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The Samuel Standfield Family


Colonial Pennsylvania


Jackie L. Fisher

January 1996

A Descendant

Privately Printed

1869 Dolphin Drive
Seabrook, Texas 77586

January 1996

The descendants of Samuel Standfield and Jane Andrew
from Lurgan, in the north of Ireland, include the Cephas Fisher families of Ohio, Iowa, & Elsewhere,
and the Pennsylvania families of Fisher, Standfield, and Hammer

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Jackie L. Fisher
1869 Dolphin Drive
Seabrook, Texas 77586

January 1996



Stanfield Locations in Colonial Pennsylvania
Location of Quaker Meeting House, Nottingham, Pennsylvania

Addenda to 1996 Content: (Noted 2004)

Samuel Stanfield (Squire) born Aug 1679, Audenshaw, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire. Christened 28 Aug 1679, Old Chapel Presbyterian, Dukinfield, CHS. Mother Sarah Jeston, father Samuel Stanfield Sr. I recently found this & other references on the Web but have not yet checked original sources.

I purchased a small book this year at the Quaker Family History Library in Dublin, Ireland entitled "History of the Religious Society of Friends in Lurgan," by Arthur G. Chapman. On page 41:

"At a meeting in Lurgan in 1709 the following minute was made: 'John Marshall, son of William Marshall, deceased, being of the age of 15 years, the 25th of last first month, being willing by the consent of this meeting and his relation, Samuel Stanfield, to go apprentice to John Robson to learn the art or trade of a weaver and John Robson being willing to take him, they have agreed that the said John Marshall shall serve the said John Robson six years from the first of fourth month last. John Robson to furnish (him) with sufficient meat, drink, washing and lodging befitting such an apprentice during all the said term and also to pay him the said John Marshall the sum of 16 shillings yearly for 4 years of said 6 years and the last two years the sum of twenty shillings each year in order that he may be furnished with clothes and said John Robson and Samuel Stanfield are desired to get indentures and conditions perfected against next meeting.'"


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Children of Samuel Standfield and Jane Andrew Standfield 9

Marriage certificate for Alice Standfield and James Fisher 10

The Yorkshire Standfields 11

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Samuel Standfield

Samuel Standfield, a Quaker born about 1690, was a possible son of John Stansfield, born about 1665, of Shore, West Yorkshire. Samuel was in Ireland by 1711, where he married Jane Andrew near Lurgan, County Armagh, at the southern end of Lake Neagh near Belfast. Jane was probably a daughter of William Andrew Sr. of Lurgan. Samuel, Jane, and the Andrew family were members of the Lurgan Friends Monthly Meeting. In 1729, Samuel and Jane obtained a certificate of removal from Lurgan meeting and emigrated to Pennsylvania early the next year. 18 They may have been accompanied by Jane’s brother, William Jr.

The Standfields of Ireland were all of English extraction. During the latter half of the seventeenth century, large numbers of Scotch and English settlers were sent to Ireland to establish an English presence. These settlers largely displaced the sparse population in northern Ireland. Ancestors of English settlers in northern Ireland include the planters and also those who came seeking relief from religious persecution. The Quaker Standfields of East Yorkshire20 are known to have suffered arrests and seizures of property,21 which probably led to Samuel’s decision to go to Ireland. Like many other Quakers, he may have found that life for members of their Society could be equally hazardous in Ireland, prompting a move to William Penn’s colony in America where their sect was favoured. Since no Irish record of Samuel has been found other than the marriage and removal to Pennsylvania, it seems probable that the family was not in Ireland very long.

There were two Standfield families in colonial Pennsylvania. The Francis Standfield family were also Quakers, who came to Pennsylvania in 1683 from Cheshire in England.22 Apparently the two families became associated in Pennsylvania only when a great-grandson of Francis Standfield, James Fisher, married Samuel Standfield’s daughter Alice in 1736 at Kennett, Chester County, Pennsylvania. There is some evidence that Francis Standfield came from Yorkshire prior to residing in Cheshire. 21 Francis was probably the son of James Stansfield of Brighouse. Samuel Standfield of Pennsylvania was probably also descended from James of Brighouse. It is unlikely that the the two Standfield families of Pennsylvania were aware of any common ancestry.

