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The Kelly/Davis and Hartman/Green Families

A history of the four ancestral lines of Dorothy Berneice Kelly Fisher, born October 29, 1915 at May, Oklahoma in Harper County. Her Irish Kelly family and Welsh Davis family came to North Carolina in the 1700s; her German Hartman family came to Pennsylvania in the early 1800’s; and her Green family came from England to New Jersey in the mid-1800s. The four families moved westward by covered wagon to Indiana and other places in the midwest, then settled near Wichita in Kansas. Dorothy Kelly Fisher was the only daughter of James Kelly and Gladys Hartman of Oklahoma.

J. L. Fisher
September, 2003


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Jonathan Davis 11

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Interviews with James A. Kelly (1880-1966) in the 1960s, and papers found in his trunk after his death in Enid, Oklahoma. Discussions with my mother, Dorothy Kelly Fisher, his only daughter.

Interviews & correspondence with my Great-Aunt Samantha Kelly Marlowe (1885-1988) of Enid, Oklahoma in the 1960s, and her sketch for the history of Alfalfa County, Oklahoma.

Kelly family notes from Ruby Durham Guthrie, daughter of my Great-Aunt Mary Jane Kelly Durham (1871-1939).

Discussions and correspondence with my Great-Aunt Carrie Hartman Lee, who provided copies of the Hartman family Bible records, various Hartman and Green family notes, and her Hartman sketch for the History of Harper County, Oklahoma.

Correspondence with Bryan Jessup, my distant cousin twice removed, who was a descendant of Jonathan Davis of North Carolina and Indiana (1813-1895). Extensive correspondence and discussions with Reba Jessup Lotten, brother of Brian, who worked many years on the Davis line and also helped with the North Carolina Kellys.

Help from many other relatives who contributed what they knew.

U. S. Census Records.

Social Security Death Index.

Death certificates.

Online information in the Morman website, Familysearch.org.

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Dorothy Berniece Kelly Fisher (1915-2003)
Hartman/Kelly/Davis Family Photo, 1916
David Ellsworth Hartman (1865-1952) & Eliza Jane Green Hartman (1887-1928)
Ten of the Children of Samuel H. Kelly (1846-1887) & Elizabeth Davis Kelly (1847-1930)
James A. Garfield Kelly (1880-1966) & his mother Elizabeth Kelly (1847-1930)
James A. Garfield Kelly (1880-1966) & wife Gladys Dell Hartman Kelly (1889-1939)
Kelly/Hartman Family Group, 1928
James A. Kelly (1880-1966) & wife Gladys Hartman Kelly (1889-1939) Portraits
Headstone for Samuel H. Kelly (1846-1887) & wife Elizabeth Davis Kelly (1847-1930)
Sampson Davis (1842-1936) & wife Margaret Jane Johnson
Headstone, Wilfred Green Sr. (b. 1810 in England)
Homestead of Wilfred Green Jr. (1840-1903), Mt. Hope, Kansas with descendant Mary Opal Phillips
Headstone of Wilfred Green Jr. (1840-1901) & wife Rebecca (1846-1901)
Jonathan Davis Fisher (b. 1969) at Monrovia, Indiana West Union Quaker Cemetery, J.W. Davis Headstone
Land Record, Jonathan Davis (1813-1896), Surry County, N. Carolina

The Kelly/Davis Family

The Kelly and Davis families of Yadkin/Surry County, North Carolina probably came from Pennsylvania and Maryland in the mid-1700s, the Kellys having come from Ireland and the Davis/Davies from Wales. North Carolina settlers traveled via the “Great Valley Road” from Pennsylvania, which had reached the area of Yadkinville in North Carolina at some time between 1750 and 1775.

In Yadkin/Surry County, the Kelly and Davis families were closely associated, and intermarried in at least three generations. The Yadkin/Surry Davis families are believed to be descendants of Evan Davis, who came first to Philadelphia from Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales, and therefore would be relatives of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy. These Kellys and Davis’s were Protestants, with Methodist and Welsh Presbyterian (Calvanist Methodist) associations. Several family members left the Methodists and joined the Quakers of North Carolina and Indiana.

A sketch recorded by the Yadkin County, North Carolina Historical Society describes an early Kelly settler who was almost certainly of the same family as Henry Kelly, a subject of this genealogy:
“John Kelly was born in Maryland about 1760. His wife, Nancy, was believed to be the daughter of William and Nancy Davis. (See will of William Davis, dated 1794, recorded in Surry County, North Carolina.) The Kellys are of Irish origin and are very numerous in the United States. Even as early as 1790 there were numerous John Kellys in the State of North Carolina which makes research difficult. It is not known exactly when John Kelly, Sr., came to Surry (Yadkin) County. He is not listed in the 1790 Surry Census, but a John Kelly is listed that year in Stokes County… John Jr. and his brother Thomas D. served in 2nd Company, 2nd Surry Regiment during the War of 1812 …” (Other details of early Kellys in Yadkin (Surry) County are given.)

Henry Kelly of Five Mile Fork, Yadkinville, Surry County, North Carolina, was born about 1804. His wife, born about 1815, was named Sarah. Descendants say he had a known brother Markland, born about 1809, who married Millie Speer in 1829 in Surry County. Elizabeth Speer, probable relative of Millie, had lived on the land of John Kelly, the settler who was born in Maryland. Henry is probably the one who married Sarah (Sally) Pettitt about 1826. He lived in Yadkin County until his death, 26 Dec 1893. He may have been a relative of Henry Kelly who died in Chatham County in 1796, and may have been the son of the immigrant Henry Kelly, who came from Ireland to Pennsylvania and married Mary Davis in Worcester, Maryland. She died 20 Feb 1832.

Henry and Sarah Kelly had 9 known children –Nancy P. (1840), Rachel E. (1842), Rebecca (1844), Samuel H. (1846), Sarah A. (1849), Jesse W. or M. (9 May 1852), Wilson H. (1859), Calvin, and Mary. Samantha Kelly Marlowe, a descendant of Samuel H. Kelly, said there were 13 children in all. Samuel is a primary subject of this study.

Jonathan Davis was born in 1813 in Yadkin County (once part of Surry County), North Carolina. He is believed to be the son of William Davis and Ann Hutchens. Jonathan married Rachel Fleming on November 13, 1833 at Yadkinville. On November 11, 1851, he purchased, for 30 shillings, 100 acres on a branch in the fork of Buck Creek in Surry County. Children of Jonathan and Rachel were Jesse W. (1835), Daniel (1837), Susannah (1839), Sampson (1842), Elizabeth (1847), and Mary M. (1853).

About 1865, Samuel Kelly traveled with Jonathan and Rachel (Fleming) Davis of Yadkinville, to Indiana. Henry and Sarah Kelly, parents of Samuel, apparently stayed in North Carolina. The Davis family settled in Monroe Township, Morgan County, Indiana, near Monrovia. Monrovia, originally called Pleasant Grove, had been settled by Quakers in the early 1800s. Jonathan and Rachel Davis joined the Quakers of West Union Monthly Meeting, about a mile northeast of Monrovia.

Samuel Kelly soon married Elizabeth Davis, daughter of Jonathan and Rachel Davis, and settled near Greencastle in Putnam County (adjacent to Morgan County). They had 11 children. The first ten were born at Greencastle (Mary Jane, Sarah, Jessie F., Lillian, Rose, Charlie, James A. Garfield, Mattie (Martha Elizabeth), Chester, and Samantha). Jonathan and Rachel were living alone on the farm in Monroe Township when the census was taken in 1880, but their son Jesse lived on the same farm in a separate house, with wife Sarah, age 37, and son Louis, age 11, all born in North Carolina except the child Louis, born in Indiana.

In 1884, Samuel and Elizabeth Kelly moved to Turon, Kansas. Sampson Davis, brother of Elizabeth, eventually also went to Turon. Jonathan and Rachel Davis and their eldest son Jesse remained on the farm near Monrovia. They joined the Quakers of West Union Monthly Meeting by letter from the Methodists of Monrovia. Rachel died there in 1894; Jonathan in 1896.

