this book, see “A Fisher Family Album - A History in Pictures” by this author.

Mary Hoskins, Wife of Cephas A. Fisher Jr.

Samuel C. Fisher & Wife Effie Van Tassel Fisher

Florance Clinton Fisher & Wife Grace Minett Long

Woodford Pascal Fisher Sr. & Wife Dorothy Berneice Kelly Fisher

Jackie L. Fisher & Wife Janice Gayle Thornton Fisher

Jackie L. Fisher & Wife Janice Gayle Thornton Fisher & Family

Proof of the Lineage

Our Fisher ancestry is proven in the following way:

1. Grandfather F. C. Fisher Sr. (1886) gave us first-hand remembrances of his father Samuel Fisher (1857) and his grandfather Cephas A. Fisher (1812) of Henry County, Iowa. Census records (and Cephas’ death certificate) clearly verify that Cephas was Samuel’s father and F. C. Sr.’s grandfather. Additional confirmation is in Joan C. Boem’s “Clinton County, Indiana History and Genealogical Sketches,” Evangel Press, 1989.

2. A “History of Clinton County, Ohio”, published in 1882 by W. H. Beers & Co. (Chicago), establishes Cephas Fisher of Henry County, Iowa as the son of Cephas Fisher Sr. (1780, b. Pennsylvania), and grandson of James Fisher Jr. (1744, b. Pennsylvania). The old home places for these Fishers and their families lie around Lees Creek, near New Vienna, Ohio. Tax records of 1840 list the father and son as Cephas Sr. and Cephas Jr. We have found vital statistics on these families in the Quaker Monthly Meeting records and county cemetery records of Highland and Clinton Counties, Ohio. Pauline Leslie first discovered this descendancy and documented it during a long illness in her 1960 book, “Families of Fisher, Durnell, Littler, and Zimmerman .” Thelma Lucille Fisher’s book, “Atkinson - Fisher English Quaker Emigrants with William Penn”, Cox Printing Company, 1978, also includes this genealogy, and adds results of further research. We have independently checked the Quaker records, which prove the lineage back to Thomas Fisher, who married Elizabeth Huntley in 1713. (See other sources, in “References.”)

3. The computerized Mormon Ancestral File equates Thomas Fisher, husband of Elizabeth Huntley, with Thomas, the son of the well-known John Fisher and Margaret Hindle who emigrated in 1682. The file lists Elizabeth as the second wife of Thomas, after Margery Maud. This is now known to be in error. The Thelma Fisher book includes the same error. We have obtained the detailed family histories of William Logan Fisher (published 1839) and Anna Wharton Smith (published 1896), who were descendants of John and Margaret Fisher, of Sussex County (Now part of Delaware.) It is clear from these sources (note Smith, Appendix), and the court records of Sussex County, that our ancestor, Thomas Fisher of Chester County, was not Thomas, son of John and Margaret. The existing records do contain some indirect evidence to support the possibility of some kind of relationship to John and Margaret Fisher (See the text, part III.)

It appears most probable that Thomas Fisher, our ancestor, was the son of John and Barbara Fisher, of Chichester Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, but this should not be considered proven based upon our research to date. (See the text, part III.)

4. Notes about some of these Fishers are found in “The Fisher Family”, American Genealogical Research Institute, Arlington Va., Library of Congress 72-87488, including a record of James Fisher (1744) serving in the American Revolution, confirming his date of birth and death and his marriage to Jane Atkinson; and the emigration of John Fisher in 1682.

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Att Caln 12-16-1737. Joseph Wilkinson produced a certificate to this meeting from the Monthly
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At Caln 7-27-1739. Joseph Wilkinson made aknowledgement for “being overcome with passion &
uttering unbecoming expressions.”
Att Bradford 8-18-1739. Evan Wilkinson complained of for not paying a debt due to Peter Babb.
Att Caln 8-16-1740. Request made for certificate for Joseph Wilkinson to Newark Monthly Meeting in
order to marraiage with Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Fisher. Granted 9-20-1740.
At Caln 10-18-1740. Debt to Ann Wilkinson (Graham).
At Caln 10-17-1741. Complaint made against Evan Wilkinson for “absconding privately from his
creditors, which is reproachful to the truth.” 11-21-1741 testimony against Evan Wilkinson “to be
Bradford 1-19-1740/01. Evan Wilkinson complained of for not paying debt to Wm. Tinklar. 3-21-1741
Allow Wm Tinklar to recover it in legal way.
At Caln 4-18-1741. James Fisher produced certificate from Newark Monthly Meeting for himself and
At Caln 2-15-1742. Samuel Wilkinson certificate from Sadsbury Monthly Meeting.
At Caln 6-19-1742. Thomas Fisher produced certificate from Newark Monthly Meeting for himself &
wife & three younger children.
At Caln 6-16-1743. Testimony against Margaret Wilkinson. Acknowledged to be published at W. Caln.
1743.6.18 At Caln. Samuel Fisher produced cert. from Newark Mm
1743.7.15 Att Bradford. Thomas Fisher to be overseer of Caln Mtg.
Att Bradford 7-15-1743. Thomas Fisher to be overseer of Caln Meeting.
At Bradford 9-15-1743. Thomas Paine from Montmellick Meeting, Ireland. (Later was a witness to
Thomas Fisher’s will.)
1746.8.16 Att Caln. James Mendenhall added to Thomas Fisher as an overseer of Caln meeting.
Friends are advised to get the time of their children’s births recorded in the other end of the book
prepared for recording marriage certificates in.
1747.10.17 Att Bradford. John Hall appointed overseer in Caln in place of Thos. Fisher dec’d.
1748.7.19. Att Bradford. John Coope & Elizabeth Fisher, a widow, declared intent first time.
1748.10.15 Att Caln. John Coope not appearing here (which is thought to be occasioned by the great
floods) the matter is continued
1748.11.14. Att Bradford. John Coope appeared but Elizabeth Fisher being unwell is not come so the
matter concerning their intention of marriage is continued
1748.12.16. Att Caln. John Coope & Elizabeth Fisher delcared intent second time.
1749.3.18. At Bradford. Peter Whitaker, Amos Booke, James Fisher, etc. to hear & reconcile...
1749.9.16. At Bradford. John Coope named overseer for Bradford.
1749.10.21. Att Caln. Samuel Fisher appeared and requested a certificate to New Garden Mm in order
to marriage with Ann Lambert.
1750. Att Caln. Isaac Few to Caln from Newark.
1750.1.21. Att Bradford. Complaint made of Joseph Wilkinson for not satisfying Aaron Mendenhall a
demand for a debt. 2-18-1751 Joseph Wilkinson appeared & stated matter referred to 3 men. (Settled
1751.8.17 Att Caln John Cope Jr. complained of for having carnal knowledge before marriage & being
married by a priest
1752. Att Caln. Thos. Fisher asked for certificate in order to marry with Elizabeth Lamborn a member
of New Garden Mm
1752.11.16. Att Bradford. Bradford complains of the Exrs of Thos. Fisher for not satisfying Sara Pyle
Ex. of Saml. Pyle in a debt which said Exr’s disputes.
1752.11.16. Att Bradford. Francis Fisher request cert. in order to marrry with Rachel Wickersham a
member of N. Garden Meeting
1752.12.21 Att Caln In case of Fisher & Pyle the friends decided the debt should be paid which was
accordingly done.
1753.2.15. Complaint of Jos. Wilkinson for not satisfying Robt. Miller’s demand.
(Satisfied 3-15-1753.)
1753.7.26 Joseph Wilkinson & wife having removed to within Goshen Meeting w/o a cert. “therefore
this mtg. thinks fit to send one after him
1754.8.15. Att Caln. ...send to John Coope at Bradford
at Caln 10-17-1754 Saml Stanfield produced Cert. from Abington Mm.
1754.10.17. Att Caln. Samuel Stanfield produced cert. from Abington Mm
1755.4.17. Att Caln. Cert. granted to Mary Fisher to Goshen Meeting
att Caln 4-15-1756 Wm Stanfield produced cert (...)?
1756.4.15. Att Caln. Wm. Stanfield produced cert. (does not say from where.)
1756.6.17. Att Caln. Evan Wilkinson appeared & made ack. for misconduct in time past & desired to
be reconciled to Friends which is agreed to.
1756.8.19. Att Caln. Wm. Stanfield appeared & made another ack. “which doth not seem altogether
proper to be received
1756.5.20. Att Bradford. Deborah Bruce disowned for not keeping to an agreement w. Dinah
1756.8.19. Att Caln. Testimony against Deborah Bruce now Stanfield ordered pub. in Bradford.
att Caln 8-19-1756 Wm Stanfield appeared & made another ack. “which doth not seem altogether
proper to be received.”
Testimony agst Deborah Bruce now Stanfield ordered pub in Bradford.
1756.10.21. Att Caln. Saml. Stanfield req.cert. to North Wales in order to marry w/ Mary Martin.
At Bradford 1757 Dorcas Few m. one not a member
1757.3.17. At Bradford. Eliz. Fisher to be overseer of Caln Mtg. in room of Phebe Wall.
At Bradford 5-19-1757 Wm Stanfield Cert signed
At Caln 12-15-1757 Mary Stanfield cert from Gwenned
1757 At Bradford. Dorcas Few m. one not a member.
1757.5.19. At Bradford. Wm. Stanfield Cert. signed
1757.12.15. At Caln. Mary Stanfield cer. from Gwenned
1758.6.15. At Caln. Complains of Evan Wilkinson not paying debt due Saml. Stanfield.
1758.9.21. At Bradford. Tho. Fisher overseer for Caln with 2 others
At Caln 7-17-1761 Samuel Stanfield & wife Mary req cert to Goshen
1761.10.16. At Bradford. Francis Fisher requests certificate for himself , wife & children to New
1761.11.13. At Bradford. Cert. for Francis Fisher & Rachel his wife & children Hannah, Jane, Job &
1762.1.15. At Caln. Caln complains of Thomas Fisher Jr. “for taking strong liquor in excess in a public
1762.1.15. At Caln. Evan Wilkinson complained of for raising false and scandalous reports of a
neighbor of his.
1762.2.12. At Bradford. Tho. Fisher Jr. appeared & offered ack. which after solid consideration was
1762.4.16. Att Bradford. James Fisher requested Cert. for himself, wife & 5 youngest children to
Warrington. Cert. granted.
1762.5.14. At Caln. Tho. Wilkinson brought cert. from Warrington for himself & sister Ruth Wilkinson.
1762.7.16. At Caln. Cert for Tho. Fisher Jr. , he not requesting one
1762.9.17. At Caln. Cert. signed for James Fisher, wife Alice & children James, Isaac, Amos, Meriam
& Elizabeth to Warrington. axcepted
1763.2.18. At Bradford. Tho. Fisher having gone away w/o paying his debts whereby several of his
creditors are uneasy.
1763.3.18. At Caln. Tistimony against Tho. Fisher is read
34. LDS 0562981 Bradford/Caln Monthly Meeting
pg 4 At Bradford Samuel Stanfield of N. Wales m. Mary Martin 10-21-1756
1757 At a meeting of Bradford Mm at Caln Mary Stanfield produced a cert. from Newark Mm
1761 Mary Standfield req cert to Goshen
“Notes on early Concord Mm history” 1694 Francis Chadsey & Grace Standfield appear
9 7 mo 1695 - declare intentions
1701 Richard Woodward & Deborah Stanfield
35. LDS 0389407 Newark Monthly Meeting (Kennett)
p. 245 Mm of Newark held at Kennett Samuel Stanfield produced a certificate for him selfe and Wife
from the monthly meeting of Notingham to this meeting recomending them to us which was read and
received m. Jane Andrew at Lurgan, Ireland 9-14-1711. See A. C. Myers p. 356. The above
certificate in my possession G. C. [Gilbert Cope]
p. 315 1735 6? of 1? MO? James ffisher and Allice Standfield appears here and Declared their
intention of marriage with each other which is passed for the first time therefore we appoint John and
Jacob Way to inquire into his conversation and Clearness on the account of marriage and make report
to the next moly meeting.
1719.4.24. Deborah Fisher, dau. of Robert & Hannah Roberts b. 1719.4.24. d. 1754.2.11.
1747.8.18. Eli Fisher, son of William & Deborah b. 1747.8.18. d. 1748.7.6
1740.10.31. Elizabeth Fisher, daughter of Tho: of Kennett m. Joseph Wilkinson
1745.7.22. George Fisher, son of William & Deborah b. 1745.7.22. d. 1748.6.
1741.3.30. Hannah Fisher, dau. of William & Deborah, b. 1741.3.30
1770.4.2. Hannah Fisher, dau. of Robert & Martha b. 1770.4.2
1735/6 17th? of 1st Mo. James ffisher and Allice Standfield appeared here and Declared their intention
of marriage with each other which is passed for the first time therefore we appoints John and Jacob Way
to inquire into his conversation and Clearness on the account of Marriage and make report to the next
moly meeting.
At Kennett 1736 1st of 3rd Mo. The ffrds above appointed to see the orderly accomplishment of the
Marriage of James ffisher and Alice Standfield Joseph Davis and Hannah Cloud makes report.
1742.10.27. Robert Fisher, son of William & Deborah, b. 1742.10.27 d. 1774.6.
1714 1st of 11th Mo. At our Monthly Meeting held att the Centure Thomas ffisher produced a
Certificate from Concord Monthly meeting which was read hear and axepted.
1728 3rd of 6th Mo. Kennett preparitive meeting have brought an account to this meeting concerning
Tho: ffisher and James ffew both of them fetching warrants for such that are in Brotherhood with them
and they both appearing here in a Condescending frame but not comeing up fully to the sattisfaction of
this meeting therefore we leaves it to their Consideration untill next mo meeting.
1728 7.7. At our Monthly Meeting of Newark held at Kennett. Thomas ffisher not appearing at this
meeting as Expected therefore we appoint Wm Harevey and Daniel Webb to desire him to be at the next
mo meeting to give his reasons for not appearing at this.
James ffew appearing at this meeting but not yet coming up to the full satisfaction of ffrds and he
desiring an other months Consideration. Therefore we Continues this affair untill the next monthly
1728 5th of 8th Mo At our Monthly Meeting of Newark held at Center. Tho: ffisher appeared here but
not yet coming up to the full sattisfaction of this meeting. Therefore we continue his case to the next
Mo. Meeting.
James ffew not appearing at this meeting. Therefore we continues his case and desires Joseph
Mendenhall to spake to him to be at the next Monthly Meeting to give his reasons for not appearing at
this and to give his ffrds sattisfaction.
1728 9th Mo. Thomas ffisher nor James ffew neither of them appearing at this meeting therefore we
appoints Elis Lewis and Joseph Mendenhall to goe and Confer with them and desire them to be at the
next Mo. Meeting to give their reasons for their neglect and make report of your Care in that affair.
1728 7th of 10th Mo. At our Monthly Meeting held at Kennett. The ffriends appoint to goe and Confer
with Tho: ffisher and James ffew report they went according to appointment and the above sd Thomas
and James wer both at this meeting and Thomas have produced a testimony against his ons goeings
which is taken for Sattisfaction. Therefore we appoints William Leavis to read in Kennett first day
meeting and make report thereof and return the same to the next monthly meeting.
But James ffew not yet coming up to the sattisfaction of this meeting but at his fathers request we refer
his care to the next Monthly Meeting desireing him to be there allso.
1728 4th of 11th Mo. At our Monthly Meeting of Newark held at Center. The ffrnd appointed to read
the Testimony given into Last meeting by Tho: ffisher report he hath done it which here under followeth.
To the Monthly Meeting of Newark held at Kennett ye 7th of ye 11th moth 1728. Inasmuch as I have
been guilty of fetching a warent for one in Communion with me Contrary to the good order Established
amongst us for which disorderly act I am sorrey and gives this as a testimony against the same as witness
my hand. Thomas ffisher.
This meeting understanding that James ffew is under indisposition of body and Canot be here Therefore
we appoints John Heald and William Harvey to goe and have Conferance with him and desire him If able
to be at the next Mo Meeting and they to make report of their care in that affair to the next meeting.
1714.3.8. William Fisher, son of Tho: & Elizabeth, b. 1714.3.8. d. 1748.6.22.
1739.8.24. William Fisher, son of Tho: of Kennett m. Deborah Roberts.
1773.4.21. William Fisher, son of Robert & Martha b. 1773.4.21 d. 1774.2.
1720 4th of 7th Mo. At our Monthly Meeting held at the Centure. Jeames Bruce and Deborah Huntly
having said their intentions of marriage before this meeting it being the first time therefore we appoints
Ezekel Harlan and Joseph Mendinhall to make inquirey into his Cleareness of marriage from all other
persons and conversation and make report to the next meeting.
1720 7th Mo. at our Monthly Meeting held at the Centure. Jeames Brewse and Deborah Huntly
continueing their intentions of marriage it being the second time and the ffriends appointed to make
inquirey into his Conversation and Clearness from all other Persons in relation to marriage make report
they find nothing to obstruct their proceeding therefore this meeting leaves them to their Liberty to
accomplish the same and appoint Ezekel Harlow and Joseph Mendenhall to see that it be accomplished
according to good order and make repoart to the next meeting.
1713 3rd of 8th Mo. At our Monthly Meeting held at John Rich’s House. Richd Fletcher and Mary
Huntly appearing at this meeting declareing their intentions of marriage is being ye first time this meeting
orders ye man produce a Certificate from ye Monthly Meeting at wch he belongs to our next meeting.
1713 (Before 2nd of 11th Mo.) Joell Bailey & John Heald return to ye meeting yt marriage of Richd
Fletcher and Mary Huntly was orderly accomplished
1724/5 Peter Whitaker and Mary Huntly appeared at this meeting and signified they continued their
intentions of marriage it being the second time and the ffriends appointed to enquire into his
Conversation and Clearness on the account of marriage make a report they find nothing to obstruct thier
request they having Consent of parents therefore this meeting Leaves them to their Liberty to accomplish
their sd intentions according to the good order established amongst us and appoints Joseph Mendenhall
and Moses Mendenhall to attend the marriage and make report to the next meeting and make returne of
the marriage Certificate in order to be recorded.
The ffriends appointed to attend the marriage of Peter Whitaker and Mary Huntly make report that it was
accomplished orderly.
1724/5 Peter Whitaker and Mary Huntly said their intentions of marriage before this meeting it being the
first time therefore we appoints Joseph Mendenhall and Moses Mendenhall to make enquirey into his
conversation and Clearness in marriage from all others and make report to the next meeting. Kennett
1726 5th of 9th Mo. At our Monthly Meeting held at Kennett. John Stanton and Sarah Huntly laid their
intention of marriage before this meeting it being the first time therefore we appoints William Leavis and
John Heald to make enquirey into his conversation and clearness in marriage from all others and make
report to the next meeting.
1736.2.14. Newark Monthly Meeting at Kennett. Alice Standfield, daughter of Samuel of Kennett m.
James Fisher at Kennett.
1744. Newark Monthly Meeting at Kennett. Jane Standfield m. John Hammer.
1742. Newark Monthly Meeting at Kennett. John Standfield of New Castle County, Hockesin Mtg. m.
Hannah Dixon
1738.5.7. Mary Standfield b. 1738.5.7. “One of the youngest children of Samuel & Jane of Kennett.”
1731. Samuel Standfield produced a Certificate for him selfe and Wife from the monthly meeting of
Notingham to this meeting recomending them to us which was here read and received. m. Jane Andrew
at Lurgan, Ireland 9.14.1711. See A. C. Myers p. 356. “The above Certificate in my possession. G. C.”
(Gilbert Cope )
1733.5.8. Samuel Standfield b. 1733.5.8. “One of the youngest children of Samuel & Jane of Kennett.”
1731.4.26. William Standfield of Kennett b. 1731.4.26. “One of the youngest children of Samuel &
Jane of Kennett.”
1740.10.31. Joseph Wilkinson of E. Caln m. Elizabeth Fisher at Kennett. “James Fisher, Evan
Wilkinson, Ann Graham, Nathan Sharpless & other witnesses.”
p. 9 Isaac Few of Marlborough 1732.4.28 Kennett, Jane Evans 1733 Joseph Few of Bradford, son of
Isaac 1725 James Few of Kennett, 1744 Hannah of Kennett dau James & Dorcas
Isaac - Jane Evans
Joseph - Mary Aston
James - Dorcas Mathews
Hannah - Isaac Harlan
p. 87 Alice Standfield dau. of Samuel of Kennett m James Fisher 1736.2.14 at Kennett
John Standfield of New Castle County m. Hannah Dixon at Hockesin 1742
Jane Standfield of Wilmington m. John Hammer 1744 at Wilmington
Wm Standfield b. 1731.4.26
Samuel Standfield b. 1733.5.8
Mary Standfield b. 1738.5.7 “Youngest Children of Samuel & Jane of Kennett”
1736.2.14. James Fisher, son of Tho: of Kennett m. Alice Stanfield.
(No Date.) Newark Monthly Meeting at Kennett. Daughter of Francis. m. Moses Way (Hay?) May be
abt. 1720?
36. LDS 0389399 Kennett Monthly Meeting
p. 22 John Standfield 7-4-1742 Hannah Dixon 1st time.
p. 33 Jane Standfield 7-1-1744 John Hammer & Jane 1st time
p. 90, 87 John Standfield with wife & family to Cane Creek N. C. 9-1-1753
Women’s Minutes, Newark
p. 103 1731-2 1-6 at Kennett James Fisher & Allice Standfield laid their intention of marriage before
this meeting it being ye first
time, therefore we appt Martha Heald & Susanna Pryor to enq.
p. 162 1741 2-4 Cert Req for Allice Fisher & husband to Bradford. Mary Lewis & Hannah Carleton
p. 166 1742 7-4 John Standfield & Hannah Dixon 2nd time - oversee
p. 172 1744 8-6 John Hammer & Jane Stanfield 2nd time - oversee
p. 188 1749 4-3 Newark prep. mtg chose Hannah Stanfield as an overseer of Hockessin Mtg.
p. 202 1753 9-1 Ceret Req Hannah Standfield & husband & her dau. (This line part of next??) Ruth
Dixson to Cane Creek.
p. 211 Mary Stanfield Cert. cont next mtg.
Concord Records:
Children of Samuel & Jane Standfield “the younger children”
Wml 4-26-1731
Samuel 5-8-1733
Mary 5-9-1738
p. 67 1725 4-5 James Few & Dorcas Math’s 1st time, then appr. Req.cert to Concord behalf Deborah
Concord records:
Kennett births
Richard Few 2-26-1700 Children of Isaac & Hannah
Isaac Few 2-20-1701
James Few 12-28-1708
Eliz. Few 12-2-1705
Daniel Few 1-23-1706
Joseph Few 6-20-1708
Wm Few 5-16-1714
Francis Few 6-13-1719
Samuel Few 1-25-1722
37. LDS 20402 Kennett Monthly Meeting marriages 1718-1821
p. 29 James Few & Dorcas Matthews
p. 54 Isaac Few & Jane Evans
p. 57 Joseph Few & Mary Aston
p. 84 George Harlan & Elizabeth Hope (2nd marriage of Eliz Hope??)
p. 87 James Fisher & Alice Standfield marriage cert. 1736
p. 120 John Standfield & Hannah Dixon 1742. Family present:Simon & Ruth
Hadley, Jane Standfield, James Fisher, Joseph Wilkinson, Allice Fisher, William Andrews
p. 154 Isaac Harland & Hannah Few
38. LDS Microfilm 441354, Minutes of Concord Monthly Meeting
p. 291 30 At Will Brinton’s 1691/12/8 Will Huntley desires cert. to marry Mary Standfield. Will
Branton & Peter Dicks to inquire.
Will Huntley’s certificate granted in ye 1st month 1692.
p. 41 Francis Chadsey & Grace Standfield 1st time. Peter Dix & Wm Hughes to inquire.
At Robt Pyle’s 1695.7.9
Francis Chadsey & Grace Stanfield 2nd time. Allowed 1695.8.14.
p. 65 Richard Woodward & Deborah Standfield - Geo. Pearce & Benj. Mendenhall to enquire
Richard Woodward & Debra Standfield allowed - George Pierce to oversee.
1712/13 1.9. At Concord Thomas Fisher & Elizabeth Huntly both belonging to this meeting. Wm.
Branton & Jacob Vernon to make inquiry.
1713 2.13. At Chichester Thos Fisher & Elizabaeth Huntly Jacob Vernon & Wm Pyle to oversee.
1692. Will Huntly desires certificate to marry Mary Stanfield. Will Branton & Peter Dicks to inquire.
1692 1.14 At George Pearces in Thornbury Will Huntly’s certificate granted in ye 1st month 1692.
39. LDS 0020386 Concord Men’s Minutes
At Will Branton’s 8th of ye 12th mo 1691
Will Huntley declareth his intention of marriage to Mary Standfield to giving cert. from this meeting
orders ye Will Branton and Petter Dicks both make inquiries into ye life & conversation his ? from all
other persons as to marriage & make a report to ye next mtg.
14 1M 1692 Wm Huntley - cert mar. granted
Francis Chadsey & Grace Standfield intention to marry 9 7m 1695. Mtg Robt Pyle’s House approved
14 8M 1695
Richard Woodward & Deborah Standfield intent to m. 8 10M 1701.
Richard & Deborah 2nd time 12 11M 1701
40. LDS 0020457 Concord Marriages
Richard Few & Betty Booth p. 37
41. LDS film 0389414 Nottingham Monthly Meeting
1730/1 20th of 1st Month. At our Meeting of East Nottingham held the 20th of ye 1st Mo. 1730.
Samll Standfield hath requested of this meeting a certificate on behalf of himself & his wife to ye Mothly
meeting of Kennett. Arthur Barret & John Churchman are therefore appointed to make Enquiry in to his
conversation & affairs & Prepare a Certificate accordingly & bring to ye next Monthly Meeting.
1730/1 17th of 2nd Mo. At our Meeting of East Nottingham held ye 17th of ye 2nd Mo. 1731.
The Friends appointed to make Enquirey into ye Conversation & Circumstances of Samll Stanfield have
given this meeting an acct tht they find nothing to obstruct him of having a Certificate & have Brought
one wch was read, approved & signed at our mtg of E. Nottingham held ye 17th of ye 2nd Mo. 1731.
Men’s Minutes -- At our Meeting of E. N. held the 20th of ye 1st Mo 1730 p. 15 Samll Stanfield hath
requested of this meeting a certificate on behalf of himself & his wife to ye moly meeting of Kennett.
Arthur Barret & John Churchman are Therefore appointed to make Enquiry in to his conversation *
affairs & Prepare a Certificate accordingly & bring to ye next Mly meeting. p. 17 At our mtg of E. N.
held ye 17th of ye 2d mo 1731. (1730?) The Friends appointed to make Enquirey into ye Conversation
& circumstances of Samll Stanfield have given this meeting an acct yth they find nothing to obstruct him
of having a certificate & have Brought one wch was read, approved & signed at our mtg of E. N. held
ye 17th of ye 2d mo 1731.
42. Gilbert Cope Collection, LDS Microfilm 517034
43. Bucks Co., Pa. Tax Records 1693-1778, McNealy & Waite (974.8 M169)
44. Chester Co., Pa. Estate Papers 1700-1800, Dorothy Lapp, No. 161
(Clayton Lib. Reel 9, Houston Tx)
45. Barbados Wills & Admins.V. I ,III, F (972.98 S215); Census of 1678-79 (LDS Film 1564648)
46. Barbados Marriage Records 1643-1800; Bapt.1637-1800 (V.I, 972.98 S215; LDS Film 1157953)
47. Barbados Records Wills & Administrations Vol I 972.98 S215
p. 130 Will of George Foster - Left some to chn of Robert Stanfield. Abigail & 2 boys under age.
12 Feb. 1671 St. Johns.
48. Genealogies of Barbados Families, James C. Brandow, Baltimore Genealogical Pub. Co. Inc. 1983
49. The Quakers of Iowa, Louis T. Jones 1914, pg 43
50. LDS 0441406 Yorkshire Friends Qrtly Mtg
Mary Stansfield m. John Barker 1690-5-17 dau of James of Psh Hepton-Stall, Co. York
Martha Stansfield b. 1667-10-10 dau of James
Abraham b. 1670-11-13 son of Jane (James?)
Susannah b. 1678-8-28 dau. of James
Joshua b. 1681-4-4 son of James
Twins Johnas & Jonathan b. 1683-9-25 sons of James Brighouse Mm (James of Manckinhoyles Mm)
Lidia Stansfield d. 1669-10-10 Mankenholes
Abraham Stansfield, son of James d. 1669-10-18 Prisonor at York Castle
Deborah Stansfield, dau of George d. 1669--12-3
Lidia Stansfield, dau of John d. 1670-10-13
Susan Stansfield, dau of John d. 1672/3-1-5
Thomas Stansfield, d. xx of Burstowel Hull Mm
Charles Stansfield, d. 1685-4-4 of Shore
John Stansfield, d. 1685-8-22 of Shore
p. 44 Sabrina dau of Thomas Stanfield, Laterington b. 14 4m 1660
p. 128 Salamona dau of Thomas Stanfield of Lathington b. 20 4m 1660
p. 129 Zachariah son of Thomas Stanfield of Lattington b. 13 1m 1664
p. 337 Elisha Son of Thomas Stanfield Latterington bur. 1 12m 1667
Thomas Stanfield of Burstwicke, bur. 3 12m 1670
51. LDS 1482470 Yorkshire Qtrly Mtg 1669-98
p. 63 Thomas Hutcheson having gone beyond Sea....1/1/1689
p. 73 1681 Letter from Geo. Hutcheson asking for loan
p. 21, 63 Dorothy Hutcheson Removal to America
52. Yorkshire marriage registers Goodall 942 P556 V. I&II
Ann Stanfield m. 1585/6 Rotherham p. 28
53. Yorkshire Hull Monthly Meeting (LDS Microfilm 588433)
54. LDS 0813512 Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire Monthly Meeting
John Stanfield son of John Stanfield & Mary -- was born ye 10th of ye 5th mo 1702.
Mary Stanfield of Blythe bur. 28 of 3M 1708, Nottinghamshire.
1681 Jno Fisher at wedding of Wm Casson of Malersey? Notts. Jno Stanfield present.
55. LDS 0599671 A Collection of Sufferings of The People Called Quakers (Besse)
vol 1 p. 142 Derbyshire 1670 Taken from Francis Stanfield 9L 0 0 at mtg at Cartop.
v.2 p. 144 Mar 3, 1678 John Fisher signed “Representation presented to the Members of Parliament for
Yorkshire, being as follows viz” .... 20 signatures including Thomas & George Hutchinson.
v.2 p. 136 Charles Stanfield, Halifax, Yorkshire 170/71 Taken from persons dwelling near Halifax
Charles Stansfield & others 4L-8-0.
(Near Bradford Meeting)
v.2 p. 143 1678 Yorkshire Taken in Corn, Hay & other titheables John & James Stansfield & others
each a piece of Kersey worth 4L-6s.
v.2 p. 152 Yorkshire 1683 At Stanfield cum Langfield from John Stanfield four Kine, two Heifers and
an Horse, worth 24L.

