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14 August 2011: The William Huntley farm in Kennett/Pensbury, Chester County Pa was actually the tract abutting on the north of the one I have reported for the Huntleys. Referring to the Gilbert Cope historical land map made in 1910, I reported that the Huntley tract was the one labeled James Harvey. It was in fact bounded on the west by the tract labeled "John Packer" and was a 200-acre rectangle running from Packer eastward to the line of "John Fred".  The western part of the rectangle is labeled by Cope as part of a "James Brinton" tract.  The eastern end, also "James Brinton", is shown as a division of the rectangle by a diagonal line. (This had been a division by Isaac Few, owner after the Huntleys, of 47 acres for his son James Few).  The tract names on Cope's map are for owners later than William Huntley's time. William Huntley, the original grantee from William Penn, owned it from 1703 to 1708 when he died. The "James Harvey" tract, below the Huntleys, was bought by Richard Fletcher when he married William Huntley's widow, Mary Standfield Huntley. The old survey for the road from Chadds Ford past the Old Kennett Meeting House (now part of Rt. 1) showed that it cut across the northeast corner of James Few's land (ie the Huntley tract).

December 31, 2011: I located a resident of Pennsbury in Chester County, Pa who lives on part of my ancestor Thomas Fisher's 1701 land grant from William Penn.  He told me about a book, "Ye West Side of the Brandywine," published in 1982 by M.L. Chandler Hughes & Frieda W. McMullan, which has land ownership maps back to 1710, photos of the oldest houses, and historical information about Pennsbury. I found a copy through Amazon . com. I am studying the Pennsbury deeds along with this book in hopes of identifying the exact homesite of Thomas Fisher in Pennsbury. Bill Parker, a descendant of the founders of Parkersville in Pennsbury, has given much valuable assistance in this project, enlisting help from the Chester County Historical Society. Here's a preview peek at "Ye West Side of the Brandywine ."

April 4, 2012: I completed a title search for the property in the SW corner of the Parkersville intersection, now Pennsbury Township but formerly part of Kennett. This site is just inside the NE boundary of the original 1701 grant to Thomas Robinson and Thomas Fisher. Take a look at the draft title search.

Some Irish records: A    Fisher Family of Lurgan in Ireland. Some Northern Ireland Quaker Minutes, Transcribed and Indexed . The location of Ballynacree in Antrim.

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