Only three years after arriving in Kansas, Samuel Kelly and all the children were stricken with measles. Samuel suffered complications and died at Turon, at the age of 40. A few months later the youngest daughter, Allie, was born at Turon. Sampson Davis, brother of Elizabeth Davis Kelly, died at Turon in 1936. According to Samantha (Kelly) Marlowe, her widowed mother (Elizabeth) moved the family from Turon, Kansas to Aline, Oklahoma where her son-in-law had staked a claim in the Cherokee Strip land rush. Elizabeth Davis Kelly eventually returned to Turon and died there in 1930. At an advanced age, Samantha remembered an old bequest of $5 from Markland Kelly to one of her family, which “was never paid.” Samuel Kelly told his children, apparently with some certainty, that his forebears had come from Ireland.

This account of Elizabeth Davis Kelly, daughter of Jonathan Davis and Rachel Fleming of Yadkinville, North Carolina was submitted to “Our Alfalfa County Heritage,” Alfalfa County (Oklahoma) Historical Society, 1976 by Samantha Kelly Marlowe: “Elizabeth Davis Kelly, a widow, came to Oklahoma from Turon, Kansas, soon after the Strip opened -- with six of her 11 children. She settled on a claim staked by her oldest son, Jessie. He had come ahead on horseback to get the claim, and Elizabeth then filed on it. She and five children came in a covered wagon, bringing all their possessions. A son-in-law, Pete Levens, of Turon, drove the cattle and helped her make the move. He then returned to Kansas. Four of the Kelly girls were already married and living in Kansas. They were Lillian Hohl, Mary Jane Durham, Sarah Levens, and Rose McNickle. The five children who came in the covered wagon were Jim, Mattie, Chester, Samantha, and Allie.

Elizabeth Davis was born in Yadkin County, N. Carolina, July 31, 1847. When she was in her teens, the family moved to Putnam County near Greencastle, Indiana. Samuel H. Kelly made the move with the Davis family from N. Carolina where he was born June 8, 1846. Elizabeth’s brother, Sampson, was drafted into the Confederate Army and being unsympathetic with the South, tried to escape to the North. He was shot in the foot (Note: Descendants of Sampson say he did it himself) and put in Andersonville Prison. The war between the States was the reason for the Davis family moving to Indiana. Samuel and Elizabeth were married in Indiana and 10 of their children were born there. They moved by covered wagon to Turon, in 1884. In 1886 when Samuel was 40 years old, he died before their 11th child, Allie, was born. For some time after Mrs. Kelly and her family came to Oklahoma, they lived in their covered wagon and in an outdoors campsite. The older girls and boys worked for neighbors to help their mother. Jim married Gladys Hartman from Carrier. They are buried in the Good Hope cemetery.

Mattie married George Elliott and lived near Aline all her life. Chester went to Medicine Lodge, where he and his wife, Lennis, lived until moving to Colorado where both are buried. Allie married Wiley Wells and he died in a few short years and is buried near Aline. She then married a Mr. Bartholomew and moved to Medicine Lodge, where she is buried. Samantha married Arthur Marlow whose parents staked a claim in the Carmen area. After living in this area for a time, they moved to Enid. She is the only survivor of the 11 children. A widow, she is 91 years old and lives alone. After some years the farm was sold to a daughter and son-in-law, Rose and George McNickle. It remained in the McNickle name until three years ago when Cecil McNickle was killed in an accident and the land was sold to Terry Ryel.
In relating this story, Samantha Marlow says she remembers the first evening they were on the claim. A cupboard was set outside the wagon, and wanting something out of it, she climbed up and caused it to upset. Her words were ‘And I got a good whipping.’” By Samantha Marlow, at age 91. Samantha died 24 May 1988 at Norman, Oklahoma, just short of her 103rd birthday.
James A. Garfield Kelly, born at Greencastle, Indiana in 1880, was the son of Samuel H. Kelly, born 1846, and Elizabeth Davis, born 1847, both from Yadkinville, North Carolina. In 1906, in Woodward County, Oklahoma, James A. Kelly married Gladys Dell Hartman. Gladys was a daughter of David Ellsworth Hartman and Eliza Jane Green. James and Gladys are buried in the Good Hope Cemetery near Enid, Oklahoma. Samuel Kelly’s parents were Henry Kelly, born 1804, from Yadkin County (then Surry County), North Carolina (Five Mile Fork Post Office), and Sarah (Pettitt or Reamer?), born 1815. The ancestry of Henry Kelly is unknown. Family tradition says that our Kellys came from Ireland. The eleven children of James Kelly and Elizabeth Davis were Mary Jane, Sarah, Jessie, Lillian, Rose, Charlie, James (Jim), Mattie (Martha Elizabeth), Chester, Samantha, and Allie.

This account was supplied by Mrs. Ruby Durham Guthrie: “The Davis famiy moved to Putnam County, Indiana, near Greencastle, during or just after the Civil War (perhaps 1865), when Elizabeth was in her teens. Samuel H. Kelly made the move to Indiana with the Davis family, and married one of the Davis girls, Elizabeth, in Indiana. Most of their children were born near Greencastle. They moved to Turon, Kansas in the spring of 1884. In 1887, when Samuel was 40 years old, he and all the children had the measles. Samuel died of complications several months before his last child was born. He was buried in the Neola Cemetery near Turon. Elizabeth’s brother, Sampson was also buried at Neola. Elizabeth moved to Oklahoma in the land rush of 1890.”

In the 1960’s, when James Kelly was in his 80’s, he rode with my family (Jackie L. Fisher, his grandson) on a road trip to Texas after visiting in California. At a rest stop along the way, he noticed a memorial to Jefferson Davis (the highway was dedicated to Jefferson Davis). He said “You know, my mother (Elizabeth Kelly Davis) was his grand-niece.” The genealogy of Jefferson Davis is murky and researchers do not usually mention the North Carolina branches, but some sort of relationship probably does exist. If so, the immigrant ancestor was Evan Davis, who came to Philadelphia from Cardiff, Glamorgan in Wales, before 1758.

Jonathan Davis, Elizabeth Davis’ father, is believed to be the son of William Davis and Ann Hutchens. Jonathan was married to Rachel Fleming November 13, 1833 in Surry County, by Joel Hutchens (a brother of Ann Hutchins). Mrs. Reba Lotten of Salinas, California, a descendant of Sampson Davis reports in 1990 of finding Quaker records of Morgan County, Indiana showing Jonathan's parents to be William Davis and Ann Hutchins Davis, married in 1810. According to the same source, Ann Hutchens Davis was the daughter of Jonathan Hutchens and Elizabeth Beaver Hutchens. According to Reba Lotten, "The man who sent the info about William and Ann Hutchens, is related on the Hutchens side of the family, and knew that Ann had a brother Joel, who was bondsman for Jonathan and Rachel. Jonathan died in 1896 and was buried in Morgan County, Indiana at West Union Cemetery (Quaker Monthly Meeting record)."

Three census records for Jonathan Davis and family have been located as follows:

1850, October 9, Surry County, North Carolina, house 1143:
Jonathan Davis, 37, farmer, born N. C.; Rachel, 39, b. N. C.
Jesse, 15, b. N. C.; Daniel, 13, b. N. C.; Susannah, 11, b. N. C.; Sampson, 8; b. N. C.;
Elisabeth 3, b. N. C.

1860, Yadkin County, North Carolina, Yadkinville Post Office:
Jonathan Davis, 50, farmer, born N. C.; Rachel, 50, b. N. C.
Jesse W., 26, b. N. C.; Elizabeth, 13, b. N. C.; Sampson, 18, b. N. C. ; Mary M., 7, b. N. C.; Lission 22, (Domestic)
Rachel could read and write, but Jonathan could not. Jonathan's personal estate in 1860 was valued at $385.

1880, Monroe Township, Morgan County, Indiana, page 47a
Jonathan Davis, age 67, born North Carolina. Married, head of household. Parents born North Carolina.
Rachel Davis, age 71, keeping house, wife of head of household Jonathan Davis, parents born North Carolina.
Next house: Jesse Davis, age 44, born North Carolina, parents born North Carolina, head of household.
Rachel Davis, wife, age 37, born North Carolina, parents born North Carolina.
Louis Davis, son, age 11, born Indiana, parents born North Carolina.