v.2 p. 153 1683 John Stanfield, & others. Goods Taken at Langfield.
v.2 p. 90 1652 Yorkshire Thomas Stanfield imprisoned 5 weeks for exhorting the People assembled at
Patterington. Refused to pay 6d, carried to jail, goods taken 6L 8d.
v2 p 284 Barbadoes Mary Stanfield in the year 1661. “Taken away from her by the officers of
Timothy Thornhills Regiment, six Turkey-Cocke valued at (3?) 60 lbs of Sugar, Sow from her pigs,
returned Sow when she was Poor. Took Boar valued at 200 lbs 1663.
v2 p 279 18 Mar 1660 Barbadoes Robert Stanfield & others arrested Parish of St. Michaels for meeting
in contempt of Proclamation “Whitehall Jan 10 1660.”
56. Index of English Wills/Administrations, Phila. Pa. 1682-1752 & 1783-1810 Williams (974.8 W726)
57. English Wills of Colonial Families, Noel Currer-Briggs (929.3 C976)
58. The Original Lists of Persons of Quality..., Hotten (USA Gen 325.242 H834)
59. Omitted Chapters from Hotten’s Original Lists of Persons....(Gen 972.98 O55)
60. Dorset Parish Registers 942 P556 Eng
John Standfield & Mary Comage m 23 Oct 1699.
61. William Penn’s Holy Experiment, Edwin Bronner. Columbia University Press, 1962. University
of Houston Clear Lake library.
62. History of Chester County, Pa., Futhey, 1693 tax list ( 974.8 F996)
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64. Record of the Courts of Quarter Sessions & Common Pleas, Bucks Co. Pa. 684-1700 (974.8 P415)
65. Births, Deaths and Marriages of the Nottingham Quakers 1680- Alice L. Beard RO1614 30153
66. LDS 0389402 Nottingham & New Garden etc Monthly Meetings
p. 206 James Fisher son of Tho of Kennett, m. Alice Standfield 1736 2M 14.
p. 220 Alice Standfield dau of Samuel of Kennett m. 1736 2 14 James Fisher Kennett
John Standfield of Newcastle Co. m. 1742 8 13 Hannah Dixson, Hock.
Jane Standfield of Wilmington m. 1744 8 11 John Hammer Wilm.
p. 363 Wm Standfield b. 1731 4 26 Son of Samuel/Jane
Samuel Standfield b. 1733 5 8 ditto
Mary Standfield b. 1738 5 9 dau of ditto “younger children of Samuel/Jane”
67. LDS 0389405 New Garden etc Mm
Grace Stanfield d. 1691.10 wife of Francis; Francis d. abt 1692 (Chester Mtg)
Mary Few d. 1686, Richard Few d. 1688
68. LDS 0571396 Lurgan Monthly Meeting
Part 5 Book 1 pg 182 Samuel Stanfield of Lurgan m. Jane Andrew of Lurgan, County Armagh
m. 1711 8M 14?
1/182 JaneAndrew of Lurgan m. Samuel Stanfield of Lurgan m. at Lurgan, Co. Armagh 1711 8M 11.
2/11 William Andrew of Lurgan Mtg, Co. Armagh m. Miriam Bullock of Lurgan Mtg. at Lurgan, Co.
Armagh 1717 9M 6?
1/120 George Andrew b. 1719 11m 12 son of William Junr & Mariam
69. LDS 0441458 Burlington Monthly Meeting Index
Samuel Andrews 468, Peter Andrews 469,512
70. Pa. Archives 974.8 P415
Series v.xi pg. 56 Samuel Stanfield 1765 tax list, 60 acres Chester Co.
55,206,373,437 Sadler 1768 100 acres Chester Co. 1765,1767, 130 acres 1766
71. Duck Creek Quaker Reocrds 975.1 D343 Del
72. Calendar of Kent County Delaware Probate Records (1680 - 1800) 975.1 D488
73. Court Records of Kent County Delaware 1660 - 1795 975.1 D488
74. Records of the Courts of Chester County, Pennsylvania V. I, II (974.8 C525)
James Standfield, collector for public aid for Marple p 38
7 mo 1685 John Hurst bound by Recognizance to appear at theis Court for abusing and Beating his
master ffrancis Stamfield - nothing proven , discharged. John Hurst Presents James Stamfield for
Abusing and drawing a knife upon him. 3 witnesses declare they saw James Stamfield draw a knife &
run at him. Joseph Clayton attested James Stamfield made a pass with “Whittle” at Hurst. Promised to
live peaceably, discharged. p. 59-60
1686? Francis Standfield Servants for beating master p. 60
1686 Francis Standfield chosen constable of Marple p. 86
1686? Francis Standfield petition withdrawn p. 92
7 4m 1687 Francis and James Stamfield court cases p 92, 93
7m 1687 James Stamfield Plaintif - Accused John Orion of stealing brown bay mare. Mouns Peters test.
he marked mare for Haunce Urine when shee was about two yrs old, four ys ago. Find for defendant.
p. 199
1m 1687 James Stamfield on Grand Jury. p. 119
1688 James Stamfield on jury p. 134
1688 James Stamfield for sellin a mare not his own. p. 141
1688 James Stamfield servant for stealing clothes p. 146
1688 James Stamfield Constable of Marple p. 152
1688 Grace Standfield, midwife. The midwife Grace Stamfield test with Margaret Coppocke, Ellen
Coppocke & Margery Pearson being all streightly examined that ye child received noe harm. (Susannah
Willard, John Bradshaw unmarried, child Dead.)
1689 James Stamfield in Case withdrawn p. 160
1689 James Stamfield Defendant in Dispute with George Philips, taylor trade. Mary Stamfield,
brother [in-law?] of defendant, testifies. Find for Plaintif. p. 164
1689 James Stamfield in debt case between Barth. Coppocke & John Butler p. 175
1689 James Stamfield, 2 servants who had run away p. 178, 179
1689 James Stamfield, tax collector for Marple p. 182
1689 James Stamfield Scandal & defamation case (defandant) p. 185
Scandal case withdrawn p. 196
James Stamfield on Jury p. 199
James Stamfield case withdrawn p. 200
1690 James Stamfield servant ran away, extended service 1 year p. 206
1690 “James Stamfield appeared not” p. 213
1690 James Stamfield plaintiff, ruled for defendant p. 215
1690 James Stamfield for failing to appear at grand jury p. 216
1690 Debt paid to James Stamfield p. 220
1690 James Stamfield called to Court but dismissed, gave satisfaction p. 225
1690 James Stamfield court p. 226
1691 Case withdrawn (debt) p. 231
1691 James Stamfield on jury p. 232
1690 James Stamfield for hunting swine jon other property p. 255
1 Nov 1694 James Stamfield deed for 500 acres in Chester co. near Darby Creek, from Edward
Hundlokeg, Burlington. p. 338
1696 James Stamfield ack. a deed to Thomas Hope for 100 acres, Marple 8 3 mo 1696
also 100 acres to Henry Hames, Marple p. 397
1696 James Stamfield case dismissed (servants) p. 399
4 1mo 1696 James Stamfield deed, 300 acres in Marple to Thomas Massey
75. Records of Court of New Castle on Delaware V. II 975.1 N532
1687 James Standfield Lands & Titheables of the North side of Christina Creek. 0500 00 00 15 0
1689 Francis Standfield County Debitor records, to? p. 180
76. Index to History of Delaware 1609-1888 Thomas Scharf 2 Vols, Historical Society of Delaware
Wm Fisher, Assembly Member Sussex Co 1707 p. 130, Landowner 1700 Cedar Creek Hd.. p. 1249
James Standfield 1258
77. LDS 0382729 Pennsylvania Wills and Administrations
1694 Will 114 --Bristow, father of John Bristow Administrator Francis Chads. Rec from James
Standfield L50, Caleb Pusey L50, Wm Huntley L50. Also named Tho. Hope.
78. Philadelphia Wills and Administrations
LDS 0382730 Will 216 James Standfield 1699 Book A, p. 505. With settlement papers.
LDS 0021721, James Standfield will, different handwriting.
LDS 0384817 Abstracts of Administrations 1683-1744
Index of Wills & Admn. Records of Phila Pa 1682-1752 Williams 974.8 W726
Francis Stanfield 1692 Will Bk D (will not located but is quoted from in “Marple, 1st 100 Yrs.”
79. LDS 00441395 Cheshire/Staffordshire Mm
p. 200 Grace Stansfield b. 1673/9M/23 b. Mearple, Cheshire, dau of Francis & Grace of Meartill
80. Patents & Deeds 16641703 (1976) Nelson 974.9 P295 NJ Gen Pub. Co. Balt V21
p. 387 Wm Fisher Burlington town bounds on Del. River George Hutchinson of Onanickon 1691-94.
p. 484 George Hutchinson Distiller 1690 of Oneanickon
p. 484 1696 Thomas Hutchinson of Beverley, Yeoman, Thomas Pierson of Bonwick, yeoman, Joseph
Holmesly of Kelk, yeoman, George Hutchinson of Sheffield, distiller, Mahlon Stacy of Dorehouse,
tanner, all of York, England to...
p. 510 1698 James Standfield, executor of George Hutchinson,to Henry Beek, of Chesterfield,
Burlington Co.
81. NJ Archives Vol 1 Calendar of Wills 1670-1730 Pa 974.9 N532
p. 164 251 George, Rachel, Thomas, & John Hutchinson 1698 Philadelphia. George H. of Phil. Dau
Rachel (Under age) Marie Standfield of Phil., Eliz Pearce of Burl. etc. son in law James Standfield,
children of son Samuel in England.
82. LDS 0986897 Buck/Chester Co. Pa. Surveyor Gen. Index
p. 32 Francis Standfield Warrant 600 acres Aug 5, 1683
p. 34 Francis Standfield Return 600 acres.
83. Enc.of American Quaker Genealogy VII
p. 448 Francis Stanfield, s of James & Mary bur. 7-22 1695
James Stanfield bur. 7-3-1698
Mary Stanfield dt James bur 6-13-1698
James Stanfield s Francis & Grace prcf Chester Mm, dated 1689/90,12,3 to m Mary Hutchinson, dt
George, of Burlington
1690,4,27 James Stanfield 1 tm Mary Hutchinson
84. The Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660 Peter Wilson Coldham Eng 942 C688
p. 416 15 June 1683 Francis Stanfield “Endeavor” of Liverpool, Mr. George Thorpe, to Pa
85. LDS 441490 Berkshire & Oxon Mm
Wm Standfield bur 1662-12-27. Reading & Warborn Mm
86. LDS 1239400 Quakers in Wilts
p. 192 Francis Chadsey of Ogborne St. Andrew to Hester Davis of same 1680-1-1-17
p. 368 Jeane Few, dau of Richard Few of Lavington Mtg b. 1651-1-22
Richard Few, son of Richard of Lavington Mtg b. 1653-12-26
Walter Few, son of Richard Lavington b. 1656-7-3
Daniel Few, son of Richard Lavington b. 1660-11-20
Isaac Few son of Richard, Lavington b. 1664-4-6
Joseph Few, son of Richard, Lavington b. 1666-2-21
p. 280 - “Few” family
87. LDS 0986897 Buck/Chester Co. Pa. Surveyor Gen. Index
p. 163 Richard Few 9-16-1683 Warrant for City Lot
p. 856 Richard Few Liberty Land Warrant Dec 24, 1684
p. 870 Richard Few City Lot 1683
88. William Penn and Early Quakerism, Melvin B. Endy, Jr., Princeton University Press1973.
(F 152.2 E52 University of Houston Clear Lake Library)
89. LDS 0098552 Halifax Church Records 1538 - 1543, Yorkshire
Antonius Smyth et Margareta Stansfeld m. Nov. 10, 1539
Edmundus Stansfeld et Alicia Shakylton m. July 17, 1541
Henricus filius Thome Stanfeld de Skycote b. October 4, 1541
Edmundus filius bastardus Wilhelmi Threpland et Margarete Stansfeld b. Dec. 17, 1541
Ed. son bast Will Threpeland Mat Stansfeld Jan. 14, 1542
Hugh, son of Thomas Stansfeild of Skycote, b. Jan. 9, 1543
John Son of Radnulphi Stanfeld de Warley b. Feb 16, 1543
John Stansfield m. Johanna ffeyrnesyd Oct. 7, 1543
90. LDS 058419 Brighouse Friends Records 1641 - 1707, Yorkshire
p. 8 Martha dau of James Stansfield of Mankinholes b. 10th of 10th mo. 1667
p. 10 Abraham Son of James Stansfield of Mankinholes b. ye 13th of 11th mo. 1670
p. 20 Susana dau of James Stansfield of Mankinholes b. ye 28th of 8th Mo. 1678
p. 29 Joshua Son of James Stansfield of Mankinholes b. 4 of 4 mo 1681
p. 31 Jonathan Stansfield Son of James Stansfield of Mankinholes b. 25 of 9 mo 1683
1682 Jno & Martha Stansfield at wedding of Joseph Lee & Margret Hopworth of Stansfield
Lydia Stansfield of Mankinholes Dec: ye 10th of 10 mo 1669 She being then Prisoner at Yorke Castle,
was Buryed in their Burying place.
Abraham Son of James Stansfield of Mankenholes Dec: The 18th of 10 mo 1669 He also being
Prisoner at York. Was Buryed at their Burying Place.
Deborah Daughter of John Stansfeild d. ye 3 of 12 Mo 1669 and Buryed in her fathers Ground.
Lydia Dau of John Stansfield Dec: the 13 of 10 mo 1670 & Buryed at Shore
Susana dau of John Stansfield d. 4 of 1 mo 1673 b. at Shore in her father’s ground
Charles Stansfield d. 4 of 4 mo 1685 Bur at Shore
John Stansfield of Shore d. 22 of 8 mo 1685, bur 26th at Shore
John Stansfield d. 8 of 7 mo 1697 Bur at Shoobroad in Langfield
James Stansfield d. 20 of 1 mo 1699
Mary Stansfield of Bridge End in parish of Elland d. 4 of 2 mo 1714. Bur Mtg House near Brigghouse
91. Early Delaware Census Records 1665 - 1697 Ronald V. Jackson, Gary R.Teeples 975.1 J13
92. Abstracts of Wills, Orange County, N. Carolina, Ruth Herndon Shields. Sutro Library, San
Francisco F262.07 S46 1979
Will of John Stanfield d. 4 Aug 1755, probated Sep 1755. Wife Hannah, son John Jr. land on Haw
River, son Samuel land known as Meeting House Tract, son Thomas plantation wereon I now live.
Thomas & Samuel also get land near the Rich Hills.
93. LDS 0006626 Sussex County, Delaware Deeds F6-DN-7
3 Feb 1718 p. 36 Deed Danl Brown & wife Elizabeth, Tho Carlilse & wife Mary to Nicholas Green &
wife Margery. Heirs of Thomas Pemberton. Jabez Maud Fisher son of Margery Green
94. Bi-Centennial of Old Kennett Meeting House, Walter H. Jenkins 1910. Sutro Library, San
Francisco Microfich G3 LH313.
Thomas Fisher overseer for the poor 1725, Gilbert Cope landowners map of Kennett etc.
95. Deed Books, Chester County Archives Building, Westchester, Pa.