Upon arrival in Pennsylvania, Samuel and Jane Standfield settled first in East Nottingham, Chester County. Nottingham had been surveyed and settled on the Baltimore Pike as a planned strategy to gain advantage in the border dispute between William Penn and Lord Baltimore. East Nottingham Meeting was established as early as 1700 by Quakers from the Marcus Hook area of Chester Co., Province of Pennsylvania, on a land grant from William Penn called the Nottingham Lots. The land grant stipulated that a small parcel of land be set aside, about 40 acres, for a meetinghouse and graveyard. This was done and a log meetinghouse was built.1 The location was rather remote for its time, being about 50 miles southwest of Philadelphia, almost to Octoraro Creek at the western boundary of Chester County. The final border settlement put the Pennsylvania-Delaware boundary through the township, leaving the East Nottingham meeting house on the Maryland side. The remoteness, and risk of trouble with native Indians, may have led some of the Nottingham settlers to relocate closer to Philadelphia. Even though William Penn’s benevolent and fair dealings with the native peoples had been very successful in preserving good relations with the Quaker settlers, tensions and hostilities were growing among the general population. The Quakers themselves were sometimes resented for not assisting in subduing the Indians. For whatever reason, Samuel and Jane decided to leave East Nottingham about a year after their arrival. They moved closer in on the Pike, to Kennett, about 30 miles from Philadelphia, in the spring of 1731. The following entry concerning their “certificate of removal” from Nottingham has been preserved. 11

At Our Meeting of E. Nottingham held the 20th of ye 1st Mo 1730/31.
Samll Stanfield hath requested of this meeting a certificate on behalf of himself & his wife to ye mo’ly meeting of Kennett. Arthur Barret & John Churchman are therefore appointed to make Enquiry in to his conversation & Prepare a Certificate accordingly & bring to ye next Mo’ly meeting.
At our mtg of E. Nottingham held ye 17th of ye 2nd mo 1731.
The Friends appointed to make Enquirey into ye Conversation & Circumstances of Samll Stanfield have given this meeting an acct yt they find nothing to obstruct him of having a Certificate & have Brought one wch was read, approved & signed at our mtg of E. Nottingham.

Samuel and Jane Standfield had six children, Alice, John, Jane, William, Samuel and Mary. 2,10,23 It is not known with certainty where the first three children were born. The Pennsylvania records imply that the “three younger children” were the only ones born at Kennett. The three oldest children (Alice, John, and Jane) were probably born in the north of Ireland before the immigration.

The only known studies of descendants of Samuel and Jane Standfield are those of Alice Standfield Fisher and James Fisher. 23,24 That line has been traced to hundreds of descendants in Ohio, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas and elsewhere. An interesting possibility is that Cephas Fisher Sr., a grandson of James Fisher and Alice Standfield, may have marrried his Standfield (third) cousin.27 In 1803, he married Rachel Standfield, daughter of Thomas Standfield and Hannah Vernon, in Greene County, Tennessee. Thomas Standfield is likely a descendant of John, the son of Samuel who went to Orange County, N. Carolina, although this has yet to be studied. 16,17 The descendants of the other Standfield family of colonial Pennsylvania, that of Francis Standfield, all derive from daughters of Francis. James Standfield, only son of Francis, died in 1699 with no male heir surviving childhood. 22

Samuel Standfield and wife Jane probably lived out their lives at Kennett. They were both at the marriage of daughter Alice to James Fisher on Valentine’s Day in 1736. 6 The birth of their youngest child Mary was recorded in 1738.15 Jane was at the wedding of son John at Kennett in 1742, 6 but Samuel (Sr.) had apparently died by that time. No later records have been discovered for Samuel and Jane.