Bryan Jessup, a grandson of Sampson, gives this information about Sampson Davis: Descendents of Sampson Davis (Brother of Elizabeth Davis Kelly) have reported an affidavit signed by Sampson upon entering the Reno, Kansas County Home which gives his birth year as 1842. The Reno County, Kansas Welfare Department has the affidavit signed by Sampson Davis giving his date of birth as March 18, 1842. The Turon Funeral Home records show his birth date as December 12, 1845. The affidavit is assumed to be correct. Sampson Davis married Margeret Jane Johnson and lived in Iowa until she died in 1907. He then moved to Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas. He married Bessie Stanley of Moberly, Missouri at Gravette, Arkansas. They lived a few years at Marshalltown, Iowa and moved to Turon, Kansas about 1925. Sampson had worked in the carpenter trade while in Iowa. He took a job as a janitor at the Turon school until he was unable to work. Bessie drew a pension from her son, a World War I veteran, after his death. Mary Kelly Durham, Sampson's niece, looked after Sampson and Bessie as long as she could, after which they both went to the Reno County Home. Bessie died on January 11, 1934; Sampson on June 20, 1936. Sampson is buried in the Neola Cemetery near Turon, Kansas.

Children of Sampson Davis and Margaret Jane Johnson:
Sarah Jane Davis White, Rosa A. Davis Jessup, Mary Etta Davis Brown
Sarah Jane Davis White had 3 children; Calvin, Vera, & Cassie. Calvin was Sampson's oldest grandson.
Rosa A. Davis Jessup had 12 children - Lois (Sampson's oldest granddtr), Inez (d. 1922), Stephan M., Bryan, Amy, Frances, Corwin, Reba, Josephine, May, Harriett, and Rose.
Mary Davis Brown had two children - Carleton and Paul.

Statements from Bertha Kelly, wife of Clarence Kelly (son of James Kelly):
“James Kelly was about 6 years old when his father died. He quit school early probably not over 3rd or 4th grade, and helped his mother make a living for the family. He often said they raised vegetables to sell and he pedaled them or sold them. Said this was the reason he never liked vegetables as he saw too many as a kid. His mother Elizabeth did marry again after the children were raised. (Note: This may be in error, as Elizabeth’s death certificate says her name was still Kelly, and no other source has been found.) Clarence said he was a big tall man but couldn’t remember his name. Bertha said she remembered Clarence’s Grandmother Elizabeth. She had long hair with it in a knot on top of her head. I was going with Clarence in 1928 so it was probably then or soon after when she died. The clock we have was hers and James said was on the wagon from Greencastle to Turon, Kansas. That was in 1884.”

Dorothy Kelly Fisher, daughter of James Kelly, remembered family stories of James, as a small boy, collecting sticks of wood to sell as kindling. He pulled his wagon around the neighborhood to sell the wood, to help his widowed mother support the family. Dorothy said she started school at “Berry School,” between Carrier and Hillsdale, Oklahoma. Her family appears in the U. S. Census in 1920, at #1, Hulling Street, Hillsdale. The street is only two short blocks between Broadway and Minnie Avenues, in the shadow of the grain elevators and next to the railroad tracks. A frequent job of James was to drive wheat harvesting machinery, also the trucks to deliver wheat to the elevators. Dorothy told this story: James Kelly, her dad, moved the family when she was a child of 6 or 7 by piling the furniture in hay packing in a horse-drawn wagon. Smaller items were in a chest and/or a large crate at the front, where the men sat to drive the team. Their cigarettes ignited the hay. The crate (or chest) was shoved overboard and saved, but all other possessions were lost. Another of Dorothy’s stories relates an example of the Irish temper which sometimes shows in the Kelly family. Her eldest brother Clarence, and their father James were listening to an exciting ball game on the radio on a cold winter’s day. Clarence had set a sputtering blowtorch under the house to keep the pipes from freezing, but it persisted in going out and he had to run out & restart it, each time just when he least wanted to leave the broadcast. Finally, the radio was smashed in frustration. Dorothy cautioned that Clarence’s memory of just what happened may be different than hers. Clarence is the same brother who was once pronounced dead on the football field when he was injured in a game in high school. His father, James, fought off all attempts to keep him off the field and ran to Clarence. Clarence then surprised all by reviving, and lived a long and fruitful life. Another of Dorothy’s stories: After her grandmother Eliza Green Hartman, aunt Pauline Hartman, and cousin Sammie Jordan died in an explosion and house fire at Covington, Oklahoma in 1928, her aunt Carrie Hartman consulted a psychic and asked what had happened. The psychic said “I see ironing.” We don’t know if Aunt Carrie was convinced by the psychic, but the cause was apparently fumes from clothes being cleaned with gasoline.

Samuel Kelly

Samuel H. Kelly, son of Henry and Sarah Kelly, was born Jun 8 1846 at Yadkinville, North Carolina, and
died 12 Mar 1887 at Turon, Kansas. About 1870, he married Elizabeth Davis at Greencastle,
Indiana. Elizabeth, a daughter of Jonathan Davis and Rachel Fleming, was born 31 Jul
1847 at Yadkinville and died 31 Jan 1930 at Turon, Kansas.

Mary Jane (Jane), born 5 Oct 1871 at Greencastle, Indiana, died 30 Apr 1939. Married Ruben Durham
16 Jun 1888, who died 1907. Children: Laura and Alta (both d. in infancy); Flora (m. Jack
Shankle and had Vivian & Don); Asa (b. May 20 1889, m. Bonnie); Dora (b. Jan 14 1894, d. Dec 3
1933,m. Ferman Enyeart); George (b. Mar 26 1892, m. Elsie & had Hester Mae & Peggie Jean);
Loyd (d. a child); Elizabeth (b. Apr 3 1902, m. Charles Davis); Charles (b. Mar22 1904, d. July 24
1967, m. Ida); Ruby (b. Nov 27 1906, d. 1969, m. Hugo Guthrie, who d. 1968, no children);

Sarah, born 6 Nov 1872 at Greencastle, Indiana. Married Pete Levens. Children: Maude, m. Ira
Thomas & had Pauline (Pennington), Lois Miller (Lyle), & Allen (m. Bertha); Pearl (m. Clayton
Waite & had Ted & Jerry); Mary, m. Art Huff; Opal (had children Denoll, Rema (deceased),
Charlene, & Calvin); Clarence, m. Opal and had Mable, Alice, Lawrence who d. Aug 1960, &
Harold; Myrtle, m. Orla Smith who d. 1969 & had Robert, Ronald & Melba; Hazel, m. Dick Nelson
& had Barbara, Betty Joe, Wanda & Billy; Clara, m. Edd Hoskinson & had Alvin, Louise, Lloyd, &
Marlin; Ruth, m. Wm. Gamble & had Dewayne; Densel, had Basil & Bernadine (deceased); Albert,
m. Mary & had Manwell & Rogene; Erwin, m. Julia & had Allen & Trera; & Lawrence who d. in 1st
world war.

Jessie F., born 19 Nov 1874 at Greencastle, Indiana, d. 9 Feb 1944.

Lillian (Lillie), born 9 Nov 1875 at Greencastle, Indiana, d. 26 Jul 1918, m. Fred Hohl. Children:
Stanley (m. Vera & had Norma Jean, Royal Arden & Russel Roy); Marie (m.Bill Schmidt);
Marguerette (Maggie); George (d. at 13); Vivian ( m. Fern & had Kathleen Sue (m. --Dunlap?);
Fred (m. Lettie & had Carol Jean); Archie (deceased); Frank (m. Alta & had Reva (m. Hal Groves),
Wayne ( m. Carol), & Larry ; Ora, m. Mable & had Shirley Leigh, Dorothy Ellen (m. Bill
Perkins), & Betty Lee (m. Tim Corcoran).

Rose, born 1 Apr 1877 at Greencastle, Indiana, d. Dec 31 1953. She married George McNickle & had
Chester (m. Gladys and had Gerald (m. Doris), Wayne (m. Bernice), Virginia (m. Vernon Unruh),
Bernard (m. Joyce), Wilma Jean (m. LeRoy Russel), & Glen Ray); Walter (did not marry);
Grace (m. Cecil Woods, no children); Hazel (m. Paul Seifert & had Jaunita (m. Sam Nordyke), &
Glenda Mae (m. Donald Lebow); Cecil; Blanche (m. Raymond Randolf & had Nellie Rose (m. Chas
McCreary), John (m. Dorothy), Loyd (m. Martha), Fayette (m. Edsel Denning), Helen (m. John
Wood), & Hazel); Ollie (m. Evelyn); Orville; Raymond (m. Juanita & had Helen (m. Ralph Howe),
Jackie, Jerry, & Jimmy); & Letha (m. Oliver Smith and had Dale (m. Rose Anita), Iran, & Linda).