Detailed Family and Individual Information

(To view in the original table format, click here. Requires PDF reader eg Adobe Acrobat reader.)

Name Birth/Death/Father/Mother/Spouse/Marriage (b,d,f,m,Sp,mar) Children
(M=Male, F=Female)
Alexander, Amanda Jane
f John Alexander
m Betsy Alexander
Sp Eli Fisher
See Spouse
Alexander, Betsy
Sp John Alexander
Alexander, John
Sp Betsy Alexander 1.Amanda Jane F
Andrew, Jane
b. 1685
f John Andrew
Sp Samuel Standfield
See Spouse
Argain, Pete
Sp Ruth Marine Fisher

Armer, Barry Leroy
b. 3 Jun 1958, Baytown, Texas
f. George Ashford Armer Jr.
m. Teresa Laphane Lee
Sp. Laura Lynn Fisher
mar. 21 May 1983, Baytown, Texas 1. Justin Lee M
2. Emma Kathleen F

Armer, Emma Kathleen
b. 30 January 1996, Nassau Bay, Texas
f. Barry Leroy Armer
m. Laura Lynn Fisher

Armer, George Ashford Jr.
b. 7 Nov 1934, Houston, Texas
Sp. Teresa Laphane Lee
mar. 11 Jun 1955, Highlands, Harris Co Tx 1. Terri F
1. Barry Leroy (Twin) M
2. Larry (Twin) M Armer, Justin Lee
b. 24 Apr 1985, Houston, Texas
f. Barry Leroy Armer
m. Laura Lynn Fisher

Ashton, Mary
Sp. John Hoskins
See Spouse
Atkinson, Cephas
b. 7 May 1730, Upper Makefield, Bucks Co. Pa.
d. Newberry Township, York Co. Pa.
f. John Atkinson
m. Mary Smith
Sp. Hannah Naylor
mar. 1752 1. William M
2. Jane F
3. Margaret F
4. John M
5. Thomas M
6. Joseph M
7. Mary F
Atkinson, Christopher
b. 10 Dec 1723
d. 1795
f. John Atkinson
m. Mary Smith
Sp. Lydia Caney
mar. 15 Jun 1762
Atkinson, Elizabeth
b. 12 Apr 1732
f. John Atkinson
m. Mary Smith

Atkinson, Ezekial
b. 10 Oct 1728
d. Jun 1768
f. John Atkinson
m. Mary Smith
Sp. Rachel Gilbert
mar. 1754
Atkinson, Hannah
b. 2 Jun 1827, Clinton Co. Ohio
f. John Atkinson
m. Jane Leech
Sp. John Fisher
See Spouse
Atkinson, Jane
b. 15 Feb 1753
d. 12 Sep 1829
f. Cephas Atkinson
m. Hannah Naylor
Sp. James Fisher Jr.
See Spouse
Atkinson, John
Sp. Jane Leech
1. Rebecca Ann F
2. Thomas M
Atkinson, John
b. 25 Jan 1695
d. Mar 1752
f. John Atkinson
m. Susannah Hynde
Sp. Mary Smith
mar. 13 Oct 1717, Newtown, Pa. 1. John M
2. William M
3. Thomas M
4. Christopher M
5. Mary F
6. Ezekial M
7. Cephas M
8. Elizabeth F
Atkinson, John
b. 1750
Sp. Jane Leech (Same as above??) 1. Hannah F
Atkinson, John
b. 1756
f. Cephas Atkinson
m. Hannah Naylor

Atkinson, John
b. 1660
Sp. Susannah Hynde
mar. 8 Feb 1686 Scotforrh, Lancashire, Eng. 1. John M
2. William M
3. Mary F
4. Margaret F
5. John M
Atkinson, John
b. 18 Jun 1718, Pa.
f. John Atkinson
m. Susannah Hynde

Atkinson, John
b. 1692, Scotforth, Lancashire, England
d. 5 Sep ?
f. John Atkinson
m. Susannah Hynde

Atkinson, Joseph
b. 1760
f. Cephas Atkinson
m. Hannah Naylor

Atkinson, Margaret
b. 1755
f. Cephas Atkinson
m. Hannah Naylor

Atkinson, Margaret
b. 5 Jul 1691, Scotforth, Lancashire, England
f. John Atkinson
m. Susannah Hynde
Sp. Evans Lowry
mar. Aug 1730
Atkinson, Mary
b. 1762
f. Cephas Atkinson
m. Hannah Naylor

Atkinson, Mary
b. 5 Aug 1725
d. 22 May 1789
f. John Atkinson
m. Mary Smith
mar. John Stockdale

Atkinson, Mary
b. 25 July 1689
f. John Atkinson
m. Susannah Hynde
Sp. Cephas Child

Atkinson, Rebecca Ann
b. 1836, Ohio
f. John Atkinson
m. Jane Leech
Sp. David Brewer

Atkinson, Ruth
d. 1739
f. Thomas Atkinson
m. Jane Bond
Sp. John Hoskins
See Spouse
Atkinson, Thomas
b. 1830, Ohio
f. John Atkinson
m. Jane Leech

Atkinson, Thomas
b. 1758
f. Cephas Atkinson
m. Hannah Naylor

Atkinson, Thomas
b. 5 Mar 1722
d. 1760
f. John Atkinson
m. Mary Smith
Sp. Mary Wildman
mar. 18 Aug 1744
Atkinson, Thomas
Sp. Jane Bond
1. Ruth F
Atkinson, William
b. 1750
f. Cephas Atkinson
m. Hannah Naylor
Sp. Ann Lawence
mar. 11 May 1774
Atkinson, William
b. 17 Feb 1721
d. 1800
f. John Atkinson
m. Mary Smith
Sp. Mary Tomlinson
mar. 1 Jan 1742
Atkinson, William
b. 31 Jan 1687, Scotforth, Lancashire, England
f. John Atkinson
m. Susannah Hynde
Sp. Phebe Taylor
mar. Jun 1716
Ayers, Barbara Lynn
b. 5 Jan 1948
Sp. Woodford Pascal Fisher Jr.
See Spouse
Bailey, Claire Valentine
b. 14 Feb 1905
f. John Shelby Bailey
m. Edith Ann Long
Sp. Linda May Hooks
mar. 25 Dec 1954, Aline, Oklahoma
Bailey, John Shelby
b. 7 Jun 1880, Jackson Co., Kansas
d. 24 May 1940, Helena, Oklahoma
Sp. Edith Ann Long
1. Clair Valentine Bailey M
Baker, Wendy
Sp. Kelly Ray Hatfield

Bartholomew, ?
Sp. Allie Kelly

Beaver, Elizabeth
Sp. Jonathan Hutchins
1. Ann F
Bennett, Edward
Sp. Sarah Standfield Clows
mar. Thornbury, Chester Co. Pa. 1. Edward M
2. Sarah F
3. Joseph M
4. William M
5. Elizabeth F
Black, ?
Sp. -- Smith 1. Susan F
Blackmon, ? 1. Thomas Nathan M
Blackmon, Agatha Brooks
b. 13 Sep 1925, Mexia, Limestone Co., Texas
f. Willis Robert Blackmon
m. Phoebe Caroline Hodge
Sp. -- Mitchell

Blackmon, Bertha Oree
b. 2 Jun 1920
f. Willis Robert Blackmon
m. Phoebe Caroline Hodge
Sp. -- Jones

Blackmon, Emma Lucille
b. 14 Jun 1913, Navarro Co., Texas
f. Willis Robert Blackmon
m. Phoebe Caroline Hodge
Sp. Macon Ellington Thornton
See Spouse
Blackmon,Hazel Dean
b. 20 Jul 1928, Mexia, Limestone Co., Texas
f. Willis Robert Blackmon
m. Phoebe Caroline Hodge
Sp. -- Mitchell

Blackmon, Helen Jean
b. 20 Jul 1928, Mexia, Limestone Co., Texas
f. Willis Robert Blackmon
m. Phoebe Caroline Hodge
Sp. -- Sturgess

Blackmon, May Pearl
b. 24 Oct 1910
f. Willis Robert Blackmon
m. Phoebe Caroline Hodge
Sp. -- Ledbetter

Blackmon, Myrtle Oletha
b. 30 Jun 1922, Mexia, Limestone Co., Texas
f. Willis Robert Blackmon
m. Phoebe Caroline Hodge
Sp. -- Weems

Blackmon, Robert Fields
b. 24 Mar 1918, Barry, Navarro Co., Texas
d. 3 Nov 1937
f. Willis Robert Blackmon
m. Phoebe Caroline Hodge

Blackmon, Thomas Nathan
b. 7 Mar 1840, Yazoo Co., Mississippi?
Sp. Adeline Tennessee Yankee
1. Willis Robert Blackmon MBlackmon, Thomas Nathan
b. 14 Nov 1908, Lorraine, Texas, Mitchell Co.
f. Willis Robert Blackmon
m. Phoebe Caroline Hodge

Blackmon, Walter Moore
b. 9 May 1915
d. 3 Dec 1975, Waco, Texas
f. Willis Robert Blackmon
m. Phoebe Caroline Hodge

Blackmon, Willis Oscar
b. 9 Jul 1933
f. Willis Robert Blackmon
m. Phoebe Caroline Hodge

Blackmon, Willis Robert
b. 15 Sep 1888, Yazoo Co., Mississippi
d. 26 Sep 1966
f. Thomas Nathan Blackmon
m. Adeline Tennessee Yankee
Sp. Phoebe Caroline Hodge
mar. 20 Jan 1908, Haskell, Texas 1. Emma Lucille F
2. Thomas Nathan M
3. May Pearl F
4. Walter Moore F
5. Robert Fields F
6. Bertha Oree F
7. Myrtle Oletha F
8. Agatha Brooks F
9. Hazel Dean F
10. Helen Jean F
11. Willis Oscar M
Bond, Jane
Sp. Thomas Atkinson
See Spouse
Bond, Joseph M.
b. 17 May 1756, Virginia
d. 1854, Hall Co., Georgia
Sp. Jeney -- 1. Malinda (Milley) F
Bond, Melinda (Milley)
b. 16 Aug 1794, Virginia
d. Mar 1852
f. Joseph M. Bond
m. Jeney --
Sp. William Madison Otwell
See Spouse
Boyd, Tammie
Sp. Kelly Ray Hatfield

Brewer, David
Sp. Rebecca Ann Atkinson

Brown, ?
Sp. Mary Etta Davis
1. Carleton M
2. Paul M
Brown, Carleton
f. -- Brown
m. Mary Etta Davis

Brown, Paul
f. -- Brown
m. Mary Etta Davis

Bruce, Deborah
Sp. William Standfield

Bruce, James
Sp. Deborah Huntley
mar. 1720
Bryant, Eddie Lee
b. 5 Feb 1959
Sp. Leslie Ann Hicks
1. Michael Lee M
2. Stephanie Leann F
3. James Clinton M
4. Christapher Eddie M
Bryant, Christapher Eddie
b. 25 Feb 1995
f. Eddie Lee Bryant
m Leslie Ann Hicks

Bryant, James Clinton
b. 13 Feb 1993
f. Eddie Lee Bryant
m Leslie Ann Hicks

Bryant, Michael Lee
b. 29 Nov 1988
f. Eddie Lee Bryant
m Leslie Ann Hicks

Bryant, Stephanie Leeann
b. 23 Apr 1991
f. Eddie Lee Bryant
m Leslie Ann Hicks

Byers, Justin N. Jr.
b. 3 Mar 1922, d. Nov 2005
Sp. Lenamary Fisher
mar. 14 Jan 1943 1. Justin III
2. Linda Marie
3. Roger KevinByers, Justin N. III
b. 18 Dec 1943, Okmulgee Ok
f. Justin N. Byers Jr.
m. Lenamary Fisher
Sp. Sandra Hall, mar. 1964
1. Justin N. IV b. 1964 Ok City
2. Peter B. b. 1972 Ft. Leonard
Wood Mo

Byers, Linda Marie
b. 15 Jul 1945, San Pedro Ca
f. Justin N. Byers Jr.
m. Lenamary Fisher
Sp. Lonnie E. Carson (d. 1995)
mar. May 1965 1. Gina L. b. Dec 1965, mar .
Huston Fletcher 1990, son
Austin b. Ok City 1992, son
Stephen b. 1994 Ok City
2. Douglas Eugene b. Jan 1966
3. Misty Ruth b. Nov 1967, dau
Cassandra b. Jul 1985
Byers, Roger Kevin
b. 1 Feb 1957, Tulsa, Okla
f. Justin N. Byers Jr.
m. Lenamary Fisher
Sp. Pamela Miley
mar. Nov 6, 1976, Tulsa, Okla 1. Roger Kevin Jr. b.May 1982,
Tulsa, Ok
2. Sean Alexander b. 1986,
Tulsa, Okla
Caney, Lydia
Sp. Christopher Atkinson
mar. 15 Jun 1762
Child, Cephas
Sp. Mary Atkinson
mar. 12 Feb 1716
Clark, Richard G.
Sp. Patricia Elaine Fisher
mar. 6 Mar 1966
Clearwater, Jacob
Sp. Hannah Fisher
mar. Mar 1800, New Hope Mm Green Co. Tenn
Clews, William (Clows)
Sp. Sarah Huntley

Connor, Nancy
Sp. Royal Park (Rufus) Van Tassel
mar. 1892, Hillsboro or Salem, Iowa 1. Effie F
2. Park Atkinson M
3. Lillie F
Croasdale, Mary
Sp. William Smith
1. Mary Smith FCross, Merle Simon
b. 29 Sep 1911 , Ivanhoe, Oklahoma
f. Simon Franklin Cross
m. Ada Estelle Beck
Sp. Velma Zula Fisher
mar. 6 Feb 1936, Darrouzett, Texas 1. Larry Layne M
2. Marilyn Sue F
3. Stephen Franklin MDailey, Phyllis Lynn
Sp. Marcus McKenzie Fisher
See Spouse
Davis, Daniel
b. 1837 N. Carolina
f. Jonathan Davis
m. Rachel Fleming

Davis, Elizabeth
b. 31 Jul 1847, Yadkinville, N. Carolina
d. 31 Jan 1930, Turon, Kansas
f. Jonathan Davis
m. Rachel Fleming
Sp. Samuel H. Kelly
mar. abt 1870, Greencastle, Indiana See Spouse
Davis, Jesse W.
b. 1834, N. Carolina
f. Jonathan Davis
m. Rachel Fleming

Davis, Jonathan
b. 1813, Yadkin County, N. Carolina
d. 1896, Morgan Co., Indiana
f. William Davis
m. Ann Hutchens
Sp. Rachel Fleming
mar. 13 Nov 1833, Yadkinville, N. C. 1. Elizabeth F
2. Jesse W. M
3. Daniel M
4. Susannah F
5. Sampson M
6. Mary M. F
Davis, Mary Etta
d. Iowa
f. Sampson Davis
m. Margaret Jane Johnson
Sp. ? Brown
See Spouse
Davis, Mary M.
b. 1853, N. Carolina
f. Jonathan Davis
m. Rachel Fleming

Davis, Rosa A.
f. Sampson Davis
m. Margaret Jane Davis
Sp. ? Jessup
1. Lois F
2. Inez F
3. Stephan M. M
4. Bryan M
5. Amy F
6. Frances F
7. Corwin M
8. Reba F
9. Josephine F
10. May F
11. Harriet F
12. Rose F
Davis, Sampson
b. 18 Mar 1842, N. Carolina
f. Jonathan Davis
m. Rachel Fleming
Sp. Margaret Jane Johnson
1. Sarah Jane F
2. Rosa A. F
3. Mary Etta F
Davis, Sarah Jane
f. Sampson Davis
m. Margaret Jane Johnson
Sp. ? White See Spouse
Davis, Susannah
b. 1839, N. Carolina
f. Jonathan Davis
m. Rachel Fleming

Davis, William
Sp. Ann Hutchens
mar. 1810 1. Jonathan M
Dear, Chloe
Sp. Solomon Hodgson
See Spouse
Dorman, Aluus E.
b. 1869, Iowa
Stepson of Rufus Van Tassell & Nancy Connor

Durham, Asa
b. 20 May 1889
f. Ruben Durham
m. Mary Jane Kelly

Durham, Charley
b. 22 Mar 1904
f. Ruben Durham
m. Mary Jane Kelly

Durham, Dora
b. 14 Jan 1894
d. 4 Dec 1933
f. Ruben Durham
m. Mary Jane Kelly
Sp. -- Enyeart

Durham, Elizabeth
b. 3 Apr 1902
f. Ruben Durham
m. Mary Jane Kelly
Sp. -- Davis

Durham, Flora
b. 15 May 1900
f. Ruben Durham
m. Mary Jane Kelly
Sp. ? Yeager

Durham, George
b. 26 Mar 1892
f. Ruben Durham
m. Mary Jane Kelly

Durham, Ruben
b. 17 Aug 1854, Michigan
d. 11 Nov 1908
mar. 16 Jun 1888 1. Asa M
2. Dora F
3. George M
4. Flora F
5. Elizabeth F
6. Charley M
7. Ruby F
Durham, Ruby
b. 27 Nov ??
d. 7 May 1906, Neola, Kansas
f. Ruben Durham
m. Mary Jane Kelly
Sp. -- Guthrie

Elliot, ?
Sp. Mattie Kelly

Enyeart, ?
Sp. Dora Durham

Epperson, ?
Sp. Bettie Harp

Evans, Hannah
d. 1763
Sp. John Hoskins
See Spouse
Few, Isaac
b. 4 mo. 6 1664, Wiltshire, England
d. 1734, Kennett Township (now Pennsbury)
f. Richard Few
m. Jane --
Sp. Hannah Standfield
mar. 1 mo. 1699, Newark Monthly Meeting 1. Richard M
2. Isaac Jr. M
3. James M
4. Elizabeth F
5. Daniel M
6. Joseph M
7. William M
8. Francis F
9. Samuel M
Filer, Mary Ann
d. 6 Mar 1662
Sp. John Goodman Hoskins
See Spouse
Fisher, Alice
b. 14 Aug 1777
d. 1855
f. James Fisher Jr.
m. Jane Atkinson

Fisher, Alice
b. 1677
f. John Fisher
m. Margaret Hindle

Fisher, Amos
b. 1748
f. James Fisher Sr.
m. Alice Standfield
Fisher, Amos
b. 1754
f. James Fisher Sr.
m. Alice Standfield

Fisher, Amos
b. 1 Apr 1846, Clinton Co. Ohio
f. John Fisher
m. Hannah Atkinson

Fisher, Amy
b. 30 Dec 1849, Clinton Co. Ohio
f. John Fisher
m. Hannah Atkinson

Fisher, Anna A.
b. Dec 1879
f. John W. Fisher
m. Cynthia J. --
Fisher, Annie
b. 1679
f. John Fisher
m. Margaret Hindle

Fisher, Azariah
b. 19 Jun 1865, Clinton Co. Ohio
f. John Fisher
m. Hannah Atkinson

Fisher, Benjamin F.
b. 1850
d. 1861
f. Cephas A. Fisher
m. Rachel Stanfield

Fisher, Billie Eugene
b. 17 Aug 1934
d. 17 Aug 1934
f. Woodford Pascal Fisher
m. Dorothy Berneice Kelly

Fisher, Billie Louise
b. 28 Aug 1945
f. Woodford Pascal Fisher
m. Dorothy Berneice Kelly
Sp. Gary Lynn Hatfield
mar. 6 Mar 1965, Mexia, Texas See Spouse
Fisher, Cephas A. Jr.
b. 18 May 1812, Clinton County, Ohio
d. 6 Mar 1895, Salem, Henry Co., Iowa
f. Cephas Fisher Sr.
m. Rachel Standfield
Sp. Mary Hoskins
mar. 31 Aug 1837, Clinton County, Ohio 1. George M. M
2. Josephus M
3. Eli M
4. John W. M
5. Benjamin F. M
6. Lewis M
7. Jimmie (twin) M
8. Samuel (twin) M
Fisher, Cephas Sr.
b. 12 Apr 1780, Monaghan, York Co Pa
d. 31 Dec 1864, Highland, Ohio
f. James Fisher
m. Jane Atkinson
Sp. Rachel Stanfield
mar. 24 Aug 1803, Greene County, Tenn 1. Hannah F
2. Cephas A. Jr. M
3. John M
4. Rebecca F
5. Hannah F
6. James M
7. Thomas M
8. Samuel M
9. Rachel FFisher, Charles
b. 1876
f. George M (Bud) Fisher
m. Rachel --
Fisher, Clint
b. 29 Sep 1915, Beaver Co. Okla
d. 16 Nov 1995, Ft. Smith, Arkansas
f. Samuel Channing Fisher Jr. (Chan)
m. Ruby Grace Coplen
Sp. Edith Dell Snow
mar. 1940 1. Carolyn Ann F
2. Marylin Sue F
3. Glynda Rae F
4. Edith Dian FFisher, Corvel Lee
f. Floyd Oran Fisher
m. Florence Howard

Fisher, Dessie E.
b. 6 Aug 1916, Morris, Oklahoma
f. Rufus Clyde Fisher
m. Anna Maude Lash
Sp. Russell H. Gilger
mar. 3 Oct 1937, Darrouzett, Texas Michael Lee M
Dannelle E. FFisher, Dorothy Berneice Jr.
b. 11 Dec 1952, Mexia, Texas
f. Woodford Pascal Fisher Sr.
m. Dorothy Berneice Kelly
Sp. Jose Antonio Ordieres Jr. See Spouse
Fisher, Edith Leroy
b. 2 Feb 1914
f. Florance Clinton Fisher Sr.
m. Grace Minett Long
Sp. Edgar Owen Green
mar. 8 Aug 1934, Talequah, Oklahoma See Spouse
Fisher, Effie
f. Floyd Oran Fisher
m. Florence Howard

Fisher, Eli
b. 29 Sep 1846
f. Cephas A. Fisher
m. Mary Hoskins
Sp. Amanda Jane Alexander
mar. 14 Mar 1867, Frankfort, Indiana 1. Joe M
2. Joseph C. MFisher, Elizabeth
b. 22 Feb 1794, New Hope Mm, Tenn
d. 20 Jan 1894, Fayette, Ohio
f. James Fisher Jr.
m. Jane Atkinson
Sp. William Jury

Fisher, Elizabeth
b. 1750, Pa.
f. James Fisher
m. Alice Standfield

Fisher, Elizabeth
b. abt 1718, Kennett, Chester Co., Pa.
d. 10 Sep 1760
f. Thomas Fisher
m. Elizabeth Huntley
Sp. Joseph Wilkinson
mar. 31 Oct 1740
Fisher, Ella
b. 1876
f. George M. Fisher
m. Rachel --