Jane Andrew was probably the daughter of William Andrew Sr. of Lurgan, County Armagh, Ireland. William Andrew Jr., of Lurgan, may have emigrated with Samuel and Jane. When John, son of Samuel and Jane, married Hannah Dixon at Kennett in 1742, William Andrews was one of the family in attendance. 6 William Andrew Jr. had married Miriam Bullock of Lurgan meeting at Lurgan, County Armagh in 1717. George, son of William and Miriam, was born 1719 at Lurgan.4 In New Jersey, possible relatives are Samuel and Peter Andrews of Burlington monthly meeting. 5

Children of Samuel Standfield and Jane Andrew Standfield

1. Alice, probably born at Lurgan, County Armagh, Ireland, about 1715. Resided at Nottingham, then Kennett, then East Caln, then York Co. Pa. Married James Fisher on Valentines Day, 1736 at Kennett. James and Alice moved from Kennett to East Caln (Bradford Meeting) in 1741. (All the Thomas Fisher family relocated about that time, except the oldest son William Fisher.) James & Alice moved to Newberry or Monahan (Warrington Meeting) in York County in 1762. One line of descendancy is known: (1.Thomas Fisher & Elizabeth Huntley [m. Chester Co. Pa.,] 2. James Fisher & Alice Standfield [m. Chester Co. Pa.], 3. James Fisher Jr. & Jane Atkinson [m.York Co. Pa.], 4. Cephas Fisher & Rachel Standfield [m. Greene Co. Tenn., lived Highland & Clinton Co. Ohio], 5. Cephas Fisher Jr. & Mary Hoskins [m. Clinton Co. Ohio, lived Indiana & Clinton County Iowa], 6. Samuel Fisher & Effie Van Tassell [m. Mankato, Kansas, d. Okmulgee, Okla.] , 7. Florance C. Fisher & Grace Long [m. Enid, Okla., lived near Morris Okla. & other places in Oklahoma & elsewhere], 8. Woodford P. Fisher & Dorothy Kelly [lived near Enid, Okla. & elsewhere, lastly in Mexia, Tx], 9. Jackie L. Fisher & Janice Thornton [lived Mexia & Seabrook, Tx). 8,10,13,20

2. John, probably born at Lurgan, County Armagh, Ireland, about 1721. Resided at East Nottingham, then Kennett in Chester County, Pa. Married Hannah Dixon (nee Hadley) at Kennett Meeting, August 13, 1742, and moved to Hockesin. The family moved to Cane Creek, North Carolina in the fall of 1753. John died 1755 at Orange, N. Carolina.2,6,13,20,27 Children John Jr., Samuel, Thomas. 27

3. Jane, probably born at Lurgan, County Armagh, Ireland about 1723. Resided at East Nottingham, then Kennett, Chester County, Pa. m. John Hammer at Wilmington, Newcastle-upon-Delaware County August 11, 1744 and moved to Wilmington.2,6,13

4. William, b. April 26, 1731 at Kennett, Chester County Pa. m. Deborah Bruce. Moved to East Caln in the spring of 1756 with brother Samuel, where sister Alice Fisher and others of the Fisher family had moved in 1740-41. 2,10,12

5. Samuel, b. August 5, 1733 at Kennett, Chester County, Pa. A sadler by trade, he apparently moved from Kennett to East Caln with brother William in the spring of 1756. His sister Alice Fisher and others of the Fisher family had moved to East Caln in 1740-41. Samuel went from Caln to North Wales meeting to marry Mary Martin 10-21-1756. In December of the next year Samuel and Mary moved back to East Caln. Samuel started with a farm of 60 acres which grew to 100 acres by 1765, and to 130 acres by 1767. In 1761, Samuel and Mary moved to Goshen, or at least transferred their membership to Goshen meeting.2,3,10,12,13

6. Mary, b. 1738.5.9, Kennett, Chester County, Pa.2,10,12

Marriage Certificate for James Fisher & Alice Standfield6
(February 14, 1736)

Whereas James Fisher, son of Tho: ffisher of the Township of Kennett, in ye County of Chester and province of pensilvania yoem & Alice Standfield Daughter of Samuel Standfield of the same place having Declared their Intentions of Marriage wth each other before several monthly meetings of the people Caled Quakers including Kennett aforesd and at Center in ye County of Newcastle on Delawar, according to the good order used amongst you, and having Consent of parents, and parties concerned their said proposials of marriage was allowed of by ye Sd meetings.