Charlie, born 22 Sep 1878 at Greencastle, Indiana, d. 1961. Children Bertha (m. Harry Hodson & had
Joice (m. Melvin Lee & had Dediz, Doris, Janet); & Ida.

James A. Garfield, b. 30 Mar 1880 at Greencastle, Indiana, died 19 Jul 1966, Enid, Oklahoma. He
married Gladys Dell Hartman 25 Jan 1906, in Woodward Co. Okla. A daughter of David Ellsworth
Hartman and Eliza Jane Green, she was born 16 Mar 1889, near Wichita, Kansas, died 20 Nov 1939,
Woodward County, Okla. Children were Clarence Delose (1907), Carl Clifford (1910), Myrland
Millicent (1913), and Dorothy Berneice (1915).

Martha Elizabeth (Mattie), born 13 (11) Sep 1882, Greencastle, Indiana, died 29 May 1965 at
Aline, Oklahoma. Married George Lee Elliot in 1901 at Aline, Okla. George was born 9 Jun 1881
at Garden City, Missouri, died 18 Mar 1960. Children :
Ulah Edna b. 2 Nov 1902 at Aline (m. Worrel Dawson);
Hubert (m. Louisa & had Norma Jean (m. Ray Kiner), Billie (m. Eugene Rogers), Bobby
(killed), Joe (m. Irene), Jessie Woods (m. Niel), & Samuel);
Samuel A. b. 21 Mar 1907 Aline, Okla, d. 10 Nov 1911;
Alvin Ernest (deceased) (m. Elida & had Doyle, Jimmy, Sue, Cory, Fredie, Billy & Kay);
George Lowell (b. 23 Apr 1917 Aline, Okla., d. 21 Aug 1972, m. Alfretta & had
Dewelds (m. Susan), Richard (m. Marine), & George);
Lulu (Polly) (m. Judson Brown & had Dennis (m. Helen William), Mary Alice (m. Ring Lake),
Ladell, LuAnn, David & William);
Mary (m. Boyd Slade & had Mattie Lou, LaClair, Ronnie, Karen, Una Kay, Boyd Elliott, Mary,
& Jolene);
Rachel Leah(b. 03 Mar 1919 Aline, Okla., m. Ed Mittlestet & had Donna Lu, Vicky, Alice
Katie (deceased), Eddie Dean, Carl Wayne, & Mickey);
Clara Bell (b. 18 Feb 1921 Aline, Okla., d. 29 Nov 1986, m. Russel Shaw & had David, Donnie,
Carry, & Charlene);
Artie Rose (m. Glen Jones & had Connie Sue, Linda Lu, & Kathy);
Dale (m. Neva Jean & had Darla Jean, Patsy Bell, Mike, & Frank);

Chester Arthur, born 30 Mar 1884, Greencastle, Indiana, d. 30 Sep 1948, Paonia, Delta,
Colo., m. Lennice Bertha Gott 14 Sep 1910 at Alva, Okla., lived at May, Okla. & Medicine Lodge,
Kansas. She was born 2 April 1887 in Crawford Co., Indiana, d. 28 Jun 1968 at Grand Junction,
Mesa, Colo. She was dau of Charles Sampson Gott and Martha Ann Randall who were marr. 4 Dec
1875. Charles Gott b. 1 Sep 1856, Crawford Co., Ind, d. 22 Dec 1931, Crawford Co. Martha
Randall b. 22 Feb 1858, Kenton Co. KY, d. 22 Feb 1920, Crawford Co. Children:
Frank (eldest, m. Lena); Sam, d. 1954; Mawdeen (m. Roy Hill); Evelyn (4th child, m. – McClain);
Gladys (m. Kenneth Dixon); Kenneth (m. Caroline); Vernon (m. Irene);
Howard, b. 13 Nov 1919, Okla., marr. May 1944, Okla, Lois Nadine Kirkhart & had a son Chester.

Samantha, born 3 Aug 1885, Turon, Kansas, died 24 May 1988 at Norman, Oklahoma. She married
Arthur Marlowe and lived at Enid, Oklahoma. Children: Floyd (m. Margie (of Omaha) & had
Christa Mae, Pehna Rae & Lena Kay); Oscar (m. Georgine and had Rose Marie, Katharine &
Douglas); & Edgar (m. Florence & had no children).

Allie (Alice?), born 16 Aug 1887, at Turon, Kansas, d. May 3 1958. Married (1) Wiley Wells and (2)
Alfred Bartholomew (b. Dec 10 1875, d. Apr 16 1959). Children Edith (m. Bruce Hiskett and had
children Mary Jo (d. at 16 yrs), Marlene (m. Walter Williams & had Harry Eugene, Sabrina,
Andrew, & Deloris), Harry (m. Kathy & had Leslie & Bruce), Doris (m. Harold Rogers & had
SuLynda & Brent); Ethel (m. Art Moore & had Pamela); Bert (m. Lois & had Sherry (m. Jerry
Shriner & had Shelly, Carol & Bart); Francis (m. Joann & had Donna, Carol & Judy);
John (m. Evelyn & had John Jr.); Charles (m. Audrey & had Sammy & Chas. Forest).

James Kelly

James A. Garfield Kelly, son of Samuel Kelly and Elizabeth Davis Kelly, was born 30 Mar 1880 at
Greencastle, Indiana. He died 19 Jul 1966, at Enid, Oklahoma. He married Gladys Dell Hartman 25
Jan 1906, in Woodward County, Oklahoma. A daughter of David Ellsworth Hartman and Eliza Jane
Green, she was born 16 Mar 1889, near Wichita, Kansas, and died 20 Nov 1939, in Woodward
County, Oklahoma.

Clarence Delose, born 1 April 1907, May, Oklahoma. Died 24 Feb 1981, Kansas City, Kansas,
bur. in Good Hope Cemetery, Helena, OK. Married Bertha Annie Coulter 10 Jan 1931.
Bertha was born 23 May 1911 in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma and died 8 Sep 1992 in Overland
Park, Kansas. Children: Betty Lou, Vera Jean, & Linda Kay.

Carl Clifford, born 24 Oct 1910, May, Oklahoma. Died Jul 1986 at Enid, Oklahoma. Married
Deltha Sufert. She was born 20 Dec 1917, died 28 Jan 1988 at Enid, Oklahoma. Children
Loyd, LaVerne, Yvonne, Arleta.

Myrland Millicent, born 25 Nov 1913, May, Oklahoma. Died 14 Sep 1999, Bakersfield, Calif.
Married Rachel Polly Jameson who was born 17 Apr 1916 at Carmen, OK, died 8 Nov 1991 at
Bakersfield. Two adopted daughters Debbie & Jamie.

Dorothy Berneice, born 29 Oct 1915, May, Oklahoma. Married Woodford Pascal Fisher 30 Nov
1931, Medicine Lodge, Kansas. He died 1 Apr 1990, Mexia, Texas. Children – Twins, died at
birth; Billie Eugene, died soon after birth; Jimmie Clinton; Jackie Lynn; Gladys Grace; Karan
Kay; Billie Louise; W. P. Jr.; Dorothy Berneice Jr.

Jonathan Davis

In August of 1794, a tract of 100 acres of government land was surveyed to the Davis family on the forks of Buck Creek in Surry County, North Carolina. This site may have been near Buck Shoals, south of Yadkinville. Title to the land was obtained in 1851 by Jonathan Davis, believed to be a son of William Davis, born about 1789, and Ann Hutchens, a daughter of Jonathan Hutchens and Elizabeth Beaver. William and Ann were married in 1810 in Surry County.

Jonathan Davis was born in 1813 in Yadkin County (once part of Surry County), North Carolina. He married Rachel Fleming 13 Nov 1833 in Surry County. They went to Indiana about 1865. Jonathan and Rachel appeared in the 1880 Census in Monroe Township, Morgan County, Indiana. They joined the Quakers of West Union Monthly Meeting near Monrovia, at the meeting house about a mile northeast of Monrovia. They were both buried there by the Quakers, Jonathan 9-14-1896 and Rachel 1-30-1894.