Fisher, Elmer A.
b. 1875
f. John W. Fisher, m. Cynthia J. --

Fisher, Evalyn Effie
b. 19 Nov 1908, Sunset, Oklahoma
f. Florance Clinton Fihser Sr.
m. Grace Minett Long
Sp. 1 Keith Miller
Sp. 2 Bob Copenbarger
See Spouse
Fisher, Florance Clinton Jr.
b. 2 Aug 1921, Morris, Oklahoma
d. 16 Jan 1996, Haughton, La.
f. Florance Clinton Fisher Sr.
m. Grace Minett Long
Sp. Margaret Louise Hillin
mar. 27 Sep 1943, Mexia, Texas 1. Patricia Elaine F
2. Vicki Lanette FFisher, Florance Clinton Sr.
b. 8 Aug 1886, Jewel City, Kansas
d. 10 Jan 1969, Joplin, Missouri
f. Samuel C. Fisher Sr.
m. Effie Van Tassel
Sp. Grace Minett Long
mar. 2 Nov 1907, Enid, Oklahoma 1. Evalyn Effie F
2. Woodford Pascal M
3. Edith Leroy F
4. Ruth Marine F
5. Florance Clinton Jr. M
6. Georgia Marie FFisher, Floyd Oran Jr.
f. Floyd Oran Fisher Sr.
m. Florence Howard

Fisher, Floyd Oran Sr.
b. 24 Feb 1901
f. Samuel C. Fisher Sr.
m. Effie Van Tassel
Sp. Florence Howard
1. Floyd Oran Jr. M
2. Kenneth Wayne M
3. Effie F
4. Corvel Lee M
5. Harold Van M
6. Geraldine FFisher, Francis
b. abt 1728, Kennett, Pa.
f. Thomas Fisher
m. Elizabeth Huntley
Sp. Rachel Wickersham
mar. 1753, New Garden, Pa.
Fisher, George M. (Bud)
b. 1842
d. Jewel County, Kansas
f. Cephas A. Fisher Jr.
m. Mary Hoskins
Sp. Rachel --
1. William S. M
2. Ella F
3. Mary F
4. Charles MFisher, Georgia Lula
b. 13 Dec 1882
f. Samuel C. Fisher Sr.
m. Effie Van Tassel
Sp. George Rogers

Fisher, Georgia Marie
b. 18 May 1924, Morris, Oklahoma
f. Florance Clinton Fisher Sr.
m. Grace Minett Long
Sp. James Porter Gann Sr.
mar. 19 Dec 1941 See Spouse
Fisher, Geraldine
f. Floyd Oran Fisher Sr.
m. Florence Howard
d. Mexia, Texas
Fisher, Gladys Grace
b. 21 Mar 1941, St. James, Missouri
f. Woodford Pascal Fisher Sr.
m. Dorothy Berneice Kelly
Sp. George Jackson Liles III
mar. 22 Sep 1961, Mexia, Texas See Spouse
Fisher, Hannah
b. 1804
d. Sep 1853, Fairfield, Ohio, Hodson Cemetary
f. Cephas Fisher Sr.
m. Rachel Stanfield

Fisher, Hannah
b. 12 Jan 1776
d. 27 Jun 1845, Westfield Mm, Hamilton Co Ind
f. James Fisher Jr.
m. Jane Atkinson
Sp. Jacob Clearwater
mar. Mar 1800, New Hope Mm, Green Co. Pa.
Fisher, Hannah
f. Cephas Fisher Sr.
m. Rachel Stanfield

Fisher, Harold
f. Floyd Oran Fisher Sr.
m. Florence Howard
Fisher, Harriet Ellen
b. 10 Sep 1851, Clinton Co. Ohio
f. John Fisher
m. Hannah Atkinson

Fisher, Hiram
b. 10 Jul 1788, Hopewell, Virginia
d. 8 Dec 1820
Sp. Rebecca Pierson
mar. 21 Dec 1820
Fisher, Ida L.
b. 1877
f. John W. Fisher
m. Cynthia J. --

Fisher, Isaac
b. 1746, Pa.
f. James Fisher Sr.
m. Alice Standfield

Fisher, Jackie Lynn
b. 30 Apr 1939, Jet, Oklahoma
f. Woodford Pascal Fisher Sr.
m. Dorothy Berneice Kelly
Sp Janice Gayle Thornton
mar 14 Aug 1959, Pt. Enterprise, Tx 1. Laura Lynn F
2. Kevin Shawn M
3. Jonathan Davis MFisher, James Clinton Jr
b. 11 May 1980, Ft. Worth, Texas (A)
f. Woodford Pascal Fisher Jr.
m. Barbara Lynn Ayers

Fisher, James Jr.
b. 18 Jul 1744, Pa.
d. 30 Aug 1828
f. James Fisher Sr.
m. Alice Standfield
Sp. Jane Atkinson
mar. 15 Feb 1775, Warrington Mm York Co. Pa 1. Hannah F
2. Alice F
3. Cephas M
4. Thomas M
5. James M
6. John M
7. Hiram M
8. Elizabeth F
9. Mary F
10. Jane FFisher, James Sr
b. 13 Dec 1714, Kennett, Pa.
d. 1775, Monahan, York Co., Pa.
f.Thomas Fisher
m. Elizabeth Huntley
Sp. Alice Standfield
mar. 14 Feb 1736, Kennet, Chester Co. Pa. 1. Jane F
2. Samuel M
3. James M
4. Isaac M
5. Amos M
6. Meriam M
7. Elizabeth F
8. Samuel M
9. Amos MFisher, James
b. 1 Apr 1785, Pennsylvania
d. 10 Jun 1861
f. James Fisher Jr.
m. Jane Atkinson

Fisher, James
f. Cephas Fisher Sr.
m. Rachel Stanfield

Fisher, James
b. 1673
f. John Fisher
m. Margaret Hindle
Sp. Catharine --
mar. 1693?, Lewes, Sussex Co., Delaware? 1. Sarah FFisher, James Clinton (Jimmie)
b. 11 Jan 1937, Helena, Oklahoma
d. 18 Feb 1995, Mexia, Texas
f. Woodford Pascal Fisher Sr.
m. Dorothy Berneice Kelly
Sp. Patricia Ann McKenzie
mar. 13 Feb 1958, Mexia, Texas 1. Marcus McKenzie M
2. Julie Leann FFisher, Jane
b. 1738
f. James Fisher
m. Alice Standfield

Fisher, Jane
b. 1810
f. James Fisher Jr.
m. Jane Atkinson

Fisher, Jason Marcus
b. 28 May 1980, Mexia, Texas
f. James (Jimmie) Clinton Fisher
m. Patricia Ann McKenzie
Sp. Phyllis Lynne Dailey
mar. 28 Jul 1978, Mexia, Texas 1. Jason Marcus M
2. Kimberly Lynne FFisher, Jimmie (twin)
b. 30 Jan 1857
f. Cephas A. Fisher Jr.
m. Mary Hoskins

Fisher, Joe
f. Eli Fisher
m. Amanda Jane Alexander

Fisher, John II
b. 1671, Clitheroe, Lancashire, England
d. Lewes, Sussex County, Delaware
Fisher, John W.
b. 1848
d. Ottumwa, Iowa
f. Cephas A. Fisher Jr.
m. Mary Hoskins
Sp. Cynthia J. --, b. 1858
1. Elmer A. M
2. Ida L. F
3. Anna A. FFisher, John
b. abt 1643, Lancashire, England
d. 1685, Lewes, Sussex County, Delaware
Sp. Margaret Hindle
1. Thomas M
2. John M
3. James M
4. Annie F
5. Sara F
6. Alice F

Fisher, John
b. 29 Oct 1820, Clinton Co., Ohio
f. Cephas Fisher Sr.
m. Rachel Stanfield
Sp. Hannah Atkinson
mar. 25 Sep 1845, Clinton Co., Ohio 1. Amos M
2. Amy F
3. Harriet Ellen F
4. Joseph M
5. Phebe Jane F
6. Thomas M
7. Rachel Alice F
8. William Henry M
9. Azariah MFisher, John
b. 9 Apr 1787, Pennsylvania
f. James Fisher Jr.
m. Jane Atkinson
Sp. Mary Haines
mar. 4 Jun 1818
Fisher, Jonathan Davis
b. Apr 8, 1969, Texas City, Tx
f. Jackie Lynn Fisher
m. Janice Gayle Thornton
Sp. Alisa Diane Mayfield
mar. 15 Aug 1992
Fisher, Joseph C.
b. 2 Jan 1872, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
f. Eli Fisher
m. Amanda Jane Alexander
1. Joe M
2. Joseph C. MFisher, Joseph
b. 22 Apr 1853, Clinton Co. Ohio
f. John Fisher
m. Hannah Atkinson

Fisher, Josephus
b. 1844
d. Memphisburg, Tenn.
f. Cephas A. Fisher Jr.
m. Mary Hoskins

Fisher, Joshua James
b. 30 Nov 1986, Ft. Worth, Texas (A)
f. Woodford Pascal Fisher Jr.
m. Barbara Lynn Ayers
mar. 27 Dec 1970, Mexia, Texas
Fisher, Julie Leann
b. 26 Oct 1967
f. James (Jimmie) Clinton Fisher
m. Patricia Ann McKenzie
Sp. 1: -- Hasten
Sp. 2: Oren Paul Linn
mar. 2: 7 Sep 1988, Mexia, Texas
Sp. 3 Cliff Jones
1. April Hasten F
2. Leann Brooke Jones F
Fisher, Karan Kay
b. 14 Apr 1943, Jacksonville, Texas
f. Woodford Pascal Fisher Sr.
m. Dorothy Berneice Kelly
Sp. 1 Cecil Hicks
mar. 1 19 Nov 1965, Mexia, Texas
Sp. 2 Bill Turner
Sp. 3 Colin Plummer
1. Tammie Lynn Hicks F
2. Leslie Ann Hicks F
3. Shannon KayTurner F
4. Kelly Jean Plummer F

Fisher, Kevin Shawn
b. Jul 28, 1964, Houston, Tx
f. Jackie Lynn Fisher
m. Janice Gayle Thornton
Sp. Doreen Marie Schmelter
mar. 11 Jun 1988, Houston, Texas 1. Kirby Leigh F
2. Kyle Ellington MFisher, Kimberly Lynne
b. 20 Aug 1985, Mexia, Texas
f. Marcus McKenzie Fisher
m. Phyllis Lynne Dailey

Fisher, Kirby Leigh
b. 25 Dec 1991
f. Kevin Shawn Fisher
m. Doreen Marie Schmelter

Fisher, Kyle Ellington
b. 7 Feb 1994, Georgetown, Texas
f. Kevin Shawn Fisher
m. Doreen Marie Schmelter

Fisher, Laura Lynn
b. s Nov 1961, Ventura, California
f. Jackie Lynn Fisher
m. Janice Gayle Thornton
Sp. Barry Leroy Armer
mar. 21 May 1983, Baytown, Texas See Spouse
Fisher, Lena Mary
b. 25 January 1923
f. Royal Park (Roy) Fisher
m. Ova Edith Devers
Sp. Justin N. Byers Jr.
mar. 14 Jan 1943 1. Justin N. III M
2. Linda Marie F
3. Roger Kevin MFisher, Lewis
b. 1853
d. California
f. Cephas A. Fisher Jr.
m. Mary Hoskins
Sp. Elizabeth Henderson

Fisher, Lillie Evalette
b. 6 Jan 1893
f. Samuel C. Fisher Sr.
m. Effie Van Tassel

Fisher, Loyd Loren
b. 24 Feb 1901
f. Samuel C. Fisher Sr.
m. Effie Van Tassel

Fisher, Mabel Pearl
b. 10 Jul 1907
f. Samuel Channing Fisher Sr.
m. Effie Van Tassel
Sp. Ralph Gumm

Fisher, Marcus McKenzie
b. 15 Sep 1959
f. James (Jimmie) Clinton Fisher
m. Patricia Ann McKenzie
Sp. Phyllis Lynne Dailey
mar. 28 Jul 1978, Mexia, Texas 1. Jason Marcus M
2. Kimberly Lynne FFisher, Mary Elizabeth
b. 22 Mar 1895
f. Samuel Channing Fisher Sr.
m. Effie Van Tassel
Sp. Everett Holmes

Fisher, Mary
b. 1874; f. George M. Fisher; m. Rachel --

Fisher, Mary
b. 30 Apr 1808, Fairfield Mm, Ohio
f. James Fisher Jr.
m. Jane Atkinson
Sp. Isaac McAdams

Fisher, Mary
b. abt 1722
f. Thomas Fisher
m. Elizabeth Huntley
Sp. Abel Johns
mar. 8 Oct 1755, Uwchlan, Pennsylvania
Fisher, Meriam b. 1748 Pa.
f. James Fisher Sr.
m. Alice Standfield
Fisher, Minnie Myrtle
b. 23 Jul 1881
f. Samuel Channing Fisher Sr.
m. Effie Van Tassel

Fisher, Ora Paul
b. 10 Jul 1898
f. Samuel Channing Fisher Sr.
m. Effie Van Tassel

Fisher, Patricia Elaine
b. 11 Jun 1946
f. Florance Clinton Fisher Jr.
m. Margaret Louise Hillin
Sp. Richard G. Clark
mar. 6 Mar 1966
Fisher, Phebe Jane
b. 9 Apr 1855, Clinton Co. Ohio
f. John Fisher
m. Hannah Atkinson

Fisher, Rachel Alice
b. 7 Jul 1859
f. John Fisher
m. Hannah Atkinson

Fisher, Rachel (Jane)
f. Cephas Fisher Sr.
m. Rachel Stanfield

Fisher, Rebecca
f. Cephas Fisher Sr.
m. Rachel Stanfield

Fisher, Royal Clyde (RC)
b. 4 Jan 1919, Morris, Oklahoma
d. 17 May 1982, Del Rio, Texas
f. Rufus Clyde Fisher
m. Anna Maude Lash
Sp. Luz Le Desma
mar. 29 Aug 1947, El Paso, Texas Loranna F
Renea FFisher, Royal Park
b. 9 Nov 1890, Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co. Iowa
d. 8 Aug 1973
f. Samuel Channing Fisher Sr.
m. Effie Van Tassel
Sp. Ova Edith Devers (b. 4 Feb 1896)
mar. 18 Sep 1920, Okmulgee Co. Ok
1. Sammie Lucille F
2. Lenamary F
3. Jack MFisher, Rufus Clyde
b. 27 Sep 1888, Smith Center, Kansas
d. 22 Oct 1918, Morris, Oklahoma
f. Samuel Channing Fisher Sr.
m. Effie Van Tassel
Sp. Anna Maude Lash
mar. 25 Oct 1911, Lipscomb, Texas
1. Velma Zula F
2. Dessie E. F
3. Royal Clyde (RC) MFisher, Ruth Marine
b. 8 Feb 1918, Morris, Oklahoma
f. Florance Clinton Fisher Sr.
m. Grace Minett Long
Sp. 1 Noble Shaw
Sp. Pete Argain
See Spouse
Fisher, Sammie Lucille
f. Royal Park Fisher
m. Ova Edith Devers (b. 4 Feb 1896)
Sp. 1 Leon C. Woodward, mar. 1946
Sp. 2 Troy A. Price, mar. 1952 (b. 1920,
Kennapolis N.C.) 1. Alan Leon Woodward
b. 1947, Spirit Lake, Idaho
mar. 1966 Linda Joann Terry
dau Cherie Joann Woodward
b. 1966 Dallas, Tx
mar. 1982 Jeanne Gay Gatzke,
Boulder City, Colo.
2. Saundra Gay Woodward
b. 1948, Okmulgee, Ok
mar. 1966 Andrew Marceleno
dau. Edyth Michelle b. 1969,
Dallas, Tx (mar. 1990 Daniel
McGaughey; son Zachary b.
1991 Ft. Worth Tx.);
son Andrew Troy
b. 1976, Dallas Tx; adopted
son Samuel Patrick b.1984,
Lawton Ok
3. Patricia Ann Price b. 1952,
Dallas, Tx, mar. 1979 Roger
Fultz (b. in Germany). Son
Karl Patrick b. 1981, Garland
Tx; son Travis Glenn b. 1985
Garland Tx.
4. Edith Margaret Price
b. 1954, Waxachie, Tx,
mar. 1980 David Lee Rodarte.
Son Daniel Alan b. 1981,
Garland, Tx, Son David Lee
Jr. b. 1983 Dallas, Tx
Fisher, Samuel Channing Jr. (Chan) b. 2 Nov 1884
f. Samuel Channing Fisher Sr. (Samuel)
m. Effie Van Tassel
Sp. Ruby Grace Coplen
1. Lyman 1913 M
2. Clint 1915 M
3. Rufus 1916 M
4. Channie d. 1948 M
5. Ray 1925 M
6. Ova Grace 1927 FFisher, Samuel
b. 30 Jan 1857, Clinton County, Indiana
d. 15 Aug 1930, Okmulgee, Oklahoma
f. Cephas A. Fisher Jr.
m. Mary Hoskins
Sp. Effie Van Tassel
mar. 13 May 1880, Mankato, Kansas 1. Minnie Myrtle F
2. Georgia Lula F
3. Samuel Channing M
4. Florance Clinton M
5. Rufus Clyde M
6. Royal Park M
7. Lillie Evalette F
8. Mary Elizabeth F
9. Ora Paul M
10. Floyd Oran M
11. Loyd Loren M
12. Mabel Pearl FFisher, Samuel
b. 1740, Chester Co. Pa
f. James Fisher
m. Alice Standfield
Sp. Ruth Griffith
mar. 6 Nov 1767, Newberry, York Co. Pa.
Fisher, Samuel
b. 1752, Fairfax, Va.
f. James Fisher
m. Jane Atkinson

Fisher, Samuel
f. Cephas Fisher Sr.
m. Rachel Standfield

Fisher, Samuel
b. abt 1725, Kennett, Pennsylvania
d. abt 1793
f. Thomas Fisher
m. Elizabeth Huntley
Sp. Ann Lamborn
mar. 1749, New Garden, Pennsylvania
Fisher, Sara
b. 1675, Lancashire, England
d. July 1748
f. John Fisher
m. Margaret Hindle

Fisher, Sarah
b. abt 1692, Lewes, Sussex Co. Del.
f. James Fisher
m. Katharine
Fisher, Thomas
b. 1689, Chichester, Chester Co. Delaware?
d. 27 Aug 1747, East Caln, Chester Co. Pa.
f. John Fisher?
m. Barbara -- ?
Sp. Elizabeth Huntley
mar. 16 Mar 1713, Concord Township, Pa. 1. William M
2. James M
3. Elizabeth F
4. Samuel M
5. Susannah? F
6. Francis M
7.Thomas M
8.Mary FFisher, Thomas
b. 1782
f. James Fisher Jr.
m. Jane Atkinson

Fisher, Thomas
f. Cephas Fisher Sr.
m. Rachel Standfield

Fisher, Thomas b. abt 1727, Kennett, Pennsylvania
d. 7 Aug 1791
f. Thomas Fisher
m. Elizabeth Huntley
Sp. Elizabeth Lamborn
mar. 1752, New Garden, Pennsylvania
Fisher, Thomas
b. 16 May 1857, Clinton Co., Ohio
f. John Fisher
m. Hannah Atkinson

Fisher, Velma Lula
b. 13 Sep 1912, Haskall, Oklahoma
f. Rufus Clyde Fisher
m. Anna Maude Lash
Sp. Merle Simon Cross
mar. 6 Feb 1936, Darrouzett, Texas See Spouse
Fisher, Vicki lanette
b. 22 Feb 1951
f. Florance Clinton Fisher Jr.
m. Margaret Louise Hillin

Fisher, William
b. 7 May 1861, Clinton Co., Ohio
f. John Fisher
m. Hannah Atkinson

Fisher, William
b. 1868
f. George M. Fisher
m. Rachel --

Fisher, William
b. 8 May 1714, Kennett, Chester Co., Pa.
d. 30 Mar 1748
f. Thomas Fisher
m. Elizabeth Huntley
Sp. Deborah Roberts
mar. 24 Oct 1739, Kennett, Pa
Fisher, Woodford Pascal Jr.
b. 5 Jul 1948, Mexia, Texas
f. Woodford Pascal Fisher Sr.
m. Dorothy Berneice Kelly
Sp. Barbara Llynn Ayers
mar. 27 Dec 1970, Mexia, Texas 1. James Clinton (A) M
2. Joshua James (A) MFisher, Woodford Pascal Sr.
b. 20 Jul 1911, Alfalfa Co. Okla
d. Apr 1, 1990, Mexia, Tx
f. Florance Clinton Fisher Sr.
m. Grace Minett Long
Sp. Dorothy Berneice Kelly
mar 30 Nov 1931, Medicine Lodge, Ka 1. Billie Eugene M
2. James Clinton M
3. Jackie Lynn M
4. Gladys Grace F
5. Karan Kay F
6. Billie Louise F
7. Woodford Pascal Jr. M
8. Dorothy Berneice Jr. FFleming, Rachel
b. 1811, Yadkin, (Surrey County, N. Carolina?)
Sp. Jonathan Davis
mar. 13 Nov 1833, (Yadkinville, N. Carolina?) See Spouse
Fletcher, Richard mar. Mary Standfield Huntley, 1713
Frazier, John
Sp. Alice Fisher

Gann, Frankie Clinton
b. 11 Nov 1950, El Dorado, Arkansas
f. James Porter Gann, Sr.
m. Georgia Marie Fisher

Gann, James Porter Jr.
b. 10 Nov 1942, Jacksonville, Texas
f. James Porter Gann, Sr.
m. Georgia Marie Fisher

Gann, James Porter
b. 14 Apr 1922
Gann, Marilyn Marie
b. 14 Mar 1944, Greenville, Texas
f. James Porter Gann, Sr.
m. Georgia Marie Fisher

Gann, Sherry Lynn
b. 15 Apr 1947, Fort Worth, Texas
f. James Porter Gann, Sr.
m. Georgia Marie Fisher

Gaylord, Elizabeth
d. 22 Dec 1675
f. William Gaylord
m. Sarah --
Sp. Thomas Hoskins
See Spouse
Gaylord, William
Sp. Sarah --
1. Elizabeth Gaylord Birge FGerber, Sarah Jane
b. 7 Mar 1832, (?Cicero, Indiana)
Sp. Henry H. Hartman
mar. 8 Jun 1851, (?Cicero, Indiana) See Spouse
Gilbert, Rachel
Sp. Ezekial Atkinson
mar. 1754
Graham, Nolan
Sp. Betty Lou Kelly

Green, Don Caroll
b. 19 Mar 193?, Preston, Oklahoma
f. Edgar Owen Green
m. Edith Leroy Fisher
Sp. Margie Trotter
mar. Aug 1957 1. Don Ed
2. John
Green, Edgar Owen
f. George Franklin Green
m. Iva Shaw Green
Sp. Edith Leroy Fisher
mar. 8 Aug 1934, Talequah, Oklahoma 1.Rosemary F
2.Don Caroll M
3.Michael Owen M
Green, Eliza Jane
b. 4 May 1870, Illinois
d. 5 Dec 1928, Covington, Oklahoma
Sp. David Ellsworth Hartman
mar. 30 Aug 1887, Wichita, Kansas See Spouse
Green, Freddie
f. Wilfred Green, Jr.
m. Rebecca Jane --