Now these are to certifie all whome it may concern that for the full accomplishing their Sd intentions this fourteenth day of ye second moth in ye year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred & thirty six, they the Sd James Fisher and Alice Standfield appeared in a public meeting of ye aforesaid people at Kennett afforesaid And the Said James ffisher takeing ye Sd Alice Standfield by ye hand did in Solemn manner openly Declare that he took her ye Sd Alice Stanfield to be his Wife, promising with the Lord’s assistance to be unto her a Loveing and faithfull husband until death separate them, And then & there in ye same assembly ye Sd Alice Standfield did in like manner declare that she took ye Sd James ffisher to be her husband promissing to be in ye Lord’s assistance to be unto her a ffaithfull & Loveing wife untill death shall separate them, And moreover they the Sd James ffisher & Alice Standfield, (She according to ye Custom of Marriage assuming the name of her Husband as a further Confirmation thereof) did then and there to these presents Sett their hands
James fisher
And We whose names are here allso subscribed Alice ffisher
being present at the Solomnization of the Sd marriage
and subscription do as witnesses thereunto sett their Tho: ffisher
hands The day & year above written ## SamuelStandfield
Eliz: ffisher
Edward Thompson Daniel Few Margret Miller Jeane Standfield
Ellis Lewis Robert Millr Mary Lewis Mary Fletcher
Guyon Miller Zarocr thatcher Judith Hawes Deborah Bruce
Wm Harvey Owen Evans Ruth Mendenhall John Standfield
Wm Lewisr John Hope Sarah Thatcher Eliz: ffisher
Tho: Carlson Saml ffisher Joannah Heald Wm ffisher
Joseph Mendenhall Tho: Evans Mary Roberts
Saml Hollingsworth Jos: Harlan Lydia Roberts
Enoch Hollingsworth Jacob Heald Deborah Roberts
Wm Noble Mary Evans
Joseph Dixson Eliz: Read
John Stanton Susanah ffisher
Wm ---
Peter Whitaker
Joseph Heald Note: Typeset here approximates the look of the original certificate
Benj: Jackson

The Yorkshire Standfields20,21,26

Samuel Standfield was a Quaker settler who came to Pennsylvania from Lurgan, near Belfast, Ireland, in 1729. He married Jane Andrew in 1711 at Lurgan. Samuel probably came from the Standfield (Stansfield, Stanfeld) family who had been in west Yorkshire many generations, with a family seat at Stansfield, in Halifax Parish. Samuel was a probable son of John Stansfield of Halifax, a descendant of James Stansfield of Brighouse. Francis Standfield, another early Quaker settler in colonial Pennsylvania, who emigrated from Cheshire, was probably also descended from James Stansfield of Brighouse. If this identification is correct, the two Standfield familes of colonial Pennsylvania were related.

The Standfields were in Yorkshire at least as early as 1539, when Margareta Stansfeld married Antonius Smyth at Halifax. One branch, the Thomas Stanfield family, lived in east Yorkshire, around Burstwicke and Patrington. However, most of the family records can be found in the Parish of Halifax, in west Yorkshire. James Stansfield of Manckinholes Monthly Meeting, son of James of Brighouse Monthly Meeting, had at least six children, Martha, Abraham, Susannah, Joshua, and twins Johnas & Johnathan. The first six were born between 1667 and 1683. Another probable daughter, Mary, “daughter of James of Parish Hepton-Stall, Co. York,” married John Barker in 1690. Abraham and Lidia Stansfield died in 1669, prisoners at York Castle and were buried at Mankenholes. Deborah Stansfield, “daughter of George,” died in 1669.

John Stansfield, who died at Shore in 1685, had at least two daughters, Lidia and Susan who died young in 1670 and 1673 respectively, and at least one son John II. John II was probably the father of Samuel Standfield, who moved to the north of Ireland before 1711 and emigrated to Pennsylvania about 1729. John III, son of John II and Mary, was born in 1702. “Mary Stanfield of Blythe” died in 1708. In 1671, Charles Stanfield was arrested with a group of Quakers who had four pounds eight shillings taken in tithes. Charles Stansfield died at Shore in 1685. In 1678, John and James Stansfield were arrested and had titheables taken worth four pounds sixpence, including corn, hay, and each a piece of Kersey (woolen cloth). In 1683, one of the John Stanfields was arrested at “Stanfield cum Langfield,” and had “four Kine, two Heifers and an Horse, worth 24 pounds” taken in tithes.