Jesse W., born 8-27-1834 at Yadkinville, N. Carolina, married Sarah --. She was born
12-25-1843, North Carolina. Son Louis was born 12-11-1868 in Indiana. In 1880, the
family lived next to Jesse’s parents Jonathan and Rachel Davis. They belonged to the
Methodist church in Monrovia until December 6, 1894, at which time they were accepted
in the West Union Quaker meeting by letter from the Methodists.

Daniel, born 1837 at Yadkinville, N. Carolina.

Susannah, born 1839 at Yadkinville, N. Carolina.

Sampson, born 18 Mar 1842 at Yadkinville, N. Carolina, d. 20 Jun 1936 at Turon, Kansas.
Married Margaret Jane Johnson. Children Sarah Jane Davis White, Rosa A. Davis
Jessup, Mary Etta Davis Brown. Sarah Jane had children Calvin, Vera, and Cassie.
Rosa A. Davis Jessup had children Lois, Inez (d. 1922), Stephan M., Bryan, Amy,
Frances, Corwin, Reba, Josephine, May, Harriett and Rose. Mary Davis Brown had
children Carleton and Paul.

Elizabeth, born 31 Jul 1847 at Yadkinville, N. Carolina, died 31 Jan 1930 at Turon, Kansas.
Elizabeth married Samuel H. Kelly, son of Henry and Sarah Kelly, about
1870, near Monrovia or Greencastle, Indiana. Samuel was born 8 Jun 1846
at Yadkinville, N. Carolina; died 12 Mar 1887 at Turon, Kansas.

Mary Margaret, born 1853 at Yadkinville, N. Carolina. Married Wm. Stanley Hobson.


The Hartman/Green Family

Henry Hartman’s family emigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania before 1825. They were among those called “Pennsylvania Dutch” after the name of Germany (Deutscheland) and its language (Deutsch). Henry was born in 1825 in Pennsylvania. The family could probably be traced further, given the improved availability of records in recent years. Henry headed westward, probably from York County, Pennsylvania, and would have taken the National Road, also called the Cumberland Road. The road went through Uniontown in southwest Pennsylvania, through Columbus, Ohio and on to Indianapolis before 1838. Henry married Sarah Jane Gerber in 1851, and settled at Castleton on the north edge of Indianapolis. He later moved a few miles out to a farm at Cicero, north of Castleton. Known data for the family, from the Hartman family Bible and other sources:

Hartman, Henry H.
born 5 Apr 1825, Pennsylvania
Married Sarah Jane Gerber 8 Jun 1851, at Castleton?, Indiana. Sarah born 7 Mar 1832, Pennsylvania.
Frederick G. born 12 Apr 1852, Castleton, Indiana. Died 17 Oct 1859.
James Osro born 24 Sep 1853, Castleton, Indiana. Died 31 Oct 1854, Cicero, Indiana.
Mary Elen born 18 Sep 1855, Castleton, Indiana. Died 11 Sep 1856.
Joseph Allen born 2 Jul 1857, Castleton, Indiana. Died 17 Oct 1951.
George Granvil born 22 Mar 1859, Castleton, Indiana. Died 17 Oct 1859.
Lydia Ann born 18 Jul 1860, Castleton, Indiana.
Elmira M. (Ella) born 14 Sep 1862, Castleton, Indiana. Died 21 Dec 1938, Mt. Hope, Kansas.
David Ellsworth born 11 Feb 1865, Cicero, Indiana, died 2 May 1952, Enid, Okla. (See next pg.)
Isaac F. born 20 Apr 1868, Cicero, Indiana.
Rosa B. born 15 Oct 1872, Indian Grove, Livingstone, Illinois.
William H. Born 2 Oct 1874, Indian Grove, Livingstone, Illinois. Died 1955.
Eddie W. born 8 Jul 1876, Indian Grove, Livingstone, Illinois. Died 1950.

David Ellsworth Hartman

The following, written by Carrie (Hartman) Lee, was published in a county history for May, Oklahoma.

“David E. Hartman, father of eight pioneering youngsters, was born in Cicero, Indiana on February 11, 1865. He moved to Wichita to work on the farm of the Wilford Green Family and on August 30, 1887, married their daughter, Eliza.

The David Hartman’s first home was in Mt. Hope, Kansas, where their first four daughters, Gladys, Nellie, Elsie, and Lillie, were born. With four young children, Dave ran for land in the strip opening and the family moved to Carrier, Oklahoma, where their first son, Clayton, was born. From Carrier, they began a ten day trip in a covered wagon to May, Oklahoma with only a few friends, very little water, undeveloped roads, and other hardships too numerous to detail. When finally they arrived, Dave built a two room sod house north of the river and dug a stable for his stock in the bank. It was in this house that I, Carrier Hartman, was born, in 1906 (sic it was 1905).

We later moved south of town to a better farm to build a frame house and dug a well. This farm has remained in the family, owned first by Elsie (Hartman) Jordan and her husband, Sam, and now by Dave’s granddaughter, Rosella Davis and her husband, Jonnie.

Dave and his family moved into May where he became, we believe, the first Star Route mail carrier between May and Gage. Dave loved people and he loved his work. He was also a one man passenger service for six on his mail route; he helped the Dr. drive when roads were bad, often asking his wife to help; he was active in Civic and political affairs; served on the town council; and owned and operated his own blacksmith shop. He was blessed with two more children in May. First, his second son, S. J., and a little later, his sixth daughter, Pauline.

After the war, Dave stepped down to let a younger man have his job as mail carrier, and for a short time, operated his blacksmith shop exclusively. Memory recalls a particular person during this time. Our first teacher, Anna Spaugy, and her electric buggy. She was the first teacher of all Dave’s children. Clayton, my brother, tried, in later years, to purchase her electric buggy.

After a short time, and again with four young children, as the four eldest were now married, they began the trip back to Carrier. The trip was now made in a model-T Ford rather than a covered wagon, but the roads were one sand hill after another and the hardships were still numerous, nearly as they had been on the first trip.

In Carrier, Dave worked on a construction job for S. E. Carrier and for a drilling company before he finally retired.

Tragedy befell Dave Hartman in 1928, when an explosion in their Covington home killed his wife, his youngest daughter, Pauline, and his three year old grandson, Sammy Jordan.

Although Dave maintained his home in Covington, he spent much of his remaining years in the homes of his four surviving children. These four children are here listed:

Lillie (Hartman) Ingram – Wichita, Kansas
Carrie (Hartman) Lee – Longdale, Oklahoma
Clayton Hartman – Wichita, Kansas
S. J. Hartman – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dave Hartman died on May 2, 1952, at the age of 87, leaving us a rich and memorable heritage which we are proud to share. “

Family data, based upon the Hartman family Bible and other sources:

Hartman, David Ellsworth, born 11 Feb 1865, Cicero, Indiana, died 2 May 1952, Enid, Oklahoma.
Father Henry H. Hartman, mother Sarah Jane Gerber, both born Pennsylvania.
David married Eliza Jane Green 30 Aug 1887, Wichita, Kansas.
Eliza was born 4 May 1870 in Illinois, died 5 Dec 1928 in a house fire at Covington,


Gladys Dell, born 16 Mar 1889, Andale or Mt. Hope near Wichita, Kansas.
Died 20(25?) Nov 1939, Woodward Co. Okla.

Nellie B., born 29 Aug 1890, Mt. Hope near Wichita, Kansas, died 7 Jun 1910 at May, Oklahoma.

Katie Elsie (Elsie), born 22 Jul 1894, Mt. Hope near Wichita, Kansas. Marr. Samuel Jordon.
Died 25 Sep 1924 of childbirth complications, 4 days after the birth of a son Sammie.
Other children Leo, Viola and another son.

Wilfred H., born 23 (9) Mar 1897, Mt. Hope near Wichita, Kansas. Died in infancy.

Lillie May, born 28 Jun 1898, Carrier, Oklahoma. Married at about age 18 to Everett Ingram.
They had sons Bobbie & Billie; daus Vivian (Howell), Edna (Burton), & Juanita. Edna
had twin sons named Clinton & Clayton.
Lillie died Mar 17 1986. Everett b. 7 Oct 1888, d. Oct 1973 at Tulsa OK.