Green, George Franklin
Sp. Iva Shaw Green
1. Edgar Owen Green MGreen, Iva Shaw
Sp. George Franklin Green
See Spouse
Green, Michael Owen
b. 23 April, 194x, Salem, Illinois
f. Edgar Owen Green
m. Edith Leroy Fisher

Green, Rosemary
b. 30 Apr 193x, Preston, Oklahoma
f. Edgar Owen Gree
m. Edith Leroy Fisher
mar. 1 Keith Speed, 1 Feb 1957, Mexia, Texas
mar. 2 Garland Price
1. Cindy F
2. Keith F
Green, Wilfred Jr.
b. 25 Nov 1840, Brighton, England
d. 19 Jun 1903, Mt. Hope, Sedgewick Co Kansas
f. Wilfred Green Sr.
Sp. Rebecca Jane --
b. 4 Apr 1846
d. 11 Mar 1901, Mount Hope, Sedgewick Co Kan
mar. (?Mt. Hope, Kansas) 1. Eliza Jane F
2. Freddie M
Green, Wilfred Sr.
1. Wilfred Green Jr. MGriffith, Ruth
Sp. Samuel Fisher

Hadley, Hannah
f. Simon Hadley
m. Ruth --
Sp 1 Thomas Dixon
Sp. 2. John Standfield
See Spouse
Haines, Mary
Sp. John Fisher

Harman, --
Sp. Carrie Ellen Hartman

Harp, --
1. Washington M
2. Elizabaeth (Betsy) F
3. Ann F
Harp, Ann
b. 1816, Kentucky (Sister of Washington)

Harp, Anna
b. 1861, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
f. Washington Harp
m. Susan Smith
Sp. -- Watkins
Harp, Betty
f. Washington Harp
m. Susan Smith
Sp. -- Epperson

Harp, Elizabeth (Betsy)
b. 1807 (Sister of Washington)

Harp, Mary
b. 1859
f. Washington Harp
m. Susan Smith

Harp, Robert (Bud)
b. 1847, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
f. Washington Harp
m. Susan Smith

Harp, Susan Kate
b. 13 Apr 1863, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
f. Washington Harp
m. Susan Smith
Sp. Woodford Trennel Long
mar. 1880, Crawfordsville, Indiana See Spouse
Harp, Thomas
b. 1842, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
f. Washington Harp
m. Susan Smith

Harp, Washington
b. 1824, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky?
d. 1871, Crawfordsville, Indiana
Sp.Susan Smith
mar. Mammoth Cave, Kentucky 1. Susan Kate F
2. Thomas M
3. William (Babe) M
4. Robert (Bud) M
5. Mary F
6. Anna F
7. Betty F
Harp, William (Babe)
b. 1845, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
f. Washington Harp
m. Susan Smith

Harrington, Ann
b. ?Sussex Co. Delaware (?Wimsvie)
Sp. John Long Jr.
See Spouse
Hart, --
Sp. Lillie Van Tassel

Hartman, Carrie Ellen
b. 4 Apr 1905
f. David Ellsworth Hartman
m. Eliza Jane Green
Sp. 1 -- Harman
Sp. 2 Neil Lee

Hartman, Clinton (twin)
b. 16 Nov 1901 & d. 16 Nov 1901
Hartman, David Allen
b. 1 Aug 1900
f. David Ellsworth Hartman
m. Eliza Jane Green

Hartman, David Ellsworth
b. 11 Feb 1865, Cicero, Indiana
d. 2 May 1952, Enid, Oklahoma
f. Henry H. Hartman
m Sarah Jane Gerber
Sp. Eliza Jane Green
mar. 30 Aug 1887, Wichita, Kansas 1. Gladys Dell F
2. Nellie B. F
3. Katie Elsie F
4. Lillie May F
5. David Allen M
6.Ellsworth Clayton M
7. Clinton (Twin) M
8. Carrie Ellen F
9. S. J. M
10. Muriel Pauline F
Hartman, Eddie W.
b. 8 Jul 1876, Cicero, Indiana
d. 1950
f. Henry H. Hartman
m. Sarah Jane Gerber

Hartman, Ellsworth Clayton
b. 16 Nov 1901
f. David Ellsworth Hartman
m Eliza Jane Green

Hartman, Elmira M. (Ella)
b. 14 Sep 1862, Cicero, Indiana
d. 21 Dec 1938
f. Henry H. Hartman
m. Sarah Jane Gerber

Hartman, Frederick G.
b. 12 Apr 1852, Cicero, Indiana
f. Henry H. Hartman
m. Sarah Jane Gerber

Hartman, George Granvil
b. 22 Mar 1859, Cicero, Indiana
d. 17 Oct 1859
f. Henry H. Hartman
m. Sarah Jane Gerber

Hartman, Gladys Dell
b. 16 Mar 1889, Wichita, Kansas
d. 20 Nov 1939, Woodward County, Oklahoma
f. David Ellsworth Hartman
m. Eliza Jane Green
Sp. James A. Garfield Kelly
mar. 25 Jan 1906, Woodward Co., Oklahoma See Spouse
Hartman, Henry H.
b. 5 Apr 1825, ?Near Cicero, Ind. or Germany
Sp. Sarah Jane Gerber
mar. 8 Jun 1851, Cicero Indiana? 1. David Ellsworth M
2. Frederick G. M
3. James Osro M
4. Mary Elen F
5. Joseph Allen M
6. George Granvil M
7. Lydia Ann F
8. Elmira M. F
9. Isaac F. M
10. Rosa B. F
11. William H. M
12. Eddie W. M
Hartman, Isaac F.
b. 20 Apr 1868, Cicero, Indiana
f. Henry H. Hartman
m. Sarah Jane Gerber

Hartman, James Osro
b. 24 Sep 1853, Cicero, Indiana
d. 31 Oct 1854, Cicero, Indiana
f. Henry H. Hartman
m. Sarah Jane Gerber

Hartman, Joseph Allen
b. 2 Jul 1857, Cicero, Indiana
d. 1951
f. Henry H. Hartman
m. Sarah Jane Gerber

Hartman, Katie Elsie
b. 22 Jul 1894
d. 25 Sep 1924
f. David Ellsworth Hartman
m. Eliza Jane Green

Hartman, Lillie May
b. 28 Jun 1898
f. David Ellsworth Hartman
m. Eliza Jane Green

Hartman, Lydia Ann
b. 18 Jul 1860, Cicero, Indiana
f. Henry H. Hartman
m. Sarah Jane Gerber

Hartman, Mary Elen
b. 18 Sep 1855, Cicero, Indiana
d. 11 Sep 1856
f. Henry H. Hartman
m. Sarah Jane Gerber

Hartman, Muriel Pauline
b. 20 Mar 1910
d. 5 Dec 1928
f. David Ellsworth Hartman
m. Eliza Jane Green

Hartman, Nellie B.
b. 29 Aug 1890
d. 7 Jun 1910
f. David Ellsworth Hartman
m. Eliza Jane Green

Hartman, Rosa B.
b. 15 Oct 1872, Cicero, Indiana
f. Henry H. Hartman
m. Sarah Jane Gerber

Hartman, S. J.
b. 24 Feb 1908
f. David Ellsworth Hartman
m. Eliza Jane Green

Hartman, William H.
b. 2 Oct 1874, Cicero, Indiana
d. 1955
f. Henry H. Hartman
m. Sarah Jane Gerber

Hasten, April LeAnn
b. 11 Dec 1983, Mexia, Texas
f. -- Hasten
m. Julie Leann Fisher

Hatfield, Gary Lynn
b. 22 Nov 1942, Panora, Iowa
Sp. Billie Louise Fisher
mar. 6 Mar 1965, Mexia, Texas 1. Kelly Ray M
2. Gregory Scot M
Hatfield, Gregory Scott
b. 9 Apr 1973, Dallas, Texas
f. Gary Lynn Hatfield
m. Billie Louise Fisher

Hatfield, Kelly Ray
b. 2 May 1968, Garland, Texas
f. Gary Lynn Hatfield
m. Billie Louise Fisher
Sp. 1 Wendy Baker
Sp. 2 Tammie L. Boyd
mar. 27 Jul 1991
Hestand, Eric Shane
b. 4 Oct 1969
Sp. Shannon Kay Turner
1. Keri Kay F
2. Nathanial Kyle M M
Hestand, Keri Kay
b. 9 May 1989
f. Eric Shane Hestand
m. Shannon Kay Turner

Hestand, Nathaniel Kyle
b. 25 Aug 1991
f. Eric Shane Hestand
m. Shannon Kay Turner

Hicks, Cecil
b. 18 Mar 1945, Mexia, Texas
Sp. Karan Kay Fisher
mar. 19 Nov 1965, Mexia, Texas 1. Tammie Lynn F
2. Leslie Ann F
Hicks, Leslie Ann
b. 8 Mar 1969, Mexia, Texas
Sp. Eddie Lee Bryant
See Spouse
Hicks, Tammie Lynn
b. 5 Feb 1967
Sp.1 -- Rouse
Sp. 2 --Urban
Sp. 3 -- Landrialt
1. Mandy Jo Rouse
2. Courtney Renea Urban
3. Heather Lynn Landrialt
Hillin, Margaret Louise
b. 12 Jul 1925, Mexia, Texas
d. 31 Aug 1994, Houghton, Louisiana
Sp. Florance Clinton Fisher Jr.
mar. 27 Sep 1943, Mexia, Texas
Hindle, Margaret
b. 1647, Clitheroe, Lancashire, England
f. Bryan Hindle
Sp. John Fisher
See Spouse
Hodge, Jim
b. Henderson County, Texas 1. Robert Nathanial M
Hodge, Phoebe Caroline
b. 7 Feb 1889, Brownsboro, Henderson Co. Tx
d. 13 Oct 1955, Pt. Enterprise, Limestone Co. Tx
f. Robert Nathanial Hodge
Sp. Willis Robert Blackmon
mar. 20 Jan 1908, Haskell, Texas See Spouse
Hodge, Robert Nathaniel
b. 13 Feb 1862, Texas
d. 5 Aug 1943
f. Jim Hodge
1. Phoebe Caroline F
Hodgson, John
Sp. Mary Mills
1. Ruth F
Hodgson, Mary
d. 3 Mar 1817, Clinton County, Ohio
f. Solomon Hodgson
m. Chloe Dear
Sp. George B. Hoskins
See Spouse
Hodgson, Ruth
f. John Hodgson
m. Mary Mills
d. 1784, Guilford County, N. Carolina
Sp. Moses Hoskins
See Spouse
Hodgson, Solomon
Sp. Chloe Dear
1. Mary Hodgson FHohl, --
Sp. Lillian Kelly

Hooks, Linda May
b. 4 May 1914, Lawton, Oklahoma
Sp. Clair Valentine Bailey

Hope, Thomas Sp. Elizabeth Standfield
Hoskins, Eli
f. Moses Hoskins
m. Ruth Hodgson

Hoskins, George B.
b. 5 Dec 1787 (3 Mar 1817, Clinton Co. Ohio?)
f. Moses Hoskins
m. Ruth Hodgson
Sp. Mary Hodgson
1. Mary Hoskins F
Hoskins, Hannah
f. John Hoskins
m. Mary Ashton

Hoskins, Hannah
b. 1 Feb 1800
f. Moses Hoskins
m. Ruth Hodgson

Hoskins, John B.
b. 27 Jan 1786
f. Moses Hoskins
m. Ruth Hodgson

Hoskins, John Goodman
b. 1585, Beaminster, Dorset, Eng (3 May 1648?)
Sp. Mary Ann Filer
1. Thomas M
2. Rebecca F
Hoskins, John
b. 4 Dec 1699
d. 1784, Guilford County, N. Carolina (d. 1762?)
f. John Hoskins
m. Ruth Atkinson
Sp. Hannah Evans
1. Moses MHoskins, John
b. 1677
d. 6 Aug 1716 (1698 Chester Co. Pa. ?)
f. John Hoskins
m. Mary Ashton
Sp. Ruth Atkinson
1. John M
Hoskins, John
b. 1654, Massachussetts
f. Thomas Hoskins
m. Elizabeth Gaylord Birge
Sp. Mary Ashton
1. John M
2. Hannah F
Hoskins, Jonathon
b. 8 Dec 1793
f. Moses Hoskins
m. Ruth Hodgson

Hoskins, Joseph
b. 10 Apr 1795
d. Mar 1874
f. Moses Hoskins
m. Ruth Hodgson

Hoskins, Mary
b. 1823, Highland County, Ohio
d. 1867, Clinton County, Indiana
f. George B. Hoskins
m. Mary Hkodgson
Sp. Cephas A. Fisher
mar. 31 Aug 1837, Clinton County, Ohio See Spouse
Hoskins, Mary
b. 2 Feb 1796
f. Moses Hoskins
m. Ruth Hodgson

Hoskins, Moses B.
b. 3 Jan 1790
f. Moses Hoskins
m. Ruth Hodgson

Hoskins, Moses
b. 1763, Chester County, Pennsylvania
d. 4 Oct 1839, Dillion, Tazewell Co. Illinois
(d. 1784 Guilford Co. NC?)
f. John Hoskins
m. Hannah Evans
1. John B. M
2. George B. M
3. Moses B. M
4. William M
5. Jonathon M
6. Mary F
7. Joseph M
8. Hannah F
9. Eli M
10. Ruth F
Hoskins, Rebecca
b. 1634
d. 1683
f. John Goodman Hoskins
m. Ann Mary Filer

Hoskins, Ruth
f. Moses Hoskins
m. Ruth Hoskins

Hoskins, Thomas
b. 1610
d. 13 Apr 1666 (20 Apr 1653?)
f. John Goodman Hoskins
m. Ann Mary Filer
Sp. Elizabeth Gaylord Birge
1. John M
Hoskins, William
b. 11 Dec 1791
f. Moses Hoskins
m. Ruth Hodgson

House, Rebecca
Sp. Thomas Thornton
See Spouse
Howard, Florence Bell
b. 30 Aug 1902, Goose Rock, Ky
d. 4 January 1996, Mexia, Texas
Sp. Floyd Oran Fisher
See Spouse
Huntley, Deborah
b. 1692, Birmingham, Chester Co., Pa.
f. William Huntley
m. Mary Standfield
Sp. 1 James Bruce
mar. 1720, Kennett, Chester Co. , Pa.
Sp. 2 Thomas Thornbury
mar. 1744, Swedes Church, Wilmington, Del.
Huntley, Elizabeth
b. 1692, Birmingham, Chester Co., Pa.
d. East Caln, Chester Co., Pa.
f. William Huntley
m. Mary Standfield
Sp. 1 Thomas Fisher
mar. 16 Mr 1713, Concord, Chester Co., Pa.
Sp. 2 John Cope
mar. 1748, East Caln, Chester Co., Pa. See Spouse
Huntley, Francis
b. 1693, Birmingham, Chester Co., Pa.
d. Jun 1723, Birmingham, Chester Co., Pa.
Huntley, Mary
b. 1694, Birmingham, Chester Co., Pa.
f. William Huntley
m. Mary Standfield
Sp. Peter Whitaker
mar. 1724, Kennett, Chester Co., Pa.
Huntley, Sarah
b. 1695, Kennett, Chester Co., Pa.
f. William Huntley
m. Mary Standfield
Sp. John Stanton
mar. 1727, Kennett, Chester Co., Pa.
Huntley, William
b. 1661?, St. Philips Parish, Barbados?
d. Mar 1708, Kennett, Chester Co., Pa.
f. William Huntley?
m. Elizabeth Cowe?
Sp. Mary Standfield
mar. Jan 1692, Concord, Chester Co., Pa. 1. Elizabeth F
2. Francis M
3. Deborah F
4. Mary F
5. Sarah F
Huntley, William
b. 1631?
d. 19 Jul 1679, St. Philips Parish, Barbados
Sp. Elizabeth Cowe
1. William M
2. Katherine F
3. Frances F
4. Ann (Amy) F
Hutchens, Ann
f. Jonathan Hutchens
m. Elizabeth Beaver
Sp. William Davis
mar. 1810 See Spouse
Hutchens, Jonathan
Sp. Elizabeth Beaver
1. Ann Hutchens FHynde, Susannah (Hinde)
b. 1662
Sp. John Atkinson
mar. 8 Feb 1686, Scotford/forth, Lanc., Eng. See Spouse
Jameson, Rachel Polly
d. 8 Nov 1994, Bakersfield, California
Sp. Mryland Millicent Kelly
See Spouse
Jessup, --
Sp. Rosa A. Davis
1. Lois F
2. Inez F
3. Stephan M. M
4. Bryan M
5. Amy F
6. Frances F
7. Corwin M
8. Reba F
9. Josephine F
10. May F
11. Harriet F
12. Rose F
Jessup, Amy
f. --Jessup
m. Rosa A. Davis

Jessup, Bryan
f. --Jessup
m. Rosa A. Davis

Jessup, Corwin
f. --Jessup
m. Rosa A. Davis

Jessup, Frances
f. --Jessup
m. Rosa A. Davis

Jessup, Harriet
f. --Jessup
m. Rosa A. Davis

Jessup, Inez
d. 1922
f. --Jessup
m. Rosa A. Davis

Jessup, Josephine
f. --Jessup
m. Rosa A. Davis

Jessup, Lois
f. --Jessup
m. Rosa A. Davis

Jessup, May
f. --Jessup
m. Rosa A. Davis

Jessup, Reba
f. --Jessup
m. Rosa A. Davis

Jessup, Rose
f. --Jessup
m. Rosa A. Davis

Jessup, Stephan M.
f. --Jessup
m. Rosa A. Davis

Johnson, Margaret Jane
d. 1907
Sp. Sampson Davis
See Spouse
Jones, Abel
Sp. Mary Fisher
mar. 8 Oct 1755
Jones, Cliff
mar. Julie Leann Fisher 1. Phara Brooke FJones, Phara Brooke
b. 9 Dec 1993
f. Cliff Jones
m. Julie Leann Fisher

Jury, William
Sp. Elizabeth Fisher
mar. 18 May 1820, ?Fayette, Ohio
Kelly, Allie
b. 16 Aug 1887, Turon, Kansas
f. Samuel H. Kelly
m. Elizabeth Davis
Sp. -- Bartholomew

Kelly, Betty Lou f. Clarence Delose Kelly
m. Bertha Coulter
Sp. Nolan Graham
mar. Enid, Oklahoma
Kelly, Calvin
f. Henry Kelly
m. Sarah (?Reamer)

Kelly, Carl Clifford
b. 24 Oct 1910, May, Oklahoma
f. James A. Kelly
m. Gladys Dell Hartman
Sp. Deltha Sufert
1. Yvonne F
2. Loyd M
3. Verne MKelly, Charlie
b. 22 Sep 1878
f. Samuel H. Kelly
m. Elizabeth Davis

Kelly, Chester
b. 30 Mar 1884, Turon, Kan or Greencastle, Ind
f. Samuel H. Kelly
m. Elizabeth Davis

Kelly, Clarence Delose
b. 1 Apr 1907, May, Oklahoma
f. James A. Kelly
m. Gladys Dell Hartman
Sp. Bertha Coulter
1. Betty Lou F
2. Vera Jean FKelly, Dorothy Berneice
b. 29 Oct 1915, May, Okla.
f. James A. Kelly
m. Gladys Dell Hartman
Sp Woodford Pascal Fisher Sr.
See Spouse
Kelly, Henry
b. 1804, Yadkin (5 Mile Fork), N. Carolina
Sp. Sarah (?Reamer)
1. Samuel H. M
2. Nancy P. F
3.Rachel E. F
4.Rebecca F
5.Sarah F
6.Jesse M
7.Wilson I. M
8.Calvin M
9.Mary F
Kelly, James A. Garfield
b. 30 Mar 1880, Greencastle, Indiana
d. 19 Jul 1966, Enid, Oklahoma
f. Samuel H. Kelly
m. Elizabeth Davis
Sp. Gladys Dell Hartman
mar. 25 Jan 1906, Woodward Co., Oklahoma 1. Clarence Delose M
2. Carl Clifford M
3. Myrland Millicent M
4. Dorothy Berneice FKelly, Jesse M.
b. 9 May 1852, N. Carolina
f. Henry Kelly
m. Sarah (?Reamer)

Kelly, Jessie F.
b. 19 Nov 1874, Greencastle, Putnam Co., Ind.
d. 9 Feb 1944
f. Samuel H. Kelly
m. Elizabeth Davis

Kelly, Lillian
b. 9 Nov 1875, Greencastle, Putnam Co., Ind
d. 26 Jul 1918
f. Samuel H. Kelly
m. Elizabeth Davis
Sp. -- Hohl

Kelly, Markland
b. 1800? ?Yadkin, N. Carolina?
Brother of Henry Kelly

Kelly, Mary Jane
b. 5 Oct 1871, Greencastle, Putnam Co., Ind
d. 30 April 1939
f. Samuel H. Kelly
m. Elizabeth Davis
Sp. Ruben Durham
mar. 16 Jun 1888
Kelly, Mary
f. Henry Kelly
m. Sarah (?Reamer)
Kelly, Mattie
b. 13 Sep 1882, Greencastle, Putnam Co., Ind
f. Samuel H. Kelly
m. Elizabeth Davis
Sp. -- Elliot
Kelly, Myrland Millicent
b. 25 Nov 1913, May, Oklahoma
f. James A. Kelly
m. Gladys Dell Hartman
Sp. Rachel Jameson.
1. Debbie (Adopted) F
2. Jamie (Adopted) F
Kelly, Nancy P.
f. Henry Kelly
m. Sarah (?Reamer)

Kelly, Rachel E.
b. N. Carolina
f. Henry Kelly
m. Sarah (?Reamer)

Kelly, Rebecca
b. N. Carolina
f. Henry Kelly
m. Sarah (?Reamer)
Kelly, Rose
b. 1 Apr 1877, Greencastle, Indiana
f. Samuel H. Kelly
m. Elizabeth Davis
Sp. -- McNichols

Kelly, Samantha
b. 3 Aug 1885, Turon, Kansas
d. over age 100, Enid, Oklahoma
f. Samuel H. Kelly
m. Elizabeth Davis
Sp. Arthur Marlowe

Kelly, Samuel H.
b. 8 Jun 1846, Yadkinville, N. Carolina
d. 12 Mar 1887, Turon, Kansas
f. Henry Kelly
m. Sarah (?Reamer)
Sp. Elizabeth Davis
mar. abt 1870, (Greencastle, Indiana?) 1. Mary Jane F
2. Sarah F
3. Jessie F. M
4.Lillian F
5. Rose F
6. Charlie M
7. James A. Garfield M
8. Mattie F
9. Chester M
10. Samantha F
11. Allie F
Kelly, Sarah A.
b. N. Carolina
f. Henry Kelly
m. Sarah (?Reamer)

Kelly, Sarah
b. 6 Nov 1872, Greencastle, Putnam Co., Indiana
f. Samuel H. Kelly
m. Elizabeth Davis

Kelly, Vera Jean
f. Clarence Delose Kelly, m. Bertha Coulter
Sp. Bob Nordman

Kelly, Wilson I.
b. N. Carolina
f. Henry Kelly, m. Sarah (?Reamer)