In 1670, Francis Standfield was arrested at a meeting at Cartop (Probably Carthorpe, in Yorkshire) and had nine pounds taken in tithes. Francis, probably the son of James of Brighouse, emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1683. In 1681, a Johnathan Stanfield was present at a wedding at [?Malersey?].

Thomas Stanfield was imprisoned five weeks in 1652? for “exhorting the People assembled at Patterington” and refusing to pay sixpence for tithes. He was “carried to jail” and had goods taken worth six pounds eightpence. Thomas had at least four children, Sabrina, Salamona, Zachariah, and Elisha, all born between 1660 and 1667. Thomas died at Burstwicke in 1670.


Many descendants of Samuel Standfield and Jane Andrew have been documented in previous studies.24 The studies are all found in the catalog index for the Family History Library of the Church of Christ Latter Day Saints (Mormons) at Salt Lake City, Utah. Also, this author is preparing a new Fisher family history which will document many more descendants. The Fisher history will be placed in the Mormon library and also in the Clayton Genealogical Library in Houston, Texas. The first version is expected to be available in 1996.

Probable ancestry of Francis Standfield, and known descendancy to this author, is as follows.

[James Stansfield Sr.] b. [1595], West Yorkshire [Halifax Parish]

[James Stansfield Jr.] b. [1620] West Yorkshire [Halifax Parish]

[John Stansfield Sr.] b. [1643] West Yorkshire [Brighouse]

[ John Stansfield Jr.] b. [1668] West Yorkshire, [Hepstonstall]

Samuel Stanfield (m. Jane Andrew) b. [1689] [West Yorkshire]

Alice Standfield (m. James Fisher Sr.) b . [1690] Lurgan, Ireland

James Fisher Jr. (m. Jane Atkinson) b. 1744 Chester Co., Pa.

Cephas Fisher Sr. (m. Rachel Standfield) b. 1780 York Co., Pa.

Cephas Fisher Jr. (m. Mary Hoskins) b. 1812 Highland Co., Ohio

Samuel Fisher (m. Effie Van Tassell) b. 1857 Clinton Co., Indiana

Florance C. Fisher Sr. (m. Grace Long) b. 1886 Jewell City, Kansas

Woodford P. Fisher (m. Dorothy Kelly) b. 1911 Helena, Oklahoma

Jackie L. Fisher (m. Janice Thornton) b. 1939 Jett, Oklahoma

Laura Lynn Fisher (m. Barry Armer) b. 1961 Ventura, California

Kevin Shawn Fisher (m. Doreen Schmelter) b. 1964 Houston, Texas

Jonathan Davis Fisher (m. Alisa Mayfield) b. 1969 Texas City, Texas


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in my possession G. C. [Gilbert Cope]
p. 315 1735/6 6? of 1? Mo James ffisher and Allice Standfield appears here and Declared their
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Jacob Way to inquire into his conversation and Clearness on the account of marriage and make report to
the next moly meeting.

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11. LDS 0389414 Nottingham Monthly Meeting Men’s Minutes
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moly meeting of Kennett.
Arthur Barret & John Churchman are Therefore appointed to make Enquiry in to his conversation &
affairs & Prepare a Certificate accordingly & bring to ye next Mly meeting.
p. 17 At our mtg of E. N. held ye 17th of ye 2d mo 1731. (1730?)
The Friends appointed to make Enquirey into ye Conversation & circumstances of Samll Stanfield
have given this meeting an acct yth they find nothing to obstruct him of having a certificate & have
Brought one wch was read, approved & signed at our mtg of E. N. held ye 17th of ye 2d mo 1731.

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Concord Records:
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Wml 4-26-1731
Samuel 5-8-1733
Mary 5-9-1738

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whereon I now live, also land near the Rich Hills to Thomas & Samuel.