David Allen, born 1 Aug 1900, Mt. Hope near Wichita, Kansas. Died 22 Aug 1900.

Ellsworth Clayton (Clayton), born 16 Nov 1901 at Carrier, Okla. Married rather late, to
Lucille --. They had a son J. C. and ?? Lucille was born 22 Oct 1901, died
Dec 1973 at Wichita, Kansas.

Clinton (Twin of Clayton), born 16 Nov 1901, died same day.
Carrie Ellen, born 4 Apr 1905, at May, Okla., died Feb 1992.
Married (1) Paul Boyles. They divorced and she marr. (2) – Edwards. He had been her first love in her youth. He died and she marr. (3) Neil T. Lee. Neil and Carrie lived for a time at Coalinga, California. Neil was born 12 Aug 1900, died 21 Aug 1975 at Longdale, Oklahoma.

S. J., born 24 Feb 1908 at May, Okla. Died 17 Sep 1982. He married Iris --, who already had
a child named Orbie. S. J. and Iris had several daughters. (Iris was born 23 Nov 1906,
died Apr 1995 at Midwest City, OK. if I have the right one from the SS death index).

Muriel Pauline, born 20 Mar 1910 at May, Okla.
Died 5 Dec 1928 in an explosion and house fire at Covington, Okla. Her mother and
a nephew Sammie Jordan (4-yr-old son of Elsie Hartman deceased) also died in the fire.

Wilfred Green

Wilfred Greene Sr. born 1810 in England. Both his parents were born in England.
He married Mary --, who was born in Delaware in 1815.
Mary’s father b. Delaware, mother b. England.
In 1880, Wilfred & Mary lived at Salem, Allen County, Kansas.


Hannah Jane, born 23 December1847, Brighton, England. Married Dr. Isaac Newton Phillips.
He was born 1 May 1820, Brighton & died 27 Dec 1901 at Mt. Hope, Kansas.
Their son Jehu “Duge” born 4 Oct 1888, died 17 Mar 1965 at Mt. Hope.
Duge married Mary Opal – 23 Aug 1919. Mary Opal born 26 Nov 1889.

John, married Emily --; both buried Mt. Hope, Kansas.
George, born 4 Oct 1886, died 21 May 1963.
Vesta, born 24 Aug 1884, died 8 Dec 1954.

Wilfred Jr. born 25 Nov 1840, Brighton, England, died 19 Jun 1903, Mt. Hope, Kansas.
Married Rebecca A. --. She was born 4 Apr 1846 in Indiana.
Her parents were born in Ohio. Rebecca died 11 Mar 1901 at Mt. Hope.
In 1880 Wilfred & Rebecca lived at Greeley, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

Wilfred Greene Jr. born 25 Nov 1840, Brighton, England, died 19 Jun 1903, Mt. Hope, Kansas.
Married Rebecca Jane. She was born 4 Apr 1846 in Indiana.
Her parents were born in Ohio. Rebecca died 11 Mar 1901 at Mt. Hope.
In 1880 Wilfred & Rebecca lived at Greeley, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

Eliza Jane, born 4 May 1870, Illinois.
Eliza married David Ellsworth Hartman 30 Aug 1887, at Wichita, Kansas.
She died 5 Dec 1928 in a house fire at Covington, Oklahoma

Freddie (Died in infancy).


Bartholomew, Alfred, 9
Bartholomew, Allie, 9
Bartholomew, Allie Kelly, 5
Bartholomew, Audrey, 9
Bartholomew, Bert, 9
Bartholomew, Bruce, 9
Bartholomew, Carol, 9
Bartholomew, Charles, 9
Bartholomew, Charles Forest, 9
Bartholomew, Donna, 9
Bartholomew, Doris, 9
Bartholomew, Edith, 9
Bartholomew, Ethel, 9
Bartholomew, Evelyn, 9
Bartholomew, Francis, 9
Bartholomew, Harry, 9
Bartholomew, Joann, 9
Bartholomew, John, 9
Bartholomew, John Jr., 9
Bartholomew, Judy, 9
Bartholomew, Kathy, 9
Bartholomew, Leslie, 9
Bartholomew, Lois, 9
Bartholomew, Sammy, 9
Bartholomew, Sherry, 9
Beaver, Elizabeth, 6, 11
Boyles, Carrie, 14
Boyles, Paul, 14
Brown, Carleton, 7, 11
Brown, David, 9
Brown, Dennis, 8
Brown, Helen, 8
Brown, Judson, 8
Brown, Ladell, 9
Brown, LuAnn, 9
Brown, Lulu (Polly), 8
Brown, Mary, 11
Brown, Mary Alice, 8
Brown, Mary Davis, 7
Brown, Mary Etta, 11
Brown, Mary Etta Davis, 7
Brown, Paul, 7, 11
Brown, William, 9
Bryan, Amy, 11
Burton, Clayton, 14
Burton, Clinton, 14
Burton, Edna, 14

Carrier, S. E., 13
Corcoran, Betty Lee, 8
Corcoran, Tim, 8
Coulter, Bertha, 7
Coulter, Bertha Annie, 10

Davis, Ann Hutchins, 6
Davis, Charles, 8
Davis, Daniel, 4, 6, 11
Davis, Elisabeth, 6
Davis, Elizabeth, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11
Davis, Elizabeth Durham, 8
Davis, Evan, 4, 6
Davis, Jefferson, 4, 6
Davis, Jesse, 5, 6
Davis, Jesse W, 6
Davis, Jesse W., 4, 11
Davis, Jonathan, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11
Davis, Jonnie, 13
Davis, Louis, 5, 6, 11
Davis, Margaret Jane, 11
Davis, Mary, 4, 7, 11
Davis, Mary Etta, 7, 11
Davis, Mary M., 4, 6
Davis, Mary Margaret, 11
Davis, Rachel, 4, 5, 6, 11
Davis, Rosa A., 7, 11
Davis, Rosella, 13
Davis, Sampson, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11
Davis, Sarah, 5, 11
Davis, Sarah Jane, 11
Davis, Susannah, 4, 6, 11
Davis, William, 4, 6, 11
Dawson, Ulah Edna, 8
Dawson, Worrel, 8
Denning, Edsel, 8
Denning, Fayette, 8
Dixon, Gladys, 9
Dixon, Kenneth, 9
Dunlap, Kathleen Sue, 8
Durham, Alta, 8
Durham, Bonnie, 8
Durham, Dora, 8
Durham, Elizabeth, 8
Durham, Elsie, 8
Durham, Flora, 8
Durham, George, 8
Durham, Hester Mae, 8
Durham, Laura, 8
Durham, Loyd, 8
Durham, Mary Jane Kelly, 5
Durham, Mary Kelly, 7
Durham, Peggie Jean, 8
Durham, Ruben, 8
Durham, Ruby, 3, 6, 8

Edwards, Carrie, 14
Elliot, Alfretta, 8
Elliot, Alvin Ernest, 8
Elliot, Artie Rose, 9
Elliot, Billie, 8
Elliot, Billy, 8
Elliot, Bobby, 8
Elliot, Clara Bell, 9
Elliot, Cory, 8
Elliot, Dale, 9
Elliot, Darla, 9
Elliot, Dewelds, 8
Elliot, Doyle, 8
Elliot, Elida, 8
Elliot, Frank, 9
Elliot, Fredie, 8
Elliot, George, 8
Elliot, George Lee, 8
Elliot, George Lowell, 8
Elliot, Hubert, 8
Elliot, Irene, 8
Elliot, Jean, 9
Elliot, Jessie Woods, 8
Elliot, Jimmy, 8
Elliot, Joe, 8
Elliot, Kay, 8
Elliot, Louisa, 8
Elliot, Lulu (Polly), 8
Elliot, Marine, 8
Elliot, Mary, 9
Elliot, Mike, 9
Elliot, Neva Jean, 9
Elliot, Norma Jean, 8
Elliot, Patsy Bell, 9
Elliot, Rachel Leah, 9
Elliot, Richard, 8
Elliot, Samuel, 8
Elliot, Samuel A, 8
Elliot, Sue, 8
Elliot, Susan, 8
Elliot, Ulah Edna, 8
Elliott, George, 5
Elliott, Martha Elizabeth (Mattie), 8
Elliott, Mattie Kelly, 5
Enyeart, Dora, 8
Enyeart, Ferman, 8