Kimbro, Sally
Sp. -- Van Horn
See Spouse
Landrialt, --
Sp. Tammie Lynn Hicks
1.Heather Lynn
Landrialt, Heather Lynn
b. 18 Jan 1995
Laphane, Teresa
b. 23 Sep 1935, Hamilton Co Tx
Sp. George Ashford Armer Jr.
See Spouse
Lawence, Ann
Sp. William Atkinson

Lee, Neil
Sp. Carrie Ellen Hartman

Leech, Jane
b. 1805 Pennsylvania
Sp. John Atkinson
See Spouse
Liles, Dusty Marie
b. 7 Mar 1972, Garland, Texas
f. George Jackson Liles III
m. Gladys Grace Fisher

Liles, George Jackson III
b. 22 Jun 1942, Wichita Falls, Texas
Sp. Gladys Grace Fisher
mar. 22 Sep 1961, Mexia, Texas 1. Jana Kay F
2. Perri Manette F
3. Dustie Marie F
Liles, Jana Kay
b. 11 Apr 1963, Garland, Texas
f. George Jackson Liles III
m. Gladys Grace Fisher
Sp. Kenneth Paschal
See Spouse
Liles, Perri Manette
b. 30 Apr 1966, Garland, Texas
f. George Jackson Liles III
m. Gladys Grace Fisher
Sp. David Wayne Welch
See Spouse
Linn, Oren Paul
Sp. Julie Leann Fisher
mar. 7 Sep 1988, Mexia, Texas
Long, Ann
f. John Long Jr.
m. Ann Harrington

Long, Benjamin
f. Oath Long, m. Sarah Titus

Long, David
b. 1758
f. John Long Jr. , m. Ann Harrington

Long, Edith Ann
b. 10 Jan 1883, Crawfordsville, Indiana
d. 1960, Helena, Oklahoma
f. Woodford Trennel Long
m. Susan Kate Harp
Sp. John Shelby Bailey
See Spouse
Long, Eliel
b. 1746,
d. 1827
f. John Long Jr.
m. Ann Harrington

Long, Fred
f. Woodford Trennel Long
m. Susan Kate Harp

Long, Gideon
b. 1754, England (?Queen Ann Co. Md?)
f. John Long Jr.
m. Ann Harrington
Sp. Elizabeth --
1. Oath M
Long, Grace Minett
b. 14 Mar 1890, Harper, Kansas
d. 5 Oct 1977, Joplin, Missouri
f. Woodford Trennel Long
m. Susan Kate Harp
Sp. Florance Clinton Fisher Sr.
mar 2 Nov 1907, Enid, Oklahoma See Spouse
Long, Hughett E.
b. 1832, ?Darlington, Indiana
d. Aug 1913, Darlington, Indiana
f. Oath Long
m. Sarah Titus
Sp. Clementine Taylor
1. Woodford Trennel M
2. Paul M
3. Will M
Long, James
f. John Long Jr.
m. Ann Harrington

Long, Jerimiah
b. 1755/56, Queen Anne County, Maryland
d. 4 July 1820, Garards Ft, Queen Anne Co. Md.
Long, John III
b. 19 Dec 1838, Greene County, Pa.
Long, John Jr.
b. 12 Jul 1744, Queen Anne Co. Md (?Sussex Co. Del Wmsvie?
d. 1746, Dunkard, Washington Co; Pa.
f. John Long Sr.
Sp. Ann Harrington

1. Gideon M
2. John III M
3. David M
4. James M
5. Eliel M
6. Mannoah M
7. Ann F
8. Jerimiah M
Long, John Sr.
d. 1746, Queen Anne Co., Md. 1. John Jr. M
Long, Lydia
b. 24 Jan 1823, Darlington, Indiana
f. Oath Long
m. Sarah Titus

Long, Mannoah (Noah)
f. John Long Jr.
m. Ann Harrington

Long, Oath
b. 13 Dec 1794, Pennsylvania
d. 17 Jun 1823, Butler Co., Ohio
Sp. Sarah Titus
1. Lydia F
2. Wilson M
3. Hughett E. M
4. William M
5. Samuel T. M
6. Benjamin M
Long, Paul
f. Hughett E. Long
m. Clementine Taylor

Long, Samuel T.
b. 24 nOV 1838
d. 8 Dec 1911
f. Oath Long
m. Sarah Titus

Long, Will
f. Hughett E. Long
m. Clementine Taylor

Long, William
b. 16 Oct 1835
f. Oath Long
m. Sarah Titus

Long, Wilson
b. 24 Apr 1824
f. Oath Long
m. Sarah Titus

Long, Woodford Trennel
b. 26 Apr 1855, Darlington, Indiana
d. 9 Apr 1927, Cleo Springs, Oklahoma
f. Hughett E. Long
m. Clementine Taylor
Sp. Susan Kate Harp
mar. 1880, Crawfordsville, Indiana 1. Edith Ann F
2. Fred M
3. Grace Minett F
Lowry, Evans
Sp. Margaret Atkinson
mar. Aug 1730
Maddox, Lee Nettie
b. 28 Apr 1870, Montgomery Co. Arkansas
d. 6 Jun 1955, Wortham, Texas
f. William Elias Maddox
m. Eliza Van Horn
Sp. Macon Thornton
See Spouse
Maddox, William Elias
b. 1 Sep 1869, Steward’s Mill, Freestone Co. Tx
d. 23 Feb 1960, Wortham, Texas
f. Isaac Thornton
m. Mary Jane Otwell
Sp. Lee Nettie Maddox
mar. 3 Dec 1890, Waters, Montgomery Co. Ark 1. Macon Ellington M
Marlowe, --
Sp. Samantha Kelly

Martin, Mary
Sp. Samuel Standfield
mar. 17 Oct 1756, Pa.
Mayfield, Alisa Diane
b. 2 Jan 1969, Hollywood, California
Sp. Jonathan Davis Fisher

McAdams, Isaac
b. abt 1808, ?Fairfield, Ohio?
Sp. Mary Fisher

McKenzie, Patricia Ann
b. 13 Jan 1939, Limestone Co. Texas
Sp. James Clinton (Jimmie) Fisher
See Spouse
McNichols, --
b. abt 1877
Sp. Rose Kelly

Mills, Mary
Sp. John Hodgson

Ming, Grady Wade
b. 17 Jan 1976
Sp. Kelly Jean Plummer
1. Ryan Wade M
2. Taylor Cheyne M
Ming, Ryan Wade
b. 28 Dec 1992
f. Grady Ming
m. Kelly Jean Plummer

Ming, Taylor Cheyne
b. 2 Jun 1994
f. Grady Ming
m. Kelly Jean Plummer

Naylor, Hannah (Nailor)
Sp. Cephas Atkinson
See Spouse
Ordieres, Jaclyn Monett
b. 18 May 1985, Waco, Texas
f. Jose Antonio Ordieres Jr.
m. Dorothy Berneice Fisher

Ordieres, Jaime Elita
b. 23 Nov 1980, Dallas, Texas
f. Jose Antonio Ordieres Jr.
m. Dorothy Berneice Fisher

Ordieres, Jose Antonio Jr.
b. 29 Aug 1956, Havana, Cuba
d. 17 Apr 1991, Grand Canyon; bur. Mexia, Tex
Sp. Dorothy Berneice Fisher
mar. 10 Mar 1979, Dallas, Texas 1. Jaime Elita F
2. Jaclyn Monett F
Otwell, Mary Jane
b. 25 Dec 1831, Georgia
d. 5 Aug 1926,Wortham, Texas
f. William Madison Otwell
m. Malinda (Milley) Bond
Sp. Isaac Thornton
See Spouse
Paschal, Kendal Kay
b. 13 Nov 1990, Mexia, Texas
f. Kenneth Paschal
m. Jana Kay Liles

Paschal, Kenneth
Sp. Jana Kay Liles
mar. 15 Jun 1985, Mexia, Texas 1. Matthew Jordan M
2. Kendal Kay F
Paschal, Matthew Jordan
b. 20 Jun 1988, Mexia, Texas
f. Kenneth Paschal
m. Jana Kay Liles

Pierson, Rebecca
b. abt 1788
Sp. Hiram Fisher

Plummer, Colin Kelly
b. 2 Apr 1943
Sp. Karan Kay Fisher
1. Kelly Jean F
Plummer, Kelly Jean
b. 17 Sep 1976
Sp. Grady Ming
See Spouse
Roberts, Deborah
b. abt 1714
Sp. William Fisher

Rouse, --
Sp. Tammie Lynn Hicks
1. Amanda Jo F
Rouse, Mandy Jo
b. 5 Oct 1984
f. -- Rouse
m. Tammie Lynn Hicks

Schmelter, Doreen Marie
b. 21 Jan 1965, Houston, Texas
f. Johnny Schmelter
m. Jennie --
Sp. Kevin Shawn Fisher
See Spouse
Shaw, Barbara
f. Noble Shaw
m. Ruth Marine Fisher

Shaw, Noble Dee
f. Noble Shaw
m. Ruth Marine Fisher
Sp. Glenda Turpin 1. Charles (Adopted) M
Shaw, Noble
Sp. Ruth Marine Fisher
1. Noble Dee Shaw M
2. Barbara Shaw F
Smith, --
Sp. -- Black
1. Susan F
Smith, Mary
b. 30 Aug 1669
d. 16 Oct 1716
f. William Smith
m. Mary Croasdale
Sp. John Atkinson
mar. 13 Oct 1717, Newtown, Pa. See Spouse
Smith, Susan
b. 4 Dec 1932, Kentucky
d. 16 Jul 1914, Danville, Kansas
Sp. Washington Harp
mar. Mammoth Cave, Kentucky See Spouse
Smith, William
b. abt 1648
Sp. Mary Croasdale
1. Mary F
Standfield, Alice
b. 1713, Lurgan, County Armagh, Ireland
f. Samuel Standfield
m. Jane Andrew
Sp. James Fisher Sr.
mar. 14 February 1736, Kennett, Chester Co. Pa See Spouse
Standfield, Deborah
b. abt 1683, Marple, Chester Co Pa?
f. Francis Standfield
m. Grace --
Sp Richard Woodward Jr.
mar. 1701, Chester Co Pa See Spouse
Standfield, Elizabeth
b. abt 1676, Cheshire, England
f. Francis Standfield
m. Grace --
Sp. 1 Thomas Hope, mar. 1697, Chester Co Pa
Sp. 2 William Horne, mar. 1709

Standfield, Francis
b. 1633, Cheshire, England or Yorkshire
d. 1692, Marple, Chester County, Pa.
Sp. Grace --, b. abt 1635, d. 1691, Marple, Pa
1. James M
2. Mary F
3. Sarah F
4. Elizabeth F
5. Grace F
6. Hannah F
7. Deborah F
Standfield, Grace Jr.
b. 23 Sep 1673, Marple, Cheshire, England
d. 1728, Chester Co. Pa.
f. Francis Standfield
m. Grace --
Sp. 1 Francis Chads
mar. 1695, Chester Co. Pa
Sp. 2 Guyon Stevenson 16 Oct 1714 Chads children:
1. Sarah F
2. John M
3. Grace F
4. Betty F
5. Ann F
6. Francis M
Standfield, Hannah
b. abt 1677, Cheshire, England
f. Francis Standfield
m. Grace --
Sp. Isaac Few
mar. 1699, Chester Co Pa
Standfield, James
b. abt 1666, Cheshire, England
d. 1699
f. Francis Standfield
m. Grace --
Sp. Mary Hutchinson
mar. 4,27,1689, Philadelphia 1. Francis (infant d.) M
2. James (infant d.) M
3. Mary (infant d.) F
Standfield, Jane
b. abt 1715, Lurgan, County Armagh, Irelan
f. Samuel Standfield
m. Jane Andrew

Standfield, John

b. abt 1714, Lurgan, County Armagh, Ireland
d. 4 Aug 1755 Orange, N. Car (Cane Creek Mm)
f. Samuel Standfield
m. Jane Andrew
Sp. Hannah Dixon (nee Hadley?)
mar. 13 Aug 1742, Kennett, Pa.
1. John Jr. M
2. Samuel M
3. Thomas MStandfield, Mary
b. abt 1671, Cheshire, England
f. Francis Standfield
m. Grace --
Sp. William Huntley
mar. 1692, Concord, Chester County, Pa. See Spouse
Standfield, Mary
b. 9 May 1739, Kennett, Pennsylvania
f. Samuel Standfield
m. Jane Andrew

Stanfield, Rachel
b. 1785, Pennsylvania
d. 5 May 1840, Fairfield, Ohio
f. Thomas Stanfield
m. Hannah Vernon
mar. 24 Aug 1803 See Spouse
Standfield, Samuel
b. 1680, Lurgan, Ireland or Yorkshire Eng
Sp. Jane Andrew
mar. 14 Sep 1711, Lurgan, Ireland 1. Alice F
2. John M
3. Jane F
3. William M
4. Samuel M
5. Mary F
Stanfield, Samuel Jr.
b. 8 May 1733, Kennett, Chester Co. Pa.
f. Samuel Standfield
m. Jane Andrew
Sp. Mary Martin
mar. 21 Oct 1756

Standfield, Sarah
b. abt 1775, Cheshire, England
f. Francis Standfield
m. Grace --
Sp. 1 William Clows of Bucks Co Pa
Sp. 2 Edward Bennett of Thornbury, Chester Co See Spouse
Stanfield, Thomas Jr.
b. Orange Co. N. Carolina

Stanfield, Thomas Sr.
f. John Stanfield
m. Hannah Dixon (Hadley)

Standfield, William
b. 26 Jun 1731, Kennett, Chester Co. Pa.
f. Samuel Standfield
m. Jane Andrew

Stockdale, John
Sp. Mary Atkinson
mar. 20 Aug 1752
Taylor, --
b. Virginia 1. Clementine F
Taylor, Clementine
b. 1839, Ohio
d. 1898, Darlington, Indiana
Sp. Hughett E. Long
See Spouse
Taylor, Phebe
b. abt 1687
Sp. William Atkinson

Thornton, Betty Lou
b. 8 Aug 1943, New Hope, Freestone Co., Tx 1. Kenny (Adopted) M
2. David M
Thornton, Bonnie Jean
b. 20 Jan 1945, Pt. Enterprise, Limestone Co. Tx
f. Macon Ellington Thornton
m. Emma Lucille Blackmon
Sp. Rutherford Lewis Mayeur
mar. Seabrook, Harris County, Texas
Thornton, Carolyn Ann
b. 1 Feb 1949, Pt. Enterprise, Limestone Co. Tx
f. Macon Ellington Thornton
m. Emma Lucille Blackmon
Sp. LarryHenry

Thornton, Hosea
b. 1695, England 1. Josiah B. M
Thornton, Isaac
b. 8 Jan 1817, Spartanburg District, S. Carolina
d. 7 Nov 1906, Texas
f. Thomas Thornton
m. Rebecca House
Sp. Mary Jane Otwell
mar. 24 Jun 1865, Georgia 1. Macon M
Thornton, Janice Gayle
b. 10 Dec 1938, New Hope, Limestone Co. Tx
f. Macon Ellington Thornton
m. Emma Lucille Blackmon
Sp Jackie Lynn Fisher
mar. 14 Aug 1959, Pt. Enterprise, Texas See Spouse

Thornton, Josiah B.
b. 1744, Louisa County, Virginia
d. 1849
f. Hosea Thornton
1. Thomas M
Thornton, Macon Ellington
b. 10 Jul 1906, New Hope, Freestone Co. Texas
f. Macon Thornton
m. Lee Nettie Maddox
Sp. Emma Lucille Blackmon
mar. 12 Mar 1932, Pt. Enterprise Limestone Co Tx 1. Janice Gayle F
2. William Merle M
3. Betty Lou F
4. Bonnie Jean F
5. Carolyn Ann F
Thornton, Macon
b. 1 Sep 1869, Steward’s Mill, Freestone Co. Tx
d. 23 Feb 1960, Wortham, Texas
f. Isaac Thornton
m. Mary Jane Otwell
Sp. Lee Nettie Maddox
mar. 3 Dec 1890, Waters, Montgomery Co. Ark. 1. Macon Ellington M
Thornton, Thomas
b. 1780/84, S. Carolina
d. 1875, Georgia
f. Josiah B. Thornton
Sp. Rebecca House
1. Isaac M
Thornton, William Merle
b. 16 May 1941, New Hope, Freestone Co., Tx.
f. Macon Ellington Thornton
m. Emma Lucille Blackmon
Sp. Linda Morris
1. Scott M
2. Bryan M
3. Leslie M
Titus, Samuel
b. Virginia
d. Montgomery County, Indiana
Sp. Polly --, b. Virginia, d. Montgomery Co Ind
1. Sarah F
Titus, Sarah
b. 29 Aug 1801, Virginia
d. 6 Jan 1879, Montgomery County, Indiana
Sp. Oath Long

Tomlinson, Mary
Sp. William Atkinson
mar. 1 Jan 1742
Turner, Bill
Sp. Karan Kay Fisher
1. Shannon Kay F
Turner, Shannon Kay
b. 25 Jan 1971
f. Bill Turner
m. Karan Kay Fisher
Sp. Eric Shane Hestand
See Spouse
Urban, --
Sp. Tammy Lynn Hicks
1. Courtney Renee F
Urban, Courtney Renea
b. 11 May 1994
Van Horn, --
Sp. Sallie Kimbro
1. Eliza Van Horn F
Van Horn, Eliza
b. 1845
f. -- Van Horn
m. Sallie Kimbro
Sp. William Elias Maddox
See Spouse
Van Tassel, Effie
b. 25 Oct 1863, Tipton, Indiana
d. 25 Jun 1912, Haskell, Oklahoma
f. Royal Park (Rufus) Van Tassel
m. Nancy Connor

Van Tassel, Hiram B.
b. 1879, Kansas
f. Royal Park (Rufus) Van Tassel
m. Lorinda --
Van Tassel, Lillie
b. 1866
d. Oakland, California, 9423 B Street
f. Royal Park (Rufus) Van Tassel
m. Nancy Connor
Sp. -- Hart
Van Tassel, Nellie
b. 1877, Iowa
f. Royal Park (Rufus) Van Tassel
m. Lorinda --
Van Tassel, Park Atkinson
b. 25 July 1853, Indiana
d. 24 Oct 1930, Oakland, California
f. Royal Park (Rufus) Van Tassel
m. Nancy Connor

Van Tassel, Royal Park (Rufus)
b. 1824, Ohio
d. 1892, Hillsboro or Salem, Iowa
Sp. 1 Nancy Connor
mar. Tipton, Indiana?
Sp. 2 Lorinda --
Sp. 1
1. Park Atkinson M
2. Effie F
3. Lillie F
Sp. 2
1. Nellie F
2. Hiram B. M
3. (Stepson) Aluus E. Dorman
Vernon, Hannah
Sp. Thomas Stanfield
See Spouse
Watkins, --
b. abt 1861
Sp. Anna Harp

Welch, David Wayne
Sp. Perri Manette Liles
mar. 6 Jul 1985, Mexia, Texas 1. Morgan Grace F
2. Reagan Marie F Welch, Morgan Grace
b. Jan 1991
f. David Wayne Welch
m. Perri Manette Liles

Welch, Reagan Marie
b. 16 July 1994
f. David Wayne Welch
m. Perri Manette Liles
White, --
Sp. Sarah Jane Davis
1. Calvin M
2. Vera F
3. Cassie F
White, Calvin
f. -- White
m. Sarah Jane Davis
White, Cassie
f. -- White
m. Sarah Jane Davis
White, Vera
f. -- White
m. Sarah Jane Davis
Wildman, Mary
Sp. Thomas Atkinson

Wilkinson, Joseph
b. Ballinacrree, N. Ireland
Sp. Elizabeth Fisher Jr.
mar. 31 Oct 1740, Kennett, Chester Co Pa Joseph had a brother EvanWoodward, Richard Jr.
Sp. Deborah Standfield See Spouse
Yankee, Adeline Tennessee
b. 13 Dec 1852
d. 7 Feb 1932, Pt. Enterprise, Limestone Co. Tx
Sp. Thomas Nathan Blackmon
See Spouse
Yeager, ?
Sp. Flora Durham
b. 15 May 1900


Adkins, Samuel, 7, 10
Alcorn, Linnie May, 47
Alexander, Amanda Jane, 46, 100, 109, 113
Alexander, Betsy, 46, 100
Alexander, John, 46, 100
Andrew, George, 37, 95
Andrew, Jane, 37, 43, 86, 90, 91, 95, 100, 134, 135, 136
Andrew, William, 37, 95
Andrew, William Jr., 37
Andrew, William Sr., 37
Andrews, Peter, 37, 95
Andrews, Samuel, 37, 95
Andrews, William, 93
Argain, Pete, 100, 116
Armer, Barry Leroy, 60, 100, 114
Armer, Emma Kathleen, 60, 100
Armer, George, 100
Armer, George Ashford Jr., 100, 130
Armer, Justin Lee, 60, 100
Armer, Larry, 100
Armer, Laura, v
Armer, Laura Lynn Fisher, 60
Armer, Terri, 100
Armstrong, Edward, 8
Ashton, Mary, 46, 100, 125
Aston, Mary, 92, 93
Atkins, Samuel, 19
Atkinson, Abigail, 62
Atkinson, Anne, 61
Atkinson, Cephas, 41, 42, 61, 62, 100, 101, 102, 133
Atkinson, Cephas P, 62
Atkinson, Cephas Phillips, 62
Atkinson, Cephus, 61
Atkinson, Charles, 62
Atkinson, Christopher, 62, 100, 105
Atkinson, David, 62
Atkinson, Deborah, 62
Atkinson, Elizabeth, 62, 100
Atkinson, Ezekial, 62, 100, 120
Atkinson, Hannah, 42, 100, 108, 111, 113, 115, 118, 119
Atkinson, Isaac, 61
Atkinson, Jane, vi, 1, 2, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43, 61, 62, 85, 101, 108, 109, 111, 112, 113, 115, 118
Atkinson, John, 42, 43, 61, 62, 100, 101, 102, 127, 131, 134
Atkinson, John D., 62
Atkinson, Joseph, 62, 101
Atkinson, Margaret, 101, 132
Atkinson, Martha, 62
Atkinson, Mary, 61, 62, 101, 102, 105, 136
Atkinson, Rebecca, 62
Atkinson, Rebecca Ann, 102, 104
Atkinson, Ruth, 46, 61, 102, 125
Atkinson, Shadrach, 62
Atkinson, Suzannah, 62
Atkinson, Suzannah Hynde, 61
Atkinson, Thomas, 62, 102, 104, 139
Atkinson, William, 61, 62, 102, 130, 136, 137
Ayers, Barbara Lynn, 55, 102, 111, 113