Andrew, George, 8, 14
Andrew, Jane, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16
Andrew, William, 6, 8, 14
Andrew, William Jr., 8
Andrew, William Sr., 8
Andrews, Peter, 8, 14
Andrews, Samuel, 8, 14
Andrews, William, 14
Atkinson, Jane, 9, 13

Barker, John, 11, 16
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Bruce, Deborah, 9, 10, 15
Bullock, Miram, 8, 14

Carleton, Hannah, 15
Churchman, John, 15

Davis, Jonathan, 13
Dixon, Hannah, 8, 9, 14, 15
Dixson, Ruth, 15

ffisher, James, 14
Fisher History, 13
Fisher, Alice, 7, 9, 10, 14
Fisher, Allice, 15
Fisher, Cephas, 3, 7, 9, 13, 14, 16, 17
Fisher, Florance C., 9
Fisher, Florance C. Sr., 13
Fisher, Hannah, 14
Fisher, Jackie L., 1, 2, 3, 9, 13, 17
Fisher, James, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15
Fisher, James Jr., 13
Fisher, James Sr, 13
Fisher, John, 14
Fisher, Jonathan Davis, 13
Fisher, Kevin Shawn, 13
Fisher, Laura Lynn, 13
Fisher, Mary, 14
Fisher, Samuel, 9, 13
Fisher, Tho, 14
Fisher, Thomas, 9, 14
Fisher, Woodford P., 9, 13

Hadley, Ruth, 14
Hammer, John, 9, 14, 15
Heald, Martha, 15
Hoskins, Mary, 9, 13
Huntley, Elizabeth, 9

Kelly, Dorothy, 9, 13

Leech, Henry, 16
Lewis, Mary, 10, 15
Long, Grace, 9, 13

Martin, Mary, 9, 14, 15
Mayfield, Alisa, 13
Myers, Albert Cook, 16

Penn, William, 6, 17
Pryor, Susanna, 15

Royer, Hannah, 16

Schmelter, Doreen, 13
Smyth, Antonius, 11
Standfield, Abraham, 11
Standfield, Alice, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15
Standfield, Allice, 14, 15
Standfield, Deborah, 11
Standfield, Francis, 3, 6, 7, 11, 13
Standfield, Hannah, 15
Standfield, Henry, 16
Standfield, James, 7, 11
Standfield, Jane, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16
Standfield, Jane Jr., 7
Standfield, John, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15
Standfield, Mary, 7, 9, 11, 14, 15
Standfield, Rachel, 7, 9, 13
Standfield, Samuel, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16
Standfield, Samuel Jr., 7, 9
Standfield, Samuel Sr., 7, 8
Standfield, Thomas, 7
Standfield, William, 7, 9
Standfield, Wm, 14, 15
Stanfield, Charles, 11, 16
Stanfield, Elisha, 12
Stanfield, Francis, 16
Stanfield, Hannah, 15, 16
Stanfield, Jane, 15
Stanfield, John, 11, 16, 17
Stanfield, Johnathan, 11
Stanfield, Mary, 11, 15, 17
Stanfield, Rachel, 16
Stanfield, Sabrina, 12
Stanfield, Salamona, 12
Stanfield, Saml, 15
Stanfield, Samuel, 7, 13, 14, 15, 16
Stanfield, Thomas, 11, 12, 16
Stanfield, Thomas Sr, 16
Stanfield, Wm, 15
Stanfield, Zachariah, 12
Stansfeld, Margareta, 11
Stansfield, Abraham, 11, 16
Stansfield, Charles, 11, 16
Stansfield, Deborah, 11, 16
Stansfield, Elisha, 16
Stansfield, George, 11
Stansfield, James, 6, 11, 13, 16
Stansfield, John, 6, 11, 13, 16
Stansfield, John II, 11
Stansfield, John III, 11
Stansfield, Johnas, 11, 16
Stansfield, Joshua, 11, 16
Stansfield, Lidia, 11, 16
Stansfield, Martha, 11, 16
Stansfield, Mary, 11, 16
Stansfield, Sabrina, 16
Stansfield, Salamona, 16
Stansfield, Susan, 11, 16
Stansfield, Susannah, 11, 16
Stansfield, Thomas, 16
Stansfield, Zachariah, 16

Thornton, Janice, 9, 13

Van Tassell, Effie, 9, 13
Vernon, Hannah, 7

Way, Jacob, 14
Wilkinson, Joseph, 14