Fisher, Billie Eugene, 10
Fisher, Billie Louise, 10
Fisher, Dorothy, 3, 7
Fisher, Dorothy Berneice, 10
Fisher, Dorothy Berneice Jr., 10
Fisher, Gladys Grace, 10
Fisher, Jackie L., 6
Fisher, Jackie Lynn, 10
Fisher, Jimmie Clinton, 10
Fisher, Karan Kay, 10
Fisher, Woodford Pascal, 10
Fisher, Woodford Pascal Jr., 10
Fleming, Rachel, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11

Gamble, Dewayne, 8
Gamble, Ruth, 8
Gamble, William, 8
Gerber, Sarah Jane, 12, 14
Gott, Charles, 9
Gott, Charles Sampson, 9
Gott, Lennice Bertha, 9
Gott, Martha Ann, 9
Green, Eliza, 7, 13
Green, Eliza Jane, 5, 8, 10, 14
Green, Wilford, 13
Greene, Eliza Jane, 15
Greene, Freddie, 15
Greene, Hannah Jane, 15
Greene, Mary, 15
Greene, Rebecca, 15
Greene, Rebecca A., 15
Greene, Rebecca Jane, 15
Greene, Wilfred, 15
Greene, Wilfred Jr., 15
Greene, Wilfred Sr., 15
Groves, Hal, 8
Groves, Reva, 8
Guthrie, Hugo, 8
Guthrie, Ruby, 3, 8
Guthrie, Ruby Durham, 6

Hartman, Carrie, 3, 7, 13
Hartman, Carrie Ellen, 14
Hartman, Clayton, 13
Hartman, Clinton, 14
Hartman, Dave, 13
Hartman, David, 13, 14
Hartman, David Allen, 14
Hartman, David E., 13
Hartman, David Ellsworth, 5, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15
Hartman, Eddie W., 12
Hartman, Eliza, 7
Hartman, Eliza Jane, 8, 10, 15
Hartman, Ellsworth Clayton, 14
Hartman, Elmira M., 12
Hartman, Elsie, 13, 14
Hartman, Frederick G., 12
Hartman, George Granvil, 12
Hartman, Gladys, 5, 13
Hartman, Gladys Dell, 5, 8, 10, 14
Hartman, Henry H., 12, 14
Hartman, Iris, 14
Hartman, Isaac F., 12
Hartman, J. C., 14
Hartman, James Osro, 12
Hartman, Joseph Allen, 12
Hartman, Katie Elsie, 14
Hartman, Lillie, 13, 14
Hartman, Lillie May, 14
Hartman, Lucille, 14
Hartman, Lydia Ann, 12
Hartman, Mary Elen, 12
Hartman, Muriel Pauline, 14
Hartman, Nellie, 13
Hartman, Nellie B., 14
Hartman, Orbie, 14
Hartman, Pauline, 7, 13
Hartman, Rosa B., 12
Hartman, S. J., 13, 14
Hartman, Sarah Jane, 14
Hartman, Wilfred H., 14
Hartman, William H., 12
Hill, Mawdeen, 9
Hill, Roy, 9
Hiskett, Bruce, 9
Hiskett, Edith, 9
Hiskett, Marlene, 9
Hiskett, Mary Jo, 9
Hobson, Mary Margaret, 11
Hobson, Stanley, 11
Hodson, Bertha, 8
Hodson, Harry, 8
Hodson, Joice, 8
Hohl, Alta, 8
Hohl, Archie, 8
Hohl, Carol, 8
Hohl, Carol Jean, 8
Hohl, Dorothy Ellen, 8
Hohl, Frank, 8
Hohl, Fred, 8
Hohl, George, 8
Hohl, Larry, 8
Hohl, Lettie, 8
Hohl, Lillian (Lillie), 8
Hohl, Lillian Kelly, 5
Hohl, Mable, 8
Hohl, Marguerette (Maggie), 8
Hohl, Marie, 8
Hohl, Norma Jean, 8
Hohl, Ora, 8
Hohl, Reva, 8
Hohl, Royal Arden, 8
Hohl, Russel Roy, 8
Hohl, Shirley Leigh, 8
Hohl, Stanley, 8
Hohl, Vera, 8
Hohl, Vivian, 8
Hohl, Wayne, 8
Hoskinson, Alvin, 8
Hoskinson, Clara, 8
Hoskinson, Edd, 8
Hoskinson, Lloyd, 8
Hoskinson, Louise, 8
Hoskinson, Marlin, 8
Howe, Helen, 8
Howe, Ralph, 8
Howell, Vivian, 14
Huff, Art, 8
Huff, Mary, 8
Hutchens, Ann, 4, 6, 11
Hutchens, Elizabeth Beaver, 6
Hutchens, Joel, 6
Hutchens, Jonathan, 6, 11
Hutchens, William, 6
Hutchins, Ann, 6

Ingram, Billie, 14
Ingram, Bobbie, 14
Ingram, Edna, 14
Ingram, Everett, 14
Ingram, Juanita, 14
Ingram, Lillie, 13, 14
Ingram, Lucille, 14
Ingram, Vivian, 14

Jameson, Rachel Polly, 10
Jessup, Amy, 7
Jessup, Brian, 3
Jessup, Bryan, 3, 6, 7, 11
Jessup, Corwin, 7, 11
Jessup, Frances, 7, 11
Jessup, Harriett, 7, 11
Jessup, Inez, 7, 11
Jessup, Josephine, 7, 11
Jessup, Lois, 7, 11
Jessup, May, 7, 11
Jessup, Reba, 3, 7, 11
Jessup, Rosa A., 11
Jessup, Rosa A. Davis, 7
Jessup, Rose, 7, 11
Jessup, Stephan M., 7, 11
Johnson, Margaret Jane, 7, 11
Jones, Artie Rose, 9
Jones, Connie Sue, 9
Jones, Glen, 9
Jones, Kathy, 9
Jones, Linda Lu, 9
Jordan, Elsie, 13
Jordan, Sam, 13
Jordan, Sammie, 7, 14
Jordan, Sammy, 13
Jordon, Elsie, 14
Jordon, Leo, 14
Jordon, Sammie, 14
Jordon, Samuel, 14
Jordon, Viola, 14

Kelly, Allie, 5, 6, 9
Kelly, Arleta, 10
Kelly, Bertha, 7, 8
Kelly, Bertha Annie, 10
Kelly, Betty Lou, 10
Kelly, Calvin, 4
Kelly, Carl Clifford, 8, 10
Kelly, Caroline, 9
Kelly, Charlie, 4, 6, 8
Kelly, Chester, 4, 5, 6, 9
Kelly, Chester Arthur, 9
Kelly, Clarence, 7
Kelly, Clarence DeLose, 8, 10
Kelly, Debbie, 10
Kelly, Deltha, 10
Kelly, Dorothy, 3, 7
Kelly, Dorothy Berneice, 8, 10
Kelly, Elizabeth, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11
Kelly, Elizabeth Davis, 5
Kelly, Evelyn, 9
Kelly, Frank, 9
Kelly, Gladys, 9
Kelly, Gladys Dell, 8, 10
Kelly, Gladys Hartman, 5
Kelly, Henry, 4, 6, 8, 11
Kelly, Howard, 9
Kelly, Ida, 8
Kelly, Irene, 9
Kelly, James, 6, 7
Kelly, James (Jim), 5, 6
Kelly, James A., 3, 5
Kelly, James A. Garfield, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10
Kelly, Jamie, 10
Kelly, Jane, 6
Kelly, Jesse M., 4
Kelly, Jessie, 5, 6
Kelly, Jessie F., 4, 8
Kelly, Jim, 5
Kelly, John, 4
Kelly, Kenneth, 9
Kelly, LaVerne, 10
Kelly, Lena, 9
Kelly, Lennice Bertha, 9
Kelly, Lennis, 5
Kelly, Lillian, 4, 5, 6
Kelly, Lillian (Lillie), 8
Kelly, Linda Kay, 10
Kelly, Lois Nadine, 9
Kelly, Loyd, 10
Kelly, Markland, 4, 5
Kelly, Martha Elizabeth, 4, 6
Kelly, Martha Elizabeth (Mattie), 8
Kelly, Mary, 4, 6, 7
Kelly, Mary Jane, 4, 5
Kelly, Mary Jane (Jane), 8
Kelly, Mattie, 4, 5, 6
Kelly, Mattie (Martha Elizabeth), 5
Kelly, Mawdeen, 9
Kelly, Myrland Millicent, 8, 10
Kelly, Nancy, 4
Kelly, Rachel E., 4
Kelly, Rachel Polly, 10
Kelly, Rebecca, 4
Kelly, Rose, 4, 5, 6, 8
Kelly, Sam, 9
Kelly, Samantha, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9
Kelly, Samuel, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10
Kelly, Samuel H., 4, 5, 6, 8, 11
Kelly, Sarah, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11
Kelly, Sarah A., 4
Kelly, Thomas D., 4
Kelly, Vera Jean, 10
Kelly, Vernon, 9
Kelly, Wilson H., 4
Kelly, Yvonne, 10
Kiner, Norma Jean, 8
Kiner, Ray, 8
Kirkhart, Lois Nadine, 9