Baguley, Barbara, 14
Bailey, C. V. (Tug), 52
Bailey, Clair Valentine, 125
Bailey, Claire Valentine, 103
Bailey, John Shelby, 103, 131
Baker, Henry, 5
Baker, Wendy, 103, 124
Barker, John, 94
Barnstill, John, 13
Barret, Arthur, 37, 93
Barrett, S. E., 56
Bartholomew, 103, 128
Bartholomew, Allie Kelly, 57
Baylis, James, 5
Beaver, Elizabeth, 58, 103, 127
Beck, Ada Estelle, 105
Beckett, Mary, 5
Beek, Henry, 97
Bennett (family), 16
Bennett, Edward, 103
Billings, Sam, 49
Birge, Elizabeth Gaylord, 46, 120, 125, 126
Black, 103, 134
Black, Susan, 53
Blackmon, Agatha Brooks, 103
Blackmon, Bertha Oree, 103
Blackmon, Emma Lucille, 60, 103, 136, 137
Blackmon, Helen Jean, 103
Blackmon, May Pearl, 103
Blackmon, Myrtle Oletha, 103
Blackmon, Robert Fields, 103
Blackmon, Thomas Nathan, 104, 139
Blackmon, Walter Moore, 104
Blackmon, Willis Oscar, 104
Blackmon, Willis Robert, 63, 103, 104, 124
Blackmon,Hazel Dean, 103
Blaugdone, Barbara, 14
Blundall, Samuel, 12
Bohm, Joan, 47
Bond, Jane, 102, 104
Bond, Joseph M, 104
Bond, Joseph M., 104
Bond, Malinda (Milley), 133
Bond, Melinda (Milley), 104
Booth, Betty, 93
Bose, Peter, 6
Boss, Peter, 13
Boyd, Blanch, 52
Boyd, Hattie, 52
Boyd, Tammie, 104
Boyd, Tammie L., 124
Bradshaw, John, 96
Brewer, David, 102, 104
Brinton, Will, 93
Bristow, John, 96
Brown, 104, 106
Brown, ?, 104
Brown, Carleton, 59, 104
Brown, Danl, 98
Brown, Elizabeth, 98
Brown, Mary Davis, 59
Brown, Mary Etta Davis, 59
Brown, Paul, 59, 104
Browne, James, 5, 13
Bruce, Deborah, 89, 104
Bruce, Deborahe, 39
Bruce, James, 104, 126
Bryant, Christopher Eddie, 104
Bryant, Eddie Lee, 104, 105, 124
Bryant, James Clinton, 105
Bryant, Michael Lee, 105
Bryant, Stephanie Leann, 105
Bullock, Miram, 37, 95
Butler, John, 96
Byers, Justin III, 105
Byers, Justin N. III, 105, 114
Byers, Justin N. IV, 105
Byers, Justin N. Jr., 105, 114
Byers, Linda Marie, 105, 114
Byers, Peter B., 105
Byers, Roger Kevin, 105
Byers, Roger Kevin, 105, 114
Byers, Roger Kevin Jr, 105
Byers, Sean Alexander, 105
Byrd, Laura, 53

Caney, Lydia, 105
Carey, Caney, 100
Carleton, Hannah, 92
Carlisle, Mary, 98
Carlisle, Tho, 98
Carlson, Tho., 39
Carson, Douglas Eugene, 105
Carson, Gina L., 105
Carson, Lonnie E, 105
Carson, Misty Ruth, 105
Carter, Robert, 5, 13
Catchmead, Joanna, 46
Child, Cephas, 61, 62, 102, 105
Child, Henry, 62
Child, Isaac, 62
Child, John, 62
Churchman, John, 93
Clark, Gabriel, 31
Clark, Richard G., 105, 115
Clark, William, 11
Clayton, William, 5, 13
Clearwater, Jacob, 105, 111
Clews, William (Clows), 105
Clows, Sarah Standfield, 103
Collet, John, 20
Collette, Tobias, 62
Comage, Mary, 95
Conner, Nancy, 49
Connor, Nancy, 50, 105, 106, 138
Cook, Arthur, 29
Coore, Richard, 7
Cope, Gilbert, 93
Cope, John, 17, 88, 126
Copenbarger, Bob, 110
Coplen, Ruby, 49
Coplen, Ruby Grace, 109, 117
Coppocke, Margaret, 96
Coulter, Bertha, 128, 129
Coutts, Hercules, 20
Coutts, James, 20
Cowe, Elizabeth, 19, 127
Croasdale, Mary, 105, 134
Cross, Larry Layne, 105
Cross, Marilyn Sue, 105
Cross, Merle Simon, 105, 118
Cross, Simon Franklin, 105
Cross, Stephen Franklin, 105
Crossdale, Mary, 62, 134
Cummings, B. F., v
Cutberd, Dorothy, 6

Dailey, Phyllis Lynn, 105
Dailey, Phyllis Lynne, 112, 114, 115
Davis, 107
Davis, Ann Hutchins, 58
Davis, Daniel, 58, 105
Davis, Elisabeth, 58
Davis, Elizabeth, 55, 57, 58, 87, 106, 128, 129, 130
Davis, Hester, 97
Davis, Jesse, 58
Davis, Jesse W, 58
Davis, Jesse W., 106
Davis, Jonathan, 2, 57, 58, 87, 105, 106, 113, 119
Davis, Margaret Jane, 106
Davis, Margeret Jane Johnson, 58
Davis, Mary Etta, 59, 104, 106
Davis, Mary M., 58, 106
Davis, Rachel, 58
Davis, Rosa A., 59, 106, 127, 128
Davis, Sampson, 57, 58, 59, 106, 128
Davis, Sarah Jane, 106, 138
Davis, Susannah, 58, 106
Davis, William, 58, 106, 127
Dear, Chloe, 46, 106, 124
Devers, . Ova Edith, 114
Devers, Ova, 49
Devers, Ova Edith, 117
Dial, Rebecca, 62
Dicks, Peter, 93
Dix, Peter, 93
Dixon, 120
Dixon, Hannah, 37, 43, 92, 93
Dixson, Joseph, 39
Dixson, Ruth, 92
Dorman, Aluus E., 50, 106
Dougdull, Anna, 7
Downing, Thos., 33
Ducket, Mary, 42
Durham, Asa, 107
Durham, Charley, 107
Durham, Dora, 107
Durham, Elizabeth, 107
Durham, Flora, 107, 139
Durham, George, 107
Durham, Mary Jane Kelly, 57
Durham, Mary Kelly, 59
Durham, Ruben, 107, 129
Durham, Ruby, 107

Elliot, ?, 107
Elliott, George, 57
Elliott, Mattie Kelly, 57
Emmott, William, 7
Endicott, Governor, 4
England, Bennat, 34
Enyeart, 107
Enyeart, ?, 107
Epperson, 121
Epperson, ?, 107
Epperson, Betty Harp, 53
Evans, Hannah, 46, 107, 125, 126
Evans, ho\s, 39
Evans, J. M. (Dr.), 45
Evans, Jane, 92, 93
Evans, Mary, 39
Evans, Owen, 39

Farmer, Jasper, 5
Farre, Sarah, 6
Fellows, J., 50
Few (family), 16
Few, Daniel, 16, 29, 92, 97
Few, Dorcas, 89
Few, Eliz., 92
Few, Hannah, 93
Few, Isaac, 92, 93, 97, 107, 135
Few, James, 17, 92, 93
Few, Jeane, 97
Few, Joseph, 92, 93, 97
Few, Mary, 95
Few, Richard, 92, 93, 95, 97
Few, Walter, 97
Few, Wm, 92
ffeyrnesyd, Johanna, 98
ffisher, James, 90
ffisher, Samlr, 39
ffisher, Susanah, 39
ffisher, Wm, 39
Field, Nehemiah, 12
Filer, Ann Mary, 46, 126
Filer, Mary Ann, 107, 125
Fischer, Ibota, 4
Fischere, Margary, 4
Fisher, Geraldine, 110
Fisher, . Ida L., 113
Fisher, Adam, 6
Fisher, Adams, 6
Fisher, Alexander, 6
Fisher, Alice, 12, 17, 18, 37, 38, 39, 41, 42, 87, 93, 108, 112, 113, 119
Fisher, Alisa Diane Mayfield, 60
Fisher, Allice, 92
Fisher, Allis, 7
Fisher, Amanda, 45, 46, 47
Fisher, Amos, 108, 112, 113
Fisher, Amy, 108, 113
Fisher, Ann, 6, 7
Fisher, Ann (Annie), 7
Fisher, Anna A., 108, 113
Fisher, Anne (Annie), 10
Fisher, Annie, 108, 113
Fisher, Annie Adkins, 7
Fisher, Azariah, 108, 113
Fisher, Barak, 5
Fisher, Barbara, 2, 3, 5, 13, 14, 118
Fisher, Benjamin F., 45, 108
Fisher, Billie Eugene, 108, 119
Fisher, Billie Louise, 55, 108, 123, 124
Fisher, Carolyn Ann, 109
Fisher, Catharine, 112
Fisher, Catherine, 11
Fisher, Cathrine, 12
Fisher, Cephas, i, ii, iv, v, vi, 1, 2, 3, 41, 43, 44, 45, 46, 61, 85, 86, 87, 108, 111, 112, 113, 115, 118
Fisher, Cephas A., ii, vi, 1, 2, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 85, 87, 108, 109, 110, 112, 113, 114, 117, 125
Fisher, Cephas A. Jr, 1, 3, 43, 45, 85
Fisher, Cephas A. Jr., 2, 46, 108, 109
Fisher, Cephas A., Jr., ii, vi, 1, 45, 46, 47, 48, 87
Fisher, Cephas Sr., vi, 1, 2, 43, 44, 45, 61, 85, 87, 109
Fisher, Channie, 117
Fisher, Charles, 109, 110
Fisher, Clint, 109, 117
Fisher, Coralie, 47
Fisher, Corvel Lee, 109, 110
Fisher, Cynthia, 110
Fisher, Cynthia J., 111
Fisher, Cynthia J. --,, 113
Fisher, David, 6
Fisher, Deborah, 5
Fisher, Denis, 4, 6, 13
Fisher, Dessie E., 109, 116
Fisher, Dorothy Berneice, 55, 119, 133
Fisher, Dorothy Berneice Jr., 109
Fisher, Edith, 49, 87
Fisher, Edith Dian, 109
Fisher, Edith Leroy, 52, 109, 110, 120
Fisher, Edward, 6
Fisher, Effie, 109, 110
Fisher, Effie Van Tassel, 50
Fisher, Effie Van Tassell, 50
Fisher, Eli, 43, 45, 46, 47, 90, 100, 108, 109, 113
Fisher, Elias, 6
Fisher, Elizabeth, iii, 5, 6, 7, 15, 16, 17, 29, 31, 33, 38, 42, 88, 90, 92, 109, 110, 112, 118, 128, 139
Fisher, Ella, 110
Fisher, Ellen, 47
Fisher, Elmer A., 110, 113
Fisher, Esther, 7
Fisher, Evalyn Effie, 52, 110
Fisher, F. C. and Grace, 50
Fisher, Florance, 3, 45, 49
Fisher, Florance Clinton, vi, 1, 45, 49, 50, 52, 53, 54, 55, 109, 110, 111, 115, 116, 117, 119, 124, 131
Fisher, Florance Clinton Jr., 110
Fisher, Florance Clinton Sr., vi, 1, 2, 45, 50, 110
Fisher, Floyd Oran, 49, 109, 110, 111, 117, 126
Fisher, Floyd Oran Jr., 110
Fisher, Floyd Oran Sr., 110
Fisher, Franc., 42
Fisher, Francis, 5, 15, 18, 33, 110, 118
Fisher, George, 5, 45, 90
Fisher, George M, 45
Fisher, George M (Bud), 109
Fisher, George M., 46, 108, 110, 115, 119
Fisher, George M. (Bud), 110
Fisher, Georgia Lula, 49, 110, 117
Fisher, Georgia Marie, 52, 110, 111, 119
Fisher, Geraldine, 111
Fisher, Gladys Grace, 55, 111, 119, 131
Fisher, Glynda Rae, 109
Fisher, Grace, 47
Fisher, Grace (Long), 45
Fisher, Grace Long, 45, 49, 50, 52, 53
Fisher, Grace Minett, 110
Fisher, Hannah, 5, 16, 41, 43, 87, 105, 109, 111, 112
Fisher, Harold, 111
Fisher, Harold Van, 110
Fisher, Harriet Ellen, 111, 113
Fisher, Harry, 47
Fisher, Henry, 6
Fisher, Herbert, 47
Fisher, Hiram, 111, 112, 134
Fisher, Ida L., 111
Fisher, Isaac, 6, 111, 112
Fisher, Isobel, 5
Fisher, Jabez, 7
Fisher, Jabez Maud, 98
Fisher, Jack, 116
Fisher, Jackie Lynn, vi, 2, 55, 60, 63, 111, 113, 114, 119, 137
Fisher, James, vi, 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 33, 34, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 62, 85, 87, 88, 89, 91, 92, 93, 95, 101, 108, 109, 111, 112, 113, 115, 118, 134
Fisher, James (Jimmie) Clinton, 112, 114, 115
Fisher, James Clinton, 55, 119
Fisher, James Clinton (Jimmie), 133
Fisher, James Jr., 1, 41, 42, 85, 87
Fisher, James Sr., vi, 1, 37
Fisher, Jane, 37, 112
Fisher, Jason Marcus, 112, 115
Fisher, Jimmie, 49
Fisher, Jimmie (twin), 108, 112
Fisher, Jocephas, 46
Fisher, Joe, 45, 109, 113
Fisher, John, iii, vi, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 43, 45, 85, 86, 87, 94, 100, 101, 108, 109, 111, 112, 113, 115, 118, 119, 120, 124
Fisher, John II, 113
Fisher, John W., 45, 108, 110, 111
Fisher, Jonathan Davis, 2, 60, 111, 113, 133
Fisher, Joseph, 4, 5, 6, 47, 113
Fisher, Joseph C., 47, 109, 113
Fisher, Joseph S., 47
Fisher, Josephus, 45, 108, 113
Fisher, Joshua, 7, 10
Fisher, Joshua James, 113, 119
Fisher, Julie Leann, 112, 114, 123, 128, 131
Fisher, Karan Kay, 55, 114, 119, 124, 134, 137
Fisher, Katharine, 5
Fisher, Katherine, 5, 7, 10, 14
Fisher, Kenneth Wayne, 110
Fisher, Kevin Shawn, 2, 60, 111, 114, 134
Fisher, Kimberly Lynne, 112, 114, 115
Fisher, Kirby Leigh, 60, 114
Fisher, Kyle Ellington, 60, 114
Fisher, Laura Lynn, 2, 60, 100, 111, 114
Fisher, Lena Mary, 114, 116
Fisher, Lenamary, 105
Fisher, Lewis, 45, 46, 47, 108, 114
Fisher, Lilie M, 47
Fisher, Lillie Evalette, 49, 114, 117
Fisher, Linnie, 47
Fisher, Lizzie, 45
Fisher, Loranna, 116
Fisher, Love, 5, 16
Fisher, Loyd Loren, 49, 114, 117
Fisher, Lyman, 117
Fisher, Mabel Pearl, 49, 115, 117
Fisher, Marcus McKenzie, 105, 112, 114, 115
Fisher, Margaret, 6, 7, 11, 85
Fisher, Margery, 7
Fisher, Margery (Maud), 10, 98
Fisher, Martha, 5
Fisher, Mary, 4, 5, 6, 15, 16, 18, 33, 41, 46, 49, 50, 87, 89, 110, 112, 115, 118, 128, 133
Fisher, Mary Elizabeth, 49, 115, 117
Fisher, Marylin Sue, 109
Fisher, Meriam, 112
Fisher, Millicent, 5
Fisher, Minnie Myrtle, 49, 115, 117
Fisher, Molleston, 6
Fisher, Moses, 5
Fisher, Ora Paul, 49, 115, 117
Fisher, Ova Grace, 117
Fisher, Patricia Elaine, 105, 110, 115
Fisher, Phebe Jane, 113, 115
Fisher, Rachel, 45, 109, 110, 115, 119
Fisher, Rachel (Jane), 43, 115
Fisher, Rachel Alice, 113, 115
Fisher, Rachel Stanfield, 61
Fisher, Rachell, 7
Fisher, Ray, 47, 117
Fisher, Rebecca, 6, 43, 61, 109, 115
Fisher, Renea, 116
Fisher, Robert, 5
Fisher, Royal Clyde (RC), 116
Fisher, Royal Park, 49, 116, 117
Fisher, Royal Park (Roy), 114
Fisher, Rufus, 117
Fisher, Rufus Clyde, 49, 109, 116, 117, 118
Fisher, Ruth Marine, 52, 100, 110, 116, 134
Fisher, Sammie Lucille, 116, 117
Fisher, Samuel, vi, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15, 17, 18, 33, 34, 37, 38, 42, 43, 45, 49, 50, 51, 52, 85, 87, 88, 109, 112, 117, 118, 120
Fisher, Samuel C., 110, 114
Fisher, Samuel Chaning, 49
Fisher, Samuel Channing, 115, 116, 117
Fisher, Samuel Channing Jr (Chan), 117
Fisher, Samuel Channing Jr. (Chan), 109
Fisher, Sara, 113, 118
Fisher, Sarah, 5, 6, 7, 12, 14, 16, 112, 118
Fisher, Susannah, iii, 6, 13, 15
Fisher, Susannah?, 118
Fisher, Thelma, v
Fisher, Thelma Lucille, 43, 61, 86
Fisher, Tho, 95
Fisher, Thomas, ii, iii, v, vi, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 29, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 41, 43, 85, 87, 88, 89, 93, 98, 109, 110, 112, 113, 115, 118, 119, 126
Fisher, Thomas (Gent.), 6
Fisher, Thomas Jr, 18
Fisher, Thomas Jr., 17
Fisher, Velma, 116
Fisher, Velma Lula, 118
Fisher, Velma Zula, 105
Fisher, Vicki Lanette, 110, 119
Fisher, William, 5, 6, 7, 13, 15, 16, 17, 29, 33, 47, 91, 118, 119, 134
Fisher, William Henry, 113, 119
Fisher, William Jr., 6
Fisher, William Logan, v, 8, 85, 86
Fisher, William S., 47, 110
Fisher, William the, 4
Fisher, Wm, 96, 97
Fisher, Woodford Pascal, vi, 1, 3, 52, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 102, 108, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 119, 129
Fisher, Woodford Pascal Jr., 119
Fisher, Woodford Pascal Sr., vi, 1, 2, 3, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 109, 119
Fisher,Thomaso, 39
Fleming, Rachel, 57, 58, 105, 106, 119
Fletcher, Huston, 105
Fletcher, Mary, 39
Fletcher, Richard, 20
Foster, George, 94
Fox, George, 7
Franks, Patricia Meyer, 47
Frazier, Hubert, 45
Frazier, John, 119
Frazier, Levi, 45
Freden, Samuel Jr., 42
Freeman, Nathaniel, 34
Fultz, Karl Patrick, 117
Fultz, Roger, 117
Fultz, Travis Glenn, 117
Fyscer, Robert le, 4
Fysher, Willelmus, 4
Fysscher, Hugo, 4
Fyssher, Alicia, 4

Gann, Frankie Clinton, 119
Gann, James Porter, 52, 111, 119
Gann, James Porter Jr., 119
Gann, Marilyn Marie, 119
Gann, Sherry Lynn, 119
Garret, Nora, 49
Garretson, John, 42
Gatzke, Jeanne Gay, 117
Gaylord, Elizabeth, 119
Gaylord, Sarah, 120
Gaylord, William, 119, 120
Gerber, Sarah Jane, 55, 120, 122, 123
Gilbert, Rachel, 100, 120
Gilger, Dannelle E., 109
Gilger, Michael Lee, 109
Gilger, Russell, 109
Graham, Nolan, 120, 128
Green, Becky, 56
Green, Don Caroll, 120
Green, Edgar Owen, 52, 109, 120
Green, Eliza, 56
Green, Eliza Jane, 55, 56, 87, 120, 121, 122, 123
Green, Freddie, 56, 120
Green, George, 56
Green, George Franklin, 120
Green, Hannah, 56
Green, Iva Shaw, 120
Green, John, 56
Green, Margery, 98
Green, Michael Owen, 120
Green, Nicholas, 20, 98
Green, Rebecca Jane, 56, 120
Green, Rosemary, 120
Green, Thomas, 20
Green, Vesta, 56
Green, Wilfred, 55, 56, 120
Green, Wilfred Jr., 120
Green, Wilfred Sr., 120
Griffith, Ruth, 118, 120
Gum, Roger, 12
Gumm, Ralph, 49, 115
Guthrie, 107
Guthrie, Ruby Durham, 58

Hadley, Hannah, 120, 135
Hadley, Ruth, 93
Haines, Mary, 113, 120
Hall, Sandra, 105
Hames, Henry, 96
Hammer, John, 92, 95
Hancock, James, 42
Harlan (family), 16
Harlan, Benjamin, 29
Harlan, Ezekiel, 29
Harlan, George, 93
Harlan, Isaac, 92
Harlan, James, 31
Harlan, Jos:n, 39
Harlan, Joseph, 29
Harlan, Ruth, 16, 29
Harlan, Sarah, 29
Harland, Isaac, 93
Harman, 121
Harman, --, 120
Harp, --, 121
Harp, Adam, 53
Harp, Ann, 121
Harp, Anna, 121, 138
Harp, Babe, 53
Harp, Bettie, 107
Harp, Betty, 53, 121
Harp, Bud, 53
Harp, Elizabeth (Betsy), 121
Harp, Mary, 121
Harp, Robert (Bud), 121
Harp, Susan Kate, 52, 53, 121, 131, 132
Harp, Thomas, 121
Harp, Tom, 53
Harp, Washington, 53, 121, 134
Harp, William (Babe), 121
Harrington, Ann, 52, 121, 131, 132
Hart, --, 121
Hart, Lillie Van Tassel, 50
Hartman, Carrie Ellen, 120, 121, 130
Hartman, Clinton (twin), 121
Hartman, David Allen, 121
Hartman, David Ellsworth, 55, 56, 87, 120, 121, 122, 123
Hartman, Eddie W., 55, 122
Hartman, Ellsworth Clayton, 122
Hartman, Elmira M. (Ella), 55, 122
Hartman, Frederick G, 55
Hartman, Frederick G., 122
Hartman, George Granvil, 55, 122
Hartman, Gladys Dell, 55, 122, 128, 129, 130
Hartman, Hames Osro, 55
Hartman, Henry H., 55, 120, 122, 123
Hartman, Isaac F., 55, 122
Hartman, James Osro, 123
Hartman, Joe, 56
Hartman, Joseph Allen, 55, 123
Hartman, Katie Elsie, 123
Hartman, Lillie May, 123
Hartman, Lydia Ann, 55, 123
Hartman, Mary Elen, 55, 123
Hartman, Muriel Pauline, 123
Hartman, Nellie B., 123
Hartman, Rosa B., 55, 123
Hartman, S. J., 123
Hartman, William H., 55, 123
Harvey, Peter, 30
Harvey, Wm., 39
Hasten, 114, 123
Hasten, April, 114
Hasten, April LeAnn, 123
Hatfield, Gary Lynn, 55, 108, 123, 124
Hatfield, Gregory Scott, 123
Hatfield, Kelly Ray, 103, 104, 124
Hawe, Judiths, 39
Heald, Jacobd, 39
Heald, Joannahd, 39
Heald, Joseph, 39
Heald, Martha, 92
Henderson, Elizabeth, 46, 114
Hendrixs, John, 5, 13
Hendrixson, James, 5, 13
Henry VIII, 4
Henry, Larry, 136
Hestand, Eric Shane, 124, 137
Hestand, Keri Kay, 124
Hestand, Nathaniel Kyle, 124
Hewes, William, 5, 13
Hicks, Cecil, 55, 114, 124
Hicks, Leslie Ann, 104, 105, 114, 124
Hicks, Tammie Lynn, 114, 124, 130, 134
Hicks, Tammy Lynn, 137
Hightly, Ja., 42
Hill, Richard, 29
Hillin, Margaret Louise, 52, 110, 115, 119, 124
Hindle, Bryan, 7, 124
Hindle, John, 3, 7
Hindle, Margaret, vi, 1, 3, 7, 10, 85, 86, 108, 112, 113, 118, 124
Hodge, Jim, 124
Hodge, Phoebe Caroline, 63, 103, 104, 124
Hodge, Robert Nathanial, 63, 124
Hodge, Robert Nathaniel, 124
Hodgkins, Bridgett, 5
Hodgson, George, 46
Hodgson, John, 46, 124, 133
Hodgson, Mary, 46, 124, 125
Hodgson, Ruth, 124, 125, 126
Hodgson, Ruth (or Hodson), 46
Hodgson, Solomon, 46, 106, 124
Hohl, 129
Hohl, --, 124
Hohl, Lillian Kelly, 57
Hollingsworth, Enoch, 39
Hollingsworth, Saml, 39
Holmes, Everett, 49, 115
Holmes, Mary Fisher, 50
Hooks, Linda May, 103, 125
Hope, Elizabeth, 93
Hope, Johne, 39
Hope, Thomas, 96, 135
Hopworth, Margret, 98
Horne, William, 135
Hoskins, Eli, 125
Hoskins, George, 46
Hoskins, George B., 124, 125
Hoskins, Hannah, 125
Hoskins, John, 46, 61, 100, 102, 107, 125, 126
Hoskins, John B., 125
Hoskins, John Goodman, 46, 107, 125, 126
Hoskins, John II, 46
Hoskins, John Jr., 46
Hoskins, Jonathan, 46
Hoskins, Jonathon, 125
Hoskins, Joseph, 125
Hoskins, Mary, ii, vi, 1, 2, 45, 46, 47, 49, 61, 108, 109, 110, 112, 113, 114, 117, 125
Hoskins, Moses, 46, 86, 91, 92, 124, 125, 126
Hoskins, Moses B., 126
Hoskins, Rebecca, 126
Hoskins, Ruth, 46, 126
Hoskins, Thomas, 46, 119, 125, 126
Hoskins, William, 126
Hough, Hannah, 5
Hough, Jacob, 5
House, Rebecca, 126, 137
Howard, Florence, 49, 109, 110, 111, 126
Hung, Mrs. Pearl, 47
Huntley, Deborah, 20, 104, 126
Huntley, Elizabeth, ii, v, vi, 1, 2, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 32, 37, 85, 110, 112, 115, 118, 119, 126
Huntley, Francis, 20, 126
Huntley, Mary, 20, 127
Huntley, Mary Standfield, 20
Huntley, Sarah, 20, 105, 127
Huntley, William, iv, v, 13, 14, 17, 19, 20, 93, 96, 126, 127, 135
Hurst, John, 95
Hutchens, Ann, 58, 106, 127
Hutchens, Elizabeth Beaver, 58
Hutchens, Joel, 58
Hutchens, Jonathan, 58, 127
Hutchenson, Mary, 86
Hutcheson, Dorothy, 94
Hutcheson, Geo, 94
Hutcheson, Thomas, 94
Hutchins, Jonathan, 103
Hutchinson, 97
Hutchinson, George, 4, 6, 94, 97
Hutchinson, Mary, 4, 86, 97, 135
Hutchinson, Thomas, 4, 94, 97
Hutton, Elizabeth, 42
Hynde, Susannah, 101, 102
Hynde, Susannah (Hinde), 127

Jackson, Benj: n, 39
Jameson, Rachel Polly, 127, 130
Janney, Henry, 14
Janney, Mary, 5
Janney, Tabitha, 5
Jennins, John, 11
Jessup, 106
Jessup, --, 127
Jessup, Amy, 59, 127
Jessup, Bryan, 58, 59, 127
Jessup, Corwin, 59, 127
Jessup, Frances, 59, 127
Jessup, Harriet, 128
Jessup, Harriett, 59
Jessup, Inez, 59, 128
Jessup, Josephine, 59, 128
Jessup, Lois, 59, 128
Jessup, May, 59, 128
Jessup, Reba, 59, 128
Jessup, Rosa A. Davis, 59
Jessup, Rose, 59, 128
Jessup, Stephan M., 59, 128
Johns, Abel, 15, 115
Johnson, Cornelius, 11
Johnson, Margaret Jane, 58, 59, 106, 128
Jones, 103
Jones, Abel, 128
Jones, Cliff, 114, 128
Jones, Phara Brooke, 128
Jury, William, 109, 128

Keagle, Cora, 46
Keeling, Beatrice Thornton, v
Keith, George, 13
Kelly, Allie, 55, 57, 103, 128
Kelly, Bertha, 129
Kelly, Betty Lou, 120, 129
Kelly, Calvin, 128
Kelly, Carl Clifford, 128, 129
Kelly, Charlie, 55, 128
Kelly, Chester, 55, 57, 128
Kelly, Clarence Delose, 128, 129, 130
Kelly, Deltha, 128
Kelly, Dorothy Berneice, vi, 1, 52, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 108, 109, 111, 112, 114, 119, 129
Kelly, Dorothy Berneice Sr., 2
Kelly, Elizabeth Davis, 57
Kelly, Gladys Hartman, 57
Kelly, Henry, 55, 128, 129, 130
Kelly, James, 58
Kelly, James (Jim), 55, 57
Kelly, James A., 55, 87, 128, 129, 130
Kelly, James A. Garfield, 55, 122, 129
Kelly, Jane, 55
Kelly, Jesse M., 129
Kelly, Jessie, 55, 57
Kelly, Jessie F., 129
Kelly, Jim, 57
Kelly, Lennis, 57
Kelly, Lillian, 55, 124, 129
Kelly, Loyd, 128
Kelly, Markland, 129
Kelly, Mary, 55, 129
Kelly, Mary Jane, 107, 129
Kelly, Mattie, 55, 57, 107, 129
Kelly, Mryland Millicent, 127
Kelly, Myrland Millicent, 129, 130
Kelly, Nancy P., 130
Kelly, Rachel E., 130
Kelly, Rebecca, 130
Kelly, Rose, 55, 130, 133
Kelly, Samantha, 55, 57, 130, 133
Kelly, Samuel, 57, 58
Kelly, Samuel H., 55, 57, 58, 106, 128, 129, 130
Kelly, Sarah, 55, 130
Kelly, Sarah A., 130
Kelly, Vera Jean, 129, 130
Kelly, Verne, 128
Kelly, Wilson I., 130
Kelly, Yvonne, 128
Kimbro, Sallie, 137
Kimbro, Sally, 130
King, Christopher, 42
Kinsman, John, 5, 13
Kipshaven, John, 12
Kirk, Sarah, 42

Lamborn, Ann, 15, 118
Lamborn, Elizabeth, 15, 88, 118
Lamplugh, Nathaniell, 5, 13
Landrialt, --, 130
Landrialt, Heather Lynn, 130
Laphane, Teresa, 130
Lash, Anna Maude, 49, 109, 116, 118
Lawence, Ann, 102, 130
Le Desma, Luz, 116
Ledbetter, 103
Lee, Joseph, 98
Lee, Neil, 121, 130
Lee, Teresa Laphane, 100
Leech, Hannah, 61
Leech, Henry, 86
Leech, Jane, 43, 61, 100, 101, 102, 131
Leech, Thomas, 61
Leslie, Pauline, v
Levens, Pete, 57
Levens, Sarah Kelly, 57
Lewis, Eli, 42
Lewis, Ellie, 39
Lewis, Ellis, 42
Lewis, Mary, 39, 92
Lewis, William, 42
Lewisr, Wm., 39
Liles, Dusty Marie, 131
Liles, George Jackson III, 55, 111, 131
Liles, Jana Kay, 131, 133, 134
Liles, Perri Manette, 131, 138
Linn, Oren Paul, 114, 131
Logan, James, 29
Long, Abram, 54
Long, Ann, 52, 131
Long, Benjamin, 54, 131
Long, David, 52, 131
Long, Edith Ann, 103, 131
Long, Eliel, 52, 131
Long, Elizabeth, 54, 131
Long, Fred, 52, 131
Long, Gideon, 52, 54, 131
Long, Grace, 55
Long, Grace Minett, vi, 1, 49, 52, 109, 110, 111, 116, 119, 131
Long, Huett, 54
Long, Hughett E., 52, 131, 132, 136
Long, James, 52, 132
Long, Jeremiah, 52
Long, Jerimiah, 132
Long, John, 52, 121, 131, 132
Long, John III, 52, 132
Long, John Jr., 132
Long, John Sr., 132
Long, Kate, 53
Long, Long, 54
Long, Louisa, 54
Long, Lydia, 54, 132
Long, Mannoah (Noah), 52, 132
Long, Noah, 54
Long, Oath, 52, 53, 54, 131, 132, 137
Long, Paul, 52, 132
Long, Samuel T., 54, 132
Long, Wayne Eugene, 52
Long, Will, 52, 132
Long, William, 54, 132
Long, Wilson, 54, 132
Long, Woodford, 53, 87
Long, Woodford Trennel, 52, 53, 121, 131, 132
Lotten, Reba, 58
Lowry, Evans, 101, 132

Maddox, Lee Nettie, 133, 137
Maddox, William Elias, 133, 138
Marceleno, Andrew, 117
Marceleno, Andrew Troy, 117
Marceleno, Edyth Michelle, 117
Marceleno, Samuel Patrick, 117
Marlow, Samantha Kelly, 57
Marlowe, --, 133
Marlowe, Arthur, 57, 130
Marlowe, Samantha Kelly, 57
Martin, Mary, 89, 133, 136
Massey, Thomas, 96
Matson, Margaret, 7
Matthews, Dorcas, 93
Maud, Margery, 7
Maulsby, Ellinor, 42
Mayeur, Rutherford Lewis, 136
Mayfield, Alisa, 2
Mayfield, Alisa Diane, 60, 113, 133
McAdams, Isaac, 115, 133
McCoy, W. T., 54
McCrasherry, James, 34
McGaughey, Daniel, 117
McGaughey, Zachary, 117
McKenzie, Patricia Ann, 55, 112, 114, 115, 133
McKinley, Samuell, 34
McNichol, 130
McNichols, --, 133
McNickle, Cecil, 57
McNickle, George, 57
McNickle, Rose Kelly, 57
Meese, Rachel, 46
Mendenhall, Benj, 93
Mendenhall, Joseph, 39
Mendenhall, Ruth, 39
Miley, Pamela, 105
Mill, Robertr, 39
Miller, Guyon r, 39
Miller, Keith, 52, 110
Mills, Mary, 46, 124, 133
Mills, Robert, 42
Ming, Grady, 133, 134
Ming, Ryan Wade, 133
Ming, Taylor Cheyne, 133
Mitchell, 103
Mohammed IV, Sultan, 4
Molestine, Alexander, 12
Molleston, Mary, 6
Morris, Linda, 137
Morriss, Abraham, 6
Myers, Albert Cook, 86

Naylor, Hannah, 41, 61, 62, 100, 101, 102
Naylor, Hannah (Nailor), 133
Nevis, Isaac, 29
Newall, John, 6
Noble, Wm, 39
Nordman, Bob, 130

Ordieres, Jaclyn Monett, 133
Ordieres, Jaime Elita, 133
Ordieres, Jose Antonio Jr, 133
Ordieres, Jose Antonio Jr., 55, 133
Orion, John, 96
Orr, William, 11
Otwell, Mary Jane, 133, 137
Otwell, William Madison, 104, 133

Paine, Thomas, 33, 88
Parker (family), 16
Parker, Abraham, 29
Parker, Joseph, 31
Parks Van Tassel, Mrs., 51
Paschal, Kendal Kay, 133
Paschal, Kenneth, 131, 133, 134
Paschal, Matthew Jordan, 134
Pearce, Geo, 93
Pearson, Margery, 96
Pemberton, Thomas, 98
Penn, John, 29, 31
Penn, Richard, 29, 31
Penn, Thomas, 29, 31
Penn, William, 3, 7, 8, 29, 43, 46, 85, 86, 97
Peters, Mouns, 96
Pfaffendorf, Elaine, 45
Pfaffendorf, Larry, 45
Pfaffendorfs, 46
Philips, George, 96
Philips, George III, 37
Phillips, Alice, 62
Phillips, Hannah Jane Green, 56
Phillips, Isaac Newton, 56
Phillips, Jehu "Duge", 56
Phillips, Mary Opal, 56
Pierce, George, 93
Pierson, Rebecca, 111, 134
Pierson, Thomas, 20, 97
Pim, Wm., 33
Piscator, Henricus, 4
Plummer, Colin, 114
Plummer, Colin Kelly, 134
Plummer, Kelly Jean, 114, 133, 134
Potts, T. M., v
Price, Edith Margaret, 117
Price, Garland, 120
Price, Patricia Ann, 117
Price, Troy A., 117
Pryor, Susanna, 92
Pusey, Caleb, 13, 96
Pyle, Robt, 93
Pyle, Samuel, 17

Randale, Martha, 42
Randale, Mary, 42
Randale, Sarah, 42
Randale, William, 42
Randel, William, 38
Rankin, Jane, 42
Read, Eliz:, 39
Read, James, 20
Reamer, Sarah, 128, 129, 130
Rees, John, 42
Rees, Sarah, 42
Regen, Mary (Fisher), 5
Roberts, Deborah, 15, 39, 134
Roberts, Dr. John Esq, 6
Roberts, Lydia, 39
Roberts, Mary, 39
Rodarte, Daniel Alan, 117
Rodarte, David Lee, 117
Rodarte, David Lee Jr., 117
Rogers, George, 49, 110
Roman, Phillip, 5, 13
Rouse, 124, 134
Rouse, --, 134
Rouse, Mandy Jo, 134
Royer, Hannah, 86, 136
Ryel, Terry, 57

Scarborough, Elizabeth, 5
Schmelter, Doreen, 2
Schmelter, Doreen Marie, 60, 114, 134
Schmelter, Jennie, 134
Schmelter, Johnny, 134
Scott, Thomas, 7
Shakylton, Alicia, 97
Shaw, Barbara, 134
Shaw, Iva, 120
Shaw, Noble, 52, 116, 134
Shaw, Noble Dee, 134
Simson, James, 12
Sipple, John, 6
Smith, --, 134
Smith, Anna Wharton, v, 8, 85, 86
Smith, Mary, 100, 101, 102, 105, 134
Smith, Phillip, 53
Smith, Susan, 53, 121, 134
Smith, Susan M., 53
Smith, Wanda Willard, v
Smith, William, 62, 105, 134
Smyth, Antonius, 97
Snow, Edith Dell, 109
Speed, Keith, 120
Stacy, Mahlon, 97
Stalcup, Coralie Fisher Meyer, 47
Standfield, 95
Standfield, Alice, vi, 1, 2, 15, 37, 39, 41, 87, 90, 91, 92, 93, 95, 108, 109, 111, 112, 134
Standfield, Allice, 90, 92
Standfield, Deborah, 90, 92, 93, 135
Standfield, Debra, 93
Standfield, Elizabeth, 135
Standfield, Francis, iv, v, 18, 19, 86, 90, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 135
Standfield, Grace, 18, 86, 90, 93, 95, 96, 97, 135
Standfield, Grace Jr., 135
Standfield, Hannah, 92, 135
Standfield, Henry, 86
Standfield, James, 4, 6, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 94, 95, 96, 97, 135
Standfield, Jane, 37, 86, 87, 90, 91, 92, 93, 95, 135
Standfield, Jane Jr., 37
Standfield, John, 37, 39, 90, 92, 93, 95, 120, 135
Standfield, Mary, 14, 18, 19, 37, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 95, 97, 126, 127, 135, 136
Standfield, Rachel, 118, 136
Standfield, Samuel, v, 37, 39, 86, 91, 92, 95, 100, 133, 134, 135, 136
Standfield, Samuel Jr., 37
Standfield, Samuel Sr., 37
Standfield, Sarah, 136
Standfield, Thomas, 136
Standfield, William, 37, 104, 136
Standfield, Wm, 92, 95, 97
Stanfeld, Henricus, 97
Stanfeld, John, 98
Stanfeld, Radnulphi, 98
Stanfeld, Thome, 97
Stanfield, Abigail, 94
Stanfield, Ann, 94
Stanfield, Charles, 94
Stanfield, Hannah, 86, 92, 98
Stanfield, James, 86
Stanfield, Jane, 43, 92
Stanfield, John, 43, 94, 95, 98
Stanfield, John Jr, 98, 135
Stanfield, Mary, 89, 92, 94
Stanfield, Rachel, ii, vi, 1, 43, 45, 87, 108, 109, 111, 112, 113, 115
Stanfield, Robert, 94, 95
Stanfield, Saml, 89
Stanfield, Samuel, iv, 37, 43, 86, 89, 90, 93, 95, 98, 135
Stanfield, Thomas, 43, 94, 95, 98, 135, 136, 138
Stanfield, Thomas Jr, 136
Stanfield, Thomas Sr, 86
Stanfield, Wm, 89
Stanley, Bessie, 59
Stansfeild, Deborah, 98
Stansfeild, Hugh, 97
Stansfeild, John, 98
Stansfeild, Thomas, 97
Stansfeld, Edmundus, 97
Stansfeld, Margareta, 97
Stansfeld, Margarete, 97
Stansfield, Abraham, 94, 98
Stansfield, Charles, 94, 98
Stansfield, Deborah, 94
Stansfield, Elisha, 94
Stansfield, James, 94, 98
Stansfield, John, 37, 94, 98
Stansfield, Johnas, 94
Stansfield, Jonathan, 98
Stansfield, Joshua, 94, 98
Stansfield, Lidia, 94
Stansfield, Lydia, 98
Stansfield, Martha, 94, 98
Stansfield, Mary, 94, 98
Stansfield, Sabrina, 94
Stansfield, Salamona, 94
Stansfield, Susan, 94
Stansfield, Susana, 98
Stansfield, Susannah, 94
Stansfield, Thomas, 94
Stansfield, Zachariah, 94
Stanton, John, 39, 127
Stockdale, John, 101, 102, 136
Stretcher, Henry, 12
Sturges, 103
Sufert, Deltha, 128

Taylor, --, 136
Taylor, Clementine, 52, 131, 132, 136
Taylor, Joseph, 5, 16, 29
Taylor, Phebe, 62, 136
Temple, Benjamin, 30
Temple, William, 30
Terry, Linda Joann, 117
Thatcher, Sarahr, 39
Thatcher, Zarobabel, 16
Thatcher, Zarocrr, 39
Thatcher, Zerubbabel, 30
Thatcher, Zorobable, 31
Thom, Mayor, 51
Thompson, Edward, 39
Thornbury, Thomas, 126
Thornhill, Timothy, 95
Thornton, Betty Lou, 136
Thornton, Bonnie Jean, 136
Thornton, Carolyn Ann, 136
Thornton, Hosea, v, 137
Thornton, Isaac, v, 63, 133, 137
Thornton, Janice Gayle, vi, 2, 55, 60, 63, 111, 113, 114, 137
Thornton, Josiah B., 63, 137
Thornton, Macon, 133, 137
Thornton, Macon Ellington, 60, 103, 136, 137
Thornton, Thomas, 63, 126, 137
Thornton, William Merle, 137
Thorpe, George, 97
Threpland, Edmundus, 97
Threpland, Wilhelmi, 97
Titus, Polly, 52, 54, 137
Titus, Samuel, 52, 54, 137
Titus, Sarah, 52, 54, 131, 132, 137
Tomlinson, Mary, 102, 137
Trotter, Margie, 120
Turner, Bill, 114, 137
Turner, Shannon Kay, 114, 124, 137

Updegraff, Lydia, 42
Urban, --, 137
Urban, Courtney Renea, 137
Urine, Haunce (Orion), 96

Vail, Martha, 54
Van Horn, 130, 138
Van Horn, --, 137
Van Horn, Eliza, 138
Van Tassel, Effie, 110
Van Tassel, Effie, vi, 1, 2, 49, 50, 51, 52, 110, 114, 115, 116, 117, 138
Van Tassel, Hiram B., 138
Van Tassel, Lillie, 50, 121, 138
Van Tassel, Lorinda, 138
Van Tassel, Nellie, 138
Van Tassel, Park, 50
Van Tassel, Park (Van), 50
Van Tassel, Park Atkinson, 138
Van Tassel, Park Atkinson?, 50
Van Tassel, Prof., 51
Van Tassel, Royal Park (Rufus), 49, 105, 138
Van Tassel, Rufus, 50, 105
Van Tassell, 106
Vantassell, Hiram B., 50
Vantassell, Lillie, 50
Vantassell, Lorinda, 50
Vantassell, Nellie, 50
Vantassell, Rufus, 50
Varnon, Thomas, 5, 13
Vernon, Hannah, 43, 136, 138

Wall, John, 34
Waring, Jacob, 11
Watkins, --, 138
Way, Jacob, 90
Way, John, 30
Webb, William, 16
Weems, 103
Welch, David Wayne, 131, 138
Welch, Morgan Grace, 138
Welch, Reagan Marie, 138
Wells, Allie Kelly, 57
Wells, Wiley, 57
Whitaker, Peter, 39, 127
White, 138
White, --, 138
White, Calvin, 59, 138
White, Cassie, 59, 138
White, Sarah Jane Davis, 59
White, Vera, 59, 139
Wickersham, James, 31
Wickersham, Rachel, 15, 88, 110
Wickersham, Sarah, 42
Wildman, Mary, 102, 139
Wilkinson, Alice, 42
Wilkinson, Evan, 17, 139
Wilkinson, Joseph, 15, 17, 33, 88, 89, 90, 92, 93, 110, 139
Williams, John, 6
Williams, Richard, 6

Williams, Thomas, 6
Willis, Frances, 6
Willis, Richard, 6
Wills, Sarah, 37
Wilson, Andrew (Captain), 41
Windebager, Dr., 53
Winnery, Isabel, 42
Woods, Ellen, 47
Woodward, Alan Leon, 117
Woodward, Cherie, 117
Woodward, Leon C., 117
Woodward, Richard, 90, 93, 135
Woodward, Richard Jr., 139
Woodward, Saundra Gay, 117
Worral, John, 19
Worrall, Peter, 20
Wynne, Elisabeth, 10

Yankee, Adeline Tennessee, 104, 139
Yeager, 107
Yeager, ?, 139