Lake, Mary Alice, 8
Lake, Ring, 8
LeBow Glenda Mae, 8
Lebow, Donald, 8
Lee, Carrie, 3, 13, 14
Lee, Carrie Hartman, 13
Lee, Dediz, 8
Lee, Doris, 8
Lee, Joice, 8
Lee, Melvin, 8
Lee, Neil T., 14
Levens, Albert, 8
Levens, Alice, 8
Levens, Allen, 8
Levens, Basil, 8
Levens, Bernadine, 8
Levens, Clara, 8
Levens, Clarence, 8
Levens, Densel, 8
Levens, Erwin, 8
Levens, Harold, 8
Levens, Julia, 8
Levens, Lawrence, 8
Levens, Mable, 8
Levens, Manwell, 8
Levens, Mary, 8
Levens, Maude, 8
Levens, Myrtle, 8
Levens, Opal, 8
Levens, Pearl, 8
Levens, Pete, 5, 8
Levens, Rogene, 8
Levens, Ruth, 8
Levens, Sarah, 8
Levens, Sarah Kelly, 5
Levens, Trera, 8
Levins, Betty Lee, 8
Lotten, Reba, 3, 6
Lyle, Lois, 8

Marlow, Samantha Kelly, 5
Marlowe, Arthur, 5, 9
Marlowe, Christa Mae, 9
Marlowe, Douglas, 9
Marlowe, Edgar, 9
Marlowe, Florence, 9
Marlowe, Floyd, 9
Marlowe, Georgine, 9
Marlowe, Katharine, 9
Marlowe, Lena Kay, 9
Marlowe, Margie, 9
Marlowe, Oscar, 9
Marlowe, Pehna Rae, 9
Marlowe, Rose Marie, 9
Marlowe, Samantha, 3, 4, 5, 9
Marlowe, Samantha Kelly, 5
McClain, Evelyn, 9
McCreary, Charles, 8
McCreary, Nellie Rose, 8
Mcknickle, Joyce, 8
McNickle, Bernard, 8
McNickle, Bernice, 8
McNickle, Blanche, 8
McNickle, Cecil, 5, 8
McNickle, Chester, 8
McNickle, Doris, 8
McNickle, Evelyn, 8
McNickle, George, 5, 8
McNickle, Gerald, 8
McNickle, Gladys, 8
McNickle, Glen Ray, 8
McNickle, Grace, 8
McNickle, Hazel, 8
McNickle, Helen, 8
McNickle, Jackie, 8
McNickle, Jerry, 8
McNickle, Jimmy, 8
McNickle, Juanita, 8
McNickle, Letha, 8
McNickle, Ollie, 8
McNickle, Orville, 8
McNickle, Raymond, 8
McNickle, Rose, 8
McNickle, Rose Kelly, 5
McNickle, Virginia, 8
McNickle, Walter, 8
McNickle, Wayne, 8
McNickle, Wilma Jean, 8
Miller, Lois, 8
Mittlestet, Alice Katie, 9
Mittlestet, Carl Wayne, 9
Mittlestet, Donna Lu, 9
Mittlestet, Ed, 9
Mittlestet, Eddie Dean, 9
Mittlestet, Mickey, 9
Mittlestet, Rachel Leah, 9
Mittlestet, Vicky, 9
Moore, Art, 9
Moore, Ethel, 9
Moore, Pamela, 9

Nelson, Barbara, 8
Nelson, Betty Joe, 8
Nelson, Billy, 8
Nelson, Dick, 8
Nelson, Hazel, 8
Nelson, Wanda, 8
Nordyke, Jaunita, 8
Nordyke, Sam, 8

Pennington, Pauline, 8
Perkins, Bill, 8
Perkins, Dorothy Ellen, 8
Pettitt, Sarah, 4, 6
Phillips, Dr. Isaac Newton, 15
Phillips, George, 15
Phillips, Hannah, 15
Phillips, Jehu "Duge", 15
Phillips, John, 15
Phillips, Mary Opal, 15
Phillips, Vesta, 15

Randall, Martha, 9
Randall, Martha Ann, 9
Randolf, Raymond, 8
Randolph, Blanche, 8
Randolph, Dorothy, 8
Randolph, Fayette, 8
Randolph, Hazel, 8
Randolph, Helen, 8
Randolph, John, 8
Randolph, Loyd, 8
Randolph, Martha, 8
Randolph, Nellie Rose, 8
Reamer, Sarah Kelly, 6
Rogers, Billie, 8
Rogers, Brent, 9
Rogers, Doris, 9
Rogers, Eugene, 8
Rogers, Harold, 9
Rogers, SuLynda, 9
Russel, LeRoy, 8
Russel, Wilma Jean, 8
Ryel, Terry, 5

Schmidt, Bill, 8
Schmidt, Marie, 8
Seifert, Glenda Mae, 8
Seifert, Hazel, 8
Seifert, Jaunita, 8
Seifert, Paul, 8
Shankle, Asa, 8
Shankle, Don, 8
Shankle, Jack, 8
Shankle, Vivian, 8
Shaw, Carry, 9
Shaw, Charlene, 9
Shaw, Clara Bell, 9
Shaw, David, 9
Shaw, Donnie, 9
Shaw, Russel, 9
Shriner, Bart, 9
Shriner, Carol, 9
Shriner, Jerry, 9
Shriner, Shelly, 9
Shriner, Sherry, 9
Slade, Boyd, 9
Slade, Boyd Elliott, 9
Slade, Jolene, 9
Slade, Karen, 9
Slade, LaClair, 9
Slade, Mary, 9
Slade, Mattie Lou, 9
Slade, Ronnie, 9
Slade, Una Kay, 9
Smith, Dale, 8
Smith, Hazel, 8
Smith, Iran, 8
Smith, Letha, 8
Smith, Linda, 8
Smith, Melba, 8
Smith, Myrtle, 8
Smith, Oliver, 8
Smith, Orla, 8
Smith, Robert, 8
Smith, Ronald, 8
Smith, Rose Anita, 8
Spaugy, Anna, 13
Speer, Elizabeth, 4
Speer, Millie, 4
Stanley, Bessie, 7
Sufert, Deltha, 10

Thomas, Allen, 8
Thomas, Bertha, 8
Thomas, Ira, 8
Thomas, Maude, 8
Thomas, Pauline, 8

Unruh, Vernon, 8
Unruh, Virginia, 8

Waite, Clayton, 8
Waite, Jerry, 8
Waite, Pearl, 8
Waite, Ted, 8
Wells, Allie, 9
Wells, Allie Kelly, 5
Wells, Wiley, 5, 9
White, Calvin, 7, 11
White, Cassie, 7, 11
White, Sarah Jane, 11
White, Sarah Jane Davis, 7
White, Vera, 7, 11
William, Helen, 8
Williams, Andrew, 9
Williams, Deloris, 9
Williams, Harry Eugene, 9
Williams, Marlene, 9
Williams, Sabrina, 9
Williams, Walter, 9
Wood, Helen, 8
Wood, John, 8
Woods, Cecil, 8
Woods, Grace